Seattle May Have to Use Force to Retake CHOP, but Police Department’s Hands are Tied

Seattle CHOP police east precinct

Posters and signs are hung on fencing around the East Precinct building of the Seattle Police Department. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

“If force has to be used then force has to be used so long as it’s necessary and reasonable,” [use of force expert Jesus] Villahermosa said.

He said the recent violence and the continuing presence of CHOP mean negotiations between protesters and the city aren’t accomplishing much.

“I really believe at this point, the protesters have really forced the hand and we’re going to have to use force,” Villahermosa said.

But, according to Seattle Police Officer’s Guild president Mike Solan, the inability to use things like tear gas limits what can be done.

“The only option now is to use our physical bodies and our baton to hold people back,” Solan said.

Seattle City Council president Lorena Gonzalez said on Twitter that the shootings don’t reflect CHOP but gun violence as a whole.

“Portraying gun violence as an issue caused by the existence of CHOP distracts us from discussing the root causes of gun violence,” Gonzalez tweeted.

Gonzalez went on to say in her Twitter thread that she disagrees with the idea of using these shootings as a justification to have Seattle Police move back into the east precinct.

– Nick Popham in Force might be necessary to take back East Precinct from protesters, expert says


  1. avatar MouseGun says:

    Easy answer; throw up a fence around it, and like all good little starbucks socialists, they’ll eventually eat each other (metaphorically, but possibly literally). They want to be autonomous? Make ‘em stick to their morals.

    1. avatar Don from CT says:

      Thats a great idea. Essentially a blockade.

      The problem is the businesses that are trying to survive in that area and the residents who (poor bastards) live in that area.

      1. avatar Darkman says:

        Handle like any other disaster with state of Washington taxpayer funded housing and business compensation. As well as compensation for all damage or theft loses due to the take over of #TheZone. Then let the people speak in the upcoming elections.

      1. avatar Dude says:

        “…her followers vandalized my home by spray-painting obscenities,” Durkan wrote.

        It’s all fun and games until they come for you. Then, all of a sudden, Durkan’s interested in law and order.

        “…who potentially uses their position in violation of law or who recklessly undermines the safety of others, all for political theatre,” Durkan wrote in the letter.”

        She could be writing about herself there. These hypocrites have no principles.

        1. avatar Ing says:

          The incompetent Durkan needs to be immediately impeached and removed from office. The socialist Kshama Sawant needs to be shipped out to a communist hellhole where she can enjoy the full fruits of her evil ideology (and no, the one she’s trying to create in Seattle doesn’t count).

          Progressivism is a progressive disease.

      2. avatar Alex in Oregon says:

        “In reality, this is an attack on working people’s movements, and everything we are fighting for, by a corporate politician desperately looking to distract from her failures of leadership and politically bankrupt administration. Our movement will respond accordingly: we will fight with even greater unity and determination.”
        Working people? If these people were working they wouldn’t have the time to sit for weeks occupying a 6 block area of a major American city! For f…..ks sake!

  2. avatar Darkman says:

    The Police need to continue to #StandDown. The is mayor Dorkan’s Shit Show let her continue to negotiate for the release of the captured territory. Unless She is at the front of the line Standing with the Police. During any actions taken. They need to continue to refrain from any tactical activity in the Zone.

    1. avatar Neil says:

      I agree, this is throwing the police under the proverbial bus without non-leathal weapons.

      Prostitution is often slavery (forced work). I wonder how many brothels have setup in the CHOP?

      1. avatar Geoff "Guns. LOTS of guns..." PR says:

        “Prostitution is often slavery (forced work). I wonder how many brothels have setup in the CHOP?”

        How else is a Leftist incel expected to get laid? 🙂

    2. avatar Garrison Hall says:

      And coming to a neighborhood near you . . .

      1. avatar Geoff "Guns. LOTS of guns..." PR says:

        The campaign ads for Trump this year keep getting written for him.

        The CHAZ-CHOP, coming nation-wide with a Biden presidency.

        Some potential Biden VP news : Combat Vet.Tammy Duckworth is being floated as a potential running mate…

    3. avatar Southern Cross says:

      The SPD East Precinct building is going to smell of urine and faeces for years afterwards, no matter how hard they try to clean it.

    4. avatar LarryinTX says:

      If we have to use force, the obvious requirement is to send in the Mayor and City Council, announced in advance and identified as they arrive. Certainly they will be welcomed, and then respected as they announce closure of the paradise.

  3. avatar Ron says:

    “Inability to use tear gas..”

    There’s plenty of other gases out there.

    1. avatar rtw1951 says:

      Instead of tearrgas, how about concentrated cat urine? It is an all natural product. That should keep he greenies happy.

