Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Demonstrates the Kind of Legislative Expertise We’ve All Come to Expect

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A veteran can buy a brace any day of the year. We love, admire and respect our veterans. But at the same time, we respect our first responders. Police officers and fire fighters and others who are on the front lines. Or former combat veterans who say we don’t need automatic weapons in the hands of civilians. There’s no hunting purpose…there’s not purpose.

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a shootout in your district between a criminal with a ghost gun against police officers. That is what we’re trying to prevent. I don’t want to see that in Houston, Texas ever again.

You can buy the brace without a background check. But when it becomes a dangerous weapon, when that brace changes the gun’s legal status and makes it, in essence, the same that caused a mass shooting at a Boulder, Colorado supermarket, the stabilizing brace and a shorter barrel made a pistol under federal gun regulation.

And so saving lives is why I’m standing here on the floor. Protecting police officers is why I’m on the floor. Protecting firefighters…and the the highest calling that I’m on the floor is protecting children. And stopping Uvalde and Sandy Hook and Parkland. And the list goes on in Santa Fe. But a brace can be bought without a background check. And the rule that’s being overturned simply has the ATF…simply has the ATF doing the right thing.

— Representative Sheila Jackson Lee


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        • Look I am not a genius or anything but Dacian has put out more cognizant diatribes than that.

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    • Isn’t this the same idiot who wanted to know of the Mars rover could be sent over to take a picture of the flag we had left there years earlier?

      • Yup, you got it. She’s another genius like Hank Johnson who worried that reinforcing Marines on Guam would cause the island to capsize

        • S­t­a­r­t w­o­r­k­i­n­g f­r­o­m h­o­m­e! G­r­e­a­t w­o­r­k f­o­r-E­v­er, ­S­t­a­y a­t H­o­m­e M­o­m­s O­R a­n­y­o­n­e n­e­e­d­s­ a­n e­x­t­r­a i­n­c­o­m­e. G­e­t s­t­a­r­t­e­d. Y­o­u o­n­l­y n­e­e­d­ a bgh computer a­n­d a reliable c­o­m­p­u­t­e­r c­o­n­n­e­c­t­i­o­n­ s­o d­o­n’t g­e­t l­a­t­e t­r­y…….

      • No she’s the fucking mensa that wanted astronaut’s to go back and retrieve the flag that they had planted…

      • At least she didn’t think an Island would tip over if we stationed more people there. :O

    • That level of stupid from SJ Lee is weapons grade.

      I had a headache from just reading the article.

    • I find it interesting that the two top rifle examples have buffer tubes shown. But the brace picture is absent a buffer tube to make it appear shorter.

    • Frontal or orbital lobotomy is not needed. The logical contradictions of m@rxian dialecticism is enough to induce brain damage on its own.

      A less brain damaging summary is it’s a 19 Century version of “The Secret”. If we wish hard enough it will happen.

    • What’s even worse is that people listen to this and somehow believe whatever nonsense they can understand among that gibberish.

  1. That woman is possibly one of the dumbest people in congress, and that’s saying something. It’s astounding to me that the folks in Texas keep voting for her.

    • She is a product of Affirmative action in Houston Texas. It’s a crime ridden city and a democrat run mess. Lived there in 1969 to 1970 and had to carry a pistol . Gotten worse since then.

    • “That woman is possibly one of the dumbest people in congress…”

      She has a future working on The View should she ever leave or get kicked out of Congress. Conversation with her, or watching The View, is one of those rare things one can do where they will actually lose points from their IQ.

  2. just dying to know what vet she claims to have listened to on this(or any)subject..not saying that we don’t have any among us who rolled that way (some who have appeared in articles here as mouthpieces for the Anti2A$$holes,but they tend to be from non combat arms MOSs

    • Ahh, you must be forgetting the Lieutenant General Mark Hertling (Ret.) that went on CNN to proclaim an AR-15 was “Fully Semi-Automatic”. Also, just because you wear (or wore) a uniform doesn’t mean you’re qualified on the matter. True for military, police, doctors, etc….

