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The busy babes at Moms Demand Disarmament Action are crossing their arms and putting their collective foot down. What’s the object of their ire now? Well, Starbucks. They’ve apparently just figured out that while they’re standing in line to order their daily venti decaf vanilla sugar free soy latte with an extra shot, the person behind them in line *gasp!* might be packing. The Seattle-based retailer, of course, takes a neutral approach to guns. The caffeine purveyor’s longstanding policy has been that wherever it’s legal, patrons packing heat are just fine by them. MDA’s reaction: this cannot stand! You know the old saying – when momma’s not happy, ain’t nobody happy. Their solution: “gun sense.” And by that, they don’t mean situational awareness. But you knew that. Here’s founder Shannon Watts’ latest email blast designed to marshall the troops in her little corner of the Gun Control Industrial Complex™ . . .

If you are like me, you enjoy your daily cup of coffee or tea. You may go to Starbucks several times a week, to grab a latte, meet friends or colleagues, or to take the kids for a treat after school. But did you know that at Starbucks you may be sipping your coffee next to someone carrying a loaded gun?

 It’s true. Starbucks allows people to carry guns into their stores where state and local laws permit them to do so. It’s a dangerous and ill-advised policy, especially in light of several recent accidental shootings that have happened inside Starbucks stores.

Starbucks has the right to change their policy on guns. It’s put the health and safety of its customers first before. Starbucks recently banned smoking outside its stores, where it would otherwise be legal to smoke. It also bans firearms at all of its corporate offices and prohibits its employees from carrying guns in the interest of “workplace health, safety and security.” Why, then, won’t it extend this ban to its stores?

Help us tell Starbucks: It’s time to get gun sense.

Here are three things you can do to let Starbucks know that YOU take gun sense with your coffee, and demand that they do so as well:

1) Click here to sign our petition, which we will hand-deliver to Starbucks; send an email or Tweet to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz; or send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper letting other moms in your community know that Starbucks allows loaded guns in their stores. 

2) Take a picture of yourself with your coffee mug and a sign that says how you take your coffee  (“milk, sugar and gun sense”) and send it to [email protected].  See our example below.

 3) Join our Thunderclap! Click here to donate a post on your Facebook page or your Twitter feed on Monday, July 22.


We are not calling for a boycott of Starbucks. We’re simply asking you—and tens of thousands of moms like you—to pressure that Starbucks to ban guns from all of their stores, regardless of state laws on open carry.

Join moms around the country and me. Demand that Starbucks bring gun sense to their stores!

Shannon Watts

Founder, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense In America

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      • Hell yes. Just used their page to send a letter in support of allowing guns I. Starbucks!

      • LOL here’s what I sent:

        As a gun and 2nd Amendment enthusiast in the great state of Texas, I support and encourage Starbucks policy of nondiscrimination against lawful gun owners. Please continue to do so, and know that if you kowtow to gun grabbers you will certainly lose me as a customer.

        • I still stand by my first post. I see everything that comes from a form and it’s not hard to neuter it if need be.
          Besides if you were a Starbucks office flunky and were receiving thousands of protest letters, would you read past the subject line after the first hundred came in with their stock message? No.
          Best case scenario, we’re doing little or nothing by using their form. Worst case, we’re actually helping MDA’s cause.
          Go to Starbuck’s website and contact them directly.

          Like Starbucks’ Facebook page and post there as well. The MDA chicks sure are.
          Follow them on twitter.
          Or go to their “My Starbucks Idea” site and let them know how we feel.

        • Yeah, I used yours as well, I hope that was ok, It seemed to sum it up pretty well.

        • Amen Brother:) Locked and loaded and not afraid to have to use it to save my life or the lives of others…

        • @Dr. Kenneth Noisewater – I too, simply did a copy & paste of your message only changed a few words to match my stats….and went to their website, navigated to a “Contact Us” link. You put it so eloquently. Thank you.

        • And exactly why would you need to carry a gun into Starbucks. And are you really THAT totally paranoid ? I guess all you gun nuts don’t give one big crap about offending and frightening other customers. Real classy.

