Sean Penn, Charlize Theron guns
Sean Penn and Charlize Theron in happier days. (Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP)
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Members of the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex were all atwitter back in 2015 when news broke that Charlize Theron had persuaded Sean Penn to dump all of his guns. And why not? Celebrities are never targets of criminals.

As reports . . .

Penn, now 59, made the decision to give up his guns at the behest of fellow Oscar-winning actor Charlize Theron, whom he dated from 2013 to 2015. (The 44-year-old South African actress’s anti-gun beliefs were formed as a teenager, when her abusive father drunkenly shot at her and her mother. Theron’s mother fired back in self-defense and killed him.)

“I’m a self-proclaimed alpha male who owns 67 firearms,” Penn told a star-studded crowd at his 2014 “Help Haiti Home Gala” in Beverly Hills, as reported by the Daily Mail. “But I’ve had my mind changed about guns by a strong woman, a beautiful South African woman.”

What’s a once-popular Hollywood star to do with all of his gats when his then-significant other decides she can’t live with them in the house? Simple. Commission a sculpture.

Penn auctioned off the guns for charity (Anderson Cooper was the high bidder) and then hired sculptor Jeff Koons to create, well, a thing made of all of the unwanted firearms welded together into one tall hunk of metal. And it’s named Uli.

Or as calls it, a dark totem-like statue.

Koons says he was inspired by the Uli fertility statues traditionally made by the natives of New Ireland in Papua New Guinea.

“Uli figures are normally made out of wood,” he explained. “They represent the maternal and paternal spirit of tribal leaders.”

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    • I don’t know man.. she’s pretty hot. I would “reluctantly” give up maybe 15-20 pos guns I have rusting away waiting for parts I may never find or have fabricated…. Rossi gallery guns, broken Kel-tec’s, Asian copies of 1911’s with cracked framed people have given to me… that kind of crap.. Make hot wife happy while keeping the real stuff in literally four storage places I have off the grid. Come the end-times the wife will love me for my preparedness in securing more guns “after the fact” to protect her and hers…

      • “Make hot wife happy …Come the end-times the wife will love me for my preparedness”

        Wow…that’s some delusional shit.

        Must be lonely in Alaska.

        • And her mom saved her life with a gun from a crazy husband and dad. Good for Charlie’s mom sad for what they had to do to stay alive. As God Said live by the sword you will die by the sword.

          • God Said live by the sword you will die by the sword

            He should have added “but, it beats the hell out of having your balls removed and dying in bed watching home shopping network”…. Damn, must be that dreaded “toxic masculinity” that made me say that…..

      • Being a wuss doesn’t make hot women happy. Be a man. Lead your woman properly. Hopefully she will be happy. If not, oh well. Life isn’t all about making her happy. Screwed up Hollywood actresses aren’t worth messing with anyway.

        Penn has plenty of cash. He’s probably bought more guns since

        • I’d like to point out also that unless there were 3 torch cuts through each receiver removing no less than 1/2 inch of material, the guns are legally speaking still guns and each would require a background check to purchase… someone should let the atf know about this publicized and highly illegal gun sale.

        • “If you keep her in the cellar long enough she’ll eventually love you.”

          It’s true!

      • I really don’t think she’s that hot. She got that dude vibe. Either way she still left his ass anyway. No one respects a wimp.

    • They are not even dating and this Karen is still ordering him around. All the shite without even getting some.

      Perhaps she should have told him not to endorse murderous dictators that starve their people, instead of disposing of some inanimate objects. But since she is nothing but a cold empty shrill harlot, that seeks validation from soulless people, this was better.

      Perhaps he will give that statue to the people of Venezuela as a consolation prize with a note that reads…”EAT THIS.”

      From that article “Hugo Chavez and his successor Maduro have brought starvation and economic ruin to Venezuela. Sean Penn in a recent interview on the Daily Show still indicates that he thinks Hugo Chavez was not to blame for Venezuela’s problems.”

    • “her abusive father drunkenly shot at her and her mother. ”

      I would bet anything that she is a drinker and has no problem with alcohol since it was obviously the gun’s fault, not alcohol and certainly not her fathers fault

    • I hope he got plenty of tang out of it. After the tang runs dry he can buy another 67 guns. He can afford it. And it will help the gun industry.

  1. The little wussy had his mind changed by a strong woman. She only remembered the bad part when her father shot at her – not the good part when her mom shot and killed the POS. Penn should go in the pen and let the strong men inmates make him their weak little beeotch.