    • Not stupidity. short sighted GREED. As long as the gravy train does not wreck, Shee La will get their vote, or at least get them COUNTED for her.

    • That’s based on the assumption that our votes are actually be counted fairly.

      Stolen elections matter.

  3. I prefer this overt clownery to the more subtle, occasionally convincing, faux expertise sometimes seen by the more suave talking heads in media and politics. You can judge a constituency on their representative and know whether or not you’d like to visit that area. Her district must be filled with paint-chip eaters and alcoholics.

    I still want congressional hearings on shoulder things that go up. Sure, it would be a massive waste of time and money but isn’t that all they’re doing anyway? Give me six to eight months of parading experts, demonstrations, primetime network TV broadcasts and legislative proposals covering those shoulder things that go up. Give me some laughs for my tax dollars.

  4. Wait, don’t tell me, she and Kamala went to school together, amiright?

  5. making incorrect statements while relying on an incorrect graphic, which she clearly doesn’t understand.
    i’m not surprised.
    She’s being paid to do this and they she doesn’t even care enough about it to know what resources they put in front of her.

  6. She’s wealthier than most of us will ever be.
    Her healthcare until death is paid for by us.
    She’ll never want for anything.
    She’s an unabashed idiot.

  7. lee is another sneaky democRat drama queen who talks about everything except the Racist History of Gun Control.

  8. “ You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a shootout in your district between a criminal with a ghost gun against police officers.”

    I’m thinking 75 IQ. Between 75 and 80.

    She has a decent lexicon. She knows the Clichés. She knows the common sayings. She just can’t put them together into a coherent flow of ideas that’s understandable.

    • Exactly. The most dangerous kind of idiot is the (somewhat) well-spoken idiot.

      Their idiocy remains buried under flowery language, fooling the listener into believing they know what they’re talking about, when in reality they don’t.

      Note the similarity in style of speech with SJL and the prose of ‘dacian’, for example… 🙁

    • Any politico-puppet can be given buzz phrases by their handlers and told to use them…

    • I personally think SJL’s IQ is room temperature, and where I live uses the celcius scale. So currently about 12 (it’s winter).

  9. ” This is why I’m here standing on this floor…”
    to demonstrate my multitasking skills, because at the same time I’m actually
    here lying on this floor.

  10. Law abiding citizens generally do not have fully automatic weapons, unless they go through the extra paperwork, effort and money to do so.
    The CRIMINAL shooting at the LEOs is a CRIMINAL. The fact he is using an arm brace is irrelevant. Anyone care to guess he has a prior record?
    And, if I took a length of wood, some duct tape and ace bandage, is that a brace too?

    • Which begs the question…when is a law unlawful? If a law or regulation is clearly unconstitutional, and a citizen ignores is, is he a lawbreaker, or is he actually following the law as set up by the Founders? Free Man, or criminal?

      “Repugnant to the Constitution and should be ignored”, and such. See Marbury v. Madison

  11. “and the the highest calling that I’m on the floor is protecting children.”

    I await your authorship and introduction of the bill banning abortion.

  12. She is an example of a black politician who is well paid by white liberal racists. But who are not as violent as the Ku Klux Klan.

  13. My IQ just dropped a few points from reading that, but she hit her talking points, so I got a bunch of spaces marked on my bingo card!

  14. Word salad. Such intelligence, grace and eloquence on display from our public officials. Welcome to Costco, I love you.

  15. Dumber than a stone, and less useful. I can’t imagine the intelligence level of the Texans who voted for this moron. Ashamed to have her represent the great state of Texas, because she only represents a very small group of dangerous idiots all clustered together in an urban environment.

  16. “You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a shootout in your district between a criminal with a ghost gun against police officers.”