          • Paranoid? No. Prepared? Yes.

            Were the folks at the movie theatre in Aurora, CO paranoid? No. Neither were they prepared. Were the teachers in Newton, CT paranoid? No. Neither were they prepared. Were the ____ victims at _____ paranoid? No. Neither were they prepared.

            If other customers are offended and frightened at an exercise of natural rights guarded by the Constitution, then perhaps they need to examine why they are really offended and frightened. Perhaps it’s a bit of a projection…not unlike your puerile “teeny junk” comments.

        • If you choose to carry, you choose to do it all the time. If you only carry when going to certain places…stop going to those places. You never know when stuff is going to go down.

          If you are too paranoid if you carry in a Starbucks then where would you say you are NOT too paranoid to carry? Only if you head into the ‘bad’ part of town? Would that be considered ‘racist’ by you? Realistically you never know when you might need to protect yourself.

        • So there IS a reason why your screen name has the word “noise ” in it. Because that’s what you gun nuts are all about. Senseless noise.

      • Nice Daniel! Just used their system to encourage Starbucks not to change. I hope the Mom’s BCC’d themselves.

      • I suggest we take photos of our own cups, labeled with our beverage and carry-gun of choice – send this along with an amended letter to thank Starbuck’s for not only obeying local laws, but choosing not to infringe on our Civil Rights.

    • At least one made the news I recall (I may even have read about it here). I just googled it and the lady kept her .25 in her purse, dropped the purse, and somehow fired off a round and hit someone in the knee

      • i don’t count a negligent dischargee as a shooting. i think for a shooting, multiple shots have to be deliberately fired at people.

        • The propaganda claim was “especially in light of several recent accidental shootings that have happened inside Starbucks stores.”, so I don’t see where you get to say ‘negligent discharges don’t count’.

          (especially since there is some basis for their claim that NDs were avoidable if the guns weren’t allowed in the first place)

        • Funny, how many times it is those who aren’t familiar with weapons that are involved in such incidents, but lets not quibble about such facts eh, LOL!

      • Thats why only cops should be allowed to carry guns. They never have negligent discharges…wait never mind

      • 20 childrens and 6 adults Newton, Conn. You forgot to include that in your statement. MSM expects you to include this in all news related posts involving violence, guns, or African-Americans (specifically the inner city breed). Mom’s don’t yet know they require this to be included too, but I guess anyone’s judgment can get clouded when they are not being satisfied by their partner.

    • That was my question as well, and I can tell you this, I expect I would have heard about it if it had really happened. I suspect major league FUD. Which if proved would undermine the whole campaign. Maybe Starbucks ought to say something if its FUD.

      • I believe also an ND in a Starbuck’s restroom. Sink got blasted, as I recall. Middle-aged guy, I think. Definitely also the case of ND with young woman who was given a gun by mom or dad to carry in her purse. Both in past 2-3 months.

    • Nice! Thanks for showing how utterly stupid and totally ignorant you gun nuts are. Note to gun nuts…owning a gun isn’t going to make your junk grow bigger, It’ll still be as teeny as it is now, no matter what you do to try and make up for it.

  1. Just a bunch of bored soccer moms looking for something else to do in the off seasons.

  2. Just wait until mddpa find out that little sign on the door doesn’t mean anything in IN.

  3. “Thunderclap!”? So that’s a thing now?

    My lands.

    Shorter MDA to Starbucks: “Sometimes I doubt your commitment to SparkleMotion!”

    • It’s an antibiotic-resistant strain.

      GOD FORBID some armed citizen should save these dumb clucks’ not-so-sweet patooties.

      WOMEN OF TTAG: inundate them with your ARMED RESPONSE photos!

  4. Screw these bitches. What accidents at Starbucks are they talking about? More BS propaganda. The average working stiff that might be carrying legally doesn’t have that kind of money to be buying their java at Starbucks. I personally stop at WaWa in the morning on the way to work. $1.49 for a 16 ounce cup. Perhaps I’ll take a try at a cup of Starbucks brew but at the prices I hear they charge, I doubt I’d be making it a regular thing. Everytime you hear of a shooting or murders at a fast food place, its usually because nobody in the place was armed but the criminal. Try telling a criminal he can’t bring his guns into a starbucks or any convience place. In fact by letting everyone know its a gun free zone, that’s as good as saying hey you want to rob this place, come on in. Nobody is armed here. Except YOU!

