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Because of the MAGA-gun lobby’s opposition to any new gun law, we’ve seen criminals get guns and carry out 147 mass shootings in the first 100 days this year.  Rather than change course and figure out how to prevent the next one, the MAGA-gun lobby rationalizes the carnage with these arguments:

“Give me liberty or give me death” Because the MAGA-Gun Lobby wants unfettered Second Amendment liberty, even if it means Second Amendment liberties for criminals, the shooting death of someone else’s child is just the price we pay, they say. When faced with the dilemma that more liberty for criminals means less life for the law-abiding, the MAGA-gun lobby has chosen liberty over life. They think, as unrealistic as it is, that they’ll always be able to protect themselves from armed criminals, always being awake and ready and never turning their back or having a slower reaction time. 

But MAGA’s instincts are questionable. We saw their instincts in prioritizing liberty over life unfold at the beginning of Covid as they wanted to continue their pre-pandemic freedom.  The result was to risk — and lose – their lives. It reminded us that we can’t have liberty without life. 

Similarly, too many armed law-abiding Americans lose their lives to armed criminals regularly. As one of many examples, this year in Milwaukee, a police officer was shot and killed by an armed robbery suspect while trying to arrest him. Weeks ago in the Louisville bank shooting, two officers, both armed, responded to the scene and were shot by the suspect, with the younger officer being shot in the head and left fighting for his life.

Religion. Many MAGA supporters whose religion guides them excuse (sic) a mass shooting with the belief that it was just in the stars. So when someone’s child is shot and killed, it’s a tragedy no doubt, but, hey, that was just God’s plan. This religious view, however, differs with other religions, which teach that a higher power is guiding people not to simply accept loss of life but rather to work hard to prevent the loss of life to begin with.

Personally-affected v. empathy for others. For the MAGA-Gun Lobby, even though life is worth risking to have liberty, and even though God may have intended for someone’s child to be harmed, they won’t consider new gun laws unless they or their child would be personally harmed by weak gun laws. Guided by individualism over empathy, conservatives like the Ohio Congressman and the Tennessee governor announced new public support for banning assault weapons and red flag laws, respectively, after they were personally affected.

— Riju Das in The Maga-Gun Lobby’s Rationalization of Mass Shootings


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  1. who is this Das? he sounds like another idiot that doesn’t know anything. the only word he got right in that whole article was criminals. put all the restriction on the criminals and leave the rest of us alone. he cannot make laws for the law-abiding citizen because the criminals will not listen to it anyway when are you stupid people going to get this through your head.

    • He’s an East Coast civil rights attorney, who worked for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and Richard Blumenthal, and now does civil rights legal investigations for the State of Connecticut. So yes, he’s likely pickled in the leftist koolaid.

      • This guy should have his license to practice law revoked. He is an enemy of the people. He is against civil rights. To call himself a civil rights attorney he is a liar. A fraud.

    • “who is this Das? he sounds like another idiot that doesn’t know anything.”

      Close, he’s actually a lawyer. From the article :

      “Riju Das is Connecticut attorney.”

      (I have nothing against lawyers in general, my attorney was very helpful when I racked-up a very expensive hospital stay a few years back. He’s even now a new gun owner, where he lives has a crime wave, and his lovely Mrs. had a very uncomfortable confrontation with an aggressive panhandler. He bought a Taurus Circuit Judge for bedroom defense.)

      That was article 2 out of 3, the third one is quite the doozy, “How to rebut the MAGA-gun lobby’s talking points”

      The mental gymnastics he went through to come up with those arguments was breathtaking… 🙁

      • Geoff,

        “I have nothing against lawyers in general”.

        Funny, after being one for 45+ years, I sure as hell do. As I’ve said before, “It’s 95% of lawyers that give the other 5% a bad name!” (that 5% may be too generous).

