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There are many different ways to have a birthday party. Some people like the traditional cake and a song. Others like to meet friends at a bar, or go to a park. But, I’d imagine that heading to the shooting range for fun and some skill improvement would be a popular option among many readers here. Who doesn’t want to put some lead down range with some friends to commemorate surviving another trip around the old burning gasball in space?

But it turns out that heading to the range for a birthday party isn’t always as easy as it should be. That’s what Chad Loder allegedly discovered recently. Unlike many other customers, Loder is a well-known left wing activist and “anti-extremism researcher“, who likes to pore through open-source data to find dirt on right-wing activists, some of whom have faced legal problems as a result.

Loder claims his efforts are essential to bringing violent offenders to justice, while his critics call what he does garden variety harassment, cyberstalking, or doxxing. So you can probably imagine that Loder doesn’t have a lot of friends on the right side of the political spectrum, and his actions have allegedly led to Loder’s removal from Twitter.

After going to the gun range with some friends to celebrate a birthday in San Diego, Loder’s location was tweeted by a popular right-leaning Twitter account. It was later claimed that the account got the information from an employee of the gun range.

Loder’s group of friends are now concerned that the range had access to their driver’s licenses, which means their political enemies may now have personal information such as their home addresses.

According to Loder, everyone who went to the range that evening is now afraid to go to shooting ranges at all for fear that they’ll become political targets (figuratively, not literally) and that their future safety is in danger. Some of those who were there with Loder were first-time shooters, and aren’t going to do it again any time soon.

I understand why people would hate someone like Loder. People who make it their business to cause legal trouble for other people tend to not only make a lot of enemies, but it just sucks to see people on your side get selected for this kind of harassment while people of different political persuasions aren’t targeted. I can see how someone would derive some satisfaction from what they might have seen as giving Loder and his friends a well-deserved taste of their own medicine.

But, I’m not going to have that debate here and my goal certainly isn’t to side with Loder or his associates.

What bothers me about this incident is that we’re seeing a gun range get embroiled in the culture wars. Instead of being a business where everyone is welcome to come have fun and improve their skills, there are now fears that going to the range could be unsafe if they get crosswise with conservative activists.

Aside from this incident, I’ve seen many stories of left-wing activists (sometimes self-described communists who subscribe to the “under no pretext” ethos), non-passing transgender people, gay couples, and women with blue hair saying that they don’t feel comfortable going to the range either.

That concept is a little weird to me, largely because I spend a lot of time at ranges and have never personally seen it. Not only do I prefer to shoot at unsupervised outdoor ranges, but I also haven’t seen or heard of any gun businesses turn away any of the above kinds of people. But I’ve also seen enough people say they feel uncomfortable to know that it can’t be an issue that’s entirely made up or imaginary.

As an instructor, I’m bothered by this because it’s generally bad for safety and the gun culture as a whole. Gun ownership is growing in basically every conceivable demographic, and having a bunch of people who — mistakenly or not — don’t feel like they’re welcome at the range means people are missing out on training, practice, and fun. I don’t want to see government mandate training, but responsible people who want to train should have nothing standing between them and doing it.

As a gun rights activist, I’m bothered by what this kind of thing could do to the future of shooting sports and gun rights. If “stereotypical” gun owners — if there is such a thing any more — are comfortable being into guns while other demographics are feeling discouraged, we run the risk of losing the war in the long run. The last thing we need is gun owners becoming a shrinking and aging minority that’s only a generation or two away from the losing critical mass we need to successfully defend our rights.

If anything, gun owners needs to be actively encouraging people to become gun owners and participate in the shooting sports to keep it alive over time. Putting other political or social priorities ahead of that isn’t a recipe for long term success.

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  1. Or, said avowed Leftists, counterculturists, wtf-ever could just be making all this up. That’s pretty common in everything MSM and elsewhere in their “community”. Why, who would think of fact-checking such fine, honest people???

    We’re I doing a “story” on this premise, I’d want a lot of solid, specific and verifiable examples.

    • While I could certainly understand the desire of someone to do such a thing to commies I have to agree with the proof or get the fuck out on this one. The left has grilled up more nothing burgers than Impossible foods.

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    • The only case I know downunder was when a member of the Greens party and known anti gun politician David Shobridge tried to join a gun club. He was asked to leave as based on his public statements he was not considered to be fit and proper person to be in posession of firearms.

    • I don’t think the gun store got involved in the culture war here. I think these “customers” got themselves involved in the culture war and are now reaping the benefits having visited the victims of their activities and assuming they would “be quiet and take it.”

