New York Attorney General Letitia James
New York Attorney General Letitia James (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)
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New York Attorney General Letitia James today released the following statement after the National Rifle Association (NRA) declared it would seek bankruptcy protections in federal court, as well as sought to reincorporate its nonprofit status in the state of Texas:

“The NRA’s claimed financial status has finally met its moral status: bankrupt. While we review this filing, we will not allow the NRA to use this or any other tactic to evade accountability and my office’s oversight.”

Press release from New York Attorney General Letitia James

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  1. You dont have enough problems in your little berg!? You might wanna think about goin after the gang bangers with the “illegal” guns before you come after us! Oh that’s right, that would be too much like work!!

    • New York Attorney General Letitia James, why? Why go after NRA for doing the right thing by getting the Hell out of NY. Are you another Nancy Pelosi? Are you a hate filled, vindictive, racist, lying Democrat? Continue and I guess you are so narrowed minded that you forsake the crime ridden NY for wasted effort.

    • The two millions illegal guns in NYC, according to the NYPD, represent no problem to this ghetto genius. BLM!

    • No cash in that man. arresting gang bangers means incarserating their own voting base.

      Getting the NRA means cash, bragging rights, and harm to the other political side.

      Thats a no-brainer for this low brainer.

  2. My big question is can they get rid of their liabilities if those liabilities came through grift. As I said before I’d love to see an attorney’s thoughts on it. It would be interesting if they re-incorporated in Texas then she went after WLP and cronies as well.

    • I think the allegations against WLP and the NRA are considerably exaggerated . To the extent they are true it looks more like bad management than criminal fraud.

      Even if the NRA is “ guilty “ of the 10 million or so she alleges that is really peanuts to them. The NYAG is not willing to settle for money however , she wants to dissolve the NRA itself.

      Now that they have moved and filed chapter 11 , that is sort of off the table. At worst she gets the 10 million.

      • Not quite. NRA remains a NY corporation until the federal bankruptcy judge allows them to leave for greener pastures, and there is no guarantee that he/she will.

  3. You witch. You cannot beat the US Government, Bankruptcy Court. NRA Wins! Hooray!

    You are just a vindictive liberal radical socialist who believes the democrats own America.

    Tuff luck. NY is failing and running out of money and no one will support you!

    Good riddance. Your homeless will take over your government and none of us will ever visit and spend money in NY again.

    We love Texas! God Bless America, God Bless Donald Trump, God Bless Texas, God Bless the NRA!


    • “NY is failing and running out of money and no one will support you!”

      The first two are spot on, but the last one is sadly not true. TONS of people continue to support NY leftism in this state – an overwhelming number of people, actually. Apparently these voters are unable to see the direct line between cause and effect. Or maybe they just prefer “safe” poverty and misery over “scary” self-reliance and liberty. I’m working on getting out, myself…

      • Which got repealed after a 500% home invasion murder uptick. Seems the thiefs thought it was open season on homeowners when they couldn’t protect themselves.

    • virus clown…I hate to rain on your parade of stupidity…4 years from now democRats and Romney RINOs are going to be despised 10 times more than they already are…Since biden is a thief he cannot be an official Food Stamp President like the self serving lord marshal b.h. obama…biden will be known as, “Old Food Stamp Joe.”

      • mitt romney will be shinning DJT’s shoes in 2024 like he has for the past 4 years…Stick a fork in mitt…he’s done.

    • Mittens the mouse, surely you jest, he is a sad pathetic excuse of a man,who is so confused he doesn’t realize he’s in the wrong party.

  4. Thank you pompous Jim Crow Gun Control democRat NYAG but you Don’t Mess With Texas. If you want a stinking garbage heap to clean up you can look in your own sick NY backyard.

  5. Like all Leftist/ Socialist/DemonRats, she doesn’t care about all that “free country,freedom” stuff, she thinks she can hound NRA, all 5 million members, into non-existance. She represents the worst of the Gulag Progressives!

    • “Her “oversight” ends at the NY border.”

      Depends on what she can “prove”. If she can get fraud convictions, changing locations is no shield. If NY has a RICO type law, there may be even more she can do.

    • Bankruptcy doesn’t absolve crimes. She can still prosecute the officers for what they did when they were a NY corporation.

      • If she had the evidence of actual crimes she would have asked for indictments already. And indicting wayne will not end the NRA. You don’t dissolve a hospital when a dr commits medical fraud.

      • Last I checked (yeah, it has been a while) this was a strictly civil action to dissolve the corporation for breaches of trust. As such, it is has been abated (stayed) pending the bankruptcy case, where she will have to make her claim, or she will have to attempt to have her claims dismissed and returned to the NY courts. Meanwhile, NRA will be moving to become a Texas corporation, which will not eliminate the monetary claims, but may make a Texas jury verdict more remote

  6. Meh…the gal has a point (albeit I disagree with it). The biggest blot on Negotiating Right’s Away is an old man named Wayne. He’s so corrupt I bet he’s a secret Dim!