        As for Herr Das (Indians have a history of supporting the Nazis, just ask AOC and her former Chief of Staff), he is FURTHER proof that having a law degree means diddly squat. Being of a curious turn of mind, I went and read those other two article he “penned” (I wish I hadn’t). If that was intended as education, it was laughable. If it was intended as persuasion, it was embarrassingly inept. If it was intended as educated and/or logical debate, it was pathetic. Some of the stupidest, most poorly constructed, least effective “debate” it has been my misfortune to experience. I’m not “all that” in debate (I had a decent record, but never went to Nationals), but I could walk him like a dog. He’s an illogical, ignorant moron – kinda like dacian the demented and MajorLiar (hmm, I wonder if being a Leftist/fascist @$$hole is somehow related?????).

        If that’s the quality of our opposition (and evidence seems to suggest that it is fairly representative), how the HELL is there even still an argument going on????

        “Common sense gun-control” is one of the stupidest concepts/sayings in history – it is tautological, self-contradicting, inept, illogical nonsense. Almost be definition, any drooling idiot that could even pretend to “support” such nonsense is incapable of competently arguing for it. Herr Das is simply further proof. (As if dacian the demented and MajorLiar don’t prove it on the daily.)

    • What boat did he just fall off?

      He has paragraph 1 & 2 correct. Then went full on stupid. STILL the progs defending the poison jab d’Fauche

    • Why do we need to “justify” the 2d Amendment? It’s part of the foundational documents and governing philosophy of the United States.

      We can easily flip this on its head: “How Das and the corporate media lobby justifies the right to free speech”. for every argument you can make about why the 2d Amendment is anachronistic and needs to be reinvisioned to match the times, I can make the same about the 1st. the founders never imagined mass media, propaganda, and “disinformation” on the scale we see today. obviously, “reasonable restrictions” on your right to free speech are needed for the greater good.

      If these people didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any at all.

      • The line many anti-gun types like to parrot is the 2nd Amendment only covers flintlock muskets.

        Based on their analogy the 1st Amendment only covers printed public notices, town cries, and wood-block printing.

        • Southern,

          And only for the National Guard, right? Oh, and the cops they hate and want to defund. Leftist idiots are many things, but consistent or logical aren’t part of the mix.

  2. They accuse POTG of the things they are guilty of.
    Far too many points to counter on this forum in a
    single reply. To sum up in a word BullShit.

  3. Who is the MAGA gun lobby? Are they competitors of the NRA? Can you join this organization, get a membership card? Or is this an industry group? Like NSSF?

    I get what he is trying to do: Trump MAGA Nazi bigot racist evil scary Boogeyman gun lobby loves murder all gun owners bad, just broad brush stroke everyone he disagrees with and hates, blame them for all the problems. If you tried to have any civil discourse and say “Gun owners or manufacturers, FFLs and rights orgs don’t do that” he would just start yelling “no you’re MAGA gun lobby!”

  4. No…
    MAGA has nothing to do with anything. If the left would lock up the criminals and keep them there then this country wouldn’t have much of a crime problem to deal with.

    This isn’t that complicated.

    There is nothing about making America great in the idea of releasing criminals back on the streets. These are polar opposites. It’s in the refusal by the left to make this nation great and keep it that way.

  5. How does the left justify abortions ? The fetus is a mass of cells or parasite… not a living growing developing thing.

  6. RE: “Because of the MAGA-gun lobby’s opposition to any new gun law, we’ve seen criminals get guns and carry out 147 mass shootings in the first 100 days this year.”

    That”s right riju das you pompous history illiterate Gun Control loving drama queen…Millions of law abiding citizens should drop to their knees and surrender their Second Amendment Rights to an Agenda that History Confirms is Rooted in Racism and Genocide.

    Criminals misued bricks, bats, knives, vehicles, etc. much, much, much more. Why don’t you take your MEGA hating behind and go slander, libel and blame brick layers, baseball, restaurants, Triple AAA, etc?

  7. I always have to think when people dog out MAGA, are you not for making America Great? Because that’s what that stands for.

  8. A pile of word salad that means absolutely nothing.
    Do these people have any reasoning capabilities?

    • Any reasoning they may have is clouded by massive intake of primo Colombian white going up their nose. Being a lawyer probably a significant amount per week.

