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“There is not a more, in my view, opportune moment than when there’s still a period of mourning coming from Colorado. Timing, it’s said, is everything. And this is the time.” Time for Senator Frank Lautenberg [above] to stick to his guns, apparently, endangering the Cybersecurity Act of 2012 with a federal ban on “high-capacity” ammunition magazines. Senator Joe Lieberman urged Lautenberg to go on and quit it. Frank doubled-down. “I’m [sorry Dave I’m] not prepared to do that,” Lautenberg told The Huffington Post. “We want to connect safety with reality. And the reality is that we lose more people every year to gun murder than we do in the military … It is ridiculous.” The reality is that Lautenberg’s lack of knowledge about personal safety is unreal.

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  1. Tacking that bullcrap on an unrelated Act is NOT the right time. All the time, money and effort put into the Cybersecurity Act will ensure it all gets wasted because of his childish stunt.

  2. Really? Tell us how well this works everywhere else in the country. Or the world for that matter. Keep wasting money and time, that’s all we really expect from congress anyway.

  3. “There is not a more, in my view, opportune moment than when there’s still a period of mourning coming from Colorado.”

    That goes on my list as one of the top 3 most openly cynical statements ever made by a politician. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure people think it all the time. And maybe even say in private. But to say it, like that, and allow yourself to be quoted? World-class douchebaggery.

    “When is more security sought by the people?”

    That’s the problem. I really don’t see large numbers of people clamoring for more security, at least not that provided by the government. The fact that he does demonstrates his lack of a grasp of the desires of the citizenry and his disconnect from them. There are a decent number of people buying guns, and (what appears to me to be) a smaller number clamoring for “someone to DO SOMETHING,” but the vast majority of the public seems to be shrugging their shoulders and saying, “Meh, you can’t legislate away crazy.”

  4. This is how we ended the ban on firearms in the National Parks, we got the repeal attached to the credit card bill. That legislation was “signature” law and on a path to passage.

    The correct response here – politically – is to do 2 things.
    1) make sure the Laut’s locap law is stripped
    2) get national reciprocity attached.

    Seriously, the antis are the ONLY ones doing any talking and the media is eating it up. None of the gun lobby groups are talking up the no-gun zone, the fact that a NJ game warden could’ve carried in the theater under LEOSA (because cops don’t bust other cops even if there is a private property issue) but CO residents with permits could not! How many lives could’ve been saved? We’ll never know…

  5. 20 bucks says Lautenburg is stockpiling 30 round mags and 75-100 round drums and can’t wait to make a significant financial gain once his ban goes into effect.

    • He is 88 years old, I’d bet the only things he is stockpiling are Geritol and Depends adult diapers.

  6. “And the reality is that we lose more people every year to gun murder than we do in the military … It is ridiculous.”

    Well, due to the population of US as compared to the population of the military, we lose more people to just about every major cause of death than we do in the military. We need to BAN EVERYTHING!

  7. Better yet leave the high capacity in there but attach the reciprocity act. That way the democrats won’t vote for it either! Then no body comes out smelling like a rose.

  8. Does this bill, realistically, have a chance of making it? Or is Fuhrer Lautenberg just doing this to A) make some political point or B) kill the bill?

    Either way, I always laugh when leftists use the word “reality” like they have any clue what it means. But hey give them credit, at least they’re no longer trying to hide the fact that they manipulate emotions to pass illogical laws.

  9. Frank does not represent America,just North Jersey liberals and inner city dong.South Jersey on the other hand is caught in the web of Trenton politics.Go tomatoes and silver queen corn.

  10. I believe most gun deaths in the USA are from suicides and shootings between gang bangers or other criminals. High cap mags would have played at most a tiny role in those deaths which any mag size could have accomplished the same. I wonder if Frankie will pull the mag ban last minute.

  11. IMHO,The mag ban will stick.Online ammo,im thinking no go.Then again,you just don’t know how bought and paid for puppets will go.

