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Or is that just a bunch of airy-fairy clap-trap spouted by those more comfortable donning a cloak of progressiveness and self-righteous narcissism? The lulz-worthy intro applying gun-grabby “logic” to the First Amendment to illustrate his point is dead-on. We’ll give you three guesses where Colion comes down as far the Second is concerned.

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  1. 50,000 people a year die from car crashes.Clearly, we need NHTSA permits and FBI background checks to buy a Camry.If you want a 1500 pickup, you’ll need a bus pass for the seven day waiting period.

    If it saves just one teenager………

  2. Bill Whittle makes the point that the founders were hip, trendy, up on technological advances of their time. As such, in today’s world, they would be wearing Armani suits, $2000 shoes and carry ARs with the best (but not douchebaggy) add-ons.

  3. It’ll be irrelevant when either I’m dead, or the enemy is dead. Until then, no.


  4. What’s outdated is clinging to a old parchment as a preserver for individual liberties.
    It’s nice it’s there I guess but it’s pitifully sad to call upon it to defend freedom.
    Shredding the BOR or the entire Constitution overnight won’t make me any less free tomorrow. If anything the lack of a safety net to fall back onto would make me more free tomorrow than I am today.
    I dont care what the BOR says. I know what’s freedom and what’s not. This is not even with the BOR sitting there in a glass case.

    • It’s not “a preserver for individual liberties.” It’s supposed to be a restraint on Federal power.

    • What Ralph said.

      Your individual liberties are God-given, always have been, always will be. Not written down or what have you. Period. End of story. What IS written down is the acknowledgement of that fact, and what the Federal government (and by extension, States) could expressly NOT EVER DO.

      And that is why, as I said, it’s irrelevant only after I or the Enemy is dead.


      • Thats a nice thought but it hasnt worked out so well. Even so-called gun people are largely perfectly happy to accept some of the infringements that currently exist. Shall not be infringed is an inside joke and there doesnt appear to be much pushback at all from us.

        • There doesn’t appear to be much pushback? You must have missed the whole Colorado recall business.

        • I would love to “push back” on all of the infringements. However, I need a large group, and I am talking thousands, to be able to and not end up dead or with the “loss” of my rights.

          My idea is that a LOT of true 2A supporters and otherwise good Americans come here to Michigan and get into the government. We then can build a state military (a collection of “official” trained leaders that are given command of their local voluntary “militia” members).
          We then can use our forces to get the Fed out of the state bis, to stop unconstitutional federal actions on Michigan soil. We stop taking “federal money” and stop the IRS from stealing money from our citizens with their bs “taxes”.
          We would also need to get the stupid UN-American anti-freedom “laws” out of our state to become a greater place to live and an economic powerhouse again, but in every field not just automotive. We must have a market that is truly free.

        • ZM, 1 state to stand up against the feds? Fortunately there are enough sane people in Michigan to derail this plan before it starts.

      • Since the Bible makes it clear that slavery is great, as are other morally reprehensible practices, I would argue against “God given” rights.

        • Are you saying you support Barry-given rights? Whether you think they come from God or The Universe, the point is, they don’t come from a Man or a Government. The Bill of Rights just reaffirms these natural rights and serves to tell the Government (State and Federal) what it can’t do.

        • Blue, since no two societies agree upon what these rights are, I would argue that it is, indeed, mankind that create rights. If they were truly universal, everyone throughout time would agree upon what these rights are.

          • You would ultimately loose that argument as Men like Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, King George III, Napoleon, Santa Ana, et al. take the rights from you. In group of men that can grant rights can in fact take them. Don’t forget more modern jack-boots like Che, Castro either. Barry is a wanna-be Mussolini and so are many of the others like Bloomer.

            When 2 wolves and a sheep vote on what’s for dinner, a well armed sheep contests the vote.

        • Blue, in what way was I wrong? Different societies do, in fact, have different rights and expect different freedoms. You are correct about all the dictators you mentioned–they robbed people of their rights. My entire point is that there is no such thing as a universally accepted set of universal rights.