  2. ASSUMING this isn’t another instance of “fake hate,” it reads like Mr. Loder doesn’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot.

    • Notice how it identifies itself :

      “Chad Loder (they/them)”.

      Not difficult to see the agenda…

      • Nice use of framing and narrative.
        Storytelling can be used to tell the truth or to deceive.

        Culture wars? Too late now for that. I’m ok with folks showing up, but civil behavior is required on AND off the shooting range. Morality and standards of conduct. Should immoral or amoral people be allowed on a shooting range? Not if they can’t abide by the rules.

        So if they’ve done something out in the world that maybe they should feel guilty for, then if they don’t “feel ok” is not anybody’s problem except theirs.

        For example, if I used the N word extensively in a black neighborhood and in a black church, there are consequences for rudeness. Learn not to be a horse’s ass.

        Spoiled brats need a hard paddling.

        Learn to treat others as you want to be treated.
        Learn to say Sir and Ma’am.
        Learn how to apologize like you really do regret your rash actions and words.

        And shooting ranges don’t allow unaccompanied minors on the range without a responsible adult anyway. Chronological age does not confer maturity or actual adulthood. You will be tossed/bounced promptly.

        • “Nice use of framing and narrative.”

          Analogies of folks with large metaphorical chips on their shoulders acting all surprised when they get knocked off come to mind, Mr. Rancher…

      • Wasn’t/isn’t Chad Loder the subject of Orders of Protection/Restraining Orders against him? Have they expired? It may be the reason he chose a range far outside his jurisdiction.

    • Clicking the link implies he lawyered up and got an employee fired. Hopefully his “friends” learned not to hang out with a hypocrital jerk.

      I think this article is mostly unnecessary, a reminder to be nice, good citizens and accepting…but the left has made this culture war and specifically attacked gun rights, gun businesses, gun owners, including protesting at them and doxxing gun owner info multiple times.

      I think most gun owners would rather be left alone and not fight for gun rights, if the left consistently applied their “you do you”, do or be whatever you like doublespeak. Drop the gun control and we really could find common ground, at least in this area.

      • Lefties not apply every force of control and power they can over as many people as they can?
        LMAO even.

        Next you will talk about how conservatives are volunteering in droves for political activism to fight the weird counter culture is now normal American culture war we are in.

      • “Clicking the link implies he lawyered up and got an employee fired.”

        Why do I get the impression that somewhere there are people jumping up and down cheering their ‘win’?

        Because that’s what those who hate, all while they claim to be the ones who ‘love’, do… 🙁

      • “I think most gun owners would rather be left alone and not fight for gun rights…”

        Uh- I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but most American gun owners fit that description like a glove. If 1/10th of American gun owners were engaged in keeping, maintaining and restoring their RKBA, there wouldn’t be much of an issue concerning the Second Amendment. Ditto the entire US Constitution. It’s called being “taken for granted”. And being lazy.

    • Yup.

      This positively reeks of Mr. Loder thinking that someone else might do what he’d do if the circumstances were reversed, and give him a dose of his own medicine.

      Maybe he should have considered this stuff before he decided that being an a-hole would be a fun hobby.

  3. This is how the left rolls. The right needs to grasp “That’s not who we are” = “We are losers.”

  4. All is fun and games until somebody punches back.

    Not trusting your neighbors and family members snitching on each other is just what they want. Argentina is fast approaching if not already here.

    • “All is fun and games until somebody punches back.”

      Along with the classic tactic of claiming victimhood…

    • Surprised to see anyone bring up Argentina as it is probably the most overlooked and most relevant country in terms of a functional society sliding into government controlled chaos and misery that can easily happen (is currently happening) here.

    • Shire, I saw a t-shirt in a gift store recently while in a small tourist town:

      “It’s all sh!ts and giggles until somebody giggles and sh!ts”

      The Left thinks it’s fun to doxx others until they find themselves on the receiving end of their own tactics.

      Fortunately for me, the range I frequent here in SoCal doesn’t require a DL or ID. The one located closer to my home does, but I stopped going there over a dozen years ago when they began requiring registration just to shoot on the range. They don’t simply want to see an ID to verify you’re a legal adult…they now put your info into their database. Screw that noise.

      • “The Left thinks it’s fun to doxx others until they find themselves on the receiving end of their own tactics.”

        Ex NYT and current Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz sure loved to doxx others until she got a good dose of her own medicine :

        “Critics are going after Lorenz for attempting to out the individual behind the account just weeks after Lorenz appeared on MSNBC’s “Meet The Press” and broke down over the online “harassment” she says she has experienced.”


