Second Amendment March a Rousing Success! Or Not.

From the Second Amendment March Newsletter. Hey, isn’t it April already? Between 2,500 and 3,000 people attended the Second Amendment March on April 19 to listen to the speakers, enjoy the camaraderie, and celebrate our God-given gun rights. Below are some of the news stories following up on the event and say better than we […]

Second Amendment Rally A Damp Squib

The Washington Post puts the number of [probable] gun owners rallying in the nation’s capitol today at 2000. The official Second Amendment March assembled slightly more warm bodies than TTAG entertains on a daily basis, a mass movement it ain’t. Whether by coincidence or design, the gun rights get-together did itself no favors by holding […]

NRA Gambles on Low Profile

Whether motivated by safety concerns or responding to opposition voiced by its friends in Washington, The National Rifle Association (NRA) has opted out of the Second Amendment March gathering in Washington, D.C. today. The organization is also adopting a policy of non-engagement in the firearms freedom act sweeping the state’s rights community. The NRA’s non-strategy […]

“Gun Nuts Will Protest 2nd Amendment By Bringing Their Guns Everywhere Today”

D.C. gossip site Wonkette has a morning alert for its readers re: today’s Second Amendment March “celebrating” gun rights. The accuracy of which starts with the headline’s proclamation that the marchers are protesting the Second Amendment. How much wrongerer could a quasi-journalist be? Watch. “A bunch of paranoid gun fanatics will gather today at two federal […]