national shooting sports month #letsgoshooting NSSF
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In case you hadn’t heard, August is National Shooting Sports Month. That’s the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s big annual promotional event to help retailers, ranges and manufacturers get more people out and involved in gun-fun like hunting, target shooting, busting clays and all the other reasons we own and use firearms.

national shooting sports month #letsgoshooting NSSF

The good news: we can all participate in our own way. First, you can get out there yourself and support your local range by, you know, sending some lead down range. It’s not only tons o’ fun, it also makes you a better shooter, which is always a good thing. Looking for a range? Start here.

You can also enter to win some of the guns and gear the NSSF is handing out to celebrate. Who doesn’t like free stuff?

One of the best ways you can promote the shooting sports and defend and extend Second Amendment rights at the same time is by getting a gun into the hands of someone who isn’t a shooter.

national shooting sports month #letsgoshooting NSSF

We spent some time last night at The Range at Austin with a couple of beginners who wanted to learn. If you’ve never taught someone to shoot before, nothing puts smiles on faces faster pulling a trigger for the first time.

But don’t do it just for them, do it for yourself, too. The more people who shoot, the more defenders of the right to keep and bear arms we all have on our side. And we can use every one we can get.

So think about celebrating National Shooting Sports Month — there’s still plenty of time! — by taking that friend from work out to the range with you. They’ll have a blast and you’ll have done something tangible to ensure individual gun rights now and in the future.

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  1. A little disappointed I was yesterday, “we” had invited a never before shooter to join in on our reindeer games after 6 hours “we” decided he must have declined our invitation. Later on “we” were informed he had been ran over by a high speed motorists while crossing the road following that damned chicken..

  2. I did my job. I took a 65 yo newbie with one good eye to the range and turned her into Annie Oakley. Okay, maybe she wasn’t that good, but she was really good and she loved it.

  3. Funny targets in the pic above. But everyone needs training, I don’t care if you hit that blue circle with the “no” you still need to go to the range, it’s like playing a music instrument or tossing a salad if you stop practicing…

    • The Range in Austin gives those targets out free with a lane rental. It is used to promote their firearms training courses. You can also purchase more traditional targets. I went to The Range for the first time last week and it is a really good facility. I also go to Red’s and Texas range in Lockhart. Everyone should take the time to instruct anyone who shows any interest in the shooting sports. My wife did and she is now a better shot than I am. She is good; me, not so good. But I love the smell of cordite in the morning.

  4. Any opportunity I have, I take new shooters. When they offer to pay for ammo, I normally decline. It’s really just as much fun for me to see their excitement as it is for them. Haven’t had anyone who didn’t enjoy it yet.

  5. In the last year I have had the privilege to take a friend from Scotland and a lady from Massachusetts to the range for their first experience with a handgun. Both came away excited and happy they were able to have an opportunity they would not have at home. My friend from Scotland did so well his first time, I dubbed him 007, since tggat is where the original 007 was from


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