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The Campaign to Stop Gun Violence Facebook page issued a collective huzzah! when Sean Penn announced his new gun-collection free status. “Kudos to this ‘strong woman’ (Charlize Theron) for making herself and Mr. Penn safer. Thankfully, our country is full of strong women.” All of whom the CSGV’s Ladd Everitt & Co. would like to see disarmed. Needless to say, Mr. Penn and Ms. Theron are not without firearms protection, chaperoned by armed bodyguards. Anyway, get this: some CSGV commentators reckon Sean’s commitment to civilian disarmament is not morally inspired (i.e. he let his little head do the thinking for the big head). How’s that for common ground? . . .

Terry French I’d give up all the guns in the U.S. Army for Charlize Theron . . . some “sacrifice”.

Freda Smith GOOD GRIEF !! CHARLIZE THERON could make the NRA go back to crayons !!

Duja Lukic Lucky bastard…

David Sieracki If Charlize Theron tells you to do something, you do it.

Jeannine Brewer strong woman my ass. That’s Pussy Power, baby. If Charlize Theron was my girlfriend I wouldn’t miss my guns either

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  1. Please give the guy a break. We have all done dumb things for the opposite sex, probably for people a lot less hot than Charlize Theron.

    The half life of a Hollywood marriage is maybe 7 years. He’ll be right back to collecting, proclaiming how wrong he was, blah blah blah.

    Besides, he sold his “collection” … does not say anything about the ones used for protection.

      • I think it was a black 1987 Buick Grand National. Not sure if it had the GNX trim. Cops recovered the car eventually but not the two handguns: A loaded 9mm Glock and an unloaded .38 Spl Smith revolver . His Ross (Marin County) carry permit was limited to those two guns. No mention of a rifle in any news stories I could find. It happened almost exactly 14 years ago in Berkeley, Calif. when his squeeze might have been Robin Wright.

  2. Jeannine Brewer: “strong woman my ass. That’s Pussy Power, baby. If Charlize Theron was my girlfriend I wouldn’t miss my guns either.”

    May I now use the term “pussy whupped” for the “manly” Hollywood “hero” Sean Penn?

  3. Penn looks looks he shot up before the gala. Perhaps he will buy a comb with the proceeds of his sale. And as for submitting to a ravishing beauty, the world is full of cunning stunts.

  4. Other than the $ I’d take my gorgeous wife of 25 years over that left-wing weirdo. And she wouldn’t “make” me get rid of any guns-she wants me to get more…at least I give the pro-commie Penn props for helping Haitians…

  5. I expect Penn likes his ladies disarmed. Makes it easier to tie ’em up and beat ’em up. Taking away his guns probably does make Charlize safer–but not having one herself kind of cancels that out.

    • I think a good test of a suitable mate is: “Would I feel safe with this person in a house full of guns?” If no, don’t get involved with them.

      • It depends when that question gets asked. If it’s on the first date with someone on the fence they might say they wouldn’t be comfortable with that. After a while when you’re really into someone, opinions can change.

        • Of course, but I said “suitable mate”. Most of the time on the first date you don’t know if someone is a suitable mate yet. I’m talking about “by the point you’re moving in together.” If by that point you wouldn’t be comfortable living in a house with this person and guns, that’s a big red flag this wouldn’t be a safe person to live with no matter what their gun owning status.

  6. There will be another bus/train along in a few minutes rule applies. ALWAYS

    Though, judging by appearances, it does appear the Penn currently would be unable to attract a rental crackho.

  7. Sometimes you got appease the sugar momma. And sometimes you just need to tell her to get in the kitchen and bake you a pie!

  8. Sean Penn has always been a hundred rounds short of a brick, has a record of violent behavior (and a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction) and is bestest buddies with tinpot dictators like Hugo Chávez, Raul Castro and Nicolás Maduro. So, I’m very glad that he’s disarmed, and I expect that his neighbors and everyone withing gunshot range of him are just as thrilled.

  9. Anyone that’s been in the army knows about dealing with the ridiculous weekly safety briefs the chain of command gives you every friday. You know, “dont rape anyone, beat anyone, do drugs, drive drunk ect…” Well I had one NCO give me the most important advice of my life in one of those briefs, he said: “Your never going to make a good life decision with a hard on.” True story.

    • While I was in I found out my girlfriend at the time was screwing three other guys. Visibly distraught my NCO gave me some of the best advice I’ve ever had. He said “love is a feeling that starts at the back of your head, travels down your spine and out the tip of your pecker, it’s roughly six inches deep, nothing is as overrated as a piece of ass and nothing is as underrated as a good sh*t”

  10. Were it me, I’d just put the collection into storage, lie to her, and enjoy the ride until her crazy goes critical.

    Why storage, when I could easily afford to replace it if I’m rich enough for the attention of a woman like that? I’m a stubborn, spiteful asshole.

  11. He’s a felon and should be gun free anyway. As for her somewhere someone is tired of her shit and that person is probably gun free.

  12. There are a lot of woman as hot or hotter than Charlize Theron who like guns. I would take Milla Jovovich or 7 of 9 herself, Jeri Ryan over Theron. I would even take ugly gun toting Whoopi Goldberg over the ballistic bashing Theron.

