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Anna Benson, freelance bullet resistant vest tester (courtesy don’t think it’s any secret that my second marriage was something of a nightmare. I’m not saying there were ballistic issues but I am saying that the last Mrs. Farago didn’t have the combination to my gun safe. Which had absolutely nothing to do with my sudden interest in retention holsters. But seriously folks, Anna Benson. “‘The “Baseball Wives’ star was arrested on Monday after she allegedly donned a bulletproof vest, barged into her estranged husband’s Marietta, Ga. home, and threatened him with a gun and a metal baton unless he gave her $30,000,” reports. “Kris [Benson], 38, said he appeased her by saying he was leaving to get money, but instead called police.” Actually, it was way worse than that . . .

“According to the incident report, Anna smashed her ex’s computer with the baton and wore an ammo belt, which police later found when they searched her. They also found that she had a knife with her . . .

Anna claimed she did nothing wrong and was surprised when police arrested her. She told police she went to Kris’ home to discuss their issues. She said she wore the bulletproof vest because she was “testing [it] for a company” and “had to wear it for an extended time.”

Here’s hoping she has to wear an ankle bracelet for an extended time, too. Not that it would make much difference to Mr. Benson’s self-defense strategy. Clearly, his wife has graduated Bunny Boiler U and embarked on a graduate degree in Suffer and Die. Not to put too fine a point on it, it’s time to tool-up Chris.

Of course he could have avoided the whole situation by not tooling up in the first place (i.e. having sexual intercourse with Anna). At the risk of generalizing, the more beautiful a woman the more bat-shit crazy she’s likely to be. I know: your wife/significant other is the exception that proves the rule. That’s what you say now . . .

And here’s what I say: if you’re going to do the horizontal mambo with something so gorgeous you can hear men yelp in pain from spousal shin kicks as you walk through a restaurant don’t tell her about you backup gun. If you know what I mean.

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  1. Shouldn’t posts like this not air ’til after 10 p.m. when the kids are in bed?

    Keep it classy, RF.

    • R.F.- Please for the love of all that is good, dont clean up this site. I get enough PC bullshit elsewhere. And for the record, she looks pokable still. Just keep situational awareness! Keep rockin sir……

      • She looks pretty rough in the mugshot, but then I guess nobody really looks good. Pretty sure this is the definition of “hot mess.”

        • Been there. Done that. Every word RF wrote is the gospel of women.

          Men really are stupid when it comes to women.

          Sane, beautiful or single. Women are only allowed to be two of the three.

        • Best advice I’ve ever received:

          “Son, remember…No matter how hot she is somebody, somewhere, is tired of putting up with her sh*t.”

      • I agree, DO NOT clean up your posts! Or TTAG!

        I LOVE it just the way it is. If certain users want something more PC, send them a copy of the NY Times.

      • Before marriage, I had two ways of dealing with hot but crazy broads. Also, contrary to what’s being slung around, every single one of them is crazy. No exceptions.

        1) If you absolutely can’t keep your hands off of them, then only bang them at your place once it has been sterilized of any intel (e.g. Bills, correspondence, etc). Guns are locked up and hidden; she never even knows they’re there. Do NOT go to her place. It seems counter-intuitive, but I have found it’s easier to keep her from “nesting” with you in your place.

        2) if you think it’s headed that way with a chick but you know it’s more trouble than it’s worth then just beat off. Just like the desire to go to a strip club, beating off does wonders for your ability to think logically.

        • I solved that problem years ago, I NEVER bring them home, because once they get in the front door their radar starts analyzing your finances. Take them to their place or a cheap motel. Truth is that if these women didn’t have a p u s s y they would have NO (straight) male friends!

        • I am just fine with her evaluating my finances. I am not wealthy, but I do alright. It has never been a deterent for me in the past.

          Every time I have nailed a chick in her own place it has always turned clingy. I am not quite sure why that is… it has just turned out that way. On the flip side, when I’ve brought chicks home to MY place, there never seems to be any issue showing them the door. Maybe it’s a comfort thing. Plus, through careful study (being a man-slut) I have discovered that nailing a girl at my own place leads to repeat business without having to deal with the relationship aspect.

