Gregory Paul Ulrich Clinic Shooting Minnesota
This booking photo released by the Wright County, Minn., Sheriff's Office shows Gregory Paul Ulrich who was arrested Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2021, following a shooting at a health clinic in Buffalo, Minn. Ulrich, unhappy with the health care he'd received, opened fire at a clinic Tuesday, in Buffalo, Minn., injuring five people, authorities said. (Wright County Sheriff's Office via AP)
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From the Associated Press . . .

A man charged with murder in a shooting at a Minnesota medical clinic bought the handgun he used in the attack with a permit from the local police department, even though he had been the subject of a restraining order for threatening the clinic in the past, according to a published report.

Gregory Ulrich, 67, is charged in an attack on an Allina Health clinic this week that left 37-year-old medical assistant Lindsay Overbay dead and four other people wounded. Ulrich had threatened in October 2018 to carry out a mass shooting at the clinic in Buffalo, a small city about 40 miles (65 kilometers) northwest of Minneapolis.

The threat led Ulrich to be banned from clinic property, and the following month a restraining order was granted to prohibit him from contacting a doctor at the clinic. The order also required Ulrich not to possess guns and to turn in any guns or permits he had.

But the Minneapolis Star Tribune, citing a law enforcement source it didn’t name, reported Friday that the Buffalo Police Department had granted a permit for Ulrich to buy the handgun used in the attack. Even though Ulrich had been arrested for violating the restraining order, the newspaper reported that the permit was granted because the case was dismissed due to mental incompetency.

State law appears to clearly prohibit Ulrich from obtaining a permit to purchase a handgun. The statute bans anyone who has ever been found incompetent to stand trial from buying or having a gun. The statute does allow for some instances where a person could recover the right, but they don’t appear to apply to Ulrich’s case.

Buffalo Police Chief Pat Budke declined to answer questions from The Associated Press about the report, saying in a statement that the city cannot release information on gun permit applications.

Ulrich’s harassment case includes a notation from a court services agent in June 2019 that said Ulrich had applied for a “permit to purchase” and that approval was pending. The agent said he “highly recommended” against allowing Ulrich to have any weapons. A psychological evaluation was ordered, and in April 2020 the case was dismissed with a prosecutor saying Ulrich was found “mentally incompetent to proceed.”

Ulrich was charged Thursday, with his bail was set at $10 million or $5 million with conditions. Allina Health on Friday identified two shooting victims who hadn’t previously given permission to release their names: Tammy Schaufler, a business representative with the company for 32 years, and Antonya Fransen-Pruden, a licensed practical nurse who has been with the company since 2018. The company did not give their conditions.

Three shooting victims remain hospitalized, one in fair condition and two in good condition, while a fourth was released from the hospital soon after the shooting.

At a news conference following Thursday’s hearing, Wright County Sheriff Sean Deringer was asked about any permits Ulrich held.

Deringer said he could not talk about specific permits, but said that approvals can be complicated. He said his office has 2 1/2 people working full-time to handle nothing but permits to buy guns and carry them in public

Sometimes, Deringer said, “you have to have a master’s degree to read some of these criminal histories” to catch disqualifiers.

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    • Good grief. You need a masters to understand mentally incompetent means no guns? Seriously? And they want govt healthcare?
      At this level of greatness you’d go in for a checkup and leave with a triple amputation and 3 breast implants on your back.

      • Nobody has opposition to mental incompetent’s being prevented from gun ownership on it’s face. The issue has and will continue to be determining what defines that. If I was depressed for a month after my first breakup in college and never expressed or exhibited any suicidal ideation’s, does that discount me from firearm ownership forever onward? If you were ever remotely sad or unwell in any way, should you be prevented from possessing a device which allows you to defend yourself forever onward? Maybe you can afford a hearing, many cannot.

        The current Biden plan of REQUIRING ex-girlfriends or ex-spouses to confirm your mental health before acquiring a firearms permit is absolutely insane. They have no vested interest at that point of affirming your mental capacity to own firearms.

        Tell me a better system. I’d love to hear it. If that is the best our leaders have come to, I doubt a single random person is capable of offering a politically acceptable solution in place of that.

    • Meow.
      LOL, my damned cat wanted out. So I opened the window it jumps through, I wasn’t paying attention because reading TTAG. It came back with a Robin and jumped back in, now theres feathers all over the place, what a mess.