    This must have been quite a life altering occasion for Shiela, probably right up there when they turn the chocolate fountain on at the Golden Corral buffet.

  17. So many fallacies in such a short diatribe, it’s hard to imagine a brain (not) working this explanation. Oh, and btw, nothing is said about the rights of the people that are not to infringed (by the government). The government cannot take powers they do not have.

  18. You get what you vote for! I constantly see(& hear)the same mental midgetry in ILL annoy🙄🙁

  19. Ultra-Basics of Brain Systems Part II:


    Another method which is far more general and to which we will almost certainly return to with specifics at various times is gaming our capacity for association, which is also more powerful than many people expect.

    Associating a product you wish to sell (from soap or video games to political platforms or policy specifics) with a good feeling that has nothing to do with the product makes the product more desirable because the feeling is associated with the product.

    The same game can be run in reverse about your competitor’s products, though this is often avoided since blowback is common and, obviously, undesirable if you’re trying to make money.

    This is why car salesmen often try to induce a “party atmosphere”. An old tactic being the turning on of the radio while asking your favorite station and such. This is also why the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross ads made no logical sense but actually worked quite well (see link below for an example).

    Or consider back in the 1990’s when Budweiser was fabulous at running ads like this during the Super Bowl. I mean, what exactly do frogs burping/ribbiting parts of the brand name have to do with making you want beer? Nothing. In fact, you might think this is meant to appeal to kids (which it probably was) but in these examples the company wants to make you laugh so that you will unconsciously associate the release of endorphins with Budweiser or Mitsubishi, meaning you associate a pleasant experience with the product.

    This is known to enhance the statistical chances that you have a positive view of the product in question, which is known to increase sales, particularly in a “crowded market” of substantially similar items. People will tend to choose the one with which they associate the best feeling.

    As noted, works the other way too. People who get sick at a restaurant, even if it’s quite obvious that their illness had nothing to do with the location in question, are far, far less likely to ever go there again. The same thing has been noted about other unpleasant experiences such as sitting through dinner while a child two tables away cries the entire time.

    This is also why that car salesman might ask for your favorite station. If you’re a big fan of country music he wants that, not the heavy metal station you hate.

    This is why, as much as we all say we hate political attack ads, they are known to be highly effective when done correctly. A current example of this, contemporary to this writing, is the DeSantis campaign’s attempts to link Donald Trump to Anthony Fauci and Operation Warp Speed. This ad being quite interesting for the fact that it appears at this early date to have backfired when it was determined to contain a collage 50% made up of AI generated images which DeSantis backers (probably influencers paid to do such) decided were a subject so toxic that they decided to attack those pointing this out rather than retracting the ad.

    That blowback.

    It should also be noted that “associations” are actually a web. People, particularly in groups, tend to think in symbols which are connected to a series of feelings and other symbols, themselves connected to yet more feelings and symbols.

    As Bernays pointed out nearly a century ago in “The Psychology of Public Relations” (Chapter 4 in his book, Propaganda), groups of people have a psychology different than that of individual people but that group psychology continues to influence individual members of that group, and even individuals merely adjacent to this group when those individuals are alone because such people will retain patterns of thought introduced to them by their interactions with the group.

    Therefore, people are rarely aware of totality of the real reasons for the actions they undertake in relation to how those actions were shaped by the groups to which they belong, groups which may produce conflict or generally guide the person in the same direction.

    Men, for example, when left to their own devices generally tend to purchase a specific car for its perceived impact on their social status. They may tell you otherwise, but this is what they’re actually doing on several levels. Even someone who wants that “utilitarian” vehicle is, to some degree, very likely to want that perception of utilitarianism so that they can project it out into the world, thereby showing themselves to be practical.

    An example of how this works in the real world can be found in the documentary on Bernays’ work, The Century of Self which is available in either sections or an unabridged four hour version on YouTube simply be searching the title.