      1. avatar Jim from LI says:

        How about launching bags of cat poop with a trebuchet? One of my guys drops toxic bombs that leave a green cloud.

      2. avatar Cloudbuster says:

        I’m pretty sure a lot of the “ladies” of CHAZ have spent years building up a resistance to cat urine.

    2. avatar xyz says:

      “Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.”
      -Joseph Stalin

  4. avatar enuf says:

    “Portraying gun violence as an issue caused by the existence of CHOP distracts us from discussing the root causes of gun violence,” Gonzalez tweeted.

    For the bajillionth time, there is no such thing as “Gun Violence”. Guns can no more be violent than spoons can be fattening.

    Humans are the root cause of violence.

    That is all.

    1. avatar don says:

      I concur.

    2. avatar Hyperbolic Sarcasm says:

      Don’t try to downplay the spoon fattening epidemic currently plaguing the nation. We must take a stand now to end the health crisis consisting of diabetes, obesity and heart disease directly caused by high-capacity table spoons.

      No-one needs a table spoon, with their monstrous capacity and oversized, flared and beveled handles. You can shovel food into your facehole just as easily with a teaspoon. Or better yet, follow Asia’s example and limit the use of utensils to chopsticks, as they’re much better at controlling portion sizes and limiting food intake. You can’t eat horrible, health-destroying foods like ice cream effectively with chopsticks.

      Join the Grady Campaign to End Spoon Fattening. For the sake of the children. Get involved!

      1. avatar Someone says:

        Yes, that’s the style of utensils military uses. Ban military style spoons now! Do it for the fat children.

        1. avatar Steve H. says:

          Moms Demand Action for fat kids in America?

        2. avatar Peter Gunn says:

          The military uses “Combat Cutlery” which includes the horrific “Assault Spoon” (grimly referred to as a “Spork”) that has a bayonet-like serrated tip designed specifically for indiscriminate wholesale laceration of hapless comestibles. Civilians have no business owning such murderous flatware- therefore all Sporks should be banned along with any and all military-grade, assault-style terrifying tableware.

      2. avatar Art out West says:

        I can pig out pretty easily with chopsticks.

        1. avatar Southern Cross says:

          It just takes practice, and the threats to use them or go hungry, and not being allowed to leave the table until the dinner is eaten. You learn to use chopsticks very quickly.

    3. avatar Anymouse says:

      I disagree. Like most crimes, lack of consequences is the cause of crime. If thugs can commit crimes with little chance of being punished, the rewards outweigh the risks. This is also why CHOP has theft, extortion, rape, etc. Chicago’s lack of arrests, prosecutions, and jail time results in skyrocketing murder rates. See also illegal immigration and the new trend to not pursue low value property crimes.

      1. avatar Jason says:

        Your argument seems to have broken the space-time continuum. Perhaps you have a DeLorean equipped with a Flux Capacitor?

      2. avatar Joseph Malone says:

        Police are bad. they are permanently cancelled. You talk like a racist. racists blindly defend police because they do not want to treat people fairly. Its legal abuse. After this nobody is going to trust police again for any reason especially with people like you making the comments you are making. The real criminals are the freemasons.

        1. avatar Ing says:

          After seeing several days’ worth of these comments, I still can’t quite tell whether you’re a lunatic or just being sarcastic. Poe’s Axiom may be in effect.

    4. avatar Dude says:

      enuf, they’re just spreading propaganda. Many indoctrinated folks are so far gone, they will ignore any facts you present to them. You know, like the myth of the Mueller Report (treason), which was debunked by….the Mueller Report.

  5. avatar Dale Menard says:

    I don’t think she realizes that the CHOP people want her to use a lot of violence, so they can advance their cause.

  6. avatar Huntmaster says:

    Seattle City Council President wants to discuss the root cause of gun violence. What is there to discuss? If local governments tolerate the use of violence then violence will occur. Guns are only involved because they are pretty much the easiest, most cost effective way to visit violence upon someone. They are also the easiest most effective way to protect against all that violence. Especially so, for the most vulnerable.

    1. avatar Eric Swalwell says:

      Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! …. There were a lot of moving parts in that post. Its going to take me a while to digest all that. I’m only a Democrat, I’m not some kind of superhuman. The only thing I got out of your post was: “guns are bad” and “we need to control people”..????… Am I close?…. I’m sorry but you’re going to have to explain that again. My brain is having a hard time accepting what your trying to say.

      Eric Swalwell 2020

      1. avatar Old Guy in Montana says:

        Thank you for the Wednesday morning chuckle!

    2. avatar Joseph Malone says:

      The only serious threat to freedom and liberty is government and police. they are overfunded and abusive. Crime is a boogeyman tactic to scare people out of holding police and government accountable. They lie, twist facts, make up stats, just to coervice the public into accepting their abuses.

