Michael Bloomberg
(Democratic National Convention via AP)
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By Brian Sloydysko, AP

After pouring more than $1.2 billion of his personal fortune into presidential politics this election, former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg has little to show for it.

His only win during a short-lived Democratic bid for the White House was in the territory of American Samoa. And after pledging to spend “whatever it takes” to defeat President Donald Trump, he routed $110 million to Florida, Ohio and Texas — all states that President-elect Joe Biden lost.

Bloomberg, who built a media and financial services empire before turning to electoral politics, has long used his $55 billion in estimated wealth to play kingmaker, with no shortage of candidates and causes seeking favor.

Yet after dumping $1.1 billion into his campaign, he waited until September to follow through on his vow to spend big to unseat Trump. His investment was especially disappointing in Florida, a battleground state that is normally decided by razor-thin margins but that Trump won this year by 3.4 percentage points.

The showing could raise questions about Bloomberg’s ability to use his vast financial resources to sway politics in the future. Some Democrats are now questioning the mystique that has long shrouded Bloomberg’s political operation, which promotes itself as shrewd, dispassionate and data-driven when making decisions about how to invest in campaigns.

“He made a lot of noise about putting $100 million into Florida. We didn’t see any of that money until six weeks out,” said Alex Sink, the 2010 Democratic nominee for Florida governor who endorsed Bloomberg’s presidential bid. “Yes, he spent a lot. But it goes back to how and when we talk to our voters. It was too late, and the airwaves were already saturated.”

The 2020 campaign proved that money does not always translate into votes. Fundraising powerhouses like Democratic Senate candidate Jaime Harrison in South Carolina were soundly defeated.

Bloomberg advisers say it’s unfair to blame him for not doing enough to help Biden in Florida. They note that no one else donated anywhere near as much as he did, which paid for voter mobilization programs and advertising. And Bloomberg wasn’t the only Democrat or group committing resources to the state, though he did receive an outsize share of the publicity.

“It would be hard to take anyone with a straight face who says Mike Bloomberg didn’t do enough in Florida, if that is seriously the contention,” said Kevin Sheekey, one of Bloomberg’s top political advisers. “Florida was always a state that we viewed as difficult for a Democrat to win against Donald Trump.”

Republicans and Democrats alike say that Biden’s poor performance among Latinos in three Democratic counties in South Florida contributed to his loss in the state. For months, Republicans ran blistering attacks against Biden and other Democrats, accusing them of embracing socialism. They appear to have resonated with the area’s sizable population of Cuban and Venezuelan voters.

“You saw Democratic groups try to sound the alarm,” said Cam Savage, a Republican strategist and adviser to Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Giménez, who ousted Democratic Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell in the Nov. 3 election. “When you’re at a cocktail party in New York or Washington, D.C., and people have a conversation about what socialism means, it’s hard for them to understand that that actually means something different in South Florida because these people have lived through it.”

Bloomberg’s super political action committee, Independence USA, also spent just over $6 million in Texas and a little more than $4 million in Ohio on ads supporting Biden in the week before the election, according to data from the ad tracking firm Kantar/CMAG. Biden lost Ohio by more than 8 percentage points; Trump won Texas by nearly 6 percentage points.

Bloomberg has had more success in previous election cycles.

In 2018, he was praised for donating tens of millions of dollars to help Democrats retake the House. And his philanthropic giving to causes including gun control and fighting climate change earned him goodwill.

This year, one of the groups he founded and funds, Everytown for Gun Safety, committed to spending $60 million on elections, and Bloomberg also gave another $60 million to support Democrats in House races, as well as $11.4 million to House Majority PAC, the major Democratic super PAC helping elect Democrats to the House.

Democrats lost seats in the House on Election Day and failed to flip statehouse chambers they had targeted.

Still, Bloomberg has sometimes been a source of controversy in the party.

Initially a Democrat, he became a Republican in 2000 before his first run for New York City mayor. He left the GOP in 2007 and wasn’t affiliated with either party until registering as a Democrat again last year.

To many progressives, his wealth and years on Wall Street make him an embodiment of the corporate strain of Democrat that has limited their policy ambitions. During his bid for the White House, he was repeatedly attacked by rivals such as Sens. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts for trying to “buy” the race.