      • I’m still waiting to buy one of those shoulder things that go up. I hear they’ll turn my AK and AR into super tacticool killing machines but nobody carries them.

        • I think they also give them legs and an ability to pull their own triggers (and also magic full auto capability) so that they can go on killing sprees. I mean, isn’t that what happens with all shooting sprees? Some evil “assault” gun that does everything on it’s own or has special mind control that makes “good kids” do bad things? I mean, it couldn’t possibly be the people pulling the trigger or committing these acts…the scary black rifles just hover next to the person and do everything on their own…the person is just there to take the blame as a fall Guy for the gun’s actions…. (mmm, I love the smell of sarcasm in the morning/middle of the night)

  12. Take note- not all lefties are this out of touch. Far from it. Many are, just as there are a ton of whackos on the right. East cost liberal politicians just make me squirm, and I am a F-ing democrat! Scratch that- Chris Christy is no better. Romney is no better, he has just etch-a-sketched a new friendly position on gun rights. Yachts, those prissy white sweaters, polo… The culture just makes me sick. Must be nice to be able to say (and honestly believe) that guns, standard capacity mags, concealed carry holders, and *insert evil gun description here* are a threat to the safety of society as you return to your ivory tower in Manhattan every night. The day Bloomberg and every other politician gives up their armed security details is the day that my outrage level *may* go down a bit. A bit. And yes, I am filly aware that would never happen. They just… Don’t… Get it. Never will. The NRA needs to speak the hell up, at the top of thier lungs, and make OUR voices heard. It is not hard make a rational and valid argument against this type of flawed thinking. That’s what we pay for, after all. Step up to the plate and show us why you exist in the first place, NRA! Show us all that you DO exist to protect this fundamental right ingrained into our constitution, and that you are truely CAPABLE of doing so.

  13. The reality is this, Frank has no re-election this fall and can easily allow this bill to be stopped and make the political point – after all who gives a sh!t about cyber security when the democrats obvious don’t care about personal security!

    Personal and political dogma is more important than the health of the nation. I am sure the far left is beaming with pride.

    Dear gun owners of NJ, at some point his term will be over and he must be removed from office because it this ilk that keeps you down.

    • Frank’s term ends when he stops breathing. I have confidence I’ll be reading his obit at some point since he’s decades older than I.

  14. Mitch,
    I could not agree more.That’s why i fish in south jersey in the fall and spring.Quiet from shit.

  15. When I see him holding that gun, it makes me hope he has an AD. Bonus points if he puts one through the head of that Commie standing behind him.

  16. And the reality is that we lose more people every year to gun murder than we do in the military … It is ridiculous.”

    I am so sick and tired of hearing “gun murders” singled out as if they were somehow more murdery than “tire-iron murders”.

  17. Wait we lose more people to gun crime than the military? Ok I’ll bite… and how many of those people were killed by an assault rifle with a 30 round magazine? Idiots. They want to ban that stuff even though it has nothing to do with the murders. Why not ban McDonalds for making people fat. Better idea let’s ban cancer I hear that’s the number one killer.

  18. They tie wrapped that thing so Frank didn’t catch his finger in the breech. Make sure you tell the old man which end the bullet comes out of.

  19. If he’d just track a little to his left (should be easy for him), he’d muzzle Ms. McCarthy. For some reason, this makes me smile.

  20. Since when are 20 and 30 round AR mags hicaps anyway? The weapon was designed and shipped with those mags. That’s standard capacity.

  21. Ugh, the worst thing (other than this clown being my Senator) is clicking the link and reading the actual article. Check out those comments if you need some more stress in your life.

    Of course the official HUFFPOST poll has Barry winning by 99 electoral votes in November – including carrying Ohio, Penn. & Michigan. I’m sure that makes sense.

  22. Think he could be charged with treason and or dereliction of duty/oath of office to protect and up hold the constitution?

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