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Fibbies on the scene (courtesy


Policeman directs pedestrians to safety. (courtesy

ATF. Of course. (courtesy

Lots of firepower (courtesy

Ready for an assault on the nation's capitol---- minus the cover or concealment (courtesy

On the lookout (courtesy

GTFO (courtesy

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  1. Sure the Tribune didn’t use stock footage of Nairobi?I see troops, not cops.

    That being said ,the ATF agent on the far right makes her tac vest look darn good.

  2. Can we call this a “police shooting” or “police involved shooting” at least? It seems to me the driver didn’t have a gun.

    • this is my question exactly: reports keep saying “an exchange of gunfire”. Did the driver fire a weapon?

    • Which brings up the question, why half of these LEO’s aren’t assigned shotguns. A shotgun with the right slugs can break an engine in 1-4 shots. (No, not the slugs Buckets ‘O Truth tested.) Many PD’s have “the right slugs.” 5.56 can’t perform that job, so they feel justified just shooting the fool to death. “It was our only option, really!” Neither can an AR work it’s way to a perp behind partial cover as reliably as buckshot. I did notice that the first guy off the truck when the Capitol Police SWAT team showed up at the Navy Yard the other week did have a shotgun with extended magazine tube. So there’s hope.

  3. So here’s my question. If this was a high-speed chase that took place from the White House to the Capitol, I’d think that it was over pretty quick, right? I would almost think it would be over before all these alphabet agency folks could get on scene…

      • Yeah, I was just thinking that some of those people probably came in from home, or a baseball game, or whatever, and I wonder if it wasn’t basically all over by the time some of them even got the call to come in, and certainly before some of them were on scene.

      • Another clear case for more car control legislation. Think of the damage that woman could have done! If only one barrier could be saved….

  4. Ah, police state.

    Thousands of trigger happy psychopaths wanting to “get some” just got blue-balled.

    • Brady campaign thinks the same thing about gun owners…..

      Might not want to stereotype….

      But this is TTAG…..

  5. Operators operating in operative truck bed operationals. Did my tax dollars go toward that matte paint job? Cuz that is some tactical-ass sh!t right there.

  6. All this over ONE woman in a car

    This is practically the police equivalant of an auto-immune attack

    • This regime has trod so heavily on our republic and our liberties and the Constitution that they are living in terror that even the smallest perceived threat is the precursor to the civil backlash they fear will derail their plans. It MIGHT be excusable if they thought this was the opening volley of a terrorist attack, but they are obviously prepared, and for obvious reasons, to defend the capitol against any large-scale attack. What, exactly, are they actually afraid of?

  7. “Blue-balled”. “Now that’s a term I have not heard of in a long time. a long time.” with Apologies to Obi-wan Kenobi. The reports I read said it was a woman who tried to ram the barry-cades with her car. I hope to God she’s not a registered Republican.

  8. I like their fancy tactical pants with the built in knee pads (first pic), just like brad pitt in WWZ.

  9. Where in the heck did they all come from? I thought all non-essential employees were sent home for the shutdown.

  10. Why does it seem like the media is purposely being ambiguous about this?
    All the comments on the linked article point to people assuming this woman was going on a shooting rampage.

    My initial impression is that this is cop overkill, on a crazy woman who hit a cop with her car.

    • …One agent in a marked Secret Service vehicle was injured when the car in which he was chasing the suspect was upended by one of the Capitol’s electronic barricades as it rose out of the ground.

  11. Aha! Proof positive! The only thing that stops bad guys with guns is good guys with guns.

    Assuming, of course, the Police are actually good guys. Overall they are, but like anything there are always ‘those guys.’

    • If they are allowing “those guys” to stay on the force, then they are not good guys. All cops are liars. America would be better off if we disarmed all government employees and only allowed citizens to carry weapons.

    • That also assumes that the bad-guy has a gun. Reporters are now saying that she didn’t even have one.

      In this case, the thing that stopped a bad-gal with a car is an army with machine guns. Err, wait, they aren’t military! I’ve been getting the military and the police mixed up lately. Maybe it’s early onset Alzheimer’s…

  12. I think being anywhere near the area with all of those armed Feebs and Revenooers (ATF) would make me feel less safe than almost anywhere else.

    • That’s why there’s such a remarkably low crime rate in Vince’s (formerly Marion’s) plantation on the Potomac.