Some of the rancor also stems from his exit from the race, when he laid off campaign staffers he’d promised to employ through November.

And after he initially transferred $18 million in leftover campaign funds to the Democratic National Committee, many party leaders and donors started to question whether he’d renege on his pledge to spend big defeating Trump as the months ticked down.

“Before the Democratic establishment tries to blame the left for what happened on Election Day, they should have a talk with Michael Bloomberg,” said Rebecca Katz, a progressive strategist and former aide to former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. “After vowing to spend ‘whatever it takes,’ he disappeared for most of the election.”

Sheekey, the Bloomberg adviser, said critics of his Florida effort aren’t seeing the big picture. He said Bloomberg’s investment freed up Democratic groups to spend elsewhere while forcing Trump’s cash-strapped campaign to spend even more in Florida, which detracted from their spending in Great Lake state battlegrounds Biden won.

“At the end of the day, a win is a win and Joe Biden will take office in January and Donald Trump will leave,” Sheekey said. “We feel quite good about the decision we made, the reasons that we made it and the end result.”

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    • How hilarious! The Trump administration has acted like undisciplined beasts for the past four years, and enough Americans have chosen to reject that worldview (and the Orange Man). When will you just accept the loss of your false idol? The election wasn’t stolen- he lost. Move the heck on… You’re embarrassing yourself and our country.

      • Only because of mail in voting, and at the same time, they rejected the Democratic Party, by leaving the senate in GOP hands, and got the house closer to an easy flip in 2022.

        The far left is not popular except with the wealthy elite in the major cities. Americas minorities and working class reject socialism, and your party will not learn this lesson in time.

        Identity politics and the “demographic shift” has not panned out for you democrats like you thought it would.

      • Even if there was no obvious fraud and breaking of State election laws, the election shows that the United States people are split. Been split for awhile.

        When any relationship is similar it is time to separate for the good of everyone.

        • Yes, Joseph Biden is president of the United States of America and Kamala Harris is vice president of the United States of America.

          America, love it or leave it!

        • But how? Are we going to forcibly relocate people by political ideology, a la Partition in India? If you’re “right” you live in the Mifwest or South in the Republic of America, and if you’re “left” you go to the west coast or new england, to live in the discontiguous Democratic People’s Republic of America? There’s no way that would work, for social, civil and economic reasons.

          No, you need to ask yourself why this country is divided, who is behind the division and what can be done to remedy it. You won’t like the answers to any of those questions unfortunately, but ignoring them and calling instead for an imaginary means of just “calling the whole thing off” makes you part of the problem.

        • @49r..Creepy Joe is not President yet and may not be ever.

          Lin Wood and Sydney Powell have the can openers in hand.

        • @Mercury….No one will be forced to move. People can choose for themselves.

          There are Leftist/Progressives in my town, not alot but they exist. Welcome to stay but they will be under the new government and they may not like it at all.

          Tell me what makes a Nation? Is it a shared language, culture, religion, race, ethnic background, common cause? I ask people this all the time. What does someone from South Carolina like me have in common with someone from Seattle, San Francisco, or Portland?

          Forgot to ask…Would the Southern and Middle States be allowed to leave peacefully or would you advocate killing us if we tried?

      • Why didn’t you accept the loss of your false idol, that miserable Hillary Clinton, who reminded every normal man of their ex-wife or mother-in-law? Instead, you harped on Russia collusion for four years and impeached a man for what Hillary and Biden actually did.

        So GFY.

        • Hillary didn’t remind me of my mother in law. My mother in law hated her and Bill too. I consider myself pretty normal.

      • While it is clear that he lost at this point, it wasn’t because of vote by mail fraud, though there was a lot of that. The reason was Google/YouTube/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and CNN/CBS/ABC/NBC/PBS plus the virus damaging the economy.

        On the flip side as soon as the Republicans can take over the House and add to their numbers in the Senate in two years, the protections that Big Tech has been abusing will be deleated or dialed way back. With Big Tech gutted and the failure of Biden/Harris the next Republican candidate (Trump?) will win big. Remember, Biden had no coat tails at all since the Democrats only picked up one Senate seat and lost seven House seats and a couple more state legislatures (which draw the maps for US House seats).