    At one point in 1928 or 1929 Bernays is challenged by the President of the American Tobacco Company, a man by the name of George Washington Hill. At the time, advertising primarily played on actual need while Bernays claimed that playing on desires was actually more effective. While Bernays had been at this since the end of the First World War, there was still considerable reliance on the “old ways” of advertising. And so, disbelieving Bernays’ thesis, Hill essentially intimated that Bernays was a conman and that his manipulative advertising tactics did not work. Believing that Bernays was bilking his customers, Hill issued a challenge.

    At this time, in the late 1920’s there was a strong social taboo against women smoking cigarettes. The behavior of smoking was associated with loose morals and promiscuity in the fairer sex and was socially considered acceptable exclusively for men to engage in smoking. Obviously, this meant that 50% of the population was essentially inaccessible to the American Tobacco Company as a potential pool of customers. Hill’s challenge to Bernays was to break this taboo, something Hill thought impossible, or at least extremely unlikely to happen quickly.

    Bernays answer was something called the “Torches of Freedom” campaign. This is well enough known that it even has its own Wikipedia page, which though somewhat incomplete will give anyone who reads it the gist of the campaign. Interestingly, some of the best articles on the campaign, especially in terms of sourcing come from universities in Canada, but that’s an aside.

    Anyway, having consulted with a psychoanalyst named A.A. Brill, Bernays concocted a plan to change the public perception of women and smoking. He enlisted a number of young New York debutants from the NYC upper crust to conceal cigarettes on their person and to join one of the largest media events in the country at the time, the 1929 Easter Sunday Parade in New York City.

    The women had been instructed that, at a signal given by Bernays (or one of his associates) they were to simultaneously produce a cigarette, light it and proceed to smoke it in public.

    At the same time, piggybacking on First Wave Feminism and the relatively recent passage of the 19th Amendment in 1920, Bernays then contacted a large number of major media organizations and informed them that he had it on good authority that a number of young women linked to the suffragette movement were going to light “torches of Freedom” at the Easter Sunday Parade but, he claimed, he had no idea what these “torches” actually were.

    Obviously, they were cigarettes and the news media, having been primed to look for the light of “torches of freedom” made the connection for Bernays and ran the somewhat scandalous story nationwide, linking the smoking of cigarettes to the 19th Amendment and increased freedom for women in general.

    The ploy worked. Where women made up about 5% of cigarette sales before this little stunt, by the end of 1929 that percentage had increased to 12%. By 1935 women would buy more than 18% of cigarettes sold in the US market, a percentage that would continue to increase into the 1960’s.

    The, essentially, overnight change in public attitudes towards female smoking impressed Hill who, according to himself, was convinced that his initial assessment of Bernays was in error.

    Finally, a related note for those who might think that “subliminal messaging” and “unconscious associations” as an actual set of functional techniques is an old wives’ tale, these things are not just handwaving fuckery, they’re related to our ability to abstract and our habit to think in overarching symbols with multiple meanings attached to a single mental object.

    Gaming these associations works well enough and is sufficiently underhanded that the FCC actually cracked down on the use of these techniques in TV advertisements following the Husker Du controversy of old. Which didn’t affect Marlboro’s ability to remove their ads from race cars in the late 1990’s and replace them with a barcode which, when viewed as part of the paintjob on a car speeding by “just so happened” to create the optical illusion of the car having Marlboro’s famous logo painted on the side of it. But apparently the FCC wasn’t too concerned about political ads considering the famous G.W. Bush “Rats” advertisement generated some controversy but the FCC didn’t apply their standards of yore to the situation.

    Many other examples can be found, ranging from accusations against Disney persisting for decades to gin being advertised with the word “sex” quite obviously contained in the ice once it’s been pointed out to you. Some are fairly obvious, some are not. Some stand out to certain people and not to others. Again, these games rely to a large degree on known statistical distributions of how the public will react and the margins desired by the people employing the tactic, which will nearly never be used by itself.