  13. Is this an example of the lack of communication amongst the, what, 318 different jurisdictions here? (I may be exaggerating, might only be 310…). My guess is that the car chase ends in gunfire for what ever reason and the next thing you know a “shots fired at the capitol from a car ramming the barriers” call goes out with no background at all – and everyone rolls. With everything.

    The even more frightening thing is that they’re not idiots – they won’t roll every resource on a call like this, in case it’s a diversion. So given how huge the response was for this, how much ELSE is tucked away ready to roll? Now I think I know where those millions upon millions of Federally-purchased cartridges went….sitting unloved and unfired in countless mags across the city “just in case.”

  14. 1st picture: Guy on left turning his EOTech around the right way….

    Oh, wait, this isn’t the Weekend Caption Contest?

    • If you’re going to do the Mogadishu UPC (unarmed personnel carrier) thing, you should really find a left handed skinny – er, officer – for the driver’s side.

  15. Dija catch the Tactical Schwinn in the fourth picture down, lying on its side in the street? Looks like some agency didn’t fill out their grant paperwork in time…

  16. These chunky monkeys with their tacticool toys are so far beyond ludicrous, that we’ll soon need to begin making up new words to describe their degree of asshattery. (I kind of like that one already). All of this overreaction for what? One unarmed psycho chick in a car with a death wish? Seriously?

    The real story here should be that we have so many overlapping SWAT teams (whose bellies overlap their belts) on perpetual alert. Despite having so many that we have to turn some of them away when responding to an active shooter at a military facility, we still have this much of a massive response during what is ostensibly a “government shutdown.” Good grief.

  17. OMG! The cops are wearing sunglasses! Militarization of police! Militarization of police! OMG they have a pickup too!? Militarization of police! Militarization of police!

    • mlk18, seriously? You did see the first picture of the two guys in the back of the PU truck? Battle fields of the middle east anyone? The other cops running around with select fire M4’s ie true full auto “assault weapons”?

      And you can keep a straight face and make fun of people that are saying our police are militarized. You are either completely delusional and in denial or your a government stooge. I would pick a government stooge. No one else could be that oblivious; unless your a Liberal/ progressive, then all bets are off.

      • I’m just not gonna watch the vilification BS that TTAG and other pro-gun groups use to keep things rolling down the us vs. them path. Let’s save that for CNN and Huffington Post. I do know a lot of cops and 99% of them are pro-gun and pro-America. They also want to go home alive at the end of their shifts. So if they get a set of ballistic sunglasses that used to belong to a Marine, then more power to ’em. I have better things to whine and complain about, like Obama & Co. wanting to come take my guns.And guess what, I would rather those cops be on my side then send them the clear message that THEY are all liars and that THEY are the enemy. They are neither. They are us.

  18. Where are all the shotguns? When you get in trouble just fire a couple rounds in the air and the problem will go away.

    Why am I seeing all these assault weapons with their 30 round magazine clips? I thought they were illegal in the gun free paradise of D.C.

  19. Thought most of you would have caught this little tid-bit, the probable reason so many responded had to be that she wasn’t toting a shotgun, wasn’t a minority, and didn’t seem to be heading to a kill zone…. ehh, I mean a gun free zone.

  20. That last photo: “Now, the chili-dog stand is two blocks that way!”, “that way”?, “NAW over there! Get me like five of them.”

  21. I hate Obama’s politics and despise him as a man. That being said, he is the POTUS and my commander in chief. And it’s DC. A threat at the capitol building or the White House will bring that response. I would expect to see AR’s, tactical gear, etc.

    • My thoughts exactly.
      This was a situation-in-progress, the level of threat was unknown, hostile intent had already been demonstrated, and the number of people to be protected against a possible terroristic threat was large and located in many different venues.
      How often have we talked about how long it takes for an LEO to get from point A to point B? Of course they would be going to their posts to protect those under their care – and so seen by the photogs in number.
      I took a look at the video of the end of the chase – where the LEOs surrounded the car and tried to get the door open, and the driver started off again, endangering the officers and possibly going somewhere else to try to do who-knows-what to who-knows-who. The LEOs had no choice but to open fire. They may or may not have known of the child in the vehicle – but their duty was to protect as many of the innocent as possible.
      I certainly hope the child is not injured, but the fact of the matter is it is the woman who endangered the child, not the LEOs.
      Let’s keep some balance here. Not all LEOs (including the ATF folks) are bad guys. In fact, most of them are not.
      We can discuss appropriate and inappropriate uses of our various LEOs, but let’s not paint them all with one brush dipped in the manure-can.