    • Depending on location, a 16 ounce coffee is around $2 (free refills if you have a Starbucks card)

      • I don’t know that I’ve paid less than $3 for a 16oz drip at Starbuck’s in the last decade.

        That said I do it so infrequently due to the fact that I HATE the over roasted garbage they call coffee and the potpourri of hipster, yuppie, and socks-with-sandals scum that make up the majority of their customer-base that I could conceivably be a dollar off on the cost.

        • Of course coffee is a personal preference, but I really like it. I can’t stand coffee most other places…has no flavor to me (like the Starbucks blonde roast — I think it tastes watery, like McDonalds coffee). I generally only get whatever the bold coffee of the day is, or make it myself at home.

          Plus $1.65 for a small coffee with free refills can’t be beat. Bring a croissant from home and it’s a great breakfast!

        • It varies place to place, but Starbucks plain roast is usually really good. Of course someone who drinks Dunkin Donuts’ water-coffee would probably say that Startbucks’ is burnt or something else.

        • Of course someone who drinks Dunkin Donuts’ water-coffee would probably say that Startbucks’ is burnt or something else.

          And only the newest, baddest-ass, strongest IPA’s are worth drinking because if the hops don’t tear your nose hairs out it isn’t a man’s beer! If you don’t drink anything but the roughest bourbon and fail to maintain any expression but one that would earn you a seat in the Professional Poker League, you’re a pussy!

          Are you guys hearing yourselves? You’re challenging me because I said Starbuck’s over roasts their coffee?

          Do you wear socks and sandals together?

        • I with Matt on this one. The coffee has a slightly burnt taste to me and I rarely drink anything less than French Roast unless I have no choice.

          That being said I still drink the coffee at Starbucks but it does seem slightly overdone to me.

        • LOL, Tell us how you really feel Matt R.

          I OC in the Starbucks here in Albuquerque; I buy their small coffee and then I can sit there for hours and study or surf the web.
          I like patronizing businesses that support the second amendment.

  5. Ok I read that first sentence as “busty babes.” My interest plummeted after realizing my error. Milfs on the brain.

  6. Maybe we should all send in photos of our carry piece while sitting in the restaurant drinking coffee

  7. I went to their web site, there is a “send an email to Starbucks” button.
    But, they allow you to customize the words, so… I made it much better and sent it to Starbucks. Anyone can do it.

    I would like Starbucks to institute corporate policies that promote lawful concealed carry, a common-sense approach to protecting our children and families from the growing epidemic of gun violence in America. Nearly eight children are shot and killed in this country every day. Knowing there are lawful,concealed carry citizens in Starbucks is a powerful deterrent. As a valued community citizen, your company could play an important role in addressing this issue.

    Gun violence is not just a legislative issue: Companies and businesses can help create a culture that values gun safety. By continuing to embrace and allowing guns in stores, your company would be making a crucial statement about how much you value your customers.

    Please consider retaining your current policies of allowing lawful conceal carry!

    • Thanks. I just sent one also. In the custom field I put in all caps “DISREGARD MDA MESSAGE!!” and then wrote in my own, thanking them for respecting the law and RKBA.

      • I was wondering, does MDA send our modified messages, or is it ignored and changed back before it is sent by default? I wish we could figure this out. I did just troll by using their button. Or, are they even smart enough to think of that?

    • The problem is, after receiving hundreds of these messages, do you really think anyone at Starbucks is reading past the lead line?
      I know I wouldn’t be. Furthermore, being a CYA type webmaster, I read every email that someone submits through my websites. If I don’t like them, I neuter them and/or kill them.
      If you send this, the odds are you’ll just be fanning the fire of these twits’ hot gun flash campaign. Let’s stop now and start our own, organized email barrage.

      BTW, I saw “busty babes” too. Must be something in the water.

