Midwest Industries Side Folding Extruded Stock
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Midwest Industries announced today that it has released a new Side Folding Extruded Stock for rifles with Picatinny rails.

The Side Folding Extruded Stock from Midwest Industries takes design cues from traditional AK-47 triangular stocks, adding on modern features and functions for enhanced usability. The skeletonized body and ergonomically curved top surface create a comfortable operating experience, while the rigid triangular design with a tight lock up offers the stability of a fixed stock. The compact folding action simplifies storage and transportation.

“This all-in-one folding stock is a game changer for any rifle with a Picatinny rail–not just the AK-47,” said Troy Storch, Owner of Midwest Industries. “We’ve taken a classic look and modernized it with features and functions that shooters are looking for.”

Midwest Industries Side Folding Extruded Stock

The Midwest Industries Side Folding Extruded Stock incorporates the following features:

• Heavy-duty side-folding mechanism constructed from 4140 heat-treated steel
• Full-length locking lug for maximum strength
• Solid positive lock up in both positions
• Steel clamp with large surface engagement
• Can be configured to right- or left-folding
• Curved top surface for a comfortable cheek weld
• Features 5 QD sling attachments

Visit the Midwest Industries website for more information: Side Folding Extruded Stock.

Price = $174.95


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    • I would certainly not own one and a pistol it could be put on without owning a rifle that it could be put on as well. I’d think that would keep the feds happy for long enough to allow them to change their minds….

  1. I have a couple of MWI side-folding hinges, they’re pretty solid. These look like the same thing, just without a socket for a buffer tube.

    What I want to know: where can I get an adapter that’ll put a pic rail on an AK-47’s butt?

  2. RE: “The compact folding action simplifies storage and transportation.”

    On the other hand it looks like it would be a bit finicky trying to shoot it folded.

  3. My Arsenal SAM7R has one of those milled slant cut receivers. So far I have been SOL for anything.

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