        • I wonder if it was as “horrible” (Taylor Lorenz’s words) as it was for Chaiya Raichik (Libs of TikTok) when Lorenz appeared unanmounced and masked at Raichik’s door and Raichik’s family member’s doors? As all reports indicate no one showed up at Lorenz’s Los Angeles squat nor at the homes of her family, not a single person.

          I was entertained by the video of Lorenz wailing about the online rebuke she received even if it was fake tears induced by rubbing her eyes with her wrinkled, age-spotted, arthritic, lemon juice soaked 60 yr old digits.


          Taylor Lorenz’s grandfather/great grandfather(?) immigrated here to the USA after WWII from Germany and settled in toney Greenwich CT, no doubt he came with his pockets stuffed with gold fillings and wedding rings of Holocaust victims which accounts for her Jew hatred, fascist tendencies, and targeting Chaiya Raichkik an “Orthodox Jew”.

  5. Mr. Loder thinks that his opponents think the same way he does; a missing bit of wisdom that only comes with age or experience. He’s afraid that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and while rightfully true, his opponents aren’t quite as vindictive, so he has less to fear from them than from his ilk. The bigger picture is that this could be an incredible learning experience for him, but his inability to accept others’ existence prevents him from experiencing the lesson. I just feel sad for him. What would also be more enlightening for him is realizing that The Constitution applies to everyone, left or right, rich or poor, snotty or not, and that while we may be capable of cancelling him, it’s just not a nice thing to do.

  6. 1.) I am skeptical of what happened. Not cynical. Skeptical. The left throws out so much hyperbolic BS, I need more evidence.

    2.) Let’s assume it’s all true. Sorry, don’t give a shit.
    The left doesn’t play by the rules (see #1). Something might happen to them? Boo hoo. It’s been half a year since this gun range visit. What’s happened? Where was their concern when when the lives of Supreme Court justices were threatened at their home, when a man was arrested for wanting to assassinate Kavanaugh? That really happened.

    These children can go to hell.

    • I’m with you Colonel! There’s a war going on. I don’t appreciate the finger pointing from the usually sensible Sensiba🙄

      • She always gets it wrong when it comes to politics and culture. Here she is preaching to all gun owners and gun ranges when one person did something. This is a big fat nothing story. The reason those people “don’t feel safe” is because they’re projecting how they aren’t accepting of others.

    • Colonel Travis:

      How dare you misgender that poor confused gurl that targeted Justice Kavanaugh? (sarc) “Yes” he claims to be “female” despite having XY chromosomes, he is the literal posterboy for Loder and the rest of his mentally distubed misanthropic Marxist minions.

    • Agreed. The left is playing for keeps. They assume that their enemies will keep pretending that “we’re all Americans”. The “culture wars” now includes an entire political party who are trying to rebrand pure evil into “minor attracted persons” and normalize their abhorrent desires. There can be no compromise with that type of ideology. This isn’t a cultural struggle, it’s an actual war and right now only one side is treating it that way. The Left is at war and they don’t care whether we ever realize it, infact they are counting on us not too.

  7. Your enemy should be attacked and harassed anytime the opportunity to do so presents itself. The political left doesn’t allow for any neutral ground whatsoever in their culture war and turnabout is fair play.

    • You aren’t wrong, sir. When your enemy gives no quarter, your response becomes pre-determined.

    • When you are tolerant of your enemies, you’ve already lost. I believe our capitulation in Afghanistan is a relevant example from the recent past. We tried to coexist with the Taliban, win their hearts and minds. They won. We can’t coexist with The Left or they will win this war. Take the fight to your enemies wherever you find they/them, take no prisoners and have no mercy. They understand that truth and are fighting under that philosophy. The losers ask for compromise.

  8. I have many reactions to this story, and most of them involve heavy use of expletives, but I’ll be both brief and polite.

    1.) The fact that this author knows who these people are, and what they’re all about, leads me to believe that she has either never been lied to before or doesn’t know that that’s what all these people do. They lie. They are evil people, and they are dishonest.

    2.) I not only believe, but assert as unassailable fact, that the attitude displayed here of “well we should just all get along” is wrong, it is dangerous, it is why we are losing our rights, and it is completely wasted on scum like the people discussed in this piece. I don’t know anything at all about the author besides her name and what she has told us about herself, but I do know this is the second time in the last year or so that the “don’t rock the boat” attitude has surfaced. I disagree with you about Marjory Taylor Green and I do not agree with you here. This tolerance and acceptance and Kumbayah attitude with people who utterly despise the air you breathe is the reason my generation is stuck with all the lunacy that surrounds us today. All you’ll be, unless you die first (hopefully from old age surrounded by loved ones), is the last one the serpent devours when the rest of us are gone.

