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This is a segment from the TV show Tosh.0 where they find someone who did something stupid and then posted it on the internet to bring on the show and ridicule for a bit. This week’s segment is about Tex Grebner, the man who shot himself through his thigh with a 1911 while drawing from a SERPA holster. Normally I’d say anything that gets guns and gun owners on TV and in front of the American public is good for us, but this is just terrible and makes us all look like redneck idiots. Oh, and the wonderful anti-2A rant at the beginning of the segment doesn’t help.

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  1. Tosh is a skinny punk kid that lost his abilities of comedy after he turned 7 and learned most people don’t like fart jokes. He is crude and makes the same comments as a million Youtube viewers. In fact you would probably get the same pleasure out of reading YouTube comments in an obnoxious voice as you would from watching Tosh.0.
    Tex is also an idiot for going on this show. He already got his 15 minutes of shame when he shot himself. Now Tex not only continues to shame himself, but the entire 2nd Amendment community. He shot himself, and he can’t own it. He tried to in his initial posting of his “What not to do” video, but by saying “I put my finger on the trigger and the gun went off” he is still failing to say “I put my finger on the trigger, pulled the trigger, and shot myself. I am really lucky nobody else was hurt and that I only loss a pair of pants and some thigh strength.”

  2. Let loser kids rant on youtube. We all know where the majority of the public stands and which way the winds are blowing for gun rights support.

  3. I guess I can’t believe Tex is doing too much damage if the only people who see him are fans of Tosh.o.

  4. I don’t mind an honest, open, intelectual debate on the subject of gun ownership.

    It’s healthy and I find that on occasion I can turn an anti-gun person or two, into 2A advocates.

    But people who are REALLY against 2a and who have access to an audience, always find the worst of us (gun owners) to support their sorry rationals and opinions on “gun control”.

    Its akin to driving an agenda to illegalize car’s by highlighting every drunk driver or incident of road rage in the news.

    These people are unyielding and unwilling to look at the facts or the lack their of.

    It is with these people, where you have to simply point out what all of us 2A people know, but we rarely state openly:

    The difference between people who support 2A and those people who would see it abolished, is that we 2A advocates have both the will AND the means, to protect our rights.

    In short, if you want my gun, your going to have to forceably take it away from me. And good luck with that…

    • I hope people stop saying if you want my gun, your going to have to forceably take it away from me. That doesn’t help your case because you are saying in a way that you are going to act violent and that is the reason why they want to take them away because they do not want some gung ho extremist having a dangerous weapon I don’t think you are but a lot of people say that and it makes you wonder. its like the illegal Mexicans want rights and think they have a right to be here so they go and march saying they want to become a US citizen but while they are marching they are carrying a Mexican flag. like you really want to be a patriot and you fly another countries flag. my point is when you and others say that you are working against yourself people see that and may give the wrong impression that you will use your gun any chance you get to shoot someone. does this make sense to any one else. I agree we need to keep our guns esp when whats coming ahead in our future we will need them every US citizen

  5. It’s a comedy show. He mocks people for doing stupid stuff every week and very often goes over the line. It’s obvious he looks down on flyover country but for the most part I find his show to be funny. And of course he’s going to be anti-gun. He lives in LA. He’s pandering to an audience and most 20-25 year-olds are liberal college kids. If it was on CNBC or FOX news I’d be pretty upset about it but I’m not going to take a comedian known for mocking everything too seriously.

  6. I watched that episode and wondered if it would show up here today. Not Tosh’s funniest work, but he basically just pokes the bear. If it makes you feel better, he pretty much wrecks any concept of being PC.

  7. Its kind of funny seeing folks take a show like Tosh too seriously. I think some folks didnt get it when he said “the constitution isnt relevant anymore”…its a joke. He’s kidding about most of what he says and doesnt mean any of it to be taken seriously.

    And Tex is a moron and he should get made fun of.

    • I don’t know that any one is taking Tosh.O too seriously. But it is a vaild concern to point out, that the many young minds who watch Comedy Channel, are prone to accept humor as fact and witty, (if not somewhat misguided) insight worth evolving their entire world view around; ala John Stewart (VERY funny).

      I think 2A peeps in general, are tired of the same ol’ anti gun rants…and though his toungue is firmly placed in cheek…Tosh.0 sounds too much like any other anti-gun person. Which probably says more about those pundints then it does Tosh.0.