  2. Sean Penn was/is a POS anyway, too bad one of those nasty Black guns didn’t turn on him!

  3. Charlize Theron is from South Africa and since when does any white South African want to be disarmed?

    And the Spiccoli guy who doesn’t want us to have a pointy stick…. why did Spiccoli have 67 guns????????????????????

  4. Man her —ussy’ must be something to give up Both of his BALLS and turn full blown wimp!

    you never go full blown wimp in hollywood! never go full wimp..never

  5. “I’m a self-proclaimed alpha male who owns 67 firearms,” Penn told a star-studded crowd…

    “I’m a self-proclaimed alpha male who owns [quantity deleted for OPSEC] firearms,” Haz told the crowd. “And I won’t ever give them up because some SJW-confused person asks me to pay homage to an obscure tribe no one’s ever hear of before.”

    • ““I’m a self-proclaimed alpha male who owns 67 firearms,” Penn told a star-studded crowd…”


      One cannot simply proclaim himself to be an “Alpha Male”.

      An ‘Alpha’ is only an Alpha when an actual Alpha Male bestows the title upon him. And since Penn is an Alpha Hollywood Leftist, no actual Alpha Male would dare risk his Alpha status and reputation on someone like Penn…

      • A true Alpha Silverback doesn’t need to wait for anyone else to call him one, lol. He simply stands up, thumps his chest, intimidates the others into backing down, and goes along his way.

      • It’s really simple….Alpha males reproduce, beta males do not. Getting laid, even with attractive women(this is subjective), does not necessarily make one an alpha male. This is the animal kingdom.

  6. total hypocrite, she makes her money with a gun in her hand, pretend kills people, does extreme violence and wants to criticize other people. Hollywood idiot.

    • Yep thought the same thing. If you have to tell people you are an “Alfa Male” you aren’t one.

    • Yeah that’s what I would waste my time on a 44 year old women with all the baggage of 44 year old and the attitude of a teenager. If I want to deal with non stop BS I will just date a women in her early 20s. At least the younger womens body is not worn out yet.

  7. “…self-proclaimed alpha male…”

    “Self-Proclaimed” being the operative phrase here.

    Doncha remember ol’ Sean with his shotgun in his boat rescuing people during the TX (?) flood? Oooh, whattaman.

    Sooooo, are there State or Federal forms to fill out for “lost” firearms?

    • “Sooooo, are there State or Federal forms to fill out for “lost” firearms?”

      Yeah, I believe it’s called a ‘Police Report’ in areas where there are laws requiring the reporting of lost or stolen firearms.

      Got a copy of that report when a gun shows up at a crime scene, you’re good to go.

      No record of a police report, do not pass ‘Go’, do not collect $200. Go directly to jail, and collect a criminal conviction.

      That’s why it is imperative to get gun registration declared unconstitutional…

  8. what are the chances a guy who owned 67 guns gave up ALL of them ?

    Anybody calling BS on this

  9. Funny that Cuck Penn does all these movies involving firearms yet here he is being anti 2nd…

  10. Her mother defended her and herself with a gun, and she’s from a country with a strong history of oppression of an unarmed populace, and she hates guns? Typical brain dead Hollywood elitist.

  11. Nooooooooooo! Can’t I keep just 20 or so….? The hottest romance can and, usually does, turn sour but, guns are forever! He’s temporarily blinded. Kudos to her mother though. She’s got it together.

  12. Iz to think actors like politicians need popularity. Worry Iz popularity gained by anti gunm. Big thing now anti gunm. Actors n for surprise when more Constitutional Rights become suppressed. You act for government propaganda or you no act, you in prison ,act tough not work. Oh you want gunm now.

  13. Sorry but she’s sick. she donates millions of dollars to the ANC & EEF in South Africa to buy weapons to use against white farmers. And the sad part is she was from South Africa.!!!!!

    • Wish she would go back and stay there, live amongst the natives without bodyguards.all about 5mins raped and murdered. Thanks to well planned social change, our media never reports

  14. Dated for 2 years?
    Lemme guess, the relationship began to decay right around the time Penn cucked to her irrational demands.
    When you do shit like that you’re demonstrating to the woman you’re just as irrational as she is and she’ll lose whatever respect or attraction she had toward you. If she’s with you it’s because you’re a man. Morph into a cuck and she’s out the door.

  15. Charlize Theron and Sean Penn can safely have sex, next to the totem, while their armed bodyguards watch. Or while their armed bodyguards stand guard outside the door. Same for Rosie
    O’Donnell and her sex partner. Since she has said the only guns in her home belong to her armed bodyguards.
    And if elected Joe Biden can go back to walking around naked in front of his female secret service armed bodyguards as well. Yes he did do this. It’s been written about 5 or 6 years ago.