      • They could use some of those half people in Minneapolis. The wait to drop off your concealed carry paperwork is four months. As in, you have to call today and schedule a ten minute window to turn in your paperwork four months from now.

  1. That picture is how I imagine TTAG’s little ‘lol’ troll will look like one day, unloved and unwanted by every woman with an IQ above Fahrenheit room temperature.

    What a joke that troll is! 😉

    • I figured Geoff the Goof would EnD HiS WatCh like his hero Karen Haz. I guess we’ll have to continue reading his drivel while laughing behind his back. What a 🤡🤡.

      • Don’t blame me for your lack of testicles, son.

        Embrace the truth, and go play in freeway traffic… 😉

        • ‘gO PlAy iN TrAffIc!’, writes Goof the sexually amorphous weirdo who can barely walk because he got hit by a car 🤡.

    • Whoa! Wait a cotton-pickin’ minute! Government employees failed at their job and thus failed the citizenry?!?!?

      That is unpossible! I thought that we could always rely on government to provide for our security and take care of our every need!


  2. I read the article, now I’m confused. Was it the cop giving the permit mentally incompetent and the guy getting the gunm?
    We only have two and one half people working on gunm permits. Two and a half people. Two studs and half a man? Maybe it was three gals and only one of them is good from the waist down? We will never know because the cops isnt giving out any information.

  3. But but but shall not be infringed😖 Golly I’m less than enthralled by my Medicare health care. Never occured to me that shooting Dr. Mohamed would expedite my heathcare😋😑😕

  4. Never mind all the attention being paid to how the perp acquired the firearm. The question is…Were the employees ever warned? If not then that means they were unprepared sitting ducks. If they were informed and threw caution to the wind then it’s play stupid games win stupid prizes.
    If the perp is determined they will find other ways to obtain a weapon. If you are the target and put your trust in a piece of paper and an office full of people does not follow up to verify the threat is on radar well what do you expect? It’s frustrating that 5 are down and not one fought back either by their negligence or perhaps some disgusting company policy.

    • Locks keep honest people honest.
      Few people give a sht what the piece of paper says, I’ve heard so many times, “Hes got a restraining order on him.”
      I think a restraining order is an after the fact that just adds more time to a sentence, that’s about the only good it does.
      If I was going to do dirty deeds a store bought gunm would not be on the list.

  5. If he was medically incompetent to stand trial, how did he get the ok to purchase a gun? My bet is he was a LEO at one time or has good friends in the PD management.

  6. Wait a minute, I thought many on this list said “not be infringed” means no laws regarding firearms possession whatsoever?

    I’ve read where most on this list believes the police have no right to forbid gun ownership to any American citizen, didn’t the police follow the constitution in this matter?

    Y’all should be celebrating the triumph of freedom.

    • Our right to own and carry guns shouldn’t be infringed. I couldn’t care less if this crazy SOB got a gun but laws should be changed so we can blast these unhinged b@stards without worry of being arrested and prosecuted.

  7. yeah…
    we need to get enhanced background checks
    we need to get rid of the gun show loophole
    how about police departments in blue cites stop being dumbasses
    call it the “ridding america of dumbass police departments law of 2021”

  8. How about we stop releasing the free range mentally ill with verifiably felonious actions in their sheet back to the street?
    Effectively,when you do that you’re putting a predatory/opportunistic animal back among a vulnerable prey population and THEN, when decrying the(predictable and avoidable) atrocity; demanding MORE restrictions and ” enhanced background checks”(a form of prior restraint)on the rest of us who have done nothing.
    You see,it’s not on US to ” prove” we have now harmful intent. Nor should we submit to ” Investigation Eternal” everytime a Visit From The Good Idea Fairy is visited upon the” if it saves just one life” crowd. Nor should we ever have to second guess necessary violence in defense of life(ours or someone else) because of some weirdo workplace policy
    This should have been either a Defensive Gun Use,or a Beat Down by the entire shift visited on this asshole by EVERYONE in the AO.

  9. You don’t need a master degree, just common sense.
    Or is that the same thing now?

    No one at the police department is truly going to be held accountable for this. Nothing but stupid excuses. If it were joe blow, he would be blasted over the media as an irresponsible monster and used as a example for more gun control.