  8. Send them a picture of your nuts with a sign pronouncing the Marine Rifleman’s Creed: “This is my rifle. There are many like but this one is mine. My rifle is my best friend . . .”

    That”ll stir the pot. 🙂

  9. I’m going to e-mail a picture of my starbucks coffee cup and my East German Makarov with all the magazines I carry and extra rounds and my knife. FYI if are going to the same, make sure you have your serial # wiped out in the picture/s.

  10. As scared as these morons are of legal, law abiding citizens carrying guns, you would think they would drop dead at the mere thought of a criminal with a gun…ILLEGALLY. Gah! The horror!

  11. Dear Moron Moms:


    Don’t obey any signs now. Will not obey. Ever.

    Go home and actually take care of your kids instead of hanging around with other stay-at-home mommies and meddle with other things in your meaningless little spoiled lives.

  12. Mmm mmm Starbucks. Love their coffee.

    More than anything, this petition is a low key attempt to intimidate a highly visible and popular business, so that if Starbucks caves, others will follow. Bet you a latte, MDA gets lots of cash from sources other than its membership.

    Plus, Lefties think they have a monopoly on The Finer Things, and are deeply offended if a purveyor of their favorite stuff doesn’t toe the line. See Whole Foods and the thrashing it got for not supporting Obamacare.

    Maybe we ought to start our own petition. This whole discussion brought the aroma of Pike Place to mind. Coffee tomorrow. Then off to buy some ammo.

    • Looks like gun owners are gonna have to go out and support Starbucks again. Their coffee is passable, but Im not above drinking a lesser coffee to prove a point.

      • pretty much. place has smelled the same ever since I was a kid in the 80s, maybe worse now that the homeless are trendy and hip in seattle – and I mean the realhomeless, not the fake ones.

      • You left out “a couple of drunk native americans duking it out. ” I’ve been there twice drinking coffee, as an old friend’s architectural office is on the square. I’m from the east coast so my sample is small.

    • So Starbucks is officially neutral on both open and concealed (legal) carry. This is a position well known to criminals and I’m certain that even though Starbucks tends to attract a lot of overpaid yuppies with cash in their pockets the bad guys have made the logical decision to stay away.

      So what are the legal ramifications if Starbucks publicly announces that they will all now be “Gun Free Zones”? If people start getting robbed or shot at Starbucks could patrons bring suit for the intentional endangerment of their customers?

      I don’t go there much since I do not care for their coffee, but if the signs go up I will NEVER darken a Starbucks doorway again.

  13. I think this story in a way relates to the “dont’t put your dick in story.”

    Something about bat sh!t crazy women….?????

    • Wow. I thought I laughed while reading the previous post. Giggling like an idiot as I brewed a fresh cup of dark Sumatra roast. Yum
      Then some came out of my nose

    • I obtained the required two neighbor signatures approving my habits for my PA CFP (carry) from two nice neighbor wives who are both Million Mom March Against Guns people. I’m still proud of them for being sensible when it matters. Both are smart with grad degrees. Sometimes, alone in their den with time on their hands, the gun thing rattles them. 800 signatures? Haven’t these woman heard of Junior League?

  14. I am thinking of having my pregnant wife post on their FB with a Starbucks cup and an AK – heads asplode. Doubt it would last long.

  15. “Thunderclap”? Not to be vulgar, but it think she meant to say “Thundercunt”. I don’t drink coffee, but I would be happy to support a company policy banning all thundercunts from any and all public places.

  16. The 8 children (age 1-15 or 16-24, not sure which group) per day that were shot were not shot in a Starbucks! Way to try to link two non related subjects.

  17. HA, bored moms live for Starbucks. And whether or not they want to admit it, they’ll have ZERO success getting moms to boycott $tarbuck$, because let’s face it – mothers can’t live their lives without their comforts.

    As nearly a lifelong Seattleite, I actually prefer coffee at places like Cafe Vita or Stumptown, but $tarbuck$ is like the Mickey D’s of coffee joints. It’s still an OK place to conduct a casual business meeting, or meet up with a friend to chat. I doubt anybody ever knew I carrying, nor did they care.

