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Male or female, when you need a condom, you need a condom. And given the importance of having one when that special mood strikes, no one wants to be a victim of prophylactic profiteering. But that seems to be just what set off one particular BP customer on the west side of Detroit. Unfortunately, he picked the wrong c-store to unleash his retail rage and go all medieval on the beef jerky and Ho-Hos . . .

Seven Action News spoke to folks at the scene who say it started after the customer demanded the clerk charge less for a package of condoms. The clerk refused. The customer became angry and started knocking over things in the store.  The clerk is accused of then taking out a gun and firing shots.
The customer died from his injuries after the shooting.

The clerk in question seems to have had a history of brandishing and other less then responsible pistol practices. And there may be some question as to whether or not he actually intended to rub out the raging rubber buyer. Not that it matters much to the customer at this point.

Coincidentally, Ron Scott of the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality already had a meeting scheduled for today to discuss just these kinds of incidents – which evidently occur frequently enough in Detroit to warrant a meeting – with gas station owners.

“We work in mediation and deescalation,” said Scott.  “A man should not die after an argument over a package of condoms.”

Words to live by.

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  1. I am willing to bet a serious amount of money that the angry condom purchaser yelled something to the effect of “I will bleeping kill you”. Probably, he used some sort of racial epithet towards the clerk.

    And how is that for a balanced community organizer. ” A lot of people here in the black community have had issues with the gas station owners. Well, of course, some of the gas staion owners have died too.” Stop. Ron, you do not bridge a gap between people when one side is getting killed. You start with a public service announcement “For a longer, healthier, hole-free life, don’t threaten gas station clerks.” Had the deceased not started destroying private property and yelling death threats (probably), he would be alive and using his condoms.

    • I have a strange feeling that there is more to this than on the surface as well. I know gas station attendents who worked in bad areas that got jaded very fast with the amount of hold ups and crime in the area.

  2. It’s obvious to this white person that Ron Scott is a RACIST. Folks, if you are not “of color,” get out of Detroit & let the BLACK community have the shithole THEY shitted up. When are stupid white people going to say enough’s enough with the RACIST blacks?

  3. “We work in mediation and deescalation,” said Scott. “A man should not die after an argument over a package of condoms.”

    Maybe these “men” should have learned from their parents that life is full of small disappointments, and how to not take every little disappointment in life out on those around you immediately in the most dramatic fashion possible.

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