Shield Sights Now Offers Glass Lenses as an Option on All Pistol Optics

From Shield Sights . . .

Shield Sights, Pioneer of compact micro red dot optics is pleased to now offer glass lenses on entire line pistol optics.

Previously only available as a custom option, glass lenses are now a standard option on all pistol optics. Customers can now choose the best lens option for their given application without having to go through the longer custom option wait times. The all glass lens option gives negligible parallax whilst offering the users maximum scratch resistance and ultra clarity.

“We are constantly looking for value added improvements for our customers and it’s become clear that more users are looking for the maximum scratch resistance that a glass lens offers.” Said James White, CEO Shield Sights “We like to put the power of choice in the hands of our customers and offer multiple lens options within a reasonable price range.”

When selecting the correct lens for a given application customers should consider the following: Cost, the need for being shatter proof, and the level of scratch resistance needed. Users looking for a more competitive option can opt for an SMS with an all polymer lens knowing special care must be taken during cleaning. For the remaining product line, the SMS2, SMSc, RMS, RMS2, RMSc and RMSw, users looking for a balance of durability and added scratch resistance should opt for the SiO2 coated polymer lens, whereas users needing maximum scratch resistance and flexibility during maintenance should opt for an all glass lens.

Optics are currently available for sale through the Shield dealer network or on the Shield website:

MSRP: $400 – $600


  1. avatar TP says:

    More options the better.

  2. avatar Daniel Hoover says:

    HARD PASS when ADE is about to release one for $150.00

  3. avatar Dave G. says:

    I followed the link to the Shield website. It’s a British outfit with MSRPs all quoted in Pounds. It is a pity that the ordinary Brit is no longer allowed to possess a handgun and has no use for a red dot gunsight.

  4. avatar busybeef says:

    Twice the price of a Sig Sauer Romeo Zero, Holosun 507K or SwampFox Sentinel.

    I predict this company goes the way of Trijicon shortly.

  5. avatar Accur81 says:

    I want to love the Trijicon RMR, but instead love the 507C and 507K. Got a 508T on order which I’m stoked about, but may not ever get. I think Holosun is killin’ it – people who try them love them, and the reticles are much clearer for people who have a bit of astigmatism. I love the Topgun / Eotech / Holosun style of sight.

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