        • Great advice. Almost 50 here. Beating off is what I always found to do the trick. It just plainly works; it brings perspective back. And today, with computers (and porn) it’s as easy as 1,2,3.

  2. Got a coworker who says you don’t stick it in crazy- wise words. A mutual coworker- so medicated as to hear colors and smell numbers- will prove it to their own spouse, some day.

    • You haven’t lived until you’ve stuck it in at least one crazy girl. Tragically, I don’t learn from my mistakes, and have done it a few times. Thank heavens I’m married now.

    • I don’t know about that. My brother-in-law is hooked up with a woman who’s every bit as psycho as Anna Benson and she be FUGGGGGLLLLYYY! AND she’s a 6 time convicted felon to boot. But then he always did like them fat, stupid and psycho. I guess different strokes for different folks.

        • Nope, she never spent a day in jail. 2 felony burglaries and 4 felony child endangerments. I’m not sure she plead down on the burglaries, but the child endangerments were most definitely a plea deal to keep her out of prison. BTW, they now have a child together. Go figure.

        • Well she’s not going to look that great with a head full of vomit!

  3. Kris had a couple of decent seasons with the Mets. Always liked him. His wife used to be hot…now not so much. You guys know the saying, it doesn’t matter how good she looks. Some guy somewhere is sick and tired of putting up with her sh*t.

  4. Not to quibble, but I believe the classically proper term is “Horizontal Hula” – better rhythm don’t you think? Best Regards.

  5. I was gonna make a comment………
    then I thought……….
    celebrity batsh!t……..
    ’nuff said………

  6. I’d be interested to hear the female point of view on this issue. Love to know what their little list contains as “don’t do the prone position pole dance with this guy.” Actually, marriage is a much much bigger step. Ruling out beautiful others completely seems excessive. Then again, there’s Helen of Troy. That’s a worse problem than crazy, the ex-boyfriends, whether or not they can launch a thousand ships.

    • All I can attest to is when divorced from first husband, decided anyone worth my time and affection would need to be the exact opposite of of my Ex.
      In fact my ex actually made a suggestion that a casual friend of his would be a good match for me. Married to his “suggestion” for going on 20 yrs. now, who is the exact opposite of x- husband.
      Point being don’t make the mistake most people make by getting together with the same type of person you had to kick to the curb.

      • What great advice for a man or woman! People do seem to go for the same thing twice, with similar results. Especially women who go for the sort of darkly exciting impulsive guy. Thanks for the info. Ignore my occasional “what the h’ do women want?” type comments. Laugh. Glad it worked out when you followed your good idea.

      • then why do most women (usually the hot ones) keep going after the losers who mistreat them and beat them? One would think that they would get tired of being mistreated.

        • Some women (like some men) are attracted to serial abusers and to being abused. Some people believe it is who and what they are in life and that it is their place to be in such a relationship.

        • Yep. Hypergamy. Many women are only attracted to the bulge in a man’s pants…his wallet. I guess for men the problem is “hyperbellus.” (bellus: latin: beauty).

    • men are very simple creatures. the women are mostly what make them insane – if they let them.

      most women aren’t worthy of men making this type of adjustment, though.

      I’m a woman and I can’t stand a one of them. one reason you find me hanging around here regularly.

      • Thanks. I’ve heard that. (Glad you’re here and commented.) What the women don’t tell me is exactly why they don’t trust each other.

        • mina,

          Interesting site and article. I’ve book marked it for later reading. Thanks.

        • Mina, that was a good read. It reminded me, laugh, of Chimpanzee Politics: Power and Sex Among Apes (de Waal). I learned a simpler version long ago: Men are very respectful of the alphaness of their fellows and rarely issue status challenges, because fights hurt. Women (the upper half, at least) constantly challenge each others status, because the challenge is usually verbal and arbitrated by other women in the group. Thanks for the link.