    3. avatar GluteusMaximus says:

      Surely you are not advocating personal responsibility. You must be racist. You are cancelled.

  7. avatar ROBERT POWELL says:

    there is nothing finer for crowd control than a M1A1 WITH FIXED BAYONET. and a good well trained national guard trooper holding it.they work every time .

    1. avatar KenW says:

      How is Neil Young supposed to write the song ?

      Tin soldiers and Trumps comin’
      We’re finally on our own
      This summer I hear the drummin’
      Four dead in CHOP

      It just doesn’t flow right.

  8. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

    At the rate the CHAZ/CHOP marxist’s are going they will kill each other off in no time.

    1. avatar Joseph Malone says:

      The only marxists are the people who support large federal government with a majority of it being police and law enforcement. If you want guns rights stand with people at CHOP. Being a racist is just going to ensure that police find a way to hurt you. At that point I won’t have sympathy for you because right now you are on the wrong side of this. When the history books are written you will be remembered as a traitor who lied and was loyal to the elite we overthrew. We are not going to use half measures so you need to up your game.

      1. avatar GluteusMaximus says:

        Joseph, there are virtually no racists in America. You need to get out more.

  9. avatar Spad_ says:

    Get a nice set of fire hoses, use the police or what and hose the people down, yes high pressure water does a lot. First person who attempts to stop the cleaning up, arrest them. Make it a fun experience. These are not peaceful people, they have violated the publics right to use lawful obtained property etc. A breakdown of society in Seattle.

    1. avatar Anymouse says:

      Reminds me of my first riot as a freshman at Berkeley. It started as a commemorative bonfire for the 20th anniversary of previous riots. Unfortunately, it was spontaneous and done in the middle of the intersection of Telegraph and Dwight. When the fire department showed up, some of the protestors decided to block with hoses with sheets of plywood. After being knocked over, they ran down the street lighting up trash cans and papers posted on kiosks and poles. Looting soon followed, with gangbangers took taxis from Oakland to take part in the festivities.

    2. avatar uncommon_sense says:


      I have a better idea: contractors with close-in police protection move in to remove all barricades. And police immediately use all force necessary to arrest anyone who resists and charges them with FELONY false imprisonment of the people in their homes and businesses within CHOP/CHAZ.

      The false imprisonment charge gets kind of interesting. On the one hand, CHOP/CHAZ agents will claim that they are not imprisoning the people inside who can leave any time they want. On the other hand, CHOP/CHAZ agents are refusing to allow invited guests of and emergency services for the people living/working inside CHOP/CHAZ to enter. That sounds like imprisonment to me when an outside entity determines who can come to my home/business.

    3. avatar Southern Cross says:

      The Europeans had the right idea with the water cannon. Add a marking dye for easy follow up arrests. For extra effect use chilled brine with a dash of CS powder.

  10. avatar oldguy says:

    Gonzalez is (unknowingly) correct with disagreeing that the shootings are a justification to have the Seattle Police move back into the east precinct.

    Move back in and evict the protesters because it is illegal for them to be there.

  11. avatar john clark says:

    Such a small area, Use aerial fire fighting planes and copters to cover the zone in pig shit!

  12. avatar former water walker says:

    The fact these lowlife leftscum are still “occupying” Chaz/Chop/Chump means they’ve already won. My only sympathy goes to the poor business owner’s & resident’s. Try this chit in MY neighborhood and “you can die Joey”…

  13. avatar The Huscarl says:

    The cops cleared out Chazistan this morning, coincidentally, a day or two after the commies had marched on the mayor’s personal home. Once she felt she was personally in danger, she sent in the troops. A despicable character.

  14. avatar HEGEMON says:

    Perhaps a wall of lead might persuade. After the first volley the communist scumbags will scatter.

  15. avatar Mainer_ExCop says:

    These occupiers are the product of a generation of liberals breeding. They have no concept if responsibility or morality.
    Why oh why are we negotiating with them. Just a bunch of spoiled young people they are not familiar with the word ‘No.’
    Some will say that using force doesn’t solve anything. The hell it doesn’t. They are revolutionaries being used by the Democrats to tear down this country. Wake up people!!!!!

  16. avatar AlanInFL says:

    Since tear gas use is verboten there. Just use a bulldozer. Sorry, we got road construction to do today. We need clear everything out of the way.

    Problem solved.

    1. avatar dlj83544 says:

      …bring in “the Scoops!”

      1. avatar Southern Cross says:

        Soylent Green reference?

        1. avatar dlj83544 says:


  17. avatar dlj83544 says:

    “Gonzalez went on to say in her Twitter thread that she disagrees with the idea of using these shootings as a justification to have Seattle Police move back into the east precinct.”

