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The owner of this pocket dump goes by the screenname of Mr. Crabs and had this to say about his gear: “Here’s a layout of my day to day essentials. The only things that change are my glasses which are usually in my pack and are replaced with one of several sets of sunglasses, and the seven tubes of lip care that I keep finding after I buy a new one. I also switch to a sidecar style holster when the weather permits the use of a hoodie.”

His pocket dump includes a Garmin Fenix 3 and a heartrate monitor. Gun of choice is a Wilson Combat Protector Professional. Secondary weapons include a Benchmade folding knife and a Defender Press-Tip Pen.

Do you carry a secondary weapon? Think knives and pepper spray (or if you’re like me you might own a few coin saps). If you do carry a secondary weapon are you familiar with its use and are you a fan of de-escalation techniques?

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  1. Usually I EDC a single stack pistol and a lock back knife of sturdy design with a 3 and 1/2 inch blade. In circumstances of travelling outside my area of comfort I EDC a 1911A1, a tt33, a Beretta .25 the lock back knife and a fixed blade boot knife and probably one of the most deadly weapon in my arsenal, a good quality pair of wooden num chuks. I can not understand the blackjack, sap, baton, when num chuks,( however u spell it) are so much better, imo. I’ve played around a little with MMA and knife/baton/sap vs num chuks I’ve usually came out with the leading points,,,, Usually….. The last sparring match I got into I literally got my ass kicked, me the dumb old possum wasn’t going to give up and that “kid” wasn’t going to let an old possum beat him. ” Gee damn ole man, Tap out, tap out!!!! ,,. nope not me, if I kin just git mah thumb in his eye I’ve got him…. Whoop whoop what fun.

  2. I sometimes carry an additional LCP or an LCR or an SR9c.

    I am familiar with all of them.

    My de-escalation technique is drawing my weapon.

    • Right, so how many times have you de-escalated a situation by drawing your gun? Be careful friend, if you draw your gun, and don’t have a life or death reason for doing so, you are opening yourself up for charges of assault with a deadly weapon or terroristic threatening.

      • Only going to draw if i believe its necessary to save life and limb.

        Easy to talk about de-escalation.

        If someone already has a weapon and is threatening you, chances of them changing their mind is slim.

        But you do you.

    • so you follow the tactic of that guy who drew his gun on the teens in McDonalds then…leaving yourself vulnerable and ready to be arrested for brandishing. Even better if you argue back or toss around weighted statements before drawing said gun.

      • Funny how you have decided when and where i would draw a weapon.

        Not familiar with that situation as I wasnt there.

        Give me the particulars on how someone de-escalated a situtation with a violent attacker without getting themselves injured or killed.

        Throw in some mentally unstable perpatraor for good measure.

        We do know most defensive gun uses end without a shot being fired.

        So the situation is “de-escalated” by producing a weapon.

        But you are welcome to talk someone down as they advance on you and your family with a knife/bat/gun.

        Then post here about your success.

        • you’re wrong, but likely won’t accept it. Deescalation is done before weapons are drawn, once a weapon is out the next step is deadly force. Your glib statement about drawing your weapon presented that you go from zero to slinging lead in a moment. Unless you’re a cop in the line of duty who “deescalates” by immediately unholstering his firearm you’re just as dangerous/reckless as the possible aggressor.

          For talking someone down, truly deescalating while using a firearm, here is an example ( Probably took a lot of self control not to pull the trigger.

          For what it is worth, the Minnesota incident mentioned previously can be read about here( Basic scenario seems to be that the OFWG made a snide and derogatory comment directed at several teens struggling with the payment system. When they confronted him he pulled a gun to “deescalate” and ran out the door. Now he gets to face charges and a heap of public scrutiny.

        • Kahlil

          I dont make snide and derogatroy comments to anyone.

          If i see a situation getting tense – I leave if possible.

          It is not my job to intervene in arguments or speak reason to the mentally ill.

          You evidently have in your mind a particular or fabricated scenario where the individual witha weapon is in the wrong.

          I probably wont be able to sway you from that position. The same way someone bent on doing harm is not swayed.

          If someone is advancing on me or mine with a weapon, drawing my weapon will hopefully change their mind. If not, i intend to defend myself.

          You try stern, but loving words as you see fit.

          My statement was not meant to be glib.

          I view the use of deadly force in a serious and resolute fashion.

        • “If someone is advancing on me or mine with a weapon, drawing my weapon will hopefully change their mind. If not, i intend to defend myself.”

          more precise and better said. I have nothing against using a gun in a defensive situation, it is just not my go-to response (which many seem espouse here). My CCW instructor made a strong effort to help us understand the physical, legal, and psychological ramification of a DGU. I would prefer not to draw my handgun unless I had no other options, even against an aggressor I don’t want to have a death on my hands. If I am forced to pull a gun i am going to have to be ready to use it until threat is no longer a threat.

        • Deadly force is for addressing a threat, not an irritation.

          Since I am not LEO, I avoid situations that seem to be escalating if possible.

          I suppose there is a situation where I may try to intervene to protect someone else.

          But that would be the exception and not the rule.

  3. Always carry a blade. They serve other utilitarian purposes. And they are good for cheesecake. or stabbing someone in the neck.

  4. No one is going to comment that this is a $1,000 9 mm 1911 with 10 rounds?
    That is a very nice gun!
    I believe it is the first Wilson 1911 we have seen here.
    I am jealous!


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