Hesperia home invasion shootout
Courtesy foxla.com
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An early morning home invasion attempt was stopped by an armed homeowner early Monday morning in Hesperia, California. And this one was caught on video by the homeowner’s door cam.

From FoxLA.com . . .

According to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, the shootout took place at a home on Orange Street in Hesperia a little after 3:30 a.m. The suspect, later identified as 39-year-old Erick Contreras, tried to force himself into the home and shots were exchanged between Contreras and the homeowner.

Watch the homeowner narrate the video below, which shows Contreras repeatedly struggling with his jam-o-matic pistol before getting off at least one round at the homeowner at about the 3:10 mark.

Note that the initial round fired by the homeowner was an apparent negligent discharge as he tried to chamber a round in his gun. The homeowner told a reporter that he didn’t know the attacker.

Contreras was latter apprehended by police after apparently shooting at another home in the neighborhood as he drove away. Fortunately California has very strict gun control laws to that keep firearms out of the hands of convicted criminals.

Contreras is charged with attempted murder, shooting in an inhabited dwelling, armed robbery, felon in possession of ammunition and felon in possession of a firearm.

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  1. I am SO HAPPY that Commifornia’s strict gun laws prevent this sort of thing from happ…. oh wait.

    • The homeowner will then be charged with attempted murder, reckless endangerment, discharging firearm within city limits, and aggravated assault. The homeowner will be vilified and outed for their social privilege and not assisting someone clearly in need. Contreras will be released without charge because he is a victim of social injustice.

    • hopefully it’s blood. perp isn’t a buyer of high quality pistols it appears too. It jams/FTE ever time he fires it.

  2. Never fear, the home owner will be promptly charged with brandishing a firearm, attempted murder of an invading criminal, wanting to be free, oh and unsafe storage of a firearm since it was on his persons and not in a safe…

    • “…the home owner will be promptly charged with brandishing a firearm, attempted murder of an invading criminal, …”

      No, the ‘spin’ will be it was attempted murder of an innocent ‘Person Of Color’ college student who was lost on his way to a party, and was only asking for directions…

      • Agreed. Almost all (there have been a couple of bizarre exceptions) DAs will not attempt to overcome by proof beyond a reasonable doubt the evidentiary presumption that the homeowner was acting in self defense.
        (While gun laws are bad, the castle doctrine is in full sway.)

      • Im pretty sure it does. I mean that Kyle kid got charged for blowing away three Aunt Eeefa’s IIRC.

    • “unsafe storage of a firearm since it was on his persons and not in a safe…”

      He was in the process of buying a safe, but F*c*book removed the ads, and he didn’t remember the brand or website.

      • Are you guys kidding in suggesting that in California a homeowner must store his self-defense weapon in a safe all the time?

        I Texas where I live that’s not only absurd it’s never practiced.

  3. It’s a good thing criminals are generally so fucking stupid.
    Gonna be a tough guy and carry around a Beretta Neos(?) and not know how to use it or care for it.

    • hey man, I like my NEOSs
      that’s right, I have multiple
      they are not edc guns at all though…

    • Seems like his Neos acted like all the other ones that I’ve ever seen at a range or shot myself (3 of them in fact). Bang! Jam…..jam Bang! Jam…

      Not the right gun for a “Storming the other guy’s castle” kinda gun in my opinion.

  4. Here we go again…While another homeowner was fighting for his life in the dark of night Jim Crow Gun Control Perverts were at home sleeping and dreaming about more sick gun control schemes. What else would you expect from perverts who have an agenda rooted in racism and genocide?

    The question is.. Where are those gun control perverts going to be when people are cornered by a criminal? Where gun control perverts always are…NOWHERE.

    • We know what the gun control perverts will be doing when confronted by a criminal. They’ll be on their knees pleading for their lives while voiding their bladder and bowels.

  5. Lmfao at this guy picking up his own FTF rounds that have fallen on the ground. Wish he would’ve caught the ones the homeowner was serving up.

    • Did he even have the correct cartridges? A study of guns taken from criminals had a notable percentage loaded not only with defective ammunition but also the wrong ammunition.

      • I once shoved a 9mm mag into a 40 caliber Glock at the ranch. It sure felt funny when I fired it so I dropped the magazine and realized what I had done. It was pure luck that I didn’t shove a .40 mag into a 9mm assuming that is even possible. (name with held due to embarrassing circumstances)

  6. The crime situation in Hesperia is rapidly devolving. I can’t imagine why that’s so in such a peaceful and well-governed state.

    • While I know your comment was tongue-in-cheek, Hesperia and almost the entire Victor Valley area in which it’s located is a bit of a hole. Property can be had relatively cheap by Southern California standards, but there has always been a huge drug problem throughout that area. Judging by the video, I’d say the idiot trying to kick the door in was pretty effing high.

      I grew up just South of there. I sure don’t miss it.

  7. Photo, fingerprints, and release without posting bond so that he may murder some poor bastard in the near future.

  8. Dude is a total screwup. It’s too bad his jamOmatic didn’t fire when he was stuffing it into and out of his waistband.

    I’ve never had anyone shooting at me through my door in the middle of the night, but I’d like to think I would be more clearheaded, and react better than this home owner. Contreras should have been hauled away in a meat wagon.

    • He was shooting a Beretta Neos .22lr.

      They are excellent guns but like all .22’s, they don’t run well dirty.

  9. If anyone knows anything about SoCal, they know that Hesperia is a f*ing s*hole, and has been for decades.

  10. “Fortunately California has very strict gun control laws to that keep firearms out of the hands of convicted criminals.” Which, as this incident demonstrates (yet again) doesn’t mean a damn thing, given that: (1). The majority of the aforementioned “very strict” gun control laws are ill-conceived, poorly written, and target the wrong demographic (i.e., law-abiding citizens). (2). Said “very strict” gun statutes cannot (and frankly never could be) enforced with any degree of consistency.

  11. Poor planning by the homeowner. Does he keep all his loaded mags in the junk drawer or what. The only round he fires is an accidental discharge in that entire exchange? If the perp is still outside hiding behind a pillar and not running then the fight is still on. This clown is still an active threat and more rounds should have been sent his direction. The perp is actively trying to return fire. The potential for someone in the house too be hit is still there. Drive him off or neutralize the threat. Who answers their front door in the middle of the night without a firearm? Especially in that neighborhood.

    • I think it’s swell that these days schools for the mentally challenged allow them access to the internet.

  12. That could never happen in NY State because our governor passed the SAFE ACT.
    Does anyone want to by a bridge?

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