      • In thinking about it…

        Where the Hell is she going to go in a car in DC during the day? In rush hour? Maybe ten blocks, then a full stop. All they had to do was bide their time once the adrenaline wore off.

      • The woman bumped into a security Bollard. Her car was nearly surrounded by Fed LEO’s who could see it was woman in the car, and may have seen the child. They clearly did not see a gun. By the Capitol it was little different. They only opened up on her when she started to drive away, the lady with no gun who did nothing much.

        I’m nonplussed by the security arrangements. I’ll be blunt. In a location dense with police a car can be stopped rather easily, but only if one of the minion have a shotgun with the right loads (or a .375 H&H with the old Speer Grand Slam Safari bullets the ATF ‘intimidated’ off the market three years ago, but which LEO’s can still use). Given that a car is often-enough used for mayhem, or as an approach/escape vehicle, and given the redundancy of guards….why on earth don’t one or two of them have an appropriate car-slaying set up? Tons of light-caliber rifles, subguns, pistols…none of which are car-stoppers. Where is my money going? They have missiles on the roof, but notshotgun or medium-boar with some tungsten-carbide heavy grain bullets/slugs? Huh?

  22. Fox reporting she is Black and from CT. Reporters asked if news conference if she was somali and how can they rule out terrorism. Also reports are she had a history of mental illness. Hmmm.

    If Obama had a daughter. . . .

    And yes, I recognize he is kenyan

      • Turn the lights down low, put on the Barry White, uncork the bubbly. I’ll bet kenyans and somalis can mix. She had a baby with her and was trying to get into barry’s house.

  23. I am already freaking tired of hearing “police acted heroically”

    Uhhhhhh, shooting an unarmed woman with a one year old in the car. Definition of a hero sure as hell has changed.

    • Check the videos (posted elsewhere).
      They tried to stop her without gunfire, and she nearly ran them over. They risked their lives to try to save others – yeah, that’s a definition of a hero.
      Being killed or injured by a motor vehicle isn’t any more pleasant than being killed or injured by a firearm.

      • Save others??

        If you say so. Not heroes, though. They had vehicles, also. One woman in an Infinity couldn’t be stopped by other cars/SUVs driven by “experts”.

        Heroes my ass.

      • Uh, they did what they were paid to do? And trained to do? Doing your job as part of an overwhelming armed force is heroic? I have a slightly different definition.

  24. “police armed with heavy weapons”

    – from cbs news coverage, showing pictures of multiple police wielding ar15’s.

    I love how when a citizen has an ar-15 it’s called an assault weapon, but in an officers hands it becomes just a heavy weapon.

  25. At this particular juncture I’d be more interested in truthfully discovering just HOW the deceased lady came to be surrounded by officers pointing their sidearms at her. I’m betting on crazy but it could very well have been a honest mistake, too. Unfortunately we’ll most likely never know.


  26. I’ve heard they killed her after she got out of the car unarmed. Has anyone else heard if that is true?

  27. Is there some tactical advantage to the matte paint job on that fed truck? Those are crazy expensive to put on and maintain.

    • It seems that the flat black paint job is actually an easier target to focus on, it has no glare, stands out clearly among other vehicles, doesn’t blend in at all. it’s the opposite of stealth in daylight urban situations.

  28. I think about the time that our police forces start looking like Special Forces it’s time to cool down the arms and equipment (including uniforms) headed on over to John Q. Lawdog…. I see PVS-14’s, M4’s, Sig’s, HK’s, military body armor… are they in the capitol or Fallujah? If it’s Fallujah it sure does look different from the last time I saw it back in ’08.

  29. Hopefully no terrorist organization will be watching to see what it takes to get a bunch of our security forces concentrated in one area…
    Oooppppsss, did I say that out loud?

  30. What is the ATF doing there? There was no booze, no butts (i.e. tobacco), no guns (except for the LEO’s) and no really big fires (explosions)? I guess it was a slow day, slowly processing suppressor applications and this was a convenient excuse to slow it down more?

  31. Not even the FBI can get their web and nylon gear bags and pouches to match (in color). So it’s not just me.

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