  7. …But crazy (this time) is drop dead gorgeous! Don’ t worry; happily married – and monogamous for 31 years…and just, too, tired!

  8. Taurus Judge with PDX rounds, expandable baton, knife, bullet resistant vest, ammo belt and some other stuff according to a Fox report I watched today. Holy bats!t crazy, people! Her version o the story is less than credible.

    • Taurus Judge… proof positive she’s crazier than a outhouse rat, right there.

      Wait… maybe she just wanted to hurt him, or scare him. I see a plausible defense coalescing…

  9. Well, there were two articles that were deleted (to my knowledge), one about the immediate response to the marathon bombing and the other about a critic of a Kahr arms pistol. . .with no explanation. I can find neither in a search.

    Now we have to talk about sticking a dick in a woman.

    How about a little professionalism? What happened to the posts I referred to?

    • We occasionally realize that a post is either wrong, misleading or, uh, ill-advised. And then we spike it. I don’t think this one is wrong. But then I wouldn’t would I?

  10. Girls like that will usually wander off on their own if, after sticking your dick in them, you let them know that they didn’t earn any special favors from the event.

    • That’s when the craziest ones make false rape allegations. You know Shakespeare’s famous quote: “Hexx has no fury like a woman scorned.”

  11. I ONLY stick my dick in crazy……….because I am just not into dudes.

    now where is that “if my vagina was a gun” chick………….

  12. Wackadoos are great in the sac, just don’t marry them.

    The real question here is how the hell did she get into his home? If one is estranged from another and one knows the other is a bit crazy why even have any type of connection anymore?

    She may be crazy but the dude is dumb enough to keep her in his life on some level. He’s lucky he got off with a threat and didn’t end up like Steve McNair.

  13. RF, this kind of stuff (and the similar you used to do over at TTAC) is why the “truth” blogs are head and shoulders above the alternatives.

    Love it. Keep it up man. People complaining are taking themselves (and life) wayyyy to seriously.

  14. It’s ok to stick your dick in the crazy ones (that’s all of them), just don’t tell them who you are or where you live. And never, EVER fall asleep next to one.

      • Never got that whole GFE thing. I pay not for the sex, but the ability to leave unencumbered soon afterwards.

        • The definition of eternity?
          The time differential between when you come and she goes…

        • A famous quote: “They don’t pay you for sex. They pay you to leave afterwards.” I’m pretty sure this has nothing to do with guns. But still…

  15. Holy cow. I just enjoyed a 10 minute laugh.
    Thanks RF and all the commenters. Now I have all these jokes wanting to escape my head!

  16. I’m sorry you wrote this, Bob. The piece has little to do with gun debate and, honestly, leaves a bit of your credibility at risk. I’m afraid your writing makes you out a bit daft or a bit drunk.

    • Methinks it fits squarely in the IGOTD department.

      In fact, I think it has a better-than-average chance of taking the gold cup.

    • My humble opinion: this is a Hall of Fame post, Bob. Sorry TTAG doesn’t fit your perfect blog criteria. Some of us just skip the posts that don’t interest us. Some of us click on them, read all the comments and then whine like babies at the bottom.

    • Really? How does it put RF’s credibility at risk? What this post demonstrates is that RF is more concerned with publishing content that covers a spectrum of issues related to guns and safety. It also proves RF isn’t afraid to question and be intimidated by the domineering politically-correct mantras that permeate modern society.

    • Bill, did you notice that a few women contributed interesting comments? Maybe they’ll speak up about RKBA or the merits of 10mm next week. Women are actually less prudish than men, and they rarely get to say “yep. Don’t touch that” on women’s sites. And they know us better than we do, in certain areas.

      • On feminist sites, there is generally zero toleration for any comment, no matter how diplomatically written, that does not fit into the radical feminist mantras.

  17. That title made me laugh. Normally I might lean towards a bit of discretion (a small bit), but it’s spot freaking on.

  18. “Behind every beautiful woman is a man who’s sick of her shit.” Sounds like she’s available, fellas.