    …wow – just, wow.

    How about using all the standing laws broken when the precinct was overrun?

  18. avatar ROBERT POWELL says:

    the first “cleaning” should start with the city council . the root cause of communist insurrection started with them. if the council do not support the police then it is a mute cause to remove the bums from the area, they have been pushing for communism for way too long. TIME FOR SOME HEADS TO ROLL AND SOME REAL AMERICANS TO TAKE THE REIGNS.

  19. avatar Prndll says:

    There isn’t one single aspect of this thing that hasn’t reached the point of ridiculousness.

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Now, THAT is the truth. Not. one. thing.

  20. avatar GS650G says:

    They are going to need sandblasters. Don’t wait for the occupiers to get out of the way.

    1. avatar Old Guy in Montana says:

      Interesting idea…high-volume, high-pressure air fed through a large diameter hose with a hopper of pea gravel attached = less than lethal and probably very effective…and a green technology as well – have a street sweeper vacuum up the gravel for re-utilization.

  21. avatar diohgih says:

    This article is already outdated, the cops started clearing CHAZ out this morning and were met with almost no resistance.

    1. avatar Southern Cross says:

      The resistance was still stoned from last night’s block party.

  22. avatar Old Guy in Montana says:

    So much for Jenny’s “Summer of Love”. What a pendeja klafte!

    1. avatar Dude says:

      Jenny didn’t mind all of the trash and graffiti and lawlessness because she didn’t live or run a business in the CHOP. She’s only concerned when those people show up at her house.

      1. avatar Old Guy in Montana says:


        It only became “real” after her personal space was invaded when the CHOP’pers had the audacity to march on HER home.

        Sadly, she will remain a devout Socialist and enabler…rationalizing that it wasn’t HER fault that things didn’t work out…everyone else is to blame.

  23. avatar Dennis L says:

    “Lorena Gonzalez said on Twitter that the shootings don’t reflect CHOP but gun violence as a whole.”

    Absolutely correct Lorena. Burn, Loot, and Murder, aka BLM is known for their peaceful and non-violent behavior. In fact black people the world over have never participated in any violent occurences. With the possible exception of the Rwandan genocide in 1994 in which 500,000 to one million Tutsis were butchered. Also Chicago where the majority of residents are black has one of the lowest homicide rates in the country. Lorena I have only the highest respect for your comments. Please continue to do a bang up job on the council. No pun intended of course.

  24. avatar ROBERT POWELL says:

    since this happened in the MORNING the guilty fools are still sleeping in mom’s basement..wait till dark and the gunfire will start.remember these thugs are night-crawlers.

    1. avatar Southern Cross says:

      Or ANTIFA were still interrogating and executing class enemies in the basements. It says so in the manual.

  25. avatar Jim Bullock says:

    Having shut down policing by driving off the police in place, the Antifastanis n Mayor Jenny are having to figure out what they just did. Maybe everybody doing whatever they want all the time isn’t the best answer. Maybe some policing makes some sense, depending on who does it n how.

    Whatever the failures n excesses of the prior police in place, ditching it all to start from a new year 0 loses a lot of hard won insight. Maybe first figure out why Chesterton’s policing was there.

  26. avatar Buff cousin Elroy says:

    The dumb chop has been dismantled this morning, there was 31 arrests apparently. Good riddance.

  27. avatar Chief Censor says:

    I heard rumors that the CHOP peeps were going to give up the CHOP and come back on the fourth with more.

    We will see if they meant it.

  28. avatar Hannibal says:

    ““If force has to be used then force has to be used so long as it’s necessary and reasonable…””

    “Necessary” and “reasonable” are not the same legal standard and I question the bona fides of any use of force expert that uses the word ‘necessary’ in this context.

    Is it “necessary” to shoot someone who points a gun at you? Maybe. Maybe not. You can’t know unless you wait to see if he shoots you. If so, yes it was necessary. If not- what if it’s an airsoft gun? What if it’s unloaded? In either case, it was plainly unnecessary to shoot him.

    But reasonable? Of course it was reasonable.

    It is an important distinction and one that is very carefully laid out in jurisprudence.

  29. avatar Matt in Oklahoma says:

    I thought social workers would be used

  30. avatar Red says:

    Nightsticks work wonders, especially those trained in using them. Knock heads. Give them 24 hours to leave . . . or else. Negotiations with squatters is a fool’s errand.

  31. avatar Hannibal says:

    Well, looks like the Seattle police are being sent in, fully “militarized” and doing what would have been considered a gross deprivation of rights a week ago. Arresting people for ‘unlawful assembly’ and such. At least that’s exactly what would have been considered terrible over-policing by the mayor a couple weeks ago.

    No word on why she didn’t go do it.

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