    • Who doesn’t prefer a true craft roaster over a big commercial chain, but as you say, Starbucks isn’t about excellent coffee, it’s about consistency and knowing you’re going to get what you expect.

      There was this place by my work that was really excellent, but unfortunately the building was torn down to make a parking lot. I still miss them every day.

    • I bet in a blind taste you couldn’t tell apart Vita’s Bistro, Stump’s House and SB’s House blends. I’m all for supporting local businesses, but to say SB’s coffee is sh$t is just pure coffee snobbery. Depending on your location you might be getting a stale roast that’s been sitting around too long. But, given all fresh roasts, I bet you couldn’t tell them apart.

      • I don’t think either of us said Starbucks was shit. I go there pretty routinely, actually, several times a week. But I’m not going there to sit and lovingly savor the expertly drawn espresso shots, or admire the foam with perfect texture, firmness, and temperature, or marvel at the intricate patterns the barista swirled into it. That’s not what the Starbucks experience is about. I go in get my drink, I drink it. It’s usually pretty good and I know what I’m getting, whether it’s in Seattle or in Tallahassee.

      • As a home roaster, I’m pretty sure that I could, in fact, tell the difference between a Starbucks roast and, say, a fresh cup from the local coffee place down the street from my office. It’s not some sort of magic—picking flavors and roast characteristics out of coffee isn’t any harder than distinguishing between varieties of beers.

      • Starbucks’ doesn’t taste like s***, it tastes like BURNED s***!

        Dunkin’ Donuts java freak here.

  18. It looks like they have conflated open carry and concealed carry. Not that it matters in terms of concealed carry in Washington State: a sign that prohibits guns doesn’t have the force of law.

      • What it means is if you carry in a place that has a “no guns” sign, you’re being a bad guest, not a law breaker. If you’re caught, are asked to leave and refuse, at that point you’re heading toward trespassing.

        • Beat me to it by six seconds, Carlos.

          Now if only we could revoke the law against carrying in bars…

        • Absolutely agree, Jack. I’ve never been able to figure out why it’s okay for a person to down pint after pint of beer while carrying in the restaurant section of an establishment, but it’s bad for someone to have a diet Coke in the bar side while carrying.

        • I can only speak for WI, but you are allowed to carry in bars but can NOT drink. You can carry in restaurants but can NOT drink. That is my recollection of the law here anyways, since I really don’t drink or go to bars I might be off a bit. But in that regard we are pretty consistent, as long as there are no signs you can carry. But while carrying you can’t drink at all.

      • If a business prohibits guns, and someone openly carries, the property owner has the right to ask the person to leave. If the person refuses, he can be arrested for criminal trespass. But if a person has a concealed-pistol license and is carrying concealed, he’s not breaking the law–unless that business is on the list of prohibited places (bar or stadium, for example).

  19. Thank GOD they are not calling for a boycott. Apparently they know that they would lose all their mindless followers if they could not get their morning latte. Such perseverance in the face of adversity!

    • They’d faint. That can’t stand the sight of a gun. It actually makes them scared that the object itself is around.

  20. So this is basically a collection of all the mothers that would sue the school if johnny cried because he didn’t get a participation trophy in gym class? But except now they’re focusing on guns? Can someone go pour oil on a seagull or something so they can move on to being “outraged” about that?

  21. “Did you know if you ever decide to leave the house and go outside someone may have A LOADED GUN on them!”
    My response would be “…and…”. Their premise that guns are evil is completely wrong and they know it, judging by their lack of traction so does everyone else.

  22. god forbid someone might be actually taking matters into their own hands and providing for their own protection in the company of people who expect that the unicorns and rainbows are all you need to stop bad things from happening.

    what’s the real difference between these two sets of people? hm? could it be that one of them prefers that all things “aggressive” and “masculine” be wiped off the face of the earth?

    because you know, if women ran everything the wheels would be greased with feel good and cooperation … uh huh. sure.

