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“I’ll take on anyone who tries to stop us,” the West Virginian Democrat pledges to his coal-fired constituents. Whoa. Joe. I know you stood-up for the Second Amendment and shot the actual Cap and Trade bill in a previous campaign ad. I realize that this statement comes at the end of the new ad (where you’re gun-free). But given the gun at the top of the ad it sounds more like a  terroristic threat than a promise. Just sayin’ . . .

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  1. As a native West Virginian I can tell you that any threat to coal jobs and coal industry is taken seriously there. I’ve been in a couple of coal mines and you could not pay me enough to work there regular.

    But it’s true, between West Virginia and Kentucky we could be indepent of all outside energy needs. But the tree huggers hate coal and people like Al Gore work hard to scuttle the industry.

    • its not just “tree huggers” that hate coal.

      I prefer to not have the environment stripped for coal and my aquifer poisoned with toxic chemicals.

      • And then there’s that pesky “global climate change” problem. We are having to build seawalls around some of the bridge approaches here in the Bay Area due to rising sea levels.

        • Funny how libs who push the glow-ball worming a schtick always forget the glow-ball part. Pushing manufacturing out of the US to dirty, polluting China increases global carbon emissions. But then, it’s really about anti-capitalism and anti-westernism isn’t it?

        • It’s sad that neither side can approach environmental issues in a mature way. Dems treat them as an opportunity for control, Pubs pretend they don’t exist.

          Anon, you can ignore facts or refer to all the bogus studies and cooked books you want, but when the vast majority of experts tell me something, I tend to take their words for it. Climate change is indeed real, and even if a person is stupid, dull or pompous enough (and let me make it clear I’m not calling Anon any of these things) to ignore that, they can’t ignore the other coal specific environmental threats like mercury, lead, ash and acid rain. The industry touts clean coal as if it’s common place while failing to mention that not a single clean coal plant exists anywhere outside of a laboratory anywhere in the world.

          Oh, and as to China – when you were little and your parents told you that you couldn’t go do something, did you ever point out that Billy’s parents let him do whatever he wants? What did they say then? The point is that we don’t have any control over what China does. Just because they’re doing wrong doesn’t mean we’re justified in doing the same. That’s a logical fallacy.

  2. Manchin knows that although he has a (D) beside his name, in order to get re-elected he has to act like a RepubliCON. That way all the illiterate red-necks will still vote for him, believing him to be a CONservative.

    • Obvious that Truthy don’t know West Virginia. That state is almost entirely dem. And before the Clinton’s you could count on that state going dem everytime, like California.

      And of course calling an entire state red neck and illiterate says more for the person making the statement than the intended victems of the statement.

      Another skate boarder heard from.

        • Sorry, but if you were not born or raised there, you can not claim to BE a West Virginian. You CAN claim to be a resident of West Virginia. I remember a fella of about 50 years of age, asking me how long he had to live in a town before he could claim it as his “home town” seeing that he had moved into the area over 20 years ago. His home town, just like your home state is where you were born, it does not change as you move around the world.

      • That’s because West Virginia is one of the biggest welfare states out there. Of course they’re going to whine about everyone telling them they have to stop piping putrid toxins into the air while they demand more free money. Meth isn’t free, you know.

    • TRUTHY,

      I would be more inclined to take your advice if I could decipher what it is that you are saying. Actually, that still isn’t the case. Calling an entire state illiterate rednecks eliminated the rest of your content from my consideration.

      • I’d agree if we weren’t talking about West Virginia. As I already mentioned it’s one of the biggest welfare states, it’s the second poorest, at the bottom for literacy (it’s in a 5 way tie), fifth in poverty, 2nd in obesity, last in oral health (apparently that is a real statistic), 1st and 4th for per GDP outlays of Medicare and Medicaid, respectively (1 in 12 people are born on Medicaid dollars there), 17th for teen births, which sounds low but it really isn’t given the age of the overall population, 2nd for adults with physical disabilities, and finally, 8th for pollution.

