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The Washington Post puts the number of [probable] gun owners rallying in the nation’s capitol today at 2000. The official Second Amendment March assembled slightly more warm bodies than TTAG entertains on a daily basis, a mass movement it ain’t. Whether by coincidence or design, the gun rights get-together did itself no favors by holding its pow-wow on the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. And the question must be asked: what’s the big deal anyway? Which WaPo agrees. “The march comes at a time when the trend appears to be toward normalizing the carrying of firearms in public. Even before the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2008 decision inĀ District of Columbia v. Heller recognized an individual’s constitutional right to possess firearms, an increasing number of states have allowed citizens to carry guns openly or conceal them on their person. Last year, 24 states loosened restrictions in firearms laws, and Iowa and Arizona passed laws this year easing restrictions on gun possession.” What’s more (or less), the other side of the “debate” are also having trouble in the attendance department . . .

Gun-control groups have pushed back. This weekend, gun-control advocates coordinated protests at Starbucks in Blacksburg, Va., and Denver to coincide with anniversaries of the Virginia Tech and Columbine shootings. Abby Spangler, founder of Virginia-based Protest Easy Guns, said about 30 people attended each demonstration.

Maybe if they’d invited Spanky Spangler. Meanwhile, the anti-gun Spangler is fighting what could be called, at best, a rear-guard action. “Basically, what’s going on in this country is the normalization of guns everywhere and anywhere,” Spangler said. “We are fighting that on every front.”

On another front, the “alternative” gun-toting rally in Virginia won the media contest, Big Style. This despite the fact that they only counted 150 or so amongst their number. Whatdja expect? They had guns.

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  1. ” did itself no favors by holding its pow-wow on the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. ”

    But the reason they chose the date, as we’ve mentioned in other TTAG articles, was that it was also the day the battles of Lexington and Concord took place, starting the American Revolution.

  2. Perception is the new reality. There are plenty of important dates in the revolutionary war they could have chosen. Wy open your left flank if you don’t have to?

  3. While “Perception” maybe the new reality to many, it is no different than the attempt by the left to re-define speech, (ie what is racist and/or misogynic) with political correctness. This has certainly been a rallying point behind the Trump presidency, that conservatives will no longer allow the left to control the argument by defining acceptable speech.

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