  9. Das is saying that the 2nd Amendment gives criminals more liberty. Criminals are not concerned about the 2A or any law present or future.
    Das believes the criminals are simply going to comply with future laws. Das just doesn’t get it!
    To quote .40 Cal, “correlation = causation is a false logic”.
    And to quote Debbie W, “gun violence has it roots in racism and genocide”.
    Don’t hit me, Debbie W is correct even though she states often/daily.

    • Because Violence is Violence there is no such thing as gun violence…And it is Gun “Control” that History-Confirms is Rooted in Racism and Genocide…you probably meant that.

  10. “we’ve seen criminals get guns”

    “Second Amendment liberties for criminals”

    “more liberty for criminals”

    “protect themselves from armed criminals”

    “they won’t consider new gun laws”

    If we only pass more laws, there won’t be any crime– never mind that criminals aren’t obeying the existing laws. That’s some stellar logic right there. Dacien the Asshole and Liar69er are both on-board with that fantasy.

    • no name,

      As I mentioned above, it seems to be a common trait among Leftist/fascist idiots.

      Q: How do you keep a bunch of Leftists busy all day?

      A: Put them in a round room, and tell them to go stand in the corner.

  11. The real under lying issue is, it is not an innate object, but the failure to bring criminals to swift and complete justice. Typical Liberal lies. Blame everyone else but themselves attitude, while finding a scrape goat to direct anger and reasonability towards. If they cared about family and children, they would not embrace homosexuality and abortion. They would not accept Transgender Story Hours allowing sick individuals near our children, or so forgiving of mass looting of merchants by organized thugs.

  12. These people don’t get it.

    #1. Dangerous freedom is far preferable to comfortable slavery.

    #2. We need guns to protect us from insane, perverted socialists that want to confiscate our property, corrupt and take our children, swamp us with third world peasants, imprison us, and shoot us in the back of the head. Too dramatic?? Nope. They’ve said as much.

    Ask the people of Myanmar or the victims of Pol Pot or Stalin whether guns are a bad thing or not.

    Riju Das can kiss my ass.

  13. Really, when “kill somebody = go to jail” fails what else is there?

    Are these people who seem to put so much faith in the law serious, stupid or being intentionally disingenuous to further their pet cause?

  14. I dont believe i have a MAGA membership card but the author is correct on one count, i wont consider any new gun laws.

  15. “MAGA” is their new Nazi/fascist/racist which just means something/someone I don’t like. His constant use of MAGA makes him sound unhinged.

  16. “But MAGA’s instincts are questionable. We saw their instincts in prioritizing liberty over life unfold at the beginning of Covid as they wanted to continue their pre-pandemic freedom”.

    “Pre-pandemic freedom”, for you “MAGA” types that’s exercising your 1st Amendment right to conduct worship services in the religion of your choice.

    Mr. “civil rights” attorney has a problem with the US Constitution.

      • That’s because “Civil Rights” shysters are the lowest of the low in the legal profession, they’re worse than ambulance chasers & class action tort crowd. If these “graduates” were competent upon graduation they would be recruited by a law firm or go into private practice within a few years but since they lack the requisite intelligence they’re relegated to the likes of the ACLU and literally Communist founded “Lawyer’s Guild”-type outlets where the pay is a pittance. As an example that “stellar” legal mind who rivals Ted Cruz and Alan Dershowitz (lol), Asuncion “Sunny” Hostin of ABC’s “The View”, was a civil rights attorney at one time, someone more ignorant of “Constitutional Law” could not be found anywhere on the planet.

  17. He’s starting with a false premise. We do not have to justify our right to keep and bear arms. It’s just another of the civil rights that he and the fascist left hate.

  18. Das, et al.: Enumerate the shootings of children. Then, point out which of these were by convicted criminals (or those otherwise disabled of their 2A rights) BEFORE they shot a child.

    With respect to those who were not, in fact, convicted criminals, explain to us how you square your principles of depriving citizens of Constitutional rights, with due process of law, BEFORE they commit a crime. We, Constitutionalists, want to know your reasoning.

    Turning to those who WERE convicted criminals (or otherwise formally disabled of their 2A rights), WHERE was the failure? A failure to enforce laws already on the books? A governmental policy choice to de-prioritize enforcement of such existing gun laws? Or was it, instead, for want of some NEW law that you propose?