  23. I think I’ll go grab a Skinny Vanilla Latte tomorrow open carrying my Glock. Then I’ll take a pic of my cup after I add “Live Free or Die – Safety provided by Glock” and tweet to to them. I’m sure it will cause a few minivan accidents as they stew while reading my tweet on their iphones.

  24. I think Starbucks should put up big “gun free zone” signs, and see what happens. or, not.

  25. When I was in SAC (nuclear Air force ) back in the stone age,we used to stop at fast food stores after the job was done with a M-16 and 6 magazines and VERY few people( I can count on 1 finger) gave us a second look . Think about it, who’s going to rob a place where there is a guy in military uniform in line with an automatic weapon ?

    • “Think about it, who’s going to rob a place where there is a guy in military uniform in line with an automatic weapon ?” Someone about to have a really bad day…

  26. We must first require a Mom qualification class which will include a logic and rational thinking test before we license a woman to become a Mom. How much more can we bear?

    • That process definitely needs a background check, maybe a credit and asset check as well, as well as intelligence and mental health screenings. Did you know if you open a dumpster you might find a baby in it?!? We demand action!

  27. That woman in the picture looks like the same one with a gun in her vagina, I mean vagina gun or whatever.

  28. Good,let those idiots go get a Mc latte,oh Wait,us CCW carriers go there too.Ok let’s ban MDA from all coffee shops as it is affecting pea brains.

  29. There 8 children a day figure is way out of sorts considering only 382 ages 0-17 children were shot to death in 2011. Little more then one a day, the same amount that drown in swimming pools each year. Let’s have sensible pool control too.

    By the way Illinois senate over rides Governors veto of sweeping concealed carry laws. Now people can protect themselves much easier in a state that has been plagued with gun violence. One more nail in the coffin of these soccer mom civil rights violators. Take that moms demand….oh I am board now….

  30. Didn’t we do a similar song and dance with the Brady campaign over starbucks a couple years back?

    As I recall that one blew up in the brady campaigns face. These unorganized twits with tits think they have a better shot than the brady campaign? This is just one more peice of evidence proving my theory that stance on guns is directly correlated to intellegence.

  31. I have three things I enjoy in life beyond family – guns, Jeeps, and Starbucks. My Starbucks budget is pretty significant. I can buy an automated espresso machine to replace my Starbucks habit. In other words, if I need to make a choice, I can drop my Starbucks budget item. I am pretty sure I am not an untypical customer, and I am pretty sure that Starbucks understands that. If Starbucks offends the pro-2nd amendment crowd, it would represent a permanent loss of revenue that would be rather substantial and perhaps debilitating. If Starbucks offends the anti-2nd amendment crowd, the results on their bottom line would be temporary, but they could suffer retribution from the political elites. I think if Starbucks does.not remain neutral, it will be seen as one of the worst business decisions of all time.

  32. doesn’t this dufus know the minute she enters a public venue she’s surrounded by people with concealed weapons? further proof you don’t have to be all that intelligent to download your genetic material.

  33. I used to drink tons of Starbucks iced coffee from their local drive thru, but it kept making me sick (like there was soap in it or something) and it is way overpriced. It was amazing how backed up that drive thru could get, I ended up sitting there for 20 minutes more than once just to get some burnt ass coffee… and flirt with a red haired barista who was not my girlfriend, but that isn’t the point.

    These Mom’s Demanding Action really remind me of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Intervention and everything those guys mocked with their music. These ignorant, foolish women actually believe they can stand up to the money making MACHINE that is Starbucks coffee. Sorry ladies, you don’t stand a chance unless you can convince Dunkin Donuts and even then a workforce overhaul would be in order.

    Starbucks coffee is like the pied piper to the bourgeoisie, they just flock there again and again in their Bimmers and Volvos with all their ribbons and stickers on the back… it is a sideshow to end all sideshows and there are real working class folks who prefer it too. Big Mama Gun Sense don’t stand a chance.

  34. If I know someone with a CCW is near me and carrying, I feel better. Not only are they going to help out in an incident (god forbid), but I know that – at least in this state – they’ve been thoroughly vetted upfront and on a monthly basis thereafter.

