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“Gov. Pat Quinn is renewing a push in Illinois to ban assault weapons in the wake of the killings at a Colorado theater that left 12 dead and dozens more wounded,” reports. “The Democratic governor also revealed plans today to propose a ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines in Illinois.” The Governor Tweeted his intentions earlier today [above], claiming the moves would make The Land of Lincoln “a safer place to live.” At a press conference, Quinn admitted that the bans are designed to send a message to all Americans . . .

We should show the nation that when something really bad happens, as happened in Aurora Colorado, a horrific massacre, that we don’t stand idly by.

The chances that Quinn’s amendatory veto (of a bill allowing ammo sales by mail) are slim. Still it brings to mind the old expression, don’t just do something, stand there!

Quinn countered arguments that “assault weapons” and “high capacity magazines” are protected by the Second Amendment by asserting that “there’s also a right to have security in your person and going whether it’s to a movie theater or a class at a university or a shopping mall.” Which is a really good argument for concealed carry, which he also opposes. Go figure.

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  1. again. 68 gca . awb. mag bans. disregard the constitution. it’s always the dems. gop ain’t perfect, but if we’re ever going to be secure in our gun rights we have to curb the dems.

    • Gun policy here is kind of like mexicos… technically its legal, but that doesnt mean you can have one!

  2. Let Illinois ban everything. Guns, ammo, self defense, sanity, whatever. Who cares what some POS foreign dictatorship does? I don’t give a crap.

    • Well, thanks for the apathy. You’re a real humanitarian.

      By the way, this POS foreign dictatorship exported one of our worst offenders to run your republic. You’re welcome.

      • Um, your major city is consistenly one of the worst in the nation in terms of crime, corruption and trampling on people’s rights. You were expecting, maybe, cheers of support?

  3. This should all be handled logically.

    Go on and ban high cap magazines for a period of, oh, two or four years. If the crime rate does not see a significant drop, you lose your job. If the crime rate significantly goes up, you face jail time for aiding and abetting. See how many politicians would be confident in their tyrannical propositions then.

  4. I live near chicago. Sensing this coming, just the other day, I headed out to Cabellas.. And bought out all the black pmag maglevels, and dark earth pmags they had. Sent a very helpfull employee in the back for more dark earth. To my fellow ‘subjects’, sorry.. But, you snooze you loose. 🙁

  5. I wish Gov. Quinn had told the four thugs who committed a home invasion burglary/assault against me when I was in college that I had a right to have security in my person. That would have made it all better, and then they’d have gone on to volunteer in a soup kitchen for the homeless instead of committing those terrible acts against me. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

    Maybe Gov. Quinn should try joining the rest of us over here in the reality-based universe.

    • How big is his security detail? They should definitely ban full auto pistols, they burn through even a 32 round magazine much too quickly, without a decent on target percentage. I’ve seen pictures of a Beretta, what other manufacturers make them (the pistols, not the mags).

      • Every gun ban by the politicians means that the same should apply to their protective detail. Scratch that. If they ban guns, or support banning guns, then they must first set the example by having guns removed from their security detail personnel.
        Let’s see how they like that.

  6. Is Quinn going to guarantee a person’s security and safety if they go to a movie or shopping mall in Illinois after a high capacity mag ban?

  7. Also, I read in the chicago tribune (be skeptical), that this was attached to a republican sponsored bill, that would legalize mail order ammunition sales… If true, very sneaky on their part…

    • I hope to give Pat Quinn and his minions in this state a nice farewell, taking a decent amount of business with me out of this state when I move later this year. It will be a happy future where I do not have to pay this state taxes anymore and feed its ruling fascists and their regime of restrictions on everything. I hope to then sit back and watch Ill-Annoy slowly but surely go bankrupt. Everytime there is bad economic news from this state, I plan to raise a glass of Veuve Cliquot in toast.

  8. Also, read in the chi trib that the bill was attached to to one that would legalize mail order ammo sales. Tricky.

    • Legalize internet sales? They’re already perfectly legal in IL. You just have to email a pic of your FOID card. I’ve ordered a ton of ammo from AIM and cheaperthandirt (yeah, I know) this way.

      Also, screw this state. I’m getting the hell out as soon as I can.

  9. Whine till you’re blue in the face Mr. Quinn. Arizona is deaf ears to your nonsense.

    Plus, America hasn’t stood idly by. Many more of us have armed up because we trust our safety much more in our hands than in the hands of a blowhard politician like you.

  10. sounds like illinois is a worse place for gun rights than ca. except for the fact that we’ve got to stick together to defend those rights i’d be laughing at the expense of my illinois brethren.

    • The problem is that the citizens of CA, IL, NY, etc keep electing these morons. The bad laws will only stop when you stop electing bad politicians.