  7. Good. Sunlight is the best disinfectant and the NRA needs disinfecting. And LaPewPew needs to get hammered for his corruption.

  8. Would be interesting if NRA manages to get to Texas to see the Texas AG file charges against the NY AG for criminal conduct, prosecutorial misconduct, corruption, maybe RICO, who knows.

    • There’s evidence of wrong doing, so it’s not malicious unfounded. The NRA admitted to some of them in their November filing. They claimed its paperwork errors and were making corrections.

  9. The NRA has some really shady elements that need to be exposed. There are clear connections to Russian political operatives, there are grossly overpaid executives, marketing deals with scummy companies, fear mongering to drive donations (they’re not the only ones), and a lack of legal support for members. Something stinks at the NRA and it needs to be excised. I’m not sure Tish James is the right person for that, though.

    I’ve certainly benefited from the training and education division of the NRA as I’m sure millions of have and I wish I better understood how this (these) lawsuit(s) would effect their important gun safety trainings.

    • “There are clear connections to Russian political operatives“

      Shhh… We’re not supposed to talk about Russian connections to right wing conservatives on this forum, the commissars have declared the subject verboten.

      • The connections to Russians are pretty minor. I think russians gave the NRA 2000 dollars in 2016. Thats enough to buy two life memberships.

        But who cares about russian connections ? Where those russians suporting gun rights either in the usa , russia or any other country ? If so i have zero problem with those connections regardless of the other politics of those russians. Just like the NRA has worked with and promoted democrats , they can do the same with russians IF they support gun rights.

        • I wouldn’t care if this was about pro-gun orgs connecting across borders but the NRA is a political lobbying organization and seems to have provided American political connections for two Russian operatives (Maria Butina and Alexander Torshin). I think that’s a pretty big deal. If all it took for Russian operatives to gain access to American politicians was a $2,000 donation that’s even worse.

          I didn’t realize this until you spurred me to read more into it (thanks CUTEANDFUZZYBYUNNIES) but it seems that Pete Brownell was embroiled in this as well.

    • There’s got to be one. You asshats show up at every story that mentions NRA. Commy trolls all. Tell me, when Soros stops suddenly, do three guys have to pull your head out of his ass.

      • These are legitimate complaints that I hear echoed by many NRA members – I’m a life member of the NRA myself. But I’d wager you’re a lot more comfortable not being forced to have any complicated thoughts. “Commy” boogeymen is the best you can come up.

        • Except that it is. If the leadership of the NRA is willing to peddle their influence to foreign actors against out government, that’s a problem.

  10. The only real thing from her press release she can pursue is any NY laws that the NRA may run afoul of. The rest is just hyperbole as any federal charges aren’t within her jurisdiction. She could refer if she had evidence.

    The NRA, specifically Lapierre and those who did his bidding brought this on themselves if they broke any laws.

    I don’t know if they did. Any organization that promotes an idea that is politically divided should stay between the lines and avoid the appearance of impropriety or actual impropriety.

  11. I’m sure the NYAG is just as “upset” about the biden crime family or do they get a pass because they are, democRats like her?

  12. let the bit–ch keep yapping away like this

    sooner or later the whole mess will plop before SCOTUS and the NRA will win a wrongful prosecution case for millions in NYC money!

  13. Let me get this straight. Black people are only 1/8 of the US population yet Black people commit over half the homicides in the US and nearly 2/3s of the gun homicides, and you are persecuting the NRA rather than prosecuting criminals?

      • How about this then, why is Chicago responsible for nearly 10% of the murders in the US last year despite being about .66% of the US population? Seems like a failure in governance to me…….

      • Just wait until President Kameltoe Harris euthenizes her Senile Sock Puppet Biden to become the official POTUS, rather than the defacto President. Everything will be about race.

        • She has to wait 2 years plus a day to get the remainder of Sleepy Joe’s term plus 2 terms of her own. If Sleepy Joe has an incident in the office before then, Kameltoe can only be POTUS for the remainder of the current term plus another. Of course, she could do a Putin and change titles periodically.

  14. Once a Ch. 11 case is commenced, all claims (except criminal charges) must be submitted to the bankruptcy court. Most claims are then subject to the “automatic stay” and cannot be pursued outside the bankruptcy without leave from the court.

    Since the NYAG is pursuing civil actions against the NRA, I’d say that poor Ms. James will learn a hard lesson about the power of the bankruptcy court.

