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The Ruger Custom Shop SR1911 Competition in 9mm was joined by a stablemate in .45 ACP last year, which I got my hands on for the first time at the 2020 SHOT Show range day. Just like the 9mm version, it’s a Doug Koenig signature model, but now available in God’s own caliber instead that puny pea-shooting parabellum round.

Unfortunately, there was a mishap and my pictures from Range Day were lost to the Mists Of Digital Time. So you’ll have to settle for these that I hastily snapped from the show floor. Sorry, folks.

The 9mm model was one of the single finest pistols I’ve ever fired. This one is right up there with it.

This isn’t a production gun; the SR1911 Competition is a hand-fitted high-end 1911 pistol, optimized for competition. Obviously, they had a heck of a source for input, hence the big letters reading KOENIG on the slide.

The barrel, slide, frame and bushing are hand-fit by the smiths in Ruger’s custom shop, with the tight fit and glass-like travel that custom 1911s are known for. The sights are a target set, with a BoMar-style adjustable rear sight and a dovetailed fiber optic front sight.

Ruger also fits a beavertail grip safety with memory notch, ambidextrous safety levers, skeleton race hammer and a flat-blade competition trigger. Oddly enough, it’s a Series 80, with a Cylinder and Slide disconnector system for a smoother trigger pull.

The grip housing features front and back 25 LPI checkering and a G10 grips for a secure grip on the hand, as well as a slight undercut to the trigger guard for a higher, tighter grip on the pistol.

Baby, it was born to run.

The slide has a stainless finish, with a black nitride frame for a two-tone appearance. The top of the slide is also checkered, to reduce glare. It sure does look purty.

The pistol comes with a certificate of authenticity (it’s a real gun), a challenge coin, a cleaning cloth and a hard case. Inside that case you will find a 7-round and an 8-round magazine, meaning a flush-fit and extended box.

Fast, accurate and a in incredibly sweet shooter. I can’t think of a 1911 even among the custom segment that is its overall better. There are, to be sure, other custom 1911 pistols that meet particular needs better but just as a pure instrument of shooting…this is the top of the mountain, folks. The air is pretty thin where this thing lives.

However, it has a price tag to match, as you might expect. MSRP is $2299, but since the name on the slide is “Ruger” rather than other brands that are known for inhabiting the custom 1911 space, you might find street prices a little lower.

I found the SR1911 Competition 9mm for $1,800  through a few different retailers. If this gun is priced around that level…it’s well worth it.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. looks very teutonic.
    check out koenig c62, group c for the street.
    and look at koenigsegg. that thing is ootgezondered.
    but this here is perfect for the ruger fan. i’d get an ithaca but i don’t want this caliber.

  2. Looks like a nice pistol, but no way I’d pay that when I could find something with “Les Baer Custom” on the frame for about the same price.

    • How many different names are you using. I’m almost positive you’ve posted under this article more than once.

      • And what is your major malfunction Grizzo???? Why do you care who posts what? What is it to you? Are you anxious? Worried? Troubled?

        • Because Im not a chicken $hit and can keep posting under one screen name. I don’t have to hide and I don’t fear trolls. I can always go into the sun shine and not turn to stone.

  3. I’m sure it’s a helluva shooter and I love Rugers but in truth it looks a little busy for my tastes. Like a NASCAR vibe. Too flashy. I might pay two grand for a pistol but not this one. They’ll be fine.

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