        I guess my point is, before you demand that people stop stereotyping as state and show it some respect, maybe the state in question should stop living up to those stereotypes and earn some of the respect it’s demanding.

  3. “Bolt Gun” Manchin — now THAT’s an alias. My state’s senators are total weenies in comparison.

    So he’s good for business and for West Virginia jobs… Is he also good for all the people that live downstream from the strip mines and mine tailings? I’m no fan of the cap-and-trade bill, but I am a fan of not destroying the environment if we can help it. And “decades” isn’t all that long when you consider that our entire energy infrastructure and economy will have to be reinvented when those fossil reserves run out. What’s more important, some jobs now, or having a functioning nation later?

    Eh, well, I’m far away from West Virginia, so I’m not going to try telling them what to do. I’m just saying…

    What I’m really thinking, Joe Manchin, is that you missed an opportunity with that gun of yours. A lever-action rifle would have been a far better choice. Evokes the old West, rugged individualism, self-sufficiency, and all that. And nothing beats the sound of a levergun doing its thing.

    • Yeah, instead of being downstream from those nasty strip mines you can be next door to the next Chernobyl or Fukushima or 3 mile island. Much better than coal.

      • Once you understand what science knows will happen to you living anywhere near a coal strip mine (or a topping operation), let alone a coal-fired power plant is?

        Your health odds are far better next to TMI.

      • @jwm

        Living downstream from these operations exposes you to some really nasty carcinogens and organic compounds that will absolutely destroy your body. Living next to a nuclear facility exposes you to, well, absolutely nothing. Even if something goes wrong, you have plenty of time to evacuate before you are irradiated. Besides, nuclear power has a far greater safety record than any other source, and meltdowns are once-in-a-blue-moon type events. Now if only we could get some serious funding for thorium reactors, we’d have a serious plan towards meeting our energy needs.

      • youre right. none of them are good.

        nuclear may fail once in a blue moon, but when that blue moon hits, it is absolutely devastating. Fukushima is a disaster that gets worse every day.

        • Every failing at Fukushima was a human one. The plant behaved exactly as the science said it would. A proper seawall (as had been suggested numerous times prior to the event) and not putting the diesel generators below grade (who the fvck thought that was a good idea?), and there wouldn’t be anything to talk about.

        • But you can’t remove human error when people build and maintain a facility. And you can restore an area that’s been strip mined or polluted by runoff.

          Radiation? Not so much. How many more generations before anyone can move back to Chernobyl? Fukushima?

          And I was downriver with a young family when TMI occurred. I’ll take coal pollution any day.

        • I will agree that human error is a part of every industry, to include nuclear power.

          How long does it take to restore a strip-mined area? How much does it cost to clean up pollution?

          As far as radiation goes, let’s put it in perspective. Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant puts out about 600 MW of electricity. Just up the Mississippi River in Becker, the Sherco coal plant puts out about triple that, at more than 100 times the fuel cost, while releasing 10 times the radiation into the environment, to say nothing of the sulfur and nitrogen oxides. “Clean coal” is a dirty lie, and I continue to be amazed by the number of people who have bought into it.

  4. This guy is a democrat & they’re suppose to be all about unions & buying American made products. Correct me if I’m wrong but this guy is sporting a Japanese made Howa rifle…LMAO!!! BTW, I do my best not to knowingly purchase anything made by union labor(demoRat fund raising machines).

    • If only we could go back to the good old days when kids worked the factory lines and losing a limb was just the risk you took for having a job at all.

      • Get real a$$hole, we have labor laws that would prevent that from happening today. You libtards just can’t give up the over the top scare tactics.

        • My, my. You may want to get help with anger issues. It’s not good for your health.