    • The entire point of going to college is learning the crazy ideas of lettered professors who have no contact with reality. A Masters degree just places one much farther out on the margins. Think Harvard or Yale graduates. Possibly smart people who have spent many years in school learning thing that just aren’t true.

      • When I was in college, I was told that my degree would be a B.S. and we all know what BS stands for. If I wanted to continue, I could go for an M.S. which is More of the Same. The final degree is a Ph.D. which stands for Piled Higher and Deeper. That’s especially true over in fuzzy studies where logic is malleable to suit whatever notion is currently fashionable.

  10. Btw, as for the new format, the biggest hurdle I find is attempting to find previous recent articles.

    Could you sort the articles you post by days as well as topics? I think that’s what some folks are having trouble with. Perhaps a dark mode as well?

    • Dark mode is in my browser settings. I won’t leave home without dark mode. I hate blindingly bright white pages! Pale Moon browser (firefox fork) and Advanced Night Mode addon. I use other addons with the other browsers, but they all have something comparable.

  11. Yeah… so much for the efficacy (or at least the consistent enforceability) of EXISTING gun ‘safety’ laws. And the ‘progressive’ solution IS… (drumroll please 🥁 ) evermore restrictive gun ‘sense’ measures, which invariably won’t be any more consistently enforced than current statutes. 🙄

  12. This reminds me of the deranged drug addict who murdered Skagit County Sheriff’s Deputy Ann Jackson back in 2008. Everyone; including the police, knew the perp was nuts, but the fucktard judges refused to do anything about it. Deputy Jackson had interacted with the perp repeatedly and was known for her ability to calm him down. (It helped that she was smoking hot). Unfortunately; Deputy Jackson’s luck ran out when he greeted her at the door with a politically correct, lever action rifle chambered in .44 Magnum. Although wounded repeatedly, Deputy Jackson was able to remain in the fight long enough to empty the three magazines of her service pistol as she retreated to her locked patrol car. The perp closed with her and shot her in the head at close range. The perp then went on a shooting rampage, killing several more people and wounding another Sheriff’s Deputy. He turned himself in the next day.

    The mother of Deputy Jackson is my neighbor. She has the misfortune of living next door to my psychopathic, marijuana bootlegging tenant who was given a free pass for shooting at my son. The bootlegger has serious addiction issues and was arrested for DUII after totalling his pickup on the night before Thanksgiving a year ago. He just completed his diversion program and had the case dismissed even though he continues to drink heavily. In the likely event that this psycho goes on a shooting rampage, I’ll make certain that Yamhill County Judge Ladd Wiles who gave him a free pass gets lots of free publicity. Ditto for Columbia County Deputy District Attorney Kim Silverman whose scum sucking whore of a husband got him off by knowingly and intentionally presenting purjured testimony to support the Elmer Fudd defense. He even misrepresented a marijuana bootlegger as a “gun expert” (a TactiCoolFool ride claim to expertise is that he “builds” AR-15s which he then sells without an FFL) to testify that you can’t shoot buckshot or slugs out of a shotgun with a choke.

  13. There is an obvious answer, democrats needed a “mass shooting” to distract the public from something they are doing that is illegal, immoral, unsavory or all of the above, which is their standard practice.

    20 Jan 2021 was the first day of “The New Dark Ages”. It may take us another 500 years to recover.

    • “There is an obvious answer, democrats needed a “mass shooting” to distract the public from something they are doing that is illegal, immoral, unsavory or all of the above, which is their standard practice.”

      That was my first thought as well. It’s coming, sooner or later…

  14. In other news, liberal mainstream media accurately reports successful homeowner defense against violent home invaders.

    “12-year-old allegedly shot and killed home intruder during armed robbery
    A 73-year-old resident was also shot by the masked intruders, police said.
    ByMeredith Deliso
    February 13, 2021, 4:31pm

    A 12-year-old allegedly shot and killed a home intruder during an armed robbery early Saturday in North Carolina, police said.

    A resident of the apartment was also shot by the masked intruders during the incident, according to the Goldsboro Police Department.“

  15. I wonder if this small town PD is very pro 2nd Amendment and didn’t agree that people could be banned from owning a gun. (Like many here who always cry about who is going to judge mental incompetence – yadda yadda yadda)

    If so, count this as a political negligent discharge.

  16. “You sold a reverberating carbonizer with mutate capacity to an unlicensed cephalopoid, Jeebs, you piece of sh*t.”

    “He looked all right to me.


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