  19. Posts like this are the reason I don’t share any links to TTAG. Way to reinforce the stereotype of the crude misogynistic gun nut, RF.

  20. The term “Never Again” holds a different meaning for me. Reserved for sausage bait like this gem.

    The horror…

  21. When I lost the crazy woman I was seeing, a German friend taught me this:
    Frauen sind wie Toiletten. Entweder sind sie Beschissen oder Besetzt.

    And, excessively blunt, Craig? That’s what she said.

      • Sad to say that’s not the first time that’s happened. I had an instructor in tech school who apparently ran into a hooker on Okinawa who tried something similar.

  22. “At the risk of generalizing, the more beautiful a woman the more bat-shit crazy she’s likely to be. I know: your wife/significant other is the exception that proves the rule. That’s what you say now . . .”

    Jeez, bitter much?

    Yes, perfectly reasonable people (of either gender) sometimes have exes with issues, even batshit crazy type issues, but my observation is that in relationships, “crazy” is usually a two way street, or maybe more like a roundabout of escalation.

    These crazy-ex-wife/girlfriend stories are the classic man-bites-dog scenario, as domestic violence and homicide stats will attest.

    I understand, guys gotta vent. But this is not your favorite watering hole or a high school locker room. This is a public forum about guns and gun rights. This shit is not helping the cause.

    Perhaps instead of this misogynistic tirade (followed by further pornographic and frankly juvenile commentary), you could do a follow up on the Marrissa Alexander case, which has not gotten a lot of coverage here, or anywhere else:

    Armed Intelligentsia, indeed.

    • Holly cow! She might as well have been bargaining at a tag sale. It was so normal for her that was scary!

  23. Put my checkmark in the column for those who say they don’t need to be cute to be crazy. My first ex was a violent one. her favorite tactid was to get close during an argument, then sucker punch the guy, Usually me, in the adams apple. Found that she did it t oseveral guys in high school. After the second time, w THAT look in her eye, I would grab her elbows and hang on for dear life. Tactic two was fast and furious knees to the groin. never let go of the elbows though. Still have not figured out why I stayed married to her for nearly 20 years.
    As a going away prize, She parked her van on top of me in the school parking lot, IN VIOLATION of a restraining order I had on her. Courts did NOTHING about it.
    I guess I figgered out, as a teen, that I was no catch in the looks department. In fact, I assumed a woman would need to be blind or crazy to go to bed with me. Under that assumption, wife #2 was legally blind. Wife #3 is from south of the border, yup, she is one of them latinos coming up here and doing a job that no American woman will do.

  24. Well, my lengthy comment may or may not show up, but explain to me how the bulk of the commentary here differs from the much decried Gangsta Rap “Bitches and Hos” view of women in general?

  25. ‘Don’t stick your dick in Anna Benson’ is the title of this article, but “p**sy” or “f*ck” get your comments auto-scrubbed…. Way to be consistent, Farago.

  26. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: RF, it’s your BBQ, so serve whatever the hell you like.

    That said, I can’t recommend the site or even mention it anymore to people I know (especially women.) I do enjoy the articles aggregation, because I don’t have time to scour the web obsessively for this content myself; but the bathroom humor and overall locker room mentality ensures at best a niche within a niche market appeal.

    This article sounds as though it were written by an old fat white guy, toasted, horny, angry and alone, late at night. If the apologists here want to defend crude posts and sashay around in self-congratulatory, mutual masturbatory “anti-PC” posing………..have at it. It is what it is, which isn’t much.

    As for me, I’ll keep reading the site, willfully ignoring the advertising, and citing/sending only the original source links, not TTAG itself, to friends/family when I want to reference an interesting story. Direct attribution of TTAG has become an embarrassment.

    Sober up, grow up and clean up your act, RF. Or don’t.

    • This guy did it way better than me.

      This is pretty much how I feel:

      As for me, I’ll keep reading the site, willfully ignoring the advertising, and citing/sending only the original source links, not TTAG itself, to friends/family when I want to reference an interesting story. Direct attribution of TTAG has become an embarrassment.