    This is an expansive topic, several hundred pages really. For a more detailed primer on the subject I suggest C. G. Jung’s Man and His Symbols as well as Part II, Chapter 4 and onward in the same author’s Psychology of the Unconscious.

    • Guess you don’t need to worry about backlash if you are just trying to inflict maximum brand damage on guns for all receptive to it and have no financial stake in the market past taxes.

      • Politics is the art of selling a product as well. The product is the politician or the platform.

        Blowback can easily occur here if you get caught lying/misrepresenting and undermine your own credibility, hence the note on the DeSantis ad.

        I wouldn’t say that there’s been notable statistical damage to the campaign but if they keep doubling down on that behavior they will generate it.

        Which, in and of itself, could be part of a longer term political strategy but I don’t think we’ve seen enough to even begin to guess at that.

        On the gun front, internal polling on such a topic could very well be why Shannon Watts stepped aside to some degree going into this political cycle. It would be hard for her to be the “concerned housewife” spokesperson for gun control if her actual background came to light in a larger way.

        Anticipating such “shifts in the market” is a huge chunk of what PR folks/propagandists do.

        “Calculate what we will or will not tolerate/
        Desperate to control all and everything/
        Unable to forgive your scarlet lettermen/

        Clutch it like a cornerstone/
        Otherwise, it all comes down…”

        • “Politics is the art of selling a product as well. The product is the politician or the platform.”

          Good, effective public school teachers use those techniques.

          Which becomes a problem when they realize they have those skills, and those skills pay far better when selling things for companies.

          A major driver in the ‘brain drain’ away from schools, leaving only the dangerous political zealots… 🙁

        • No, Geoff. It’s a worse thing when the teachers realize that they can sell an ideology to their students under the guise of education and then the profession attracts a large number of political activists.

          Which is what has been happening since the 1950’s. Bernays doesn’t have a chapter in his 1928 book called “Propaganda For Education” for no reason. And his main point there is that this “brain drain” you discuss is over a century old because of the way that schools were funded way back in the days of yore.

          And once you get some Paulo Freire going in the system you’re going to have a real fucking problem. What, you think that “social emotional learning” is new? Perhaps invented in Florida, which is trying it out more than other states?

          LOL, it’s not. It’s the “in” for a Maoist style revolution, turning the young against the old via education. As they have with economics for the 18-40’s vs the Boomers. It is “Marxist Education” from Freire a “Marxist Educator” who’s been dead since 1997.

          Perhaps you think all this gender ideology being pushed in schools is new? Then go read some Foucault. He’s been dead since 1984.

          And then you can get into some Gramsci. He’s been dead since 1937. His main works translated into English by a team led by the father of our current Secretary of Transportation. The Prison Notebooks are big time hot shit in Lefty academic circles, and for a pretty good reason.

          None of this is new. It’s just new to you (general sense of the word). There’s a reason I constantly point out that the Right has been asleep since the end of WWII and in a coma since 1991. Because they have been. Even glancing at the actual history and people involved proves this to be true. It’s not a question. What you’re seeing are, to put a slightly religious spin on it, the earthly wages of sloth and carelessness brought on by the general mindset of the Right leaning person.

          Which by the by why they need other people to do the heavy lifting for them. Not because Righties aren’t intelligent but because they lack the appropriate temperament for this kind of fight. This is an advantage the hard Left is acutely aware of and has been exploiting since the late 1800’s.

          The Right simply lacks a certain… viciousness, not to put too fine a point on it.

          Don’t worry, I’ll really blow some stacks here later on when I start to explain why Nietzsche is actually a Right leaning person’s best friend and the Left’s best kept secret for 140 years. His warning to the religious is particularly forthright but it went ignored because he wasn’t exactly tactful about how he presented it.

          Tricking people into believing that the warning label was, itself, the dangerous object was a neat trick, and honestly it was quite well executed too. But, if I have anything to say about it, that trick has run out of magic and will now end.