      • The difference between John Stewart and Tosh is a lot of idiots think Jon Stewart is actually the news. No one thinks tosh is. The easiest way to get someone to like guns is to take them shooting. I’ve always liked guns but shooting for the first time made me like them even more.

  8. To paraphrase Joseph Heller:

    Some men are born stupid, some men achieve stupidity, and some men have stupidity thrust upon them. With Tex Grebner it’s all three.

  9. If I have to hear an anti-gun rant from anyone, I’d prefer that that someone be Daniel Tosh. It doesn’t mean that I agree with what he’s saying, but it goes down a lot better when it’s him saying it.

  10. Note to Ordine Nuovo: Anti-semitic comments will not be tolerated on this website.

    I am well aware that many Jewish Americans have led and continue to lead the gun control movement (e.g., Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Senator Diane Feinstein). I’ve explored this topic before and I’m happy to do so again.

    But there’s a line between acknowledging the truth of that statement and painting Jews as members of a Zionist conspiracy to undermine American values.

    • I’ve lost all respect for you Mr. Farago. Apparently you couldn’t handle the Truth About Zangwell and felt your readers couldn’t either. Shame that you feel the need to keep me from engaging them.

      I enjoying debunking conspiracy theories. From the moon landing hoaxers to chemtrails to fluoride and so forth. But ethnocentrism is not a conspiracy….it’s a rational viewpoint. Zangwell knew it and practiced it. Many readers of your tribe practice it. I practice it. Why would Zionists need to meet behind closed doors when AIPAC and the ADL hold conferences?

      I’m here so that well meaning White folks don’t get wrapped up in your Levantine shenanigans. I’m here to offer a real Right Wing viewpoint as opposed to the mewling kwanservative mainstream. Obsequious philosemitism is not a healthy world outlook. Worshipping the “other” at one’s own expense is suicide. Whites need a way out of the no-win system.

    • Is this comment too late?

      Anyway, it is absolutely true that Jewish Americans typically are anti-gun, but it should be noted that one of the groups that is vehemently PRO-2nd amendment is “Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership.” They can be checked out at:

  11. +1 Joe M.
    Tex Grebner should face the same ire as Bill Engvall. Both of these fools have done MAJOR disservice to the firearms owning population.

  12. Folks:

    I’d say we have nothing to worry about. Daniel Tosh knew he was shielded by the 1st Amendment to rant about the 2nd (and 3rd Amendment, as it happened). His style is to push boundaries and put sticks in people’s eyes. I’d say most of his viewers, me included, regard him as a good comedian, but not a thought leader.

    On the other hand, we have much more to fear from wankers like Tex. I hope he never gets that badge he claims to want.

    In any event, thanks for a great website; I especially value the IGOTD.

  13. “Tex” actually shot himself at my Sportsmen’s Club where I shoot a few times a month (In Chillicothe, IL). Is it weird that I’m ashamed of that fact?

  14. Tosh did what I expect him to do as an offensive humor based comedian. While I don’t agree with his politics, I can appreciate his sick twisted sense of humor.

    Tex is a moron for going on the show. He was Tosh’s puppet to reinforce every negative stereotype about gun owners. So yes, “Good job Tex” at making yourself look even more stupid and dragging the rest of us down with you.

  15. Wow I know were supposed to rail against Tosh for his anti gun rights beliefs but my only reaction to this video is astonishment at how much of a naive fool this Tex is. I wonder if he even knew the joke was on him at all during the taping of this show. Plus its not like he had one scene. He had multiple scenarios where the joke was always on.

  16. Tex is a Tool – plain and simple. How many stereotypical references were there? Walmart Gun Department, Camo, dropping trou, Shooting Bambi, and the dipstick Tex played along with it – then to show children in a playground being shot at the end… I generally like the Tosh show, but this video was “different” than some of the things he shows normally – it had more of a malice to it than usual.

  17. If we still had duels, the population probably wouldn’t be up to the 7 billion it’s at now, and we would be rid of a few less peices of sh*t like Tosh, who make millions on having uninformed, and ignorant opinions.

  18. That was about as stupid a thing as i have ever seen. leave it to Tosh.0 to find someone even more stupid than him. This is why i don’t watch his show.

  19. Daniel tosh is a bitch. Who would have kids being shot in their video? its not funny at all, in fact it scares me to even think about this creep going anywhere a playground with or without a firearm

  20. haha… that is funny… “If you support the 2nd amendment then let me exercise my right to support the first – you’re a f*&knig idiot”

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