    • I tried to say this same thing, but maybe my comment was scrubbed, I did use a bad word beginning with s, I think, but I thought that word was okay. Maybe my tinfoil hat is just itchy. Maybe my comments will show up, or not, they often don’t, though I don’t call people names and seldom use foul language (this post seemed to call for foul language).

      One point I was making is that a major public forum like TTAG is not a guys’ night out at a bar (or a high school locker room). If this is an attempt at serious advocacy journalism, there’s no place for this kind of BS. If it’s just an excercise in getting clicks, maybe this is the right approach. Not my call.

      The other point is that the attitudes expressed toward women by so many commentors here, especially in response to this post, are no different than the attitudes some of these very people likely decry in the context of Gangsta Rap (or perhaps the Taliban).

      A lot of “fence sitters” on the gun issue are women, and this sort of crap is not helping.

    • I think it’s high time this fight acknowledges the problem with feminism and batshit crazy women telling all of the rest of us how to live.

      I support TTAG totally in their endeavors, including this one, and actually wish they’d go one step further and embrace the manosphere a bit more (men’s rights, game theory, etc) because to me, it is very obvious the influence those theories already have on the fight for 2nd amendment rights — both positive and negative. Fact is most people either don’t know about it, don’t see it or fail to link them together.

      If they did, our fight would be a lot more efficient and surgical vs. what we do currently.

      BTW: I am a woman.

      • mina, my mother is neither a feminist nor “batshit crazy”. But she would be disgusted by the crudity of articles like this, which is why I would never direct her (or almost anyone among my family and friends) to an article on TTAG. One need be neither a feminist nor crazy to not enjoy wallowing in such vulgarity.

        • we cannot possibly insist that every blog/web site we like cater to every single person’s taste and level of tolerance.

          do you know why every town / city / muni in the country has a strip mall type format and the same stores block after block after block?

          because it’s safe. because it’s familiar. because everyone can feel good that everything has been sanitized for their protection.

          so, everything is the same. everywhere. there is no variation, there is no spice, and I submit to you: there is no life.

          insist away that no one offend anyone ever and I guarantee life will no longer be worth living.

          I will hasten to point out that this drive to sameness and safety and sanitizing is all a result of the women-folk running things on the basis that no one should be offended, ever, and no one should have feelbad because they weren’t on the team that didn’t get the blue ribbon. this is the result of feminism and matriarchy and misandry and it robs us of our culture … and our GUNS!

          vulgarity is a judgement and in ~your~ subjective opinion vulgarity is bad. not everyone agrees with your assessment, including me.

          I am certain you could find a blog that caters more to your sensitivity and doesn’t cause such a rise in your ladylike vapors. 🙂 have a great day!

        • more to the point of your post, as a response to mine: the reason this fight continues and flounders around so much is because the men don’t stand up and say the things that men should say because they are afraid of how the women (and the white knights) will react.

          this is the basis for political correctness and is created and promulgated by feminists, primarily, and their supporters (white knights.)

          this is the very thing that is corrupting and hurting our culture, not helping it.

          women wander into men’s realms and expect to be welcomed in with open arms and further expect men to then change the rules to accomodate them. their sensititivity, their need to belong, their need for consensus.

          in other words, women are consistently and constantly doing their best to turn men into women. and this is how they do it.

          thank goodness for places like this that make it clear that there are men who still act like men and aren’t afraid to act like men.

          if that offends you, maybe you need to look at how you have been programmed by the system.

        • “women wander into men’s realms and expect to be welcomed in with open arms”

          A blog titled “The Truth About Guns” should not be a “men’s realm”. That’s the problem.

    • It is refreshing to see posts such as this one increasingly expanding beyond the traditional manosphere. For decades it has been socially acceptable to bash men and boys in any form though women and girls could only be spoken of in America in respectable worshipful ways. Do you also respond in similar ways to articles that go after bad men?