  35. I used their site to send an email. I did, however, slightly correct the verbiage as follows:
    “As a lawful gun owner in Texas, I ask that you please keep your common-sense approach to protecting our children and families by following the laws of the state which allow concealed carry by law abiding citizens. Almost 2 million defensive gun uses occur each year, most without a shot being fired. As a valued community citizen, your company plays an important role in helping to keep our streets and stores safe by allowing concealed carry in your stores (and open carry were allowed by law).

    Criminal violence is not just a legislative issue: Companies and businesses can help create a culture that values customer safety. By allowing guns in stores, your company is making a crucial statement about how much you value your customers by respecting their choice to provide for personal and public safety.

    Law abiding gun owners are going to make sure they spend their dollars at businesses that respect and support the safety of our children and families. We hope you will continue to support us in this cause so that, in turn, we can support your business.

    Thank you for keeping your current policies,”

  36. I was a bit worried that the auto letter generator at MDA would create an anti-gun subject line that would be all that got read after a while (they might just tally letters instead of actually reading them if the same subject line shows up again and again). So, here’s the address for their feedback page:

    I sent a message to their “social responsibility” department. This might be more effective, or at least something to do in addition. Flood it and the higher-ups are sure to hear about it.

  37. Thank you so much for your information. As a mom and yes, even a woman, I did get in touch with Starbucks any way I could to thank them for standing up for the 2nd amendment and my right to protect my family.

    Even wrote a blog about it asking for others to do the same. As always I made sure to site my sources, you’ll be glad to know I’ve sent others your way.

    In the meantime there is another link there that might be of interest to you, something to think about in this world of sheep (people who want to live life blissfully unaware), sheepdogs (people who have it in themselves to protect the sheep) and the wolves (who no matter how many laws are on the books will always be out to destroy the sheep). Might want to reconsider disarming the sheepdogs, even if you choose to be a sheep.

  38. Hi guys! I saw the link about Starbucks posted on fb by the Women’s Shooting Academy. I’m a 38 yr. old STAY AT HOME mom (I think one of you called it the spoiled life) I firmly defend our constitution. I have a daughter that is 10 yrs. old and a son that is 8 yrs old. My goal is for my daughter to be a lady yet respect her guns as well. To date she owns 5 guns. Her first one being a .22. She killed her first deer three years ago. When she shot it she earned her first muzzleloader. Same for my son. He has already killed his first deer. He doesn’t have as many guns as she does. He has some special needs so he is somewhat delayed. We don’t feel he is mature enough yet. He has his .22 that he target shoots with. I personally pack a Springfield .45XDs. My husband has a collection. I’m not interested in a collection. I have Molly (my .45) and she and I get along just fine. I personally like a .45 better than a 9mm. That is just my opinion. We are a conservative family. I practice my right to vote. They will not get my guns. I won’t even start on this administration we are under. We even homeschool due to the defunct and failing public school system in the great state of Tennessee. I’m giving you background to say this. My heart is not to make a stir. I just want you to realize this. I was so offended by the vulgar comments and nasty comments some of you made. They were classless and tacky. I was deeply offended!!! I was going to share this link on my fb wall. I did not because of the trash talk on here. I have 1300 friends on my fb wall. Many are missionaries, homeschoolers, pastors, athiest, Christians, agnostics, or whatever their stance may be. I could not do it because of the comments on here. I’m not degrading you all. I respect men greatly. I hope you do the same for us women. In my circle us women are for gun rights. We target shoot. Some are hunters. Some are pioneer women. We are blessed to live on a hundred acre farm. We eat off of it. Cow, deer, whatever. Do not assume that every woman (especially stay at home moms) are going into SB drinking lattes discussing vein things. I know MANY women that are stay at home homeschooling moms teaching their children the real constitution and teaching their sons how to be men I stead of pansies. Yes we may drink a SB once in awhile. (I try not to support them) I try to stay local. While we are drinking at SB we are usually discussing curriculum or guns. Now!! If you want to hear something funny. Try taking 20 homeschooling momma that are all for gun rights to SB. While we are having a conversation about a bill going into place regarding carrying in state parks. The other ladies over heard all of us. (I’m trying not to be obnoxious here) The university in our town is known to be one of the biggest schools for homosexuals. So you can imagine the anti gun people in the town. Most of them are anti gun, and obnoxious! The ladies say “Noone should have a gun!” We all look at each other. Two of the women in our group actually shoot for Springfield. Another shoots a bow for Hoyt. One of the other women in their group says “Guns kill people.” I said “can you tell me the first time in history a gun has ever killed someone.” She said “don’t be funny lady, they killed people years ago.” One of the ladies in our group had her gun on her hip instead of her purse. The other girl starts yelling she has a gun, RUN!!!! We are all keeping our seats. A few people ran, not many. The girls call the police and tell them there is a woman with a gun in SB. The police arrive, ask for her permit. All of us show him. He says, sorry! Any of these women can have a gun on them. How many of you do? All of us showed him our purses. He said this is the kind of gang activity I like to run into. He was amazed we were homeschooling moms. He knew homeschooling was growing. He had no idea about what exactly we supported.
    Ok! I’m off my soapbox!

