Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle. Image via Cook County Board (twitter).
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How bad is the crime in Chicago? Well, a couple of weeks ago, a carjacking happened right outside Governor J.B. Pritzker’s mansion in a very exclusive residential neighborhood. And news has just come to light of an attempted carjacking of a police SUV parked outside Cook County Board Chairman Toni Preckwinkle’s home (which just happens to be near Barack Obama’s seldom-used residence).

A 59-year-old Cook County Forest Preserve officer, part of Preckwinkle’s security detail, reportedly fired shots at the armed carjacker. He struck two vehicles, including his own, along with the alleged 19-year-old perp.

After taking a round from the Forest Preserve officer, the carjacker was so eager to flee the scene that he literally ran out of his shoes. Which police found nearby.

The street outside Toni Preckwinkle’s residence in Chicago. Image via Google Maps.

Not long after, police found a barefoot 19-year-old with a gunshot wound. He claimed he was just minding his own business walking down a sidewalk when he felt a pain.

You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

For unknown official reasons, Preckwinkle’s security detail never made the shooting public, even though Chicago cops handled the investigation. Obviously, that would have made for some awkward publicity. After all, if both the billionaire governor and the Cook County Board Chairman aren’t safe in their ritzy neighborhoods, how can the little people feel safe in their working class areas?

CWB Chicago has the story:

A Cook County Forest Preserve police officer fired shots at men who tried to take his squad car outside a Hyde Park home owned by County Board President Toni Preckwinkle last Monday evening, according to sources who spoke with CWBChicago on the condition of anonymity.

But authorities never told the public about the confrontation even though Chicago police investigators suspected the officer shot a 19-year-old man.

Forest Preserve Police provide Preckwinkle’s personal security detail. She owns more than one home, and her office has previously refused to say where she lives. However, public records show she lists the home as her residence for voting purposes.

Chicago cops were alerted to shots fired outside the Preckwinkle home at 8:28 p.m. on September 27 by a CPD officer who was stationed at Barack Obama’s nearby mansion, a source said. The former president was in town to break ground at his presidential center the next day.

Murder City, USA, long known for its rampant gunfire and shocking body counts, has become a lawless cesspool in the last 18 months. Instead of prosecuting bad guys and holding them accountable, city and county leaders busy themselves pointing fingers and blaming everything except the policies they promote and implement.

At the same time the locals are getting exactly the government they’ve repeatedly voted for…good and hard.

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  1. Chitcago, where people are discouraged from arming themselves, but board members and aldermen enjoy 24/7 armed police protection at taxpayer expense.

  2. But black folks are lookin’ for equity don’t cha know! Toni is living in a toney hood I see. Barry & Big Mike as neighbors. If you’ve never been to Hyde Park it’s pretty nice compared to the huge ghettos surrounding it(Science & Industry museum is there). Just don’t wander off to the west!

  3. Another Detroit in the making. Anyone who lives in Chicago and becomes a victim has no one to blame but themselves.

  4. When she ran for mayor, “Preckwinkle said as mayor she would continue efforts to keep youth out of the criminal justice system and address racial bias in policing, two issues that local youth activists have rallied around in recent years.

    She supports scrapping the police department’s gang database, which critics allege often wrongly profiles people as gang members and overwhelmingly targets black and Latino youth. She also questions whether police should be in schools, and worries about interactions between officers and students contributing to the school-to-prison pipeline.

    She recognizes the need for school security, but said if police are going to be in schools, they should be specially trained and barred from meting out school discipline.”

      • Maybe he should have secured some decent shoes first. Imagine how dangerous these guys would be if they were smart.

        • Wouldn’t be surprising at all if the yoot was wearing $300 (stolen) athletic shoes and had no shoelaces. That tends to be how they roll…prison chic.

  5. Chitcago’s karma runs over its dogma. And none too soon. Vaya con dios, la Ciudad Ventosa!

  6. It’s just terrible when blacks can’t feel safe in their mansions but on the other hand the boy was just looking for a ride. The governor should’ve invited him in for a snort.

  7. As I have been saying. The government can kill you to protect government property. But you can’t kill to protect your own private property. Cities burned to the ground. Innocent people murdered, while the police stood by and did nothing.

    From September 2020

    “Personal Defense: Rioters are Damaging My Car…What Can I Legally Do?”

    It amazing just how many, Libertarians, Liberals, Leftists, and even conservatives, who are willing to comply. To obey the orders of the state.

    “The Purge” is an updated version of “Forbiden Planet”. Only now the people kill while they are awake.

  8. Forrest Preserve Police? I suppose its better than Cook County Goon Squad. Is thus some sort of dodge so the peasants don’t learn the cost of their masters’ security budget?

    • The Forest Preserve is a county agency, as county board president Toni Preckwinkle has authority over the forest preserve police. The alternative is asking the sheriff to provide security. The Cook County Sheriff has traditionally not gotten along well with the county board president.

      • The Cook county sheriff is anri gun. He would most assuredly work with Preckwinkle on any restriction of law abiding armed citizens.

  9. If a private citizen shot at their stolen vehicle and hit the thief chances are they’d be arrested and charged with all sorts of crimes. But police are free to fire upon stolen tax payer funded vehicles and cover it up.