      • The problem is also that we are outnumbered by those looking for handouts, and voting for the pol who promises the most.

        Personally, I plan to retire in WI or AZ.

      • Absolutely.

        The citizens of NYC baffle me the most. The man they voted for tells them they can’t have transfats (then they bitch about it), dictates what size soft drinks they can buy (then they bitch about it) and just recently has limited new mothers’ hospital access to bottles and formula because apparently a decrepit old man knows women’s business best and that any new mother that wants to bottle feed needs to be lectured about it.


        You’re more than welcome in Arizona!

  11. I have a question about the bill this is being attached to supposedly legalizing mail order ammunition.
    According to:
    “(b-5) Any resident may purchase ammunition from a person outside of Illinois. Any resident purchasing ammunition outside the State of Illinois must provide the seller with a copy of his or her valid Firearm Owner’s Identification Card and either his or her Illinois driver’s license or Illinois State Identification Card prior to the shipment of the ammunition. The ammunition may be shipped only to an address on either of those 2 documents.”

    It’s already perfectly legal. I’ve done it many, many times. Crook County and others may have local statutes banning it, but it’s not state-wide. I’m confused.

  12. I lived in Crook County, in the city of Sh*tcago for many years. The biggest problem for gun owners is that state politics is basically controlled by the Chicago crowd. Get outside of the city and the surrounding counties and you have fairly normal people. Unfortunately there aren’t enough of them to overcome the Machine votes in the metro area.

    Sadly, the Republican leadership isn’t very effective in the state. They’re more concerned with keeping their positions, and will cut pretty much any deal necessary with the other side in order to keep their power-diminished as it is.

    Quinn came to office when Blago was impeached. He won re-election by the skin of his teeth, and basically because of the votes in the Chicago area. He hasn’t had an original thought in years. If you look closely you’ll see the hand of Michael Madigan, the Speaker of the House, pulling his strings.

    I’m glad I don’t live there any more.

  13. Maybe they should ban flash mobs with more than 10 people. Chicago’s “Pick ’em Out, Knock ’em Out” attacks and flash mob robberies prove, with no need to resort to any other reason, why you need more than 10 cartridges in a gun.

  14. I’d like to send Governor Quinn a message right here but I’m sure that it would be “Flame Deleted”.

    The only message that will get through these guys thick skulls is when the voters send them and their ilk packing at the ballot box.

  15. I thought for sure his message to all Americans was going to be “Don’t come to Illinois.”

  16. Dear New York, California and Illinois,

    Seriously, what the fvck?

    The rest of America

  17. I think the left is secretly pissed Obama didn’t come out more forcefully against guns the past three years. It’s no surprise they are jumping on the Aurora tragedy.

  18. Quinn won two counties and got elected. They guy he was running against had the whole rest of the state and lost. How is that right?
    While I am living in IL (grad school) I will do what I can to change things, but I’m getting out ASAP.

  19. Everyone must pass a NEEDS based test, for example, Michael”Savage” Weiner says conservatives must ban high cap mags and body armour so they can control it from the liberals doing it.

    “Savage” says Mayor Bloomberg is a tyrant for banning 16 oz sodas, because nobody NEEDS more than 16 ozs of soda in one cup, but goes on to say ‘CRACKERS’ dont need high cap mags because nobody NEEDS them to hunt deer.

    “Savage” says he supports the 2nd amendment but wants Clintonesque gun control.

    “Savage” says this govt is a tyranny and is going to start rounding people up like Nazi Germany, but trying to fight it is stupid, and you will lose, therefore high cap mags must be banned, because “crackers” should not have the same gear police have.

    Where do these psychotics come from?

      • Michael Alan Weiner aka “Savage Nation” comes from NYC.

        When he said he was “tired of this cracker stuff” he was saying only intellectuals like him and the police should be armed.

        This from a guy who is ranting Obama is going to declare martial law and round up all the conservative white males.

  20. “Quinn admitted that the bans are designed to send a message to all Americans . . .”

    Hey Quinn, the only message that I’m receiving outside of Illinois is that you’re an idiot and the majority of voters in Illinois must also be idiots for voting you into office. Condolences to the non-idiots there, not quite sure why you’re still living there. Hope springs eternal?

  21. sounds to me like all the lib’s have stock in these gun and ammo companies and are trying to scare you into buying more so the stock goes up…. 🙂

  22. This was just a dirty-dog publicity stunt.

    1. The bill, as the subject of an “amendatory veto”, can (and will) be pulled by the sponsor should it look like there are votes to pass it, and frankly there aren’t.

    2. Quinn can go back to the press in a month or two when they are in veto session and the bill gets pulled… and he’ll say, “I tried!”

