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Today’s pocket dump comes from Erik somewhere in the United States and includes a SIG P320 X-Carry and a RATS tourniquet. The P320 X-Carry is designed to be carry-ready out of the box and has features like a Straight X-Series trigger, X-Ray sights, and X-Series Modular Polymer grip. The flared mag well facilitates faster mag changes, too, which is a great feature for a carry gun.

How many of you practice mag changes? Do you dry fire and train to clear failures and/or change mags with above average speed? If you don’t…explain yourself.

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      • I remember the p07 and 9 had pretty big beaver tails, but the sig above looks crazy long. I actually don’t see the point of that. At some point it doesn’t have to be any bigger. Not like it’s keeping your wrist out of the slide.

      • Unheated cells are funny, ha ha, spend three days where your wash rag freezes then it’s not so funny.. If this crime warrants cruel and unusual punishment, then what crime doesn’t? I know this was about Japan, but it happens here in America.No one will believe a criminal when he reports abuse and it’s a “so what suffer you P.O.S.”anyway. This condolence furthers the abuse of power, the same power that can make “You” a criminal by the stroke of a pen. As far as I’m concerned being caged and fed food a dog would retch is punishment enough.If in fact incarceration is meant a a punishment?

  1. “designed to be carry-ready out of the box”??
    After a cleaning an degrease, then properly re lubed with a good oil/wonder lube of the day Is what you meant to say…RIGHT?
    I mean who just pulls the gun out of the box loads their carry ammo Into the magazine cycles a round Into the chamber and shoves It Into the holster their wearing and calls It good?
    Well just what I was thinking after reading that.

  2. This guy must not see a need to practice mag changes….no extra mag.

    Of course, he has a bajillion rounds in that long grip.

    I practice mag changes and stoppages as i carry an LCP.

    I notice it takes me longer to change mags with my Glock 43 since my hand binds the mag more than with the LCP.

    Maybe this guy had the same problem and went to a full-sized (plus) grip.

    • It’s still a good idea to carry a spare mag regardless of the capacity. Good to have a backup in case of malfunction/mechanical failure

      • That’s my line of thinking; with a revolver it’s worth carrying a reload because speed strips are SUPER easy to carry and you’ve got a highly limited ammo capacity. With an automatic it’s worth carrying a spare because the magazine is the most likely point of failure (plus, carrying a firearm of any kind is at least a mild hassle; at that point it only requires marginally more effort to carry a reload in addition)

  3. Made for SIGcess. Seemed so obvious a pun, I thought it’s what I actually read. The title doesn’t make sense to me without being a lame pun.

  4. . A better question would be, do you panic when your firearm malfunctions.? Having an 1911 this occurrence is so common it becomes just an other annoyance. Most pistols I process are preferably equipped with a combat style hammer. I’ve tried many holsters , none of them seem to fit. Being male I do not have the pouch that the females do. So I drag the pistol by the hammer with my tail for safety reasons. I already have a forked penis and would not like to make it look like a Star Nosed Moles nose with a negligent discharge Ha Ha.


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