          • That is why the U.S. has been considered a “great experiment” from the beginning. The 2nd Amendment was added to the Bill of Rights to make sure The People had a fighting chance to make sure a new tyrant didn’t get hold. The War of 1812 was the British’s attempt to test that experiment. Looking at what is going on in turmoil parts of the globe such as tribal wars in Africa are irrelevant to the American experiment. The Bill of Rights isn’t there for Mark Kelley and Gabby to go to the range or hunting. It is there for 50, 100, 500 years in the future when some Mussolini/Hitler s.o.b.’s tries to pull the world takeover crap or for tomorrow should Barry pull a Chavez and proclaim he is going to stay in office for another 16 years to get the U.S. through trouble times and approved by a Harry Reid Controlled Senate. In the American Experiment, Rights come from God or the Universe and not from someone that can be stopped by a bullet.

        • They were given to us by the God of Love, and the God of Power is trying to take them away.

          I’d like to see the expressions on the faces of the Bible-thumpers when they get to the Pearly Gates and find out that Satan has been running the show since day 0.

          Freedom is my Worship Word!

        • JWM

          Yes at lest one state has to do something or it will all just be lost so much sooner. Remember, the 50 States of these United States of America are all sovereign States in their own right.
          The reason that we are United is because we had the idea that we can give a select few powers of government to a shared group to ensure we would all get along and we could combine our resources to protect each other.
          The Fed does not have supreme rule over all the states in all ways. The way they have been going the states need to step up and put the fed back into its place.
          If more states would follow suit and step up it would be great. However, one state would be fine. They can not use the Military on civilians, at least without justifying their destruction. Until the fed escalates the situation we would simply arrest federal employes that we have made clear are unwelcome. There are already states moving in that direction or at least talked about it.

  5. freedom of the printing press. the internet, not so much. /sarc

    I’d love to see someone smack Michael Moore with this.

  6. It will never be outdated. That is why it says ‘the right to bear arms.” Same with the 1st Amendment. Non of the 5 parts of the 1st put any technological limitation. IN fact, neither does the 4th, 5th, 6th or 9th. What are outdated are all these retreaded Bolshevik ideas.

    • Indeed. The right to bear “arms” not “firearms”, if laser or plasma rifles are ever developed our Second Amendment covers them to.

      • The Bolsheviks, founded by Vladimir Lenin and Alexander Bogdanov, were a faction of the Marxist Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (RSDLP). The essentially became Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic which was the chief part of the former Soviet Union. Leon Trotsky used the term to differentiate between true Leninism and the Soviet Union under Stalin. There were also Mensheviks early on.

  7. Well, if they don’t like the 2nd amendment the way it stands, they could refer to the Constitution, Article V. If you don’t like the Constitution, then go ahead and amend it, if you can get enough stupid people to go along with you.

    But I say, if you’re going to bother to call a Constitutional convention, then we should abolish the 16th before we let them do anything else.

    There’s even another way to look at that “well-regulated milia” thing. When the gov’t militia gets cocky, it’s the duty of well-armed citizens to say, <*RACK*> Not so fast, Bucko!

  8. Is the Right to defend one’s Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness (aka Family, Friends, Property, Avocation, Skills, Talents, Religion, Moral and Ethical Beliefs) finally outdated? …then the answer to Dan Zimmerman’s question is crystal clear.
    The Constitution does not grant Rights, it enumerates and affirms the Rights all persons innately possess by the very fact of being Human, and pledges the Government established by the Constitution will not deny, abrogate or infringe upon those Rights. Obviously, this is a difficult concept for the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of Federal, State and Local Governments to grasp given the number of Laws now enacted in this Country that violate or contradict the fundamental concept of Rights embodied in the Constitution.

  9. “A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    We all know that “the militia” referred to all men (people) young enough to effectively fight in battle. One of the things a militia can be used for is to prevent an overreaching federal government from imposing tyranny upon the people.