  13. With the sole exception of when they are entertaining me on the big screen, these Hollywierd hypocrites (who more often than not have some kind of violent criminals past themselves in some form or another) do not even exist to me. Which is why I rarely — if ever — listen to any-damn-thing they have to say off-set about literally any-damn-thing under the Sun.

    And if, somehow by some miracle, I ended up with Charlize Theron (or other hot Hollyweird hypocrite of the female persuasion) I would absolutely tell her to either A.) get used to my having weapons in the house and on my person if and when I so please or B.) to go pound sand.

    My rights, my principles, and my security are not and shall never be subject to the whims of a moral and intellectual coward such as herself. Or anybody for that matter, including all those that praise that (convicted!) domestic abuser and his psychotic witch.

  14. The Hypocrisy. The are protected by armed guards – at least at times, right? – yet they show they got rid of guns in a “teaching” manner towards “us, the public”. Can’t swallow this sense of disgust I have.

    • I was thinking the same thing. The rich and famous have personal body guards, so personal weapons are less important to them; or so they think.

  15. I was confronted with the same choice. She was gorgeous and a gun owner and a former marine; I know; I know, for any gun guy it was a dream come true.

    But six months into the relationship she suddenly has a revelation that all the guns gave to go, mine and hers. Well, more mine than hers cause she only had a pistol and an M1 carbine, I had the scary “assault weapons) (turns out she was more like beral/progressive than she initially admitted to) so, of course; we parted ways.

      • Yeah, well, by that time I had the experience that most people present their best face forward when you first meet someone. It isn’t until 3 to 6 months after you start a relationship that you really find out what people believe and what kind of baggage they have. So I was just kind of holding my breath until I found out what she was really like under the mask.

        Darn, it turned out to be the worst.

        Yep. Still looking.

        • “Darn, it turned out to be the worst.”

          The worst? You’re still breathing… Probably have most of your limbs…

    • Yep. The cognitive dissonance is strong with the left. Hell, just look at how many progressives (and feminists in particular) idolize Hilary Clinton. Her personal opinions notwithstanding, she spent a number of years as Secretary of State and accomplished so little that even SHE couldn’t say what her biggest accomplishment was. More importantly, the only reason she has any clout whatsoever is because she stayed with her husband (who showed a complete lack of respect for her as a person by cheating on her) after he cheated on her.

      So, the feminists idolize a woman who is terribly incompetent and who is only powerful because she stayed with a husband who didn’t treat her with any kind of respect. The idiots on the left (and especially the social justice types) go through so many insane mental gymnastics to get to their conclusions that half the time I can’t even follow them.

  16. Disarming is not what “strong women” do. If she was a “strong woman”, she’d be packing heat. And really this is a token choice since they still have armed bodyguards because… celebrity life is more valuable than the peasants.

  17. So they hate guns and lasting marriages?

    If the person you intend to marry wants to change your core personality; then you are marrying the wrong person.

    I surely don’t get the csgv.

  18. Um I’m gonna tend to say he’s safer now ……… From her she’s from south Africa and a notorious hot head so good chance she has or seen a gun pointed in anger.

  19. Charlize is a bit of a special case, no? Her mom blew her dad to hell in a shooting which was ruled justified self-defense. No doubt she is a bit haunted by that reality, and fears being in the same position as her mother at some point. Perhaps that is an over-reaction, perhaps not. I don’t (surprise…) know her.

  20. Somewhere Madonna is either laughing her ass off or pissed that he didn’t manage to cap himself off first.


  21. And of course, they are celebrating a total disarmament, not responsible storage. Further proof of their lies. Anti gun lies are probably the most proven phenomenon behind acceleration due to gravity.

  22. Well last time I watch anything she or him are in. My collection has changed several relationships and a marriage when they thought they could change me after the fact.

  23. I see comments above that suggests somebody is so perverted they would forsake their 2nd Amendment rights for a piece of @ss … that’s not someone who should be ‘carrying’ anyway … they make bad decisions for the wrong reason!

  24. but he is currently starring in a movie with lots of gunplay, kinda two faced isn’t it? Saying/doing one thing but making money off of another. Total hypocrites.

  25. I don’t much care what these retards do. Amount of impact they have on our day to day lives: 0%

    Shouldn’t they be doing something more useful like appearing in “Stop Campus Rape” ads or adopting their twelfth kid from Somalia?

    They are white trash, but with a bigger budget and better lawyers.

  26. How did he have a gun collection in the first place?

    After beating Madonna’s ass, shouldn’t he have been prohibited from owning a gun under Lautenberg?

  27. Uh…. how come when a lefty owns that many firearms it’s a collection? I thought the preferred word in the press is arsenal.

  28. He looks like a homeless version of Harpo Marx. Or maybe it was Karl. One was just whacky, the other whacko, but Penn seems to be a new and deadly mutation of both: Warpo.

  29. well if you look like him and you are banging HER, then you would probably do whatever it takes to keep that happening. i think she is meh. now jessica simpson, i would do just about anything for, except get rid of my guns.

  30. It just baffles me, the extent to which people seem to need to worship successful nuts. Beyond their ability to entertain, why does anybody listen to them at all? Too many of them wax poetic on subjects completely outside their wheelhouses. That includes all the grabbers/media/Hollywood. I have yet to read anything put forth by the collective lib/prog/soc abolitionists that makes me think they know the first thing about how guns function.


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