Setpoint Custom Ammo Offers First Order Discount

Have a hankerin’ to try some custom-brewed ammo in that new rifle of yours? Setpoint hopes once you go bespoke, you’ll never go back. Toward that end, they’re offering a 25% discount on your first order. All you have to do is watch their promo video showing how they optimized a subsonic recipe for the Ruger Scout Rifle. There’s a promo code right in the comments below the video at the link to use when placing your order. And if you order, be sociable – let us know how you like it.


  1. avatar Nico says:

    .75 x a shitload = still a shitload. Too rich for my blood.

    1. avatar Big John says:

      Literally lol’d. Thanks, Nico.

  2. avatar Joe nobody says:

    He thinks putting a big scope on your rifle makes it more accurate, sorry I will have to pass.

  3. avatar Jon says:

    What kind of scope mount is that?

  4. avatar HSR47 says:

    So they’re still only doing .308 and .338. Pass.

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