    • ^^^^^^THIS RIGHT HEAR^^^^^^
      Go along to get along got us where we are.
      They have been chipping away our rights for years. Stop believing the lies. That’s what they do. They lie and the media backs them up.

      • Yep, you can’t compromise with child predators. People who believe they are right don’t compromise with evil.

  9. There are range protocols. Anyone who smells like trouble needs to be removed promptly and asked not to return. Rules need to be at the entrance and inside, users need to read and sign. Personally I would not go back to a range, I am blessed to have private property to use. Seldom are more than 3 around, everyone knows the program, no one cuts corners, everyone sees to it everyone gets home.

    • I’m so jealous. I need to make fiends with a large landowner. Enjoy that land, it’s a true blessing, brother!

  10. “Loder claims his efforts are essential to bringing violent offenders to justice…”

    A left-wing self-serving, self-appointed, ‘key board vigilante’ thinks he is ‘essential’.

    so same old left wing mindset, they all seem to have this delusion that they are ‘essential’

    seriously though, there is something fishy about his story. No proof of what he claims, basically its all ‘i feelz this happened’, zero credibility for his story. Maybe he did get recognized, maybe someone did tell someone, but I doubt he got threats from actual threat sources… however, overall I doubt his claims and it sounds more like he’s just trying to make something a thing and wants the attention. But, that being said maybe getting a taste of his own medicine might mean he is not as ‘essential’ as he thinks he is in his own mind.

    • correction for: “…so same old left wing mindset…”

      should have been…

      …so same old left wing activist mindset…

  11. Antifa like Chad Loder deserve to suffer. They should be punished by any means necessary.
    I support anyone who hurts Antifa.

  12. What proof is there that this is real???
    The left has already been outed for calling in bomb threats, to Target stores and Starbucks. And blaming it on conservatives.

    They manufacture fake hate crimes all the time.

    • There are websites that cover fake “Hate Crimes” aka “Hate Crime” hoaxes, they’ve compiled quite a list, the overwhelming majority of “Hate Crime” hoax perpetrators go unpunished and if/when in rare instances they are prosecuted they receive just a slap on the wrist. The fact is “Hate Crime” hoaxes outnumber actual hate crimes by hundreds to one.

      • “…the overwhelming majority of “Hate Crime” hoax perpetrators go unpunished…”

        Wow. What part of anything can be anything I want are you not quite grasping. I can decide, and thus it is true, even a polite “Hello” is hate speech. I can decide I am a 25yr old multi-millionaire, with unlimited funds, and cannot be held responsible for a bank that refuses to acknowledge my truth. So, watch out; I can identify as a female Gila Monster, and get reparations if you fail to use my preferred pronouns as one.

  13. The left/liberals have a long well documented history of trying to shut down gun ranges. And we’ve talked about it here on TTAG in the past. This sounds like a left wing Psy Ops.

    It was the liberal/left who got “lady’s night” shut down at gun ranges in California.

  14. Gun ownership and use is for all citizens, female, male, straight, gay, liberal, conservative, black, brown, white, or purple hair. everyone has the right to self-defense. Pushing some divisive agenda is never a good move, ever.

    • With the kindest of respect, I believe your position is simplistic, naive, and dangerous. All known communists should be disarmed and corralled on an island of suffering. However, our constitution prevents this, for now. Until it doesn’t, the lives of communists/socialists/globalists/Antifa/marxists/Maoists/Leninists….whatever you wanna call them, (it’s all the same thing), should be a reflection of the suffering they have wrought upon good freedom loving patriots.

      • @THE Florida Gunfighter With the all due respect, while I may not agree with every aspect of equality because our cultural differences create barriers, but I am bound as a law abiding American to respect the laws and the Constitution as the foundation of all human rights and rights as citizens of this great experiment. What you suggest is fascism, which I can not abide by.

        • With all due respect…When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another…deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,—That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it…
          These people hate you and your rights. But sure, you go ahead and pretend that you can coexist peacefully with them.

    • Not a chance. Some folks just go places strictly to make trouble.

      But ranges could be like bars. Assuming there’s demand for gay ranges.

  15. What you reap, is what you sow. It’s that simple. To the author, kindly and respectfully, I sincerely and 100% see your angle of thought here and I respect your right to say it. But I disagree and I look at “instructors” with skepticism. As a guild many instructors have frequently been on the wrong side of unlicensed, constitutional, and open carry rights.