      • misandry is institutionalized as much as misogyny is vilified in our society, currently.

        for some reason I think people feel this “balances things out”. no. what it really does it emasculate men under the pretense of empowering women.

        no one wins. all you have to do to prove it to yourself is look around: fat, slovenly females screeching about loving them for “what they are” and their men standing behind them, holding their purses.

        is this the world you really want to live in? not me!!

        • No mina it is not the world I want to live in.

          Ironically, every happiness survey since the early 1970s identifies women becoming unhappier and unhappier every five years between surveys. Yet, the masses of sheeple still (currently) believe that if ABC new pro-women and girl policy/program/law is established it will make things better and better. The price of the social and cultural changes nationwide is a high price that has been paid so that a relatively few women elites can have the status their egos wanted.

          Even more ironically, men have despite all the bs we suffer are now reportedly happier and more fulfilled than before. Why? It hs something to do with in the long-run feminism will benefit men more than women. How? Men have and are increasingly questioning and saying no to their traditional brainwashed roles to be provider, protector, and chivalrous knight. Men are now increasingly seeking the individualistic and non-interdependent life of “self-actualization” too like many liberated women have. Society and government need the willing support and contribution of men more than we need them.

          Obama trying to shame men to “man-up” and stop going their own way just isn’t going to do it.

  27. I had one like that. She came out of the bedroom with my S&W M-59 in her hand all upset because I wouldn’t let her spend me into bankruptcy. I don’t believe she was really gonna shoot but she had learned that her parents and some previous friends could be intimidated by temper tantrums. I can’t be intimidated that way, no relationship is that important.

  28. Okay, self-scrubbed version. Sorry if it gets duplicated later:

    “At the risk of generalizing, the more beautiful a woman the more bat-sh*t crazy she’s likely to be. I know: your wife/significant other is the exception that proves the rule. That’s what you say now . . .”

    Jeez, bitter much?

    Yes, perfectly reasonable people (of either gender) sometimes have exes with issues, even batsh*t crazy type issues, but my observation is that in relationships, “crazy” is usually a two way street, or maybe more like a roundabout of escalation.

    These crazy-ex-wife/girlfriend stories are the classic man-bites-dog scenario, as domestic violence and homicide stats will attest.

    I understand, guys gotta vent. But this is not your favorite watering hole or a high school locker room. This is a public forum about guns and gun rights. This kind of crap is not helping the cause, nor is it particulary provocative or funny. There is a lot of daylight between being a politically correct sissy and being a douche.

    Perhaps instead of this misogynistic tirade (followed by further pornographic and frankly juvenile commentary), you could do a follow up on the Marrissa Alexander case, which has not gotten a lot of coverage here, or anywhere else:

    Armed Intelligentsia, indeed.

  29. One issue is that spouses in this situation might not be able to “tool up” legally. Federal law prohibits those convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence from owning guns. Misdemeanor domestic violence has a very broad definition, and in practice a low standard of proof. False accusations are not uncommon.

  30. Okay, you can be for or against this post, but if the phrase “Bunny Boiler U” didn’t make you laugh out loud, you’re wound waaaay too tight!

  31. Good thing she isnt working a gun industry trade show and you labeled her a “booth babe” ….folks hereon might really go off!
    She isnt bad but I wouldnt pony up $30k based on what we have seen.

  32. I’m sorry, not appropriate. If this is supposed to be a respectable resource, it shouldn’t have stuff like this.

      • This story itself would be fine if it wasn’t phrased and framed in such a disgusting manner. The story’s not the problem, it’s how RF has chosen to present it.

        • Thank you, twency. The issue is not the story – an apparently maladjusted spouce (who may be pretty) doing something inappropriate when armed. This story can be problematic because it can, and probably will, link for some people the “crazy nutcase” and “had a gun” ideas, which, if linked successfully, do suggest that guns should be controlled as possible.

          The point of this resource (blog, whatever) is to show that guns a) are not owned and used by crazy people, b) contribute to safety and liberty in society, d) discuss the logistical, technical, etc. aspects of firearms, right? How an utterly vulgar article like this serving any of those goals?

