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My love of shotguns extends to the mostly useless firearm category of pistol grip-only 12 gauge firearms that have become popular as of late. These firearms don’t mind getting a little silly, and Kalashnikov USA’s Chaos is a perfect example of a silly twelve-gauge firearm that meets all the criteria for a fun gun.

The name Kalashnikov USA should tune you into what we are looking at here. Kalashnikov USA makes the very handy and practical Komrad. The Komrad is an AK-style shotgun with a brace and relatively short barrel. The Chaos takes the opposite route. It’s an unbraced pistol grip-only firearm built on the AK shotgun design.

The PGO grip makes it a firearm, and not a shotgun. (Travis Pike for TTAG)

It’s magazine-fed and uses a shockwave-style pistol grip. The barrel looks to be about 14 inches, but I can’t confirm that because Kalashnikov USA hasn’t published any data on their website or booth material. The Komrad has a 12.5-inch barrel, and that might be the case here. The firearm is over 26 inches overall, of course.

Fun In Chaos

It’s big and quite goofy. If you think the safety on a normal AK is tough to operate, wait till you meet this thing. You can’t reach it with your firing hand, and it gets real goofy trying to hold the thing with your firing hand and work it with your off-hand. It’s all AK, just with a pistol grip and it fires 12 gauge rounds.

Gotta appreciate the M-LOK, but I love the bead sight (Travis Pike for TTAG)

Kalashnikov USA slapped an interest M-LOK rail on the gun, which gives you plenty of room for accessories. Although I’m not sure what you’d want to attach to the thing. Maybe a cup holder? A foregrip wouldn’t be a bad idea. Honestly, the M-LOK feels pretty slick, and this is a gun you really want to hang onto.

It’s shockwave like, but not totally. (Travis Pike for TTAG)

I respect the fact they installed a bead sight on the front of the barrel. Most AK shotguns use AK sights. The Komrad and now the Chaos use a bead sight with what looks like a rear rifle sight taken off the old Remington 870s. Sure, it’ll be tough to aim, but I’d rather have a bead if I want to give it a try.

Mag fed, pistol grip only, semi-automatic firearm? Yes please. (Travis Pike for TTAG)

The Chaos doesn’t seem to offer much in terms of practicality, but boy it looks like fun. A semi-auto, pistol grip-only, magazine-fed firearm? Why not? Sometimes guns can just be fun, and they don’t really need to be useful.


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  1. Would a foregrip be legal on this type of firearm? I don’t think you are allowed to put them on a pistol version of an AR. I know this thing falls into some other bizarre NFA category.
    The NFA is such a mess of convoluted nonsense, as well as being unconstitutional.

    • Don’t worry about those confusing tyrannical anti-2nd/A Fiat Despotic illegal mandates, laws, and Deprivation of Rights violations with so-called ‘Chevron’ rule-making to bypass the 2nd/A’s Unqualified no exception Shall NOT infringe Law. Just get out there and bring in the vote, donate to those PACS (or start your own) who work the elections, and keep spreading the word about how this commie Brandon Regime is literally stealing our Liberties and killing our economy to get voters out and…
      When we take back the House and Senate next NOV, We’ll just ‘Mandate’ a repeal vote on the fucking NFA, along with all other criminal gun control laws. Or ELSE, they’ll ALL be eventually “fired” from their plushy little office!

    • Yes it is. This is not classified as a pistol, its a ‘firearm’. The way they wrote the NFA there is literally no classification for these guns. vertical grips are totally legal.

  2. could be practical.
    could definitely be useful.
    20ga. for the pistol version (will it cycle the super mini 12’s?).

    • I was going to say the same thing. Let’s see how well Travis compares to Rhett in competition. Travis with a stocked shotgun and Rhett with one of his birds-head conversions. I changed My legal SBR AR back to a pistol and find it lighter, shorter, more maneuverable, faster and more accurate using his cheek shooting technique. Travis, you gotta get out more;-)

        • He is an exceptionally good shooter, true, and that is clearly a factor in his performance, but there is no rule against using his cheek shooting technique. The technique even seems to work with me (embarrassingly shaky shooter) and my unpleasantly recoiling KS7, I have only spent about 15 minutes with it as applied to that gun though. It moves along ones face less than one would fear. It is hard to imagine that a guy as motivated as you wouldn’t be able to benefit from it as well.

      • I actually learned the same technique from a different instructor and sure it works and works well. I love shooting shockwaves and have done so with full powered buck and slugs.

        For most people the time spent learning a stocked shotgun would be better than the time it takes to learn the pgo firearm. The niche PGOs excel in arent that common for the average civilian defender

  3. I will bet this sees a lot of screen time honestly.

    Could be amusing as an anti carjacking gun.

  4. For those of us who are not 270 pound muscle-head men, we would like that in 20 gauge or maybe even 28 gauge.

  5. I’m still confused on why I cant cut one of my shotgunm barrels back and chop the buttstock.
    Dont make no sense to me, ones legal but one aint.
    Same as a stock on a pistol, or a sbr.

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