        • Indeed. Anyone who is actually looking at the real data from this election can tell the democrats had a Pyrrhic victory.

          There’s a lot to Un pack from this one and it’s not even over yet, and there’s a lot of bad news for democrats.

          1. Florida getting more red is no small deal.

          2. Hispanics nationwide have a very unfavorable view of socialism.

          3. Black men have an unfavorable view of socially liberal policies.

          4. Millenials and zoomers are both not turning out to be the solidly leftist take over generations they were thought to be.

          5. The democrats have been operating under a 3 decade long assumption that “demographic trends” Would eventually give them “permanent control” of the White House. This is proving not to be the case for the reasons above. Shocking news: skin color ultimately doesn’t dictate where ones social beliefs lay.

          6. Gerrymandering. Both parties do it heavily, and at the dawn of each new decade the state legislatures write the new districts. The GOP currently holds a massive edge by retaining state legislatures, because democrats have massively underperformed in state and local elections. The democrats have spent the last 30 years blowing their load on the presidency, and while that has somewhat paid off, they’ve lost a lot, and I mean a lot, of down ballot races. Which matter a lot more to our day to day life then the presidency.

          7. The left no longer has the “Trump boogey man” talking point. They will very likely then try to make the new bogey man to be Trumps voter base and/or a new republican. This will very likely backfire on them.

          8. The legacy of a constitutionalist SCOTUS will be a constant thorn in leftist agenda for a long time.

      • You actually trust the system to count votes? I have NEVER trusted it, and it’s very clear in 2020 the dems wanted to cover some stuff up… wonder why? Maybe b/c they tried in 2016 and STILL LOST? So they had to fine tune it.

        Either way, you making this a party issue is stupid. America should be making it an accountability issue. Why is it too much to ask for voter ID? Voting in person? There has always been exceptions which left room for fraud, but now days it’s way too easy and the mail in system is terrible! Ballots, regardless of party chosen – sealed in envelopes – thrown in the trash straight from USPS… and that was just the start. It ended with democrats covering up windows and saying “we will resume counting in 6 hours” only to have hundreds of thousands unaccounted for in those time frames when counting was supposed to have “stopped”. The only people who should be mail in voting are those not eligible to vote in person – like soldiers overseas. If you are a voter on US soil, you show up, show ID and prove citizenship then your vote is tallied right in front of you. Is that so hard to ask for? Nothing will change the outcome of 2020’s election because of mistrust in the system…. NOT PARTY AFFILIATION. Dumbass. You trust the government? You trust biased people behind closed doors and machines to count your vote? You trust mail in ballots, period? C’mon man. All MOST OF US are asking for is accountability.

        • The Democrats made it a party thing, and the more they have headed off to the Communist end of the leftwing of the political spectrum the worse they got. As far as ID to vote it is required here in Georgia, should be in every state since it protects the integrity of the vote. I doubt even an idiot like enuf or miner would try to argue against it.

        • you’d be surprised… or you wouldn’t…

          either way, they have argued against it. tons of leftists have. It’s astonishing. Otherwise we would have gone into this election requiring it.

        • Exactly. And we keep tolerating it.

          Democrats should be abolished from the United States. The union has no place for the confederates, especially modern day ones. Our constitutional republic is under siege, and they are hiding in plain sight. Sad thing is, more now than ever have no reason to hide, so they are publicly open about their intentions.

          You sly devil, you caught me monologuing…
          Seriously thought, it’s enraging. I care too much to do nothing and I feel what I am doing is not enough.

      • They will never accept it. They didn’t accept it in 2008 either. That’s why I’m afraid that, in the long run, 2nd Amendment rights are doomed. There’s only so much you can deny reality before it reaches up and smacks you. Whistling past the graveyard isn’t a plan.

        • Doubtful. Support for gun control is trending less and less popular as the years go on. “The good old days” of the 90s and 00s were actually the high water mark for federal gun control, and popular support for gun control. Things remain fluid at the state level however.