    The rich. Criminal or law abiding will always have access to guns.

  16. Another washed up hollywood mealy mouth marxist jerk who is obviously too stupid and henpecked to own guns.

  17. This is a non-story. Why should we care what he does with his guns? They are his and what he did with them is his business. I don’t really care. Should we give Hollywood any more attention? Thanks, but this is no Truth About Guns, this is silliness that we do not need to know about.

    • It’s news worthy because of who he is and the subject matter….. it’s a blasphemy what he did to those firearms… and should be illegal!!! 😉

  18. Maybe he has the real arsenal put up and safe— lol

    Just the same that is some high powered tail we are talking about.

    Only 62 guns?

    That is ridiculous. If he owns any he should own 200. Maybe it was just the junk.

  19. As for myself, I own more guns than Penn and would not trade my wife (with all due respect to Ms Theron) for two Charlize. We are about 62 —– and I suspect Mr. Penn has a few guns left

  20. Unfortunately, the artist didn’t follow ATF guidelines on destroying the firearms so ownership and transfer still requires compliance with federal and state law.

  21. Sheeeiiiiiiiit! I wish I would. Now if I could hide the heirlooms and get 3 adult film actresses tested of my choice and some super clean molly then I would think about it.

  22. I’ve despised Sean Penn for a long time and would not spend a single cent to see his movies, or watch them for free for that matter. People say he has a big heart and a strong philanthropic streak, but all I see is an anti-democracy/anti-capitalist asshole who’s acting makes me cringe.

    Charlize Theron is one of the most beautiful and sexy women on the planet, and damn but she can act too. But hell no I would not give up any of my rights for any time spent with her.

    I recall these two being together rather briefly and then there being a break-up in the news. Can’t really miss celeb news these days, if you get your news online it’s in the margins of your screen, mixed in with serious news. Serves Penn right, to lose his firearms over something so transitory as sudden passion with a woman who soon realized he’s a massive Marxist loving asshole.

  23. What shape did he have his dick melted into? She’s easy on the eyes but torture on the mind. Also, what do you do when some heathen decides he wants your flower since you’re now disarmed for said flower?

  24. “I’m a self-proclaimed alpha male who owns 67 firearms” Now he’s a c*ck that owns none.

    Or as could be paraphrased from Tywin Lannister. “Any man that must say ‘I am an Alpha Male’ is no True Alpha Male.”

  25. Pretty cool. Hopefully it will be placed in a prominent location so that everyone that lays eyes on it can confirm their opinion of this avowed communist and insecure putz.

  26. All members of the HollyWeird Illuminati club. Bunch of SJW nuts. Who cares, it appears to be just another elitist publicity stunt to drum up positives for guns and weapons control.

  27. Being the respectful person I am, Penn or Cooper can do whatever they want with their firearms. It doesn’t make any difference to me. However, he has no business or relevance to tell me what to do with mine nor attempt to change the 2A or support restrictive firearms related laws.

  28. Did they also have their armed security people put their guns in the “monument to dumbness”?

    ….i thought not.

  29. I’d let Jeff Koons melt all my guns into a sculpture in a heartbeat. If y’all know what Koons pieces sell for, you would, too. You could sell the sculpture, buy twice as many guns, and still have enough to retire comfortably.

    • For some reason I find this mildly entertaining myself. Care is a strong word. But it’s funny. Weird people in the world man, and Hollywood holds the crown.

  30. Eh, I think I’ll keep the guns and pass on the poon.

    Seriously though, Penn would have been the perfect person to red-flag, what with his history of violence and volatile temper.

  31. I don’t for one minute believe that his guns were used to make that statue. I’m sure mz.Theron would love to visit south Africa today except for the robbery and murder of white folks it’s a lovely place. They will be running out of drinking water due to the lack of most or all white skilled labor was replaced (fired,killed, forced to flee). Water purification was highly dependant on but the white settlers cultivated the land and developed the process. The whites in South Africa either have guns or are leaving. This is what reparations look like.

  32. Well, now, Mr. Spicolli, since you’re playing with guns in class, you have to provide some for everyone.

  33. Alpha male? More like Beta Male knuckle-dragger. I remember when Watada the military anti-war protestor in 06 refused to go to Iraq. Then Sean Penn showed up to protest outside the Madigan Gate at then Fort Lewis. Being in 1SFG, I went against orders and left out that gate. I never gave a guy the finger, like I did that day. The look on that POS’ face was priceless.

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