    While downstate Democrats in IL are generally quite pro-gun, the Chicago Democrats are the worst of the worst. And a few Chicago Republicans aren’t much better frankly.

    This whole state is just living in the Dark Ages, but we don’t have a Scott Walker and a Republican controlled legislature like our neighbors to the north voted themselves to lead us into a Renaissance.



  23. Here we go again, This state has a tendendecy to forget the constitiutional rights of ALL Americans. It is another showing of Chicago running the state. The governor is from there, and he has Obama’s person whom came back from Washington DC with no residency in Chcago run for and become Mayor (Raum Emanuel). In order for governors to get in office they have to promise and send much of the states money, and do as they are told by the Chicagoland politicians declare.

    That being said we are the only state in the nation without a CCW Bill, We are the state that tried to come up with a dumb idea to take peoples ammunition away from them and make them buy new with serial numbers on them (how stupid). We are also a state the in order to purchase a gun or ammunition (legally) must show a state issued FOID (Firearm Owner IDentification) Card. That is not necessary for a person to buy a illegally, or a gun to be uesd in a crime, as they are bought not from regular gun dealers, as the people selling those arms want no way to be conected to the seller. Then because some one in Chicago decided that they wanted to make some money and thought that it would be a good idea was going to sell lists of registered gun owners from that. That had it have passed, would have created a problem in itself as it would have given thugs peoples names, addresses, and much more information from the applications. It was stopped due to the fact that even Law Enforcement Officers are required to have the same cards, and would have given out personal information that could have placed them and their fmilies in jeopardy as well as everyone else. I do say that ALL Law Abiding Citizens should be able to defend themselves and family from harm.

    But these laws do nothing to detour the criminals from using the guns. We see stuff like what happened in CO, and I do see it as tragic, but what would have happened IF one of the military people that were in the theater would have been packing ang shot him back, I know he had body armour on but any military person, and LEO knows there are unprotected areas that they can shoot and seriously injure a person.

    What the State of Illinois is doing is criminalizing citizens, and trying to strip away their constitutional rights by making them unable to defend themselves against other criminals, and the government, that is it pure plain and simple. They are doing nothing to enforce laws already on the books, nor doing anything to bust up the gangs in all communities throughout the state. They need to look more at that before I will support anymore gun legislation in the state of IL.

    If Illinois had their way, Citizens would not have guns, which would be a ticket for all the criminals to have their way to break into homes without fear of being killed, as the only one with a gun would be them.

  24. Texas is looking better everyday.

    I really, really wish that Chicago would become the 51st state, and leave the rest of us alone.

  25. Dems are conceited thinking they’re smarter than everybody else, and they know what’s good for everybody else. They have a blind faith in government. Ban handguns, and less crime is fait accompli. Violent crime even worse? The answer is obviously more laws – microstamping, buy limits for guns and ammo, magazine bans, etc.

    The reality is Dems don’t have the humility to ask themselves if their policies are really working, if they should be scrapped, and something different be tried. The reality is many of our social ills are a product of their failed policies and to their bad parenting.

  26. What else can we expect from the Eskimo Quinn? This moron has an IQ of room temperature, a very cold room. Just look at him, he is a laughing stock, a clown, all that is missing is the big red nose.

  27. It really upsets me when politicians that live in glass houses throw stones. Does anyone know what the cost of Quinn’s security detail is to the taxpayers? The only thing I could find was this, and it’s only relevant for a month:

    I believe that all politicians, including Ms. Boxer in California, who are part of the magazine and ammunition sales ban bill introduced this week in the senate should state UP FRONT what their security details cost the taxpayer.

    It is really easy to call for gun related bans when you are the only one surrounded by professional guns that protect you. What are the rest of us supposed to do to protect ourselves?

    It is up to all of us on the wrong end of this deal to point out to these people that the reason they feel safe is because they are surrounded by professional guns that protect them – sure, from that POV it would be better if no one else had them – their point exactly. That’s what I call a dictatorship. The rest of us be dammed.

    For a good essay on the topic please look here:



  28. The liberals want to enact their own form of government,but they need to take the weapons first,as if passing a few asinine laws,will automatically make everyone who believes in the Constitution,will just throw up there hands and say we better do what they want!Most of the liberals want a leftist socialist state,where government runs everyone’s life.Kinda reminds you of some forms of government that have gone broke and fallen by the wayside.First ,it would be universal background checks,which is actually registration,then “Ya’ll need to turn in your weapons,for the safety of the children”, they always like to use a tragedy to further their agenda,then they would actually try to confiscate which would lead to a Second American Revelution,Sheriff Clarke of Milwaukee County said it best.Keep your powder dry.

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