Black Friday Cyber Monday Thanksgiving Hangover Weekend Deals

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Tis truly the season for some seriously great deals. If your inbox is as overstuffed as ours is, it’s hard to keep track of them all.

Here are a few notabe Black Friday deals we’ve seen that are worth passing on. If you’ve seen other good ones we’ve missed, put them in the comments below. Then make yourself a turkey sandwich.


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  1. This is certainly *one* way to get your shout-outs to every one of your supporting sponsors at the same time and earn some $$ cha-ching.

    Tho I admit a couple of the ads caught my eye and I may be perusing for goodies later today.

    • Sadly spending 500bucks on my van today. There went my “budget”. Honestly I’ve been buying & prepping for years so whatever…most of the local deals are mediocre at best. No cyber anything…

      • FWW,

        On the bright side, your van is in better condition than it was yesterday!

        Prepping is like writing poetry: how do you know when you are done?

        Oscar Wilde: “I was working on the proof of one of my poems all the morning, and took out a comma. In the afternoon I put it back again.”

  2. Unless the mountains of e-mail received give components away for next to free they have no effect on me especially after assembling 1 AR-15 and 3 AR-308s in the past 3 months pretty much closed the doors for awhile. I was lucky enough to find some good key component pricing and besides better get it while you can, one missing component is all it takes to throw a wrench in the spokes.

      • For that nice compliment you receive my secret recipe for .308…

        1) Stripped Aero Precision M5 Receivers.
        2) Faxon Big Gunner 20″ medium profile barrel.
        3) 15.5″ Wilson Stainless Gas Tube AR-10 painted black.
        4) Precision Reflex AR-10 rail height gas block.
        5) Hontac 13″ AR-308 high hand guard, length surfaced to a hair and a half less than 12 15/16″.
        6) Fulton Armory AR-308 A1 length Buttstock piece part assembly, 1/16″ Cheekeez pad shortened 1/2″ and positioned behind a fully extended charge handle.
        7) Aero Precision buffer tube assembly.
        8) JP tuned .308 rifle length buffer spring.
        9) CMMG LPK, JP .156″ pins upgraded with 4-40×1/4″ buttonhead screws, hammer-trigger shims. Remove the hammer J-spring.
        10) Aero Precision extended mag release button.
        11) Toolcraft BCG…check for way too stiff ejector pins and fix.
        12) Breek Warhammer Charge Handle.
        13) Harris style 6-9″ swivel bipod modified for direct handguard attachment.
        14) USGI Garand sling silenced, one 1 1/4″ Talon Sling Swivel.
        15) USGI flash hider.
        16) Detachable front sight tapped and fitted for a Night Sight post.
        17) Detachable A2 style shorty rear sight with a sight tower guide pin installed, windage screw replaced with USGI, Trijicon flip night sight.
        18) Last but not least…Hours of rewarding sweat equity.

        • Debbie, I know an exact figure is probably impossible but, if you don’t mind, apx how much cash goes into outfitting your rigs in that manner?

        • With all the sales going on you’ll have to shop around for a total last M5 lower receiver came on sale from for around .$115.00 delivered plus $25.00 to my FFL. The stripped Aero M5 upper receiver was classified as an impossible to find blem cost around $115.00 delivered. Handguard was $55.00 plus ship, BCG from HuckleberyArms com $117.00 and on and on. If you are budget serious about a ..308 start with Aero Stripped Receivers on sale and piece the rifle together over time. All my builds are setup for sights on the gas block because iron sights attached to a handguard tend to be off…sometimes way off. If you want to have iron sights on the handguard use the Aero stripped M5 Enhanced Upper receiver with an Aero enhanced 15″ handguard. Also I left out replacing the wrong direction slotted .308 takedown pin with a round KNS 308 Pushbutton takedown pin.


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