    To illustrate, you propose waiting periods. But for the fact that there is no waiting period of – let’s say – 10 years, Mr. X would not have had the opportunity to kill a child. Arguendo, we might agree that IF he could have been prevented from acquiring a gun for 10 years, he probably wouldn’t have killed that child (before being incarcerated for some other crime). But a 10-year waiting period would be an unConstitutional infringement. You will counter that you ask NOT for a 10-YEAR period, merely a “reasonable common sense” 10-day period. Explain to us how a mentally ill person, so deranged as to kill an innocent child, will likely become spontaneously cured of his disease in just 10 days. Explain to us how it is that an innocent woman, holding an order of protection, can expect to keep her dis-armed self safe from a deranged ex-partner, for ten days.

    Perhaps you imagine that universal background checks will prevent a pre-criminal from acquiring a gun if only we could compromise on UBC (perhaps with a complementary 10-week or 10-month waiting period to complete the background check). Explain how you will prevent a pre-criminal from illegally acquiring a gun from the black market. King George couldn’t prevent John Handcock from smuggling guns and ammunition, violating his royal arms embargo. You can’t prevent either drugs or guns from being smuggled across your open border on our south. Canadians can’t prevent guns from being smuggled across their southern border. Even if you could solve the smuggling problem, how could you prevent artisanal gun-making in the age of 3-D printing? And in any case, how can you show us that governments are successfully suppressing gun trafficking that you assert is rampant under today’s laws regulating gun dealers and straw buying? Why do you not insist that every NICS denial be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted when warranted?

    Explain to us why you show no interest in envigorating the enforcement of existing gun control laws. Why do you show no interest in keeping criminals convicted of violent crimes in prison for their full sentences? For lengthy sentences for career criminals? Why do you show no interest in finding solutions to mental illness?

    Of American gunshot deaths, 55 – 67% are suicides. Is this not a mental illness issue? Is this not a problem that could be mitigated by treating suicidal ideation? Are you aware that there is a pharmacological therapy that is 60% effective for suicidal ideation? At a wholesale cost of pennies per dose. Now that you are aware, will you take an interest in a simple and substantial solution to the greatest quantitative aspect of what you characterize as “gun violence”? Or, will you continue to insist on infringing the enumerated Constitutional right of peaceable citizens with little to no hope of achieving the agreed-upon goal of keeping children safe?

    • You ask many reasonable questions that the anti-gun types certainly cannot answer, at least not honestly or intelligently but, I can answer this one for you very succinctly: “Why do you not insist that every NICS denial be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted when warranted?”

      They do not insist on this because at the moment of denial their ultimate goal was already satisfied. That is: Someone did not acquire a gun. They don’t care how or why, they just don’t want you or anyone else to get a gun.

  19. “Because of the MAGA-gun lobby’s opposition to any new gun law, we’ve seen criminals get guns and carry out 147 mass shootings in the first 100 days this year.”


    Wow! False logic is strong with this idiot. Once again, correlation = causation is a false logic – and this idiot is using it in almost everything he writes, its typical left-wing deception to appeal to emotion.

    First, there is no such thing as the “MAGA-gun lobby”. The gun lobby has existed as long as there have been guns in America, and way before the ‘MAGA’ thing came about. Even during the revolutionary war there was a ‘gun lobby’ in its infancy that tried to get the American Army to buy its guns. The industry developed, as did all industries of today, to have a lobby. For example, the Car manufacturer lobby … but according to the CDC car accidents collectively injure and kill around 2,000,000 people annually and 90,000 of those are kids under age 12, and around 1.2 million of those injured will die annually as a result of complications from the original car accident but not be counted as car accident deaths. So do we also have a ‘MAGA-car lobby’?