  20. President Mr. Biden is the greatest president America has had or ever will have.
    Long live the Democrat party.
    Dominion is good
    Free speech is a privilege, do not abuse it.
    President Biden is the greatest president America has or ever will have.
    Good citizens love Mr. Biden.

  21. When it comes to voting, the smart people vote with their knowledge or wallets,
    The uneducated vote with their tribe,
    This is why we have idiots like the squad in powerful positions. No brains, just a color book full of dummies, living fat at the taxpayers expense.

  22. Sheila and Hank. The perfect representatives of their populations. Both are as dumb as a box of rocks. We tried to solve this problem several decades ago, but ’twas not considered “fair.”

    Oh well. We reap what we sow. We are living out the consequences of poor decisions made more than fifty years ago.

  23. Hey, at least she’s smarter than Maisy Hirono, of Hawaii. That IS the gold standard for stupidity.

  24. The gun caused the mass shooting. Just like that lady’s short skirt caused the sexual assault.

    • Yeah, those evil guns are responsible for all the deaths. Just like cars are responsible for all those vehicle accidents and fatalities. AND, don’t forget that the syringe is responsible for all those deaths from drug abuse of Heroin and cocaine. Get those evil syringes. Boy, these democrats are DUMB

  25. This is the same moron that’s more than happy to greenlight criminals as they are put back on the streets.

  26. So, explain how a firearm not having a serial number makes it more accurate, powerful, or lethal. Explain how a brace on a small caliber rifle makes it fire faster, or makes it change designs and become an automatic weapon.
    And please show where in the Constitution where the government has the authority to regulate firearms. While the government may have authority to regulate, as in issue training and equipment requirements, nothing shows where regulation on the ownership or type of civilian arms is expressly forbidden. As in “Shall not be Infringed,”

  27. Sheila Jackson-Lee, is a walking, barely talking example of what happens when you “Eat Too Many Lead Paint Chips As A Child.”
    I find it hilarious that the White Hating Former Ho sports not one, but two names of Confederate Generals.
    She’s literally a Moron.

    • And I’ll bet she’s too stoopid to see the irony, if she knows the meaning of the word.

    • Not just two Confederate Generals, but clearly two of the BEST Confederate Generals (certainly both in the top three – ya gotta throw Nathan Bedford Forrest in there, and Longstreet is always a contender).

      On the other hand, it is probably very reassuring to Hank Johnson and Mazie Hirono and AOC to know there are stupider people in Congress than them (hard as that is to believe).

  28. quote: “You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a shootout in your district between a criminal with a ghost gun against police officers. That is what we’re trying to prevent. I don’t want to see that in Houston, Texas ever again.”

    first, if he’s a criminal WHY is he not behind bars, and WHY did he break those laws that prohibit criminals from possessing ANY firearm?

    second would you prefer he had a Glock with some numbers in it while he was breaking the law and SHOOTING AT innicents?

    Take such dangerous people and DEAL with them in whatever way effectively makes them STOP such behaviour. I guarantee you if he has murder in his heart and can’t get a gun of any sort, he WILL find a way to commit that murder. Propane bottles, cars, bricks, Stanley scarface carpenter’s hammers, chain saws, rope, pipe wrenches, fifteenth floor windows,

  29. The stupidity runs deep with this one. Yeah Sheila, how much does that AR weigh? Several moving boxes worth? That heavy, huh???

    Houston, quit sending her to Congress. She’s embarrassing Houston and Texas.

    I wonder if she’s found that flag that Neil Armstrong planted on Mars yet? SMH!!!

  30. So she is in favor of locking these criminals up for a few decades? How does registering a gun prevent you from misusing it? Billions of cars are registered and yet drivers still drive drunk, rob banks, and sell drugs from them.

  31. To quote the eminently quotable Senator John Kennedy (R-LA), “Wow! Just . . . wow!”

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