  15. While the NRA has long since outlived its intended purpose which really never was to unequivocally protect our 2nd/A, (it started as a hunting Sportsman promoting community), and like so many other wealthy and powerful business entities, they fell into the morass of corporate corruption that’s unfortunately almost an ‘acceptable’ part of doing big business these days, and thus were inevitably ‘compromised’ on your natural-born and Constitutionally Guaranteed firearms rights, where there never should EVER be any equivocation, anywhere, with the exception of very limited security applications, of ‘SHALL NOT Be Infringed law.

    The Consequences of what the NRA did to self-immolate themselves was enough punishment already. And they will soon fade into history as an ineffectual champion of our Freedom. To be replaced currently by more serious Defenders of the 2nd/4th/As like GOA, FFA and others who are much more proactive for Gun Rights.

    And Wayne and Co. will have received what they deserved and deserve what they got. Which already is more than enough in personal shame and financial ruin.

    But to a Psychologist or Psychiatrist this apparent obsessive compulsion toward excessive prosecution and punishment by an important public official might be considered a dysfunctional abnormal tendency in the application of their duties in a personal vengeful departure from the reality of due process and impartial equitable execution of justice she was sworn to uphold? And this could then be easily be construed as a potential criminal felony case under USCC 18: 241-242 ( a law, by the way, that is not at all used enough to reign in the incessant violation of our rights by our corrupted justice system)?

    It is not part of a prosecutor’s duty or job description to become an Avenging Angel. And I’m pretty sure there are some legal sanctions against this?

    This AG should be seriously investigated immediately along with any other perniciously inclined prosecutors (like the one’s threatening similiarly threatening Trump).

    At a minimum, She should be temporarilly suspended from the Bar until this can be thoroughly investigated?

    Of course it simply could be a misconstrued or inadvertent unintentional inflation of expression from over-enthusiasm, Like Trump’s Misunderstood and Misinterpreted and wrongly and potentiall Illegally acted up by Congress Protest Rally encouragement speech certainly was?

    And yet they impeached Trump anyway for exercising his 1st/A Constitutionally Protected right to FREE Speech just because they misunderstood it? Possibly ‘intentionally’ misinterpreted for poliitical agenda? Because they emphatically punctuated this action with absolutely no procedure to accurately assess the real truth behind the so-called impeachement evidence, which was also virtually non-existent, expect in the minds of politically intoxicated members of Congress?

    I’m wondering if this Authoritarian ‘way of no way’ of a impeachment trial will be conducted for Biden someday?

    So Again, US-18: 241-242 provides redress for this obvious demonstration of any government power elite’s mis-use of the Law of the Land.

    What’s good for Trump, then, should also be persued with any AGs similar public comments, right?

    Unfortunately it is only theoretical that No-one is above the Law. Because it’s now being proven far too often to be a myth. Some are not only Above it, they abuse and use it for nefarious weaponized personal or political purpose. Because We the Sheeple let them.

    • SORRY! The NRA was started to enhance marksmanship in the civilian population after the dismal showing of such by solders of the Civil War. It had nothing to do with sportsmen. If you can’t get that simple well know history correct everything after is subject to question.

  16. If she was saying she intended to pursue Wayne LaPayMe! to the ends of the Earth, plus the sycophants who supported him, then I’d agree with her.

    As it is, her usefulness to the cause ends when Wayne LaPayMe! is removed.

  17. Just can’t help yourself can you, got to make those thinly veiled assassination threats.

    Hopefully, the FBI will continue to root out the insurrectionists masquerading as ‘constitutional Patriots’.

  18. Anything to avoid and misdirect attention from the real issue. A shithole city with corrupt government and terrible policies that grow crime, not lower it.

  19. Trish James is the Attorney General of all NY State, which contains the smartest city in the US. NRA made suckers of its dues-paying members, including me for years, while its grifter officers stole its funds to get luxuries for themselves. Lock ’em up.

    • The smartest city in the United States? New York city is actually the dumbest of the dumb. I mean you idiots believe anything the filth and scum democrats tell you idiots.

  20. She is just like a rabid animal – wild, uncontrollable, delusional, living in a fantasy world and needs to be committed for she cannot see the fire in her own State.

  21. Jurisdictionally, she’s limited to what she can do. But I encourage the Token AG to go for it with gusto. She’ll quickly learn why “Don’t Mess With Texas” is the unofficial State’s Motto.
    This is a battle she’ll lose, and it will be glorious to watch the stupid, vindictive Trollop go down in Flames.

  22. When HELL CALLS U…….no crying or begging…just take ur eternal hellfire…with grace!

  23. 24and7:
    Sir or Madam: You are out of line. Most of the time I don’t agree with Miner49er, but this time, he’s absolutely right. By making such a hare-brained remark you make us all look bad. So… kindly go soak your head!


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