    The criminals that get guns to carry out mass shootings don’t get them because of the presence or absence of any law or the presence of absence of any lobby. They don’t care about the law or lobbies, they care about the mental health illness drive that wants them to seek out their infamy by conducting a mass shooting. And to add, an infamy and mental illness further aided and facilitated by the anti-gun lobby and MSM in their detailed continual coverage and telling to such events. Over 90% of living mass shooters who where interviewed said they studied the anti-gun lobby and MSM coverage and statements and it inspired them to carry out their mass shootings. So, using your logic I guess what we have is a ‘Mass Shooter Creation and Aiding anti-gun lobby’. Its people like you who created these mass shooting events, with your gun free zones falsely promising safety and your coverage of these events to inspire mass shooters.

    Because of the liberal LGTBQ lobby’s opposition to any new laws banning sex change and gender reassignment for children under the age of 15, we’ve seen 2,373 children age 6 – 10 (who can’t even make up their minds for what kind of candy they like the best) undergo dangerous, toxic, and deadly harmone therapy and ‘gender affirming care’ including surgery for sex-change in the first 130 days of this year, and their lives are ruined, disfigured for life, chemicals used to change their bodies, and sometimes they just die as a result, and some pretty sick people lobbying for it to happen to children – modern day Josef Mengele wanna be’s.

    Heck, even Shannon Watts while she worked for Monsanto racked up her own person body count greater than that in all the mass shootings in the last 50 years by knowing marketing a dangerous chemical in Brazil that she knew would cause death, injury, and birth defects. Thousand of innocent people subjected to death, injury, and birth defects. It couldn’t be marketed in the U.S. because of its danger, but Brazil had no such laws or restrictions. She got a handsome salary, and a bonus, and a promotion for that.

    So excuse us if we try to reject the tyranny, the Josef Mengele wanna be’s, and the entire left-wing death ‘for anyone not agreeing with them’ cult while you pontificate from your pedestal with deception and lies and false logic.

    • correction: “Thousand of…”

      should have been …

      Thousands of… in relation to Watts personal body count.

  20. Excellent article that proved how depraved and hypocritic the demented and ignorant far right really are.

    • *Excellent article that proved how depraved and hypocritic the demented and ignorant far left really are. FTFY

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. What criminals do you know that went to a gun store to buy a gun? LOL. Talking about depraved and hypocritical…
      If ignorance were bliss, you would be ecstatic.

      • And idolizes Vasily Blokhin, the most prolific serial killer in history, because he did it the name of a cause and executed bourgeois intelligentsia.

      • 2nd attempt to post.

        Jethro can make all the attacks on me he wants but I cannot return the attack. So much for the 1st Amendment on T Tag

        to Jethro the depraved stalking janitor

        You are a high school dropout and you know nothing of the history of the German Nazi’s. Your stupidity is infinite as well.

      • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, seems you have forgotten your Nazi buddies have their roots in Socialism. Remember Giovani Gentile, the Italian Socialist who ghost wrote Mussolini’s Manifesto? Forgetting can be convenient.

    • The ones that are truly depraved, hypocritical, demented and ignorant are the left.
      They are the ones who back soft on crime DAs. They are the ones who back no cash bail. They are the ones who endorse and encourage things like riots of 2020. Even VP Harris donated money to bail out arsonists, rioters and one guy who later on would go on to kill a LEO.
      Yes, the truly depraved, hypocritical, demented and ignorant are the left.
      Just look at all those strict on gun laws, Democrat ran cities like Chicago or San Fran.

    • Hey ldiot, murder is already pretty illegal. How, exactly, is some new gun law, whatever it is, going to alter that simple truth? If I had 10,000 guns I would be no more likely to be a murderer than I am now. If a law was imposed that prevented me from obtaining my 10,001st gun, how would that change anything at all? The hardest part of being a murderer is choosing to murder, not finding a way to do it. The “far right” that you like to deride are not deranged, just capable of understanding these simple truths. Of course, in the land of the blind, the man with one eye is not in fact king, he is assumed by all the sightless to be insane.

    • dacian, how much diversity is there in your FUDD club?

      And I mean in the membership, not the serving staff.

    • Hillarious coming from a MARXIST/COMMUNIST/S O C I A L I S T/ British “SUBJECT”!!

      I’m sure your grandparents were cheering on the NAZI’s during WW2!!!!