    • I like it. Sounds like you have some great lady friends. I am a 3 gun competitor, and Steel shooter myself, and I love when the ladies come out, and shoot with us.It sounds like you have a kick butt group of friends. Keep up the good fight.

  39. Instead of giving the ANTI gunners attention and an article, why don’t you do one on their opposition, 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control, Inc.? Grassroots organization working FOR you!

    • I thank you for the link. I will do a blog on them as well, the purpose of sharing this link was so that more conservatives could let our voice be know as well… and like I said, always good to give sources.

  40. WHO I AM and WHO I AM NOT (for the women on here)

    You may have seen me at the grocery store, or maybe at the doctor’s office or probably at our children’s school. We may be neighbors, members of the same organization, or even go to night classes together. You may not know my name, or any of my family; you may not like the way I dress or the car I drive. We don’t have to believe in the same things and we can agree to disagree. What you should know is who I am and who I am not!

    I am: a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter, an aunt, a niece, a cousin, your sister-in-law, your daughter-in-law or maybe even your
step-mother or house mother.
    I am: your neighbor, your co-worker, your boss, your student, your teacher, your classmate.
    I am: an American woman over the age of 21.
    I am: a supporter of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
    I am: a responsible gun owner.
    I am: a hunter…and no, I don’t shoot “Bambi”(a fictional character), I hunt to put food on our plates.
    I am not: a crazy, gun-wielding person.
    I am not: a person that would just scream if someone broke into my house threatening my life or the life of any of my family.
    I AM: a responsible gun owner, who will protect and defend myself and my family (and yours, if need be) and stand up for our rights as outlined in the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights!

  41. This will probably get lost in the annals of time, seeing as how the article is already on page 4, but here’s the response I received from Starbucks (I copied Gordon’s text and modified it only slightly for my state):

    “Thank you for contacting Starbucks.

    Thank you for your feedback regarding Starbucks’ policy on open carry laws.

    At Starbucks, we deeply respect the views of our customers and recognize that there is significant and genuine passion surrounding the issue of open carry weapons laws. We comply with local laws and statutes in the communities we serve. Our long-standing approach to this issue remains unchanged and we abide by the laws that permit open carry in 43 U.S. states. Where these laws don’t exist, openly carrying weapons in our stores is prohibited.

    As the public debate around this issue continues, we encourage customers and advocacy groups from both sides to share their input with their public officials. We are extremely sensitive to the issue of gun violence in our society and believe that supporting local laws is the right way for us to ensure a safe environment for both partners and customers.

    Thanks again for writing us. If you ever have any questions or concerns in the future, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    We would love to hear your feedback. Click here to take a short survey.


    Nicholas F.
    customer service”

  42. One thing you should notice is that gun nuts flock to stories about guns like flies flock to dung. Another thing you should notice is that gun nuts don’t give one big crap about whether they’re making virtually everyone else in the shop uncomfortable. All they care about is being able to carry a gun because they’re scared little boys. To hell with everyone else.

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