    • You may have a case if your vehicle had a weapon in it you may use deadly force. I’m not an attorney so I don’t know. We need to ask an attorney.

      • If it was a horse you could hang them.
        If it’s a car you cant.
        If it’s an F150 the owner should get hung.

      • few states allow for the presentation of deadly force in cases where property is at stake. Exceptioins are attempted theft/breakin of occupied dwellings or vehicles. This one was not occupied until the perp entered it.
        In my state if someone breaks into my car when no one is inside it, I can’t do much but confront the clown. then if he assaults ME I can fire, but the AtG will try mighty hard to make ME out to be the criminal, and let the punk off.

  10. Apparently gave money to Joetato and demanded the employees get vaccinated.

    Check out Guns and Gadgets on The Tube of Eviiillll!

  11. I mean, was his car a marked car? I was unaware that it’s okay to shoot at car jackers unless they present a threat in that shithole. I mean, for those of us who live on private property and don’t have to utilize public parking on the street, I can see it… but would it have been okay for a civilian to just start shooting at someone trying to jack their car in chicago? Probably not. Just sayin. I am personally all for it btw, but what I am not for is the police just shooting first and asking questions later. During the floyd protests they were driving around shooting less than lethals from an unmarked van at people for simply being out, so one conceal carrier shot back. This happened behind his own truck, in the parking lot as he was leaving work “past curfew”. He just happened to be one of the guys that stayed late to make sure things were secure and all that, you know how it is. So police stop the unmarked van, get out and rush him for shooting back. He realizes then that it’s the police, drops to the ground immediately and surrenders as safe as possible. First thing the cops do, seeing the gun had already been dropped away from him as he is surrendering lying on the ground face down with his hands out and open and legs spread? They beat the shit out of him. Knee him in the face, punches while they yell “stop resisting”. You tell me you won’t try to instinctually try to protect your face after being delt blow after blow to the head when already surrendering in the best possible way and form. Thankfully he won in court, now all that’s left is to sue the fuck out of the police and city for allowing it to happen in the first place especially since he has proof he was about to leave, literally seconds away from heading home in the truck he was taking cover behind after being shot at from the street just minutes behind “curfew”. So I say again, is it okay to shoot at someone breaking into your car parked on a public street in front of many private residences and with many other individuals possibly even still sitting in their cars in front of these homes without seeing any threat? Or is that only okay because it was an unmarked police car? One could argue that unmarked police and non uniform police are also a form of entrapment in many scenarios, especially if it’s okay for them to shoot first and give commands later unlike their plebeian civilian counterparts…

    • You know as well as I do that if we citizens went to blazing on somebody stealing our vehicle we’d be charged with attempted murder.

    • NO NO NO NO. YOU just don’t GET it.Try to keep up, man.
      He was shooing to protect “OUR” car because its OURS and WE are special and YOU are not.
      YOU and I cannot shoot to protect our cars. If we are IN it, tht makes it an “occupied vehicle” and lethal force may be employed. Not occupied? You must stand by and let them take it…. unless you can figure out how to make it look as though they posed a real threat to YOUR person. Your car? Isn’t that wy you have insurance, liie we mandate?

      • Tionico,
        I feel compelled to answer.
        You are indeed correct that if you are in the car then you can respond with deadly force.
        You are wrong that you have to stand by and let someone steal your property.
        If you see them stealing your car, you can intervene with non-deadly force.
        You can strike, pepper spray, or taser a car thief.
        You just can’t shoot them or stab them.

    • I think I have a terminology problem. It is my understanding that a “carjacking” involves taking a car from it’s owner, violently. But here we seem to be talking about simple car theft, but calling it carjacking. Did the punk take the car away from the cop, or just steal it from where it was parked? Was the punk armed and did he threaten the cop?

  12. Back before they took down their website to avoid retribution, the folks at Second City Cop referred to her as “Prickwrinkle.”

    • An apt title when you consider the group she runs with.

      Prickwrinkles are usually seen near Dickhole Durbin. 🤔

  13. If you don’t support a law abiding citizen killing to protect private property (Joe Horn, 2020 riot victims) then you don’t support equality.

  14. I’m waiting for the day when one of these publicly funded private security details kills some poor black yoot outside the home of some privileged black criminal like Prickwrinkler, and the BurnLootMurder contingent finally manages to burn down somebody that deserves it.

    But wait, no, never mind. Can’t happen. BLM lies quiescent. It’s not an election year, and we have a Democratic president Marxist cabal in the White House now, so the racist slaughter of black bodies has magically ceased. Black lives won’t matter again until the next time the domestic axis of evil needs to intimidate local authorities on a massive scale.

    • “I’m waiting for the day when one of these publicly funded private security details kills some poor black yoot outside the home of some privileged black criminal like Prickwrinkler, and the BurnLootMurder contingent finally manages to burn down somebody that deserves it.”

      I will bring my hotdogs and marshmallows to roast them with a smile.

      The white socialist progressive neighborhoods are now being invaded by the criminals they marched for just last year. And they called the cops and demand protection!!!

  15. chicago illinois:
    just one of the many ground zeroes for the end stage of the blue city blue state governance model

  16. More supremacy and privilege but not of the white kind in the mostly peaceful environment. I’m sure he was just about to get his life together too. He was a good boy. Didn’t do nuffin.

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