  21. Out of the 147 few mass shootings we have had this year; how many were NRA members vs. gang bangers or the “trans”?

    • So far, I think the total number of NRA members who have committed a mass shooting is approximately zero. You don’t think that the media would let a juicy tidbit like that go unmentioned, do you?

  22. His premise is flawed beginning at the first sentence. The “mass shootings” are almost non-existent, except they’re stretched by the GVA to include family murder/suicides and gang shootouts. Even assuming his claim of 147 mass shootings is correct, the criminals didn’t get their guns because of laws that were opposed. Most of their guns were already in circulation on the black market, so univeral background checks, 21 age limits, “assault weapons” bans, and whatever restriction du jour would have done nothing to prevent these criminals from getting or retaining guns.. While they can’t separate criminals from their guns, they refuse to separate the criminals from their victims by having cash free bail and refusing to prosecute and incarcerate the criminals in the name of social justice. instead, they continue to inflict these criminals on the very populations that they claim to be protecting.

  23. So, where do I sign up for this MAGA gun club?
    Mass shootings are counted as any shooting with is it 3 or 4 victims not including the shooter now? Never mind the majority of those are hood rats or drug addicts shooting rivals or family members. Never mind around 2/3rds of all firearm deaths are suicides. Never mind the majority of murders occur in Dementiacrat/Progressive controlled cities where the local prosecutors decline or plea bargain charges down to nothing. Never mind the majority of real mass shooters managed to pass background checks and other current restrictions because of lax reporting of mental issues or non prosecution of previous crimes. Never mind there are thousands of so called common sense laws restricting firearms that have done nothing to prevent criminal activities.
    For some reason we need to force disarmament of the law abiding to prevent criminals from being armed or committing crimes. For some reason emotion and feelings are considered as justification to write more unenforceable and nonsensical laws. Because if we can disarm joe Citizen and write up just 1 more set of regulations the bad people will suddenly stop and become good hard working tax payers.

    • Forget the “MAGA Gun Club” I wanna know where the “Ultra MAGA Gun Club” meets and how I can join it.

  24. Average of 1.5 million instances per year where good people with guns prevent crimes, violence and gun deaths. 100,000 people last year died from drug overdoses. Lets focus on something other than gun control and stop killing 100,000 a year from drugs plus of course the covid vaccines. Lets stop the hypocrisy and admit the emphasis on gun control is not safety or saving lives, it’s on control and disarming the American Public which is not going to happen. Period.

  25. Yep, we get it, orange man bad, as are all of his supporters. 509 days until the general election, time to get the TDS outrage going.

  26. Disregarding Das’ loony logic, doesn’t it seem like the Left is really ramping up the rhetoric they use to describe anyone who disagrees with them? First it was “deplorables” then it was “white supremacists” or “insurrectionists,” and now their new pejorative is “MAGA.” Next I expect they’ll call us “untermenschen”

    The Left has declared us criminals for the crime of not believing in their world view and resisting their policies, and they’ve taken to describing us in ways meant to dehumanize us and therefore make our concerns somehow irrelevant of even being considered.

    Leftists like Das are dangerous because they’re so smugly arrogant and believe so fully in their own moral superiority that they feel justified in using whatever means at their disposal to force their policies on us, whether we like it or not…for our own good. And if we don’t go along with it they’ll use the power of the State to crush any opposition.

  27. Mr Riju Das……… I do not need to justify any of the rights I have, to include the right to arms.

    You however cannot justify removing any right from any individual who has caused no harm to anyone in the pursuit and enjoyment of any rights they choose.

    Your resume does not impress me. Nor does your apparent disdain for anyone not like you.

  28. Wow. That diatribe and drivel could be a singular study in Logical Fallacies. He covered most of them from Straw Man to Red Herring to Reductio Ad Absurdum to False Dichotomy.

  29. Maga gun lobby? You mean the ones that said bump stocks were stupid and looked the other way when trump told the ATF to ignore congress and redefine machine guns? They paved the way for the brace fiasco. Maga gun lobby are gun grabbers

  30. MAGA ( Me A Great A~iceeHooo ) by tRUMP .
    AND Aaa

    • NTexas, The original Texans who founded and fought for Texas freedom are turning in their graves at the thought that you live in that great state.

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