      • You’re an embarrassment to humankind….
        So before you come here RUNNING YOUR TRAP, why don’t you get back to playing your video games and being the general worthless human you’ve always been….

      • The majority of Americans did not vote for a man. They voted for the ideal that is attached to that name on the ballot.

        If you voted for Biden, you voted to be subjugated by the socialists and One World Government rulers.

        One day, hopefully soon, we will see that the majority of Americans did in fact vote for Trump.

      • There is so much fraud and under handed activity by the democraps here in PA only a complete fool or total democrap hack would believe it is legitimate.

        Democraps stole the Virginia state elections a few years ago. Now they have gone nationwide.

        Fuck Biden/Harris and if you voted for them fuck you too.

    • Nobody stole a damned thing. Get off the cult train, come back to reality. Trump lost fair and square because of who and what he is and the pour job he did. Lots of Democrats lost because of the radical far left agenda they tried to push. Nothing surprising about any o fit.

      • Donald Trump doesn’t. need to get 270. All he has to do is prevent Joe Biden from getting to 270.
        Then it goes to the House of Representatives. Game over, Fudd.

        • Please accept my sincere sympathy for the psychological crash you have coming, once you realize Joseph Biden is president of the United States of America and Kamala Harris as vice president of the United States of America.

        • I hate to agree with Miner, but I have to on this one. A sober look at what’s been happening says Trump isn’t coming out of this with a W.

          After that, I’m pretty sure we part ways agin.

          Personally, I think the Democrats have participated in widespread vote fraud — where there’s smoke, there’s fire (or there’s going to be), and there’s a hell of a lot of smoke out there — but it’s clear, looking at the way the election challenges have been going, that no one who is in a position to investigate and shine a light on it is willing to try.

          Was there enough fraud to actually shift the election to Biden? We’ll never really know.

          But we’ll all *think* we know, and that’s the way our would-be masters in both parties want it. Americans at each others’ throats while they divide the plunder among themselves.

    • “Accomplished nothing? Stealing a presidency is NOT nothing!!!”

      We have some *BREAKING* News about the theft :

      ““We’ve identified mathematically the exact algorithm they’ve used—and planned to use from the beginning” that allegedly switched votes to Biden, Powell remarked.”


      It looks like that may explain the really odd ratio of votes where votes were for Biden, and nobody else down-ballot.

      If provable, this will give certain state legislatures controlled by Republicans all the backing they need to force their state to give Trump their electoral votes, no matter what the ‘official’ vote-count is in their state.

      If true, this will be the biggest bombshell news in US history, and the Leftists will literally flip the fuck out and burn Democrat cities down… 🙂

    • I mean, we’re at a 6,000,000 popular vote variance and 74 electoral vote variance – with every recount so far showing nothing changing; international observers declaring the election fair and valid; and every lawsuit so far going absolutely nowhere (with attorneys resigning so they don’t get disbarred for filing frivolous suits).

      So yeah, totally a stolen election.

      I’m not happy about it but I’m not buying these tinfoil hat conspiracy theories.

  1. He’ll be getting a ‘Cabinet Position’ if Biden/Harris have a successful steal.

    He’ll probably wind up as HUD or Commerce Secretary.

    • Scott,

      Absolutely!!! It is NOT stolen, yet. Sydney Powell is releasing the Kraken!

      Just got back from the Million Maga March in DC. See below.

      • Yeah, just saw that on the Zero Hedge.

        If true, I sure hope you don’t live in a Democrat-controlled area, because you may need all the ammo you got, and the night sky will glow with the fires of burning Democrat cities… 🙂

      • Savor, check this out.

        It describes how it’s perfectly constitutional for conservative-controlled state houses to ignore the actual vote, and appoint their own Electors for when the Electoral Collage meets, and there is *nothing* the Leftist scum can do about it :


        The beauty is, there’s no need to prove anything in court. If Sydney Powell is on to something, and can lay out convincing evidence of ‘rigged’ software to those state houses, the state houses can, with a clean conscience, throw their Electoral votes to Trump, and it’s ‘game over’ for the Leftists.