    I get it. Y’all want to make money. It’s your income and livelihood. Not having government forced customers is hurtful to the bottom line. But I disagree with your premise. The enemy is the enemy. The only good communist is, well, you know. Making a range a welcoming place for them is baffling and counterproductive. Unfortunately, our nation is on a collision course with civil war II.

    Neither side of the political spectrum seems intent on stopping it. It looks like a foregone and inevitable outcome, sadly. So, why you would want to aid the future enemy combatant with firearm skills is beyond me. Because they’ll vote for gun rights candidates? Nope. Because they’ll vote right? Nope. There’s zero benefit to aiding them and total loss to helping them. I strongly and in the best of faith urge you to reconsider your position. Trying to be the peace maker with the devil is a waste of your soul.

    Best wishes, I hope I’m not too harsh, brother.

  16. I’m not sure I agree. There are no “neutral sides” in the current culture war. You’re either on the side of the right, or the left. I am “afraid” to post certain comments on Facebook. I do not put my business name or address in anything. I know, not fear, but know, that people will scrape that for data to hurt me based on comments. I’ve seen this happen before.

    I want leftists afraid to go to the gun range. I do not want them to feel safe in areas that are considered right leaning. We do not feel safe in their areas, by design, they’ve created a hostile environment for free speech at work, in sports, etc. Let them fear at gun ranges.

    I find I’m okay with that.

  17. How many Republican officeholders and their families did these people doxx and attack in public at stores and restaurants?

    Eat s*** and die, Mr. Loder. Something something it’s our duty to make people like you feel unwelcome. It’s nice to see somebody on the right finally willing to subject them to their own favorite activities.

  18. Assuming it’s true, and I am as skeptical as others here about that, my issue is a business gave out a customer’s info. I don’t see it as any different than the banks and credit card companies giving gun owners data to the Federal Bureau of Incineration.

    As a business you have an implicit contract with your customers not to spread their information. If you don’t like a customer, turn them away. AFAIK politcal persuasion is not a protected category.

    And this was not even the range as a business but an employee. Someone who doesn’t have the authority to make that call and who jeopardized their employer’s entire business by acting out.

    • Sir, patriots can’t keep being the holy perfect good guys every single time and expect different results. Sometimes to beat an adversary you gotta get a little dirty. At the very least the communists need to know there’s risk involved if they want to be scumbags.

      Being noble, honorable, and chivalrous hasn’t really worked too well for decent Americans lately, has it? Perhaps it is time to consider changing the rules of engagement.

  19. Looks like the gun range uses “open source data”.

    My heart bleeds for comrade Loder.

  20. I used to think like this instructor. Then, I decided that I’d rather not be encouraging the mentally ill to become more proficient at killing their enemies. And that is exactly how they feel about anyone who disagrees with them.

    I don’t think we should pass laws barring ownership because that slippery slope is way too steep and way too slippery. But if they decided they’re not welcome and thus don’t get better I’m ok with that. It’s not like they’ll start voting for pro-gun candidates anyway.

  21. Also, about whoever dropped the dime on the employee, including possibly themselves, loose lips sink ships. Remember the 2 greatest things in life from Goodfellas;


    Snitches get stitches and wind up in ditches.

    So.if you are going to do something like this keep your damn mouth shut and make sure whoever you tell will too.

  22. I’m happy to bring all people who are interested into the “gun culture” . Giving instruction and advice to the uninitiated will broaden and deepen the pool of those who shoot and engage in self defense. That said any who are into disparaging and marginalizing those of us in the 2A community are valid targets and the subject of my Wrath and I am Vehement in my prosecution of bringing them down. Logic and Liberty are Vital to our cause and None will stand against us un blemished!

  23. Certainly a lot of crap from the holier-than-thou so-called gun rights people.
    POTG are just that and deserve to be welcomed not doxxed or at least just allowed to exercise their 2A rights in peace. This is how we win. If a person is a democrat, votes left, or whatever, does Not make them a communist (or socialist but most of the people on here equate the two, wrongly but they do.), nor does it make them LGBTetc. (or groomers, another lie beloved by some here), or the ‘enemy’ various described.
    Are you all Nazis? KKK members? white supremacists? Some of you clearly are, but most are not and most left leaning gun owners aren’t ANY of the things they are accused of constantly by too many of right leaning gun owners.
    I know most of you don’t give a shit except for echoing each other’s BS. A lefty gun owner is your ally, not an enemy. Get over it.