          If people want society at large to view gun owners as non-crazy, this is not something that needs to be added to the advocacy. You want to make jokes? Fine. But there is a time and a place. I have a dick, and occasionally I get to use it. It doesn’t mean I’m gonna whip it out in a local restaurant.

  33. ‘..barged into her estranged husband’s Marietta, Ga. home, and threatened him with a gun and a metal baton unless he gave her $30,000″

    Where I am from that constitutes aggravated assault and armed robbery. Shouldn’t she be in prison for a while, or is this one of those prearranged publicity stunts for a reality TV show?

  34. Wife #1 was drop dead gorgeous and very violent, right down to torturing her small dog, I thank God we did not have children. In her second marriage she had 2 children which she chronically under fed.
    Wife #2 suffered from self-esteem issues, became a Human Resource Manager and compensated by alternately intimidating others and practicing extreme passive-aggression. As I predicted, she now lives alone with 5 cats.

    • When I did outside sales, I considered the Human Resource Department and Public Relations Departments to be the most ‘evil’ departments of most corporations I called upon. Other departments were friendlier and more helpful in politically navigating the huge corporate structures to find the people who would actually work with and/or make the buying decisions for my products or services. BTW, guess which sxx dominatged those two above named departments?

  35. My guess is that many women love visiting this site to read comments such as are being posted here by men disgusted with crazy women. Why? Duh, they want to know what men are really thinking and feeling about women. In modern society, the oppressive religions of feminism and political-correctness keep men and boys silent about their opinions and their anger. Online, for now before government cracks down more on free-speech, this is were the truth can be found about sex-based issues and not in a stupid fake biased opinion pole published by sites such as Huffington Post and NBC.

    • most folks here have not linked together the men’s rights / misandry / misogyny issues with the fight for 2nd Amendment rights.

      I’m with you, I get it and I see it. the trick is to get others to see it, too. 🙂

      raise the army, man.

      • Thanks mina, we’re doing what we can. True, few have yet connected the anti-2A movement with the anti-male feminist movement.

        The political opposition against men’s rights and dignity is huge with the social conservatives and progressives against us often denying any existence of bias, discrimination, and hatred of men and boys in our society and the laws.

        Many believe the best action is the non-action of MGTOW with men turning their backs and no longer contributing to society, women, and government. It’s only a matter of time before the misandry bubble pops with the way America is going downhill so fast.

        Sometimes, I ponder if it is because of women such as yourself who can see and honestly express what is socially and culturally going on that the misandry issues and the harm being done to society will sometime be openly addressed enmass. Men will never join in force and march in the streets together for political and social change (it goes against our programming to endure in silence) as women have done in the early years of the women’s movement.

        You might find this article interesting:

        Main ideologies in the manosphere

        • all of the political correctness, misandry and feminism will falter and fail when the economy finally collapses and takes the modern civilization with it. I firmly believe that’s where we’re headed.

          political correctness, misandry and feminism can only exist in a world of excess power/fuel and where the luxury of leisure reigns.

          so while our economy going belly up and our civilization turning to barbarism is somewhat of a negative, we can look forward to a re-connection with our traditional male-female roles and a righting of our relationships with each other and our communities as a positive. I personally also look forward to the end of the age of conspicuous consumerism …

          thanks for the link: I like the spearhead. I am very familiar with all of the various coverage in the masosphere. you’ll find my posts on many of their blogs 😉

          I will counter your recommendation with this: Enjoy the Decline a book by Captain Capitalism (Aaron Clarey)

      • I could get one and then use it to help teach you The Truth About Feminism, and about sexual politics in America.

        • Aharon, I do read a lot of your links, and I take you seriously. I still totally disagree, but I think about what you have to say. I hope you and others here do the same with those you disagree with.

  36. Though I highly appreciate thetruthaboutguns, I notice that the hedlines of the posts become more and more vulgar.

    Mr. Fargo, you can do better…!


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