        Then, cities will burn and the riots will be for the world history books… 🙂

        • This was mentioned on Life, Liberty and Levin last week. Mark said his social media BLEW UP with news outlet pundits telling him to SHUT UP about this little known senario.
          Makes you wonder why the media won’t cover this possiblity. 🤔

  2. (sigh)

    Oh, to have so much money as to toss hundreds of millions into the wind and barely feel it. Where is our conservative pro-2A whale?

    • All that money, yet still a turd.
      How are all his ex-campaign workers feeling?
      Lil Mike told them they would all be paid up until the DNC chose their cantidate, then stiffed them ALL!
      The election campaign even went so far as to informed the IRS what was given to the workers, so they got to pay taxes on the “free” laptops they were all given. Nice guy.
      I bet these workers paid MORE in taxes then what the laptops actually cost the Bloomburg campaign. Would not be surprised if they were donated to the effort.
      Another example of how the elite class turns their back on the useful idiots.
      History has shown this is SOP 💯.

        • You don’t even have a dog, no self-respecting dog would live with a sniveling little fuckwit like yourself…

          HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa… 😉

      • Thx. Should’ve done it a long time ago, but you know it’s time to finally pull the lever when imposters start posting garbage under your name. Better late than never.

        • Dominion may regret playing their little games with voting machines… 🙂

        • And Texas has the “smoking gun” data from when this system was demonstrated. Texas officials saw this corrupt machine/software system for what it was, a system DESIGNED to steal elections.
          Funny how ALL the states that stopped counting ballots when Trump was over 3/4 million votes ahead were ALL using these machines/software. Coincidence?……NOT!
          This system has a “back door” online connection. It allows those with passwords to have worldwide access into the system. Simple drag/drop function allowed blocks of votes (10,000s and 100,000s at a time is possible) to be removed from a cantidate, dropped into a folder, then the folder DELETED from the system.
          ALL done remotely, from ANYWHERE in the world.
          And the MSM just covers covid, murder hornets, biden needing intelligence briefs……..all distractionary BS.

  3. I call B S on this,,, if not for Bloomberg & Soros money we wouldn’t be were we’re at now …
    more fake news,. “””FREE KYLE””” & 🖕🏿Biden & Kamel toe…!

    • Wait a minute, I thought we didn’t need to be afraid of Covid, that it would just fade away like a miracle?

      Now you’re saying we could use the $1 billion to fight Covid?

      So why then is Trump and the Republicans blocking aid for Americans?

      The house of representatives sent a bill to Congress on May 15, but the Republicans in the Senate refused to negotiate for four months because they and Trump said the virus would just fade away.

      It seems the conservative Republican narrative is full of contradictions and outright lies, like Trump said, “we’re down to 15 cases and soon that number will be near zero”.

      Trump lied, thousands died.

      Trump/Death 2020

  4. The crazy thing about this is though he has not learn a thing from his failures. He will be back again and pour more money into his liberal and anti gun efforts. And we as gun owners will have to continually lobby and donate to our favorite progun lobbying groups to try to stop him. If he really cared about this country he would donate his money two organizations that fight cancer, Covid or help build the failing infrastructure of our country. Those are the things that effect so many people from all across the United States. Spending billions of dollars so you can’t own an AR pattern rifle is pure foolishness.

  5. Maybe Bloombag should spend some of his money on some counseling and learn how NOT TO BE A DOUCHE BAG! Maybe then he wouldn’t be such a disagreeable __________← insert flame.

  6. Bloomberg bought the imbecile District Attorney in Multnomah County that showed the ANTIFA/BLM thugs to riot with impunity for half a year.

  7. Pot heads, rich or poor, don’t support civil rights. Never forget it. But they will demand that you support them. Now they want THEIR guns.

    1. Meet the Men Marijuana Made Into Millionaires and Billionaires

    2. The Marijuana Billionaire Who Doesn’t Smoke Weed

    3. This Top Marijuana Stock Just Minted the First Pot Billionaire – You Could Be Next

  8. Just returned home from the Million Maga rally in DC. Electric! Massive crowd. Standing on the hill heading to the Supreme Court, we could see a solid mass of people USA flags Trump flags, all the down Pennsylvania Ave. to Freedom Plaza. Alex Jones said we had over 200k attendees. But several people
    have told me Kaleigh Mcenany is reporting even higher numbers.