    • I had never heard of Loder before this article. He would be my ally if he exposed criminal actions on both sides of the aisle. But apparently he targets only the gop.

      Nobody is dumb enough to believe that corruption occurs in only one camp. So, no, he is not an ally.

      As for the Not-zees. In modern America the folks that dress like and use old school fascist tactics are the black clad antifa types.

    • “holier-than-thou so-called gun rights people”

      “Some of you clearly are [Nazis…KKK members…white supremacists]”

      “I know most of you don’t give a shit except for echoing each other’s BS”

      Hypocrisy. The hallmark of a leftist.

  24. Ohhhh Fccccckkkk….
    Become a target.
    Going to a party going gone, say, out in the woods, it might seem dark, but the lights are on, popping a lock, a trunk full of goods,- – White Boy.
    Peeking out that window
    Billy be seeing them Gremlins
    Ain’t slept for daze
    Gotta be chilling
    on that tripping afraid craze feelings.

  25. Never heard of Loder. He sounds a bit stupid. I don’t concern myself with stupid people.

  26. “….. I’ve seen many stories of left-wing activists (sometimes self-described communists who subscribe to the “under no pretext” ethos), non-passing transgender people, gay couples, and women with blue hair saying that they don’t feel comfortable going to the range ……. I’m bothered by this …… “?

    We found the the sympathizer, the apologist for radical Marxists/Trotskyites/Leninists.

    I am NOT bothered in the least that Leftists like Loder and others of his ilk feel “uncomfortable” in OUR spaces, they should be uncomfortable after all they’ve proven to be violent-types intent on our destruction.

    Loder and his “fellow travellers” must be how should I say it …. yes “Fair Gamed” like what Scientology (and AntiFa/RevCom) does to it’s opponents.

    • They normalized those tactics, therfore they should be accepted and applied in battle. Get in the fight or shut up and leave. She’s well on her way to becoming collateral damage.

  27. Don’t frighten the horses.

    Today, everything is politics, politics is everything. Gun stores cannot propose to act like Switzerland; they ain’t selling soda pop.

    Thus, the Second Amendment, as all natural, human and civil rights, are highly political statements; no way around it.

    The Second Amendment applies to everyone. But I have no compassion for those who would harm, or destroy the Second Amendment. They earn their reward at the gun store

    “Those who are kind to the cruel, will be cruel to the kind”

      • “That’s why I beat my girlfiend. I’ll tell my P O the next time he ask.

        Happy to be here, grateful for the opportunity, proud to serve.

        • @ Sam

          Every day a holiday, every meal a feast and every fifth round a tracer.

      • “That’s why I beat my girlfiend.”

        Nothing wrong with that if she has it coming… 😉 Number 1 similarity in all battered women is THEY JUST DON’T LISTEN!! (And this whole thing about “battered women”- I always ate mine plain, not deep fried…)

        • (cavewoman watching other cavewoman being dragged by her hair by a caveman)
          “why do you go out with that sadist?”
          “beats me!”

        • tsbhoa.p.jr- you and I need to go have a beer… I’ll buy the first one so long as it isn’t Bud Light…

  28. What the Sam Hell is a Left wing loony doing at a GUN RANGE?? Whose life was he looking to ruin? Some other shooter? The range owner? He and a bunch of his buddies went to a GUN RANGE? With no motivation other than to do a little shooting? BULLSH@T! Those kind never take a day off.

  29. I am a Range Safety Officer (RSO) for my local Gun Club. We have multiple outdoor ranges, all supervised by 1, or more, RSO’s. We have over 600 club members and we also have Open to the Public shooting days every week. This is in Western Washington, so the social/cultural/political trend here is to the Left, not the Right.

    I am 100% positive that no RSO of the Club, myself included, would ever turn someone away due to hair color, whatever their sexual, political, cultural orientation might be. The only thing that would cause us to turn someone away is their safety, or lack thereof. And we counsel people several times before that happens.

    Also, we do not collect personal information beyond name and address for anyone. And if that were disclosed, the RSO would be in deep trouble with the Club’s Board.

    I would invite anyone to come out and shoot with us. As long as they are safe, follow our rules, and don’t cause any problems on the ranges, all are welcome.

    • … and you offer free “reach-arounds” too I suppose. Your board needs an enema, inviting/welcoming those that vote overwhelmingly for the same Democrats who seek to eradicate us and our culture, ban our firearms, levy additional fees/taxes on firearms/ammo and seek to deny us of our right to self defense, yeah that’s a smart move Einstein.

