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A lot of people assume cops are gun people. Wrong. I once met a police officer who couldn’t tell me what kind of bullet fed his firearm. No really. He tried to fob me off with a lame joke: “whatever it wants.” But I could tell he simply didn’t know. I didn’t press the point, if only because he had a gun. Don’t mess with a man with a gun is an important rule of thumb—lost on “security” at the Corinthian Lounge and Restaurant in the 7100 block of Windsor Mill Road in Baltimore, Maryland. ‘Cause the unnamed bouncer-type dude decided to get into a little argy-bargy with Officer Jamar Lloyd Barnes. Officer Barnes responded by pulling his gun and threatening to shoot his server. “City police said Barnes is assigned to the Central District’s community stabilization unit and is still in his probationary period,” The Sun reports. “He has been suspended without pay pending a review, according to spokesman Anthony Guglielmi, who said the department is ‘committed to holding officers accountable.'” And disarmed, we presume.

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  1. Actually the Sun article says that Barnes threatened to shoot when approached by “security” and once outside the restaurant refused to obey police officers that were called to the scene. He’s toast.

  2. He was canned:

    A 21-year-old Baltimore city police officer accused of pulling a gun during a dispute at a Windsor Mill bar was terminated by the agency Tuesday, police said. Jamar Lloyd Barnes, of Parkville, has been charged with pulling a gun on staff at Corinthian Lounge and Restaurant on Friday night and resisting arrest when confronted by Baltimore County police officers. City police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said Barnes, who was assigned to the Central District but was still in his probationary period as an officer, was terminated Tuesday afternoon.

    And in related news:

    Another Baltimore City police officer is facing gun charges tonight.

    Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi confirmed Tuesday that Sgt. William Marcus, a member of the department’s Warrant Apprehension Task Force has been suspended without pay after being charged with felony assault for allegedly pistol whipping a motorist in New Jersey who hit his car while drunk.

    The alleged beating took place in January in Atlantic City when the 20-year BDP veteran's car was hit by a motorist while visiting the gambling mecca.

    “Sgt. Marcus was a victim of hit-and-run; he followed the suspect, who was driving while drunk,” said Guglielmi.

    The suspect later claimed Marcus pistol whipped him, but Guglielmi said Atlantic City Police did not find enough evidence at the time to bring charges.

    The charges were filed against Sgt. Marcus four months later, when an Atlantic City judge determined after a hearing there was sufficient evidence to charge Marcus.

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