    The evidence is pouring in and we are showing up in force. The Kraken has been released.

    Trolls, go ahead; I do not care.

    • Awesome!
      I saw some paid agitators with Soros/Bloomturd printed signs. Stuff like “Trump/MAGA. Stop gays from marrying”.
      Like Trump was working on that while POTUS. Total idiots.
      The twat knot/man bun and paisty white “basement dweller” skin on the dude holding the sign gave him away. 🤣

        • So what if he is?

          It’s only commies like you that have a problem with gays. Those of us who believe in freedom don’t care what he does as long as doesn’t harm anyone else or their property.

    • Support enough for a refusal to concede? Because I am all for it. They want a war? Let’s flush them out of the union once and for all. They get NO states. They get NO party. They get nothing. They should have never been let back in to the union in the first place after their first secession. Now, instead of race (which is still VERY much involved – just flipped on it’s ear from the version it was hundreds of years ago) it’s mostly about elitists wanting more control – a modern version of slavery in the form of -ism’s. We won’t tolerate it anymore. That shit is not welcome in America. It never has been. The confederacy maybe – but not America.

  9. The irony is that Trump made more money for Bloomberg than Little Mike could ever spend trying to buy major political offices in the US.

    Soros is smarter. He buys AGs and DAs, who are a dime a dozen.

  10. ferns law:
    “democrats dont actually believe in anything that they preach to you about”
    if they even cared half way about what they claim to we would have to use a crow bar to peel them off of:
    1 abortion clinics (kill babies)
    2 muslims (kill gays and women who get raped and throw acid in little girls faces who want to go to school)
    3 illegal immigrants (kill americans)
    4 the nba (totally ok with concentration camps in china)
    5 criminals (kill everybody else)
    6 hollywood (rape culture)

  11. “The 2020 campaign proved that money does not always translate into votes”. At least JEB! got 3 electoral votes for $100M.

  12. If he would have split that money between Operation Smile and the Himalayan Cataract Foundation he could have provided cleft palate surgery to 24,000,000 children and Cataract surgery to 240,000,000 people. If you are going to give away that kind of money, make it count.Operation Smile can do a cleft palate surgery for $250, and the Cataract Foundation can do a surgery for $25. Send them a check. For not much money you can make a real difference in somebody’s life. You blew it Bloomberg.

  13. I miss the old days when Farago would run one red-meat-for-the-right-wing story for every 9 stories about guns.

  14. I guess stealing a Presidency, keeping the majority in the House AND on the verge of flipping the fucking Senate is accomplishing NOTHING???? Somebody needs a reality check, IF Georgia goes blue this game is over…. A 50/50 Senate IS a Democrat Senate with Kamaltoe breaking ties til they dump Joe then whomever she picks (can you say HILLDABEAST?) will finish the job…. It doesn’t make a shit what Lil Mikey accomplished in Texas and Florida it’s about what he and the rest of his Kommie buddies were able to do while we were worrying about those two states…..

    • Georgia has as many issues as PA does with fraud and illegalities. That will go to the courts as well, no matter which way the lame stream communist cock sucking media says it went.

  15. He will no doubt open his wallet to sway the decisions against the American people again many times. Unless something is done to quell that cancer.

  16. Oh, Bloomberg’s money accomplished something alright. It might not have bought him the presidency, it might not have won Florida for Biden.

    But it is reinforcing a popular perception started by Soros.

  17. God Bless America , N Biden n Harris , in America our Democracy rules , NOT Crazy
    T-Rump fake n hoax , Dude , d t rump helped me vote Democratic by saying Biden believes in Science. One time D T Rump told the truth…..

  18. Agree with this article. A fool with regard to politics and his money were parted. Goes to show close elections aren’t definitively won by the manipulation of those susceptible to media dollars. Start hoarding ammo, racking up credit card debt and emptying the shelves of firearms if so inclined. Results of latest political tweaks look like Biden better focus on more pressing, less divisive issues. He’ll make plenty of noise of course.


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