      Go ahead, feed the beast, they/them/their will be the instrument of your demise.

    • Wouldn’t recommend, or “demand”, that anyone be turned away from a gun store, or range. However….

      Everyone who frequents a gun store, or range runs the risk of being doxxed. No sympathy for people who avoid gun stores and ranges because they fear being doxxed. If they self-censor, that is their right.

      A person such as yourself may not want to admit they are in a political war, but it exists, and affects commerce. Customers have a right to doxx whomever they like; store/range employees may be another matter (I’m all about banning Hittites and Moabites from retail businesses everywhere).

      If the same people who want to disarm the public, are fearful about being known for owning a firearm, known for visiting a gun store, known for training at a gun range, then they self-eliminate. Shaming the anti-gun tyrants may negligibly lower commerce in firearms and related items, but all to the good of the nation.

      • Most gun clubs require some type of 2A advocacy group membership before being welcomed as a member. Would a Lefty donate to GOA, NRA, etc.? It seems like a good policy to either weed some out, or force them to donate to something they don’t fully support.

        • “Would a Lefty donate to GOA, NRA, etc.? It seems like a good policy to either weed some out, or force them to donate to something they don’t fully support.”

          Not sure that would be effective. Being something you aren’t, especially for “the cause”, wouldn’t be considered as a scarlet letter.

  30. Nobody on the left ever writes about staying out of the culture war. They engage, infiltrate, and dominate cultural institutions while right-wingers wring their hands about whether anything should be done. This is why the right always loses culture war battles.

    • The right has been losing for decades because the people they chose as leaders (Paul Ryan type) were (and are) only concerned with taxes and budgets.

  31. @ld Guy in Montana
    “Every day a holiday, every meal a feast and every fifth round a tracer.”

    There ya’ go.

    “Happiness is a belt-fed weapon”.

    • “Every day a holiday, every meal a feast and every fifth round a tracer.”

      Tracers work both ways.

      “Happiness is a belt-fed weapon”.

      Or crew served.

      “You have to be cruel to be kind, in the right measure…” 🙂

      • “Or crew served.”

        Thought about that, then decided I was thinking about personal happiness, rather than group.

  32. While I despise Herr Loder, and everything he stands for, the 2A (and the 1A) apply to him just as much as they apply to me. While I would not, voluntarily and given a choice, occupy the adjoining lane to that @$$hole, I’ve got no problem with him going shooting, owning a gun (assuming he’s not a typical liberal hypocrite, and already is a ‘prohibited person’).

    He’s entitled to his exercise of ALL of his rights. My disdain for his idiocy and politics don’t mean he isn’t entitled, and I’ve got no problem with that. Hell, even dacian the demented and MajorLiar are entitled to exercise their 1A and 2A rights (although perhaps our Founders should have limited the rights to those with above-room-temperature IQs). Just because someone ELSE is an @$$hole doesn’t entitle you to be one (unless you are a Leftist/fascist, of course, in which case it’s mandatory).

  33. I understand the point of the article but disagree. Only three types of leftists go to gun ranges these days; activists looking to make a scene, hypocrites and those preparing for whatever violence is about to happen. None of those people are welcome at any of my ranges and the owners and members have made that clear.

  34. Gun ranges should be cross-checking customers with the state/national voters rolls and Federal Election Commission, names, party affiliations (if declared), and political contributions are a matter of public record, if you are or have given to a Democrat no shooting for you. Fair is fair, in 2016 Democrats used a bot and Twitter to dox every contributor to Trump’s campaign including me.

    We must put roofing nails in our gloves and coat them with tar and crushed glass in this fight.

    • “Fair is fair, in 2016 Democrats used a bot and Twitter to dox every contributor to Trump’s campaign including me.”

      And, what was the result of that?

      • You should have seen the amount of Leftist/Democrat organization junk mail to my home, the nasty and threat-laden PMs through Facebook, the catalogs full of instruments intended for the Rainbow deviants, it seems I was placed on every mailing list including Jet/Ebony magazine.

  35. We found the “cuckquean”, no doubt tonight she’s sitting silently in the corner watching her dude plowing some other chick while wondering if she remembered to wipe the bird poop off her “Hate Has No Home Here” sign and turned on the light under her Rainbow flag for the evening.

  36. I call BS on this whole story; it reeks of it.
    Let’s see pictures and videos; that’s what these people do these days, right?; “gotta get the Insta.”
    Lets see the bona fides too, “teaching” shooting skills means someone has skills, confidence, training and security to “teach;” who among this group has those bona fides.
    Absent this evidence and more, its nothing more than another set up.

