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Jeffrey Barrington in Texas says “Everything I keep on me when I’m off work. When I’m at work the only that Changes is I carry a Glock 17 in a safariland holster with a owb spare mag carrier same flashlight and I carry a Gerber swagger.”

We see a lot of GLOCKs in pocket dumps which is understandable considering their reliability and affordability. Same goes for 9mm (the compensator is a bit more unique on a carry gun). So here’s my question: with so many of you carrying on a daily basis, how many of you train for self-defense? Do you take courses specifically geared to concealed carry and honing things like your draw stroke or do you not take classes at all? Are you putting yourself to work training or are you assuming you’ll discover a serving of skill with a side of luck should the need arise?

Training. Do you do it?


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    • The ‘muzzle flash’ will help you make the follow-up shot(s) more quickly and accurately…

      *Snicker* 😉

    • This myth has been dispelled many times over by people who actually care to test it. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, chil’ren…

      • As someone with 15-20k rounds through a compensated g19 carry gun, it’s funny to see people say that stuff when they’ve obviously never done any real shooting with one. Cheap ammo makes an awful big muzzle flash at night, but any kind of quality defensive ammo is the same as a bare muzzle. And if it’s dark enough for muzzle flash to kill your night vision, how exactly did you identify your target and aim in the first place?

        • They don’t realize that they truly put their ignorance on display with such comments.

          It as almost as bad as the “common sense” nonsense the gun grabbers come up with.

  1. With a trainer 9-3p every Saturday, and 12-6 every other Sunday. Shoot an indoor GADPA match on Mon night. We train techniques for defense, combat, and competition. A lot of repetition, fundamentals, drills, and scenarios. If you don’t train with it, you really can’t be sure you will use it properly in a bad situation.

  2. That compensator up close especially below the eyes is a real tactical advantage, more “pocket dumpers” should be doing this..

  3. Hey TTAG, can someone do an article on dispelling the myths of compensators on carry pistols? Topics to cover;

    – Shooting from retention will set you on fire or injure you in any way and inevitably get you killed in the streets

    – Muzzle flash at night being any worse than a non-compensated pistol with the same ammo, which will blind you or destroy your night vision which will lead to you getting killed in the streets

    – Whatever other myths or misconceptions that people argue will inevitably lead to you getting killed in the streets

    Honestly, it gets exhausting seeing the same baseless objections by old fart fudds who have never actually shot a compensated pistol to begin with. Of course it’s always from the same group of people who argued “Nobody needs a red dot on a rifle” when those first started gaining popularity…

    • What would this site be without baseless, ignorant, snarky comments from the Fudds who have little or no real experience carrying modern guns and gear?

      • eau contraire.
        without snark, life itself would be impossible.
        can you imagine ttag pablum casper milquetoast?
        boring. and stop compensating- you could go blind.
        my friend has really thick, coke bottle corrective lenses. he stopped just in time.

  4. I have a G17 with a Alpha Wolf compensator I experiment with on range days. Sports a threaded barrel from Lone Wolf.

    Unless I’m shooting hot ammo (+P or higher) it doesn’t do a whole lot.

    just my experience….maybe there are better comps out there I could try.

    Happy Thanksgiving from South Carolina.

  5. Advanced my training to shooting while suspended by my tail, firing with two guns ,while mag changing with my hind feet.

  6. I’ve never used a compensator, but things I’ve never wished for in my carry gun are that it was an inch and a half longer and a few ounces heavier. Also, I’ve fired a lot of rounds out of my G26 and never needed it compensated for follow up shots. It’s a pop gun. A Glock 19, even moreso.

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