          How do you think we got those labor laws? Was it because businesses decided to decrease their profits because the owners laid awake at night worrying about the employees? No. It was because people banded together and demanded safe working conditions. We have the safety and training laws that we do because unions formed, threatened to disrupt the profitability of the company, and demanded working conditions in which they wouldn’t be injured and killed.

          Society didn’t break down and our economy didn’t collapse. Instead, we became more productive and grew a middle class. Perhaps you should do your own research and stop feeding from Papa Rush’s teet.

  5. If you must vote then may I suggest that you either write-in your favorite candidate, or Gary Johnson, the only 3rd party candidate that you never heard of but is on the ticket with one other guy… you have FOUR choices as well as a write-in.

    That is if you think your “vote” is worth anything, or counted correctly, or…….

  6. Harry Reid is letting Joe do and say what he wants right now. He knows he has to say and do those things to get elected in WV. But after the election Joe will have two choices. 1. Toe the line that Harry Reid lays down when his vote is actually needed no matter what the subject or he will get nothing for WV. 2. Switch to the Republican party. I think he will toe the line. But don’t forget that Jay Rockefeller is our other Senator and is very left wing. Bob Byrd would still be our senator if he hadn’t died and he was a die hard Dem. Only time will tell.

    I was born and have lived my 61 years in WV.

    • Serious question. What’s it like to live in a state where Senator Byrd named seemingly everything after himself? It would annoy the hell out of me. Do people ever complain about this or is it a non-issue given the massive amount of pork he brought in? Thanks.

  7. I keep asking people why they named this or that after a recruiter for the KKK which Byrd was! Nothing should be named after a politician. NOTHING!!!! Every Park, Building, Bridge etc should be named first for Police Officers & Soldiers killed in the line of duty or those who lost their lives saving someone else. The sad part about that is they wouldn’t run out of names.

    It is a big issue with some. I do believe most like the pork he brought in. The only good thing was the FBI. I believe they need to dismantle Washington and spread all the offices out to all the states.

  8. Coal pollutes. Oil pollutes. Nuclear is dangerous. The wind doesn’t always blow, the sun doesn’t always shine and the salmon can’t spawn if the river is dammed. We can’t even give up our cars and use horses instead, because the big beasts sh!t all over the road and smell like the local garbage dump. We can’t raise cattle because cow f@rts are a major source of methane. The only solution is to use no energy whatsoever, sit around in the dark, sing Kumbayah and smoke ganja. Then we’ll have beautiful fields of flowers everywhere and can dine every evening on tasty raw snake.

    I can’t wait.

    • Would we be allowed to smoke the ganja? I’m thinking that would be environmentally harmful, perhaps we can cook brownies with it?…. no wait, no energy for cooking, right, I forgot. So I guess we just chew the ganja like tobacco while we eat dandilion leaves and tree bark. I’m thinking no raw snake, because they are creatures with souls too, so it will be all vegan all the time while we sit in the dark….. all dirty and smelly……. singing campfire songs, but with no campfire…… as our fabric clothing rots off our bodies (no animal skins allowed!) yeah, I can’t wait either, sounds like the alternate ending to “Soylent Green”.

  9. More than the usual number of morons on this thread. WV is a fairly conservative state (outside an unseemly addiction to welfare promoted by eastern and southern European immigrants who came to work in the coal mines 100 years ago). WV is also dominated by a democratic party machine (to be fair, we’re still pissed off about that war you yankee republicans forced on us). Manchin knows that his personal gravy train won’t be derailed as long as he pretends to care about WV, pretends to be conservative, keeps a “D” by his name, and pretends to care about the Second Amendment. It really is that simple. Give Obama a second term and Manchin will be beating down his door to sell his vote for personal gain. Elect Romney and Manchin will be beating down his door…well, you get the picture. Either way we get a gun control nut in the White House and Manchin will be looking out for Manchin. In fact, I expect you might hear the words “reasonable restrictions” from Joe Manchin in the next few years no matter who wins in November. Obamney 2012!


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