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A bit of a dad joke, that. Which is why it gets my full approval as we head into the weekend!


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  1. I started to write a comment about what it would be like to add a giggle switch to that SBR and then decided against it because I didn’t want to give any of our lib/prog trolls any ideas.

    Then I decided against deciding against it, hoping they might actually give it a try, and put the video up on TikTok.

  2. Any one who leaves their child unattended with a canine as vicious looking as that are not very responsible parents.
    There are many instances of the family pet suddenly turning on the family members.
    1979. 46 year old Mary Ziffer attacked, mauled and disfigured for life by their 15 year old Pekinese.
    1980. Bilbo Bagdance jr. age 9, viciously bitten multiple times on the ankle by the family’s pet Chihuahua. Bilbo was medivac’ed to the hospital where he was treated for his injuries and given a sucker.
    1981. Floyd Merryweather age 98, rocking in his rocking chair rocked on the tail of his beagle , in a rage the beagle lept into his lap ripping his face off, Merryweather died before the paramedics could arrive.
    1982. Susan B Antny age 56, while feeding her dachshund the dog suddenly bit her hand for no apparent reason, severing an artery in the finger. She was taken to the hospital where she recieved 24 quarts of blood, and months of reconstructive surgery.
    These are just a few cases.
    What may be of particular interest is that upon further investigation they were republicans and voted for Trump.
    These are the same more rons who do not believe in a national registration, vetting of gunm purchases, mandatory universal background checks or safe storage laws.

  3. What happened to this website? Did they lose a bunch of their content writers? Is it so bad they had to resort to these daily memes to fill their site with content as filler created by other people?

  4. LOL! I don’t remember seeing that visual meme before. I love how they both look ashamed at the end. As they should. That joke was terrible.


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