    Now, even if it’s not, this SOB deserves everything he gets; live bt the sword, die by the sword. In my neighborhood we’d tell him to FOAD.

  37. This article displays a level of naivete of this article is, quite frankly, stunning in 2023.

    “Aside from this incident, I’ve seen many stories of left-wing activists (sometimes self-described communists who subscribe to the “under no pretext” ethos), non-passing transgender people, gay couples, and women with blue hair saying that they don’t feel comfortable going to the range either.”

    This comes purely from one of two places.

    Either they were told by other Lefties that Right Wing Nuts and Rad Trads want to genocide them, and they believed it. OK, well then I don’t want them at the gun range either because they’re not smart enough to know which end the bullet comes out of in most cases. They made up their own political fantasy and then freaked out over it. Not my circus, not my monkey. Stay home.

    Or there are the Commies. The ones with the “under no pretext ethos” are the ones who openly state that they want to overthrow our government and murder most of the country, so fuck them too. Honestly, I’m not going to be real hot on going to a shooting range that has a bunch of guys from AQIM dudes in it either.

    And let’s be clear here, that’s not me saying they shouldn’t have 2A right (as people have accused me of suggesting here before when I’ve stated that maybe personal responsibility goes hand in hand with rights). That’s me saying I don’t want to be physically near to stupid people with guns or people openly self-identify as wishing me harm when they are armed.

    They can have all the guns they want and shoot all they want. All they need to do is start their own range. Or find a Lefty “Elon” and buy one and do whatever they want.

    Now, let’s be very real here. This guy’s making a big deal out of this? Hrm, I wonder why. He’s a known Lefty? Oh, gosh, trolling for a reaction so that it can publish is only one of their signature moves since like 1970… I wonder what he’s doing. Gosh… Just so hard to figure out…

    Fuck this guy and his friends. If you didn’t wanna get your location outed you should have stayed a private citizen. You didn’t. Welcome to paparazi world. “Oh, noes, they might know our addresses!”… Dude, seriously, these days for $50 I can find out where your grandma keeps her horse-tail assplug in under half an hour without leaving my desk, fuck right off with this crybully shit.

    • “crybully”

      Excellent, excellent. Will use it in other comms with gun owners, and gun haters.

      • Yes, that is a lightning word (as opposed to a lightning bug word), a bon mot.

    • Archery ranges, driving ranges, mountain ranges, livestock ranges, cooking ranges, musical ranges, time ranges, product ranges, artillery ranges, bomb ranges, migratory ranges…

  38. Just got together with a few friends for coffee at a local cafe today. We made plans for the Independence Day holiday. 1 of those friends found brass for my 75mm Howitzer and is bringing it over this weekend. I have the rest of the supplies to load some shells. We will also be lighting up the 6 pounder cannon. A couple of the kids are buying fireworks and I will be smoking beef ribs and pork butts for the food.
    Now, a couple of those coming out here are homosexuals. Several are Black, I’m about as far out on the right wing as anyone can be and still have a brain. Several are more left leaning. And we will have our discussions and will have drinks after the firearms and heavy guns are put away. And I’ll bet money that no one will complain about feeling unsafe or disrespected. Why? Because we are rational, respectful, reasonable people with decent manners. Something I see as sorely lacking in so much of the country today.
    I used to have a couple acquaintances who were of the rabid Marxist/Progressive type. Both have passed on. 1 from a stroke and the other from a very fast cancer. Always said their beliefs were toxic.

  39. This ignorant advocacy is exactly what they are used to from us. Compromise. They will never love you. Stop with the pathetic groveling, stand up and engage the enemy.

  40. I am very glad that my range and LGS has been very open to anyone wanting to participate in shooting. I have been going there through 3 different owners over 19 years. First owner was VERY stereotypical middle aged white guy gun store. Second ran it more as a hobby. The last owner has been great at adding a LOT of classes and training, advertising, and embracing new shooters. They have not run anyone off unless they fail to follow safety rules. I enjoy being able to share my love of shooting with new folks who do not come from the same background. The store loves training people, and selling them guns and range time. The stance seems to be it doesn’t matter what you think on anything else, but we can enjoy the commonality of being firearms enthusiasts.

  41. @ChoseDeath
    “Hey Sam, know what you call that? JUSTICE. Female Guila Monster Kin have been underrepresented and kept down for too long.”

    Which is it you are calling justice? It better conform with my world view and truth. If it doesn’t, I will report you to the US Civil Rights Commission for failing to use my preferred pronouns: Larry, Curly, and Moe.

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