    Come the revolution, which I think will happen within my lifetime (and I’m 58 so there isn’t a lot of my lifetime left), then we will find how prescient the authors of the 2nd Amendment truly were. We will learn the hard way that “self defense” can also apply to defending yourself against tyranny.

    • Yes, but I am truly worried that our enemy will infiltrate the leadership role of the revolution and lead the nation to destruction rather than rebirth, just like how they have done so in the federal system.

      • “Yes, but I am truly worried that our enemy will infiltrate the leadership role of the revolution ”

        Then be your own bloody leader! What the hell do you think “Self-Determination” means? Just screw them, and go ahead and Be Free! Then your own little personal segment of the “revolution” is done. And you’ve won! See how simple that was?

        Practice de facto Nullification.

        • Rich Grise

          The problem is that a majority of people will follow a small group of people. That small group will be given the chance to do anything because they have the trust and can spin it however they want. They wont even have to do much, just change a few words and wait.

          How different would our nation be if the 2A read

          “A well regulated Military being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms in service, shall not be infringed.”

          Of course that is if they don’t just get rid of the constitution. You know it was the damned fed that caused this… we should just get rid of it and try something different. That is how a lot of people would see it, as an actual option. The American way only works with good people doing the right things.

          • “The problem is that a majority of people will follow a small group of people.”

            That’s not a problem for me. I don’t particularly care what the herd does; I am the only authority in my life. Let the “majority of people” do what they want, follow whatever lunatic they choose to follow into the abyss of socialism – nobody’s forcing me to join them.

            All Liberty is Individual Liberty. If you want to join the “majority of people,” if you want to be a member of the biggest herd, then go for it! It’s not my call. Do as you will, for your own reasons. Possibly the most important component of Individual Liberty, definitely a fundamental one, is the acknowledgement that other people are also free to do whatever they want to do. If one of them comes at me with a gun, of course I will defend myself, but that’s about the extent of it.

        • Rich Grise

          “I don’t particularly care what the herd does; I am the only authority in my life. Let the “majority of people” do what they want”

          I agree, if people want to go do whatever and not interfere with others that is fine. However that does not mean they will leave me alone, like the current situation.

          “Do as you will, for your own reasons. Possibly the most important component of Individual Liberty, definitely a fundamental one, is the acknowledgement that other people are also free to do whatever they want to do.”

          Yes I understand this however if i go out and get an AK-47 and order a parts kit offline and drill the one hole and put in the sear, grind out the tab on the bolt if it is not there, and make sure it has the proper hammer to make it select fire I will not be left alone. I am not permitted to do as I want that is set solidly in “shall not be infringed” because the small group the herd empowers will not permit me.

          The problem comes in to what will we have after, if it is not lead by the right people in the right direction for the right reasons it will be much worse than it is now. The barriers that they are working on destroying will be brushed to the side, what will stop them then?

          “whatever lunatic they choose to follow into the abyss of socialism – nobody’s forcing me to join them.”

          Except the socialist lunatic…

          Just ignoring Hitler did not do a thing for the Jews.

          • “Just ignoring Hitler did not do a damn for the Jews.”

            True, true. I’m with you 100%. But I don’t have cash to get an AK, or the skills to do those mods; I don’t have much for them to come to get. And there’s not much I could do if they actually did come to the door with guns and take me away. But until then, it doesn’t do me any good to worry about it or restrict by behavior because of the threat of what they might do to me.

            I’m not rich with money, but I do have the one most precious thing there is in life – Freedom. Maybe people who have never been locked up can’t really appreciate the sweet, sweet nectar of the ability to walk out my own front door any farking time I want to.

        • Cool, it is not just force that you can use to ease the people around you in the right direction.

          Keep your eyes open, watch who tries to put themselves into the leadership role. If you see bad signs make sure your voice is heard.

          I just want people to make sure that if (when) the revolution occurs to make sure it is done right. Keep it on the right path, don’t let us put on our own shackles.

          “”Eternal vigilance is the Price of Liberty.” Your safety lies in prompt and efficient Action, Organization, and Perseverance.” -Vermont Patriot and State Gazette March 21, 1836

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