Sea Change: New York Mayor Blames ‘Progressive’ Politics, Policies for America’s Surge in Violent Crime

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[Former NYPD commissioner William] Bratton was a guest on the “Bloomberg Businessweek” podcast on Thursday. On it, he said:

“The scales right now are tipped very heavily in favor of the reforms of the progressive left. Well intended, some needed, but a bit too far, and what we have as a result is this growing fear of crime, this growing actual amount of crime in almost every American city.” 

[New York City Mayor Eric] Adams said that he believed Bratton was “right.” He said:

“Major mistakes made throughout the years that destroyed the trust that the police commissioner is talking about – we have to rebuild that trust. But we can’t rebuild that trust by allowing those who are dangerous and that have – they have a repeated history of violence to continue to be on our streets.”

— Cynthia Van Gaasbeck in Yes, he said it: NYC Mayor Eric Adams blames ‘progressive politics’ for rise in crime across America

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  1. This is not and never has been that hard. Lock up the animals and keep them in their cages. The problem has never been about guns. It’s all about Democrats that do not want criminals behind bars. They will purposely unleash them onto the general public. If Democrats actually cared about the safety of the general public, they would remove criminals from civil society and keep them out.

  2. Window dressing with absolutely zero meaning or intent to change any of the actions of the Leftist/Statist/Fascist order. The closer we get to the midterm elections we’ll hear more of this sort of blather – they don’t believe it p, it’s just coming from the current script in order to assuage the middle of the road, low information voters. After hearing some of “tough guy” rhetoric in campaign adds I’ve had to look up the party affiliation of the flannel wearing phonies spewing it to confirm that they’re Dems.

    • Yup. Over here in Big Sky country we picked up a second House of Representatives seat in the last census. One candidate, Cora Neumann, is already flooding the airwaves. Nowhere on her TV ads does it give her political affiliation…in her final words on the current ad…”I will remain an Independent…” Looking her up on Ballotpedia (and other searches) shows that she is a rabid avid Democrat. The Dark Money funding her ads fail to mention her affiliation in hopes that moderate, centrist voters will fall for the B.S.

      Democrats – the Party of Lying and Misinformation!

      • It has become SOP for democrats to not put their party affiliation on campaign ads. I’ve even found that many don’t put it on their personal webpages and information listed on their government webpages. You are correct about Ballotpedia, because it is done independently of the politician.

    • “Window dressing with absolutely zero meaning or intent to change any of the actions of the Leftist/Statist/Fascist order.”

      Agree, 100%

      “But we can’t rebuild that trust by allowing those who are dangerous and that have – they have a repeated history of violence to continue to be on our streets.”

      Oh, Hell no! They’ll get them off the streets and put them into the public schools, malls, other shopping centers and especially inside of GFZs. That’ll change those with a long history of violent acts…

      And, of course, none of this will “rebuild that trust”, what ever he/she is talking about: The trust between the non-criminal people and the police? The trust between the mayor and the police commissioner? The trust between the crooks and the mayor, or police commissioner? That trust?

    • J Bryan,

      The Puppet said he wanted to secure the border and fund the police in his SOTU address. He says this after he spent the last year plus advocating for the opposite. Of course he doesn’t mean a word of it. Democrats don’t even blink at this. They’re used to living a lie at this point.

  3. Hmm. Several Leftists mayors and governors recently doing a 180-degree turnaround and speaking out for stronger stances against crime. Hmm.

    Lemme check my calendar to see what’s happening later this year…hmm…(flips wall calendar to look at the November page)

    • From a news article this morning:

      Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is predicting “big losses” in the 2022 midterm elections if her fellow Democrats don’t start delivering on the party’s promises.

      Warren said that in order for Democrats to win their elections, they need to “convince voters” that they will create “meaningful change.” [emphasis mine]

      • SAFE, you nailed it. I’m wondering how long it’ll take for the other dem mayors to follow his lead in sniveling and swiveling.

        • Days to weeks to follow suit and by December for breaking promises in law making if NY history is consistent.

      • No, the shame is that a lot of people DON’T realize that it’s an eight month long 360 degree slo-mo rotation.

        • Results may vary based on electoral and legislative sessions but your number is good enough for most. Either way don’t trust the commie types.

    • It’s called ALAR. Act like a Republican and has been used by democrats for years as (re)election time draws near. Other democrats and the fake News media won’t call them out for their sudden reversal of stance, because they understand that once (re)elected. They will return to their former selves and embrace the Liberal/Progressive policies they always have.

      • Never heard that one but shamelessly stealing it to use for accusing some of my reps for not acting woke enough (lying in general)

      • I’d use “ALAC”- Act Like A Conservative. As much time and effort as I have invested in the GOP, it’s wise to remember that the Republicans were historically the more progressive party while the conservatives were from the democrat south. This began a paradigm shift in the later 1960s and culminated in Ronald Reagan. After he left office, the Bush/Dole/McCain/Romney leadership went right (left, actually) off the rails again.

        At least today there is generally a difference between the fundamental core of many candidates, left and right. Sadly, while it’s impossible today to find a conservative democrat, it’s fairly fashionable to be a progressive republican.

        • I know a few so called conservative democrats. They are fiscally conservative in regards to taxes, crime, foreign policy and government spending, but straight up liberal when it comes to the alphabet people and abortion, Yet claim to be good Catholics.

        • I guess Manchin might be as close to a moderate democrat right now as any national elected official. Not sure if he’d be the same if represented any state other than WV, though.

          We used to have a very large handful in the IA Legislature but not over the past 10 years now. It seems urban areas demand Santa Claus-types.

        • Manchin is regarded in his home state (the same idiots that sent the POS Grand Wizard demtard Byrd to the Senate for decades) as a flying flake.

        • Darkman
          Good Catholics as well as Born Again Christians have to live in the world, but they are forced to go along what others(who are not true believers) want. We are called upon to live our best lives, but the world will always be there. We can not force others to believe like we do, it is on them to do so.
          I do not want to live under the Mother Church’s rules, I answer to God and my conscience. We can not expect others to live the way we wish we could.
          The only way this works is the least amount of laws for the common good.

        • neiowa If that is the case and the people of West VA considered him a “flake” how does he continue to get elected?

  4. “Words are Wind”, Actions are what matter. Everyone knows who the criminals are, where they live and what they do. The same people commit the majority of the violent crime and murders and these people are easy to identify, as they commit other less serious crimes daily. When New York used “Broken Window” policing polices, they arrested a guy for jumping the subway turnstile to avoid paying the fair. This was fairly common as it was easier to jump over and not pay the fare and ride the subway for free. In the past, nothing would happen, but under the new policy, this guy was arrested (not ticketed), taken downtown, his prints and DNA run through the database. Turns out, his DNA was linked to at least 2 unsolved murders. The professional racial poverty pimps, didn’t like this policy as by their skin color count more black folks were ending up in prison, so obviously (to them) this was racist. You started to hear the media decry “Stop and Frisk” policies and then they slowly began to dismantle the “Broken Window” policies and here we are now, “liberal heaven”, no bail, light sentences and ignoring non-serious crimes and of course not prosecuting people for resisting arrest. Yeah, liberals for the WIN, but its the public who really is the loser here, but they are just little people who don’t matter, as long as they continue to vote for the democrats.

  5. For far too long the democRat Party has been allowed to get away with mixing the rights of the law abiding in with criminal acts. The democRat Party caters to criminals simply because the ends justifies the means. Make no mistake about it Center-X for the Rat Party is The Second Amendment.

    Instead of chasing around everything democRats say its time to give the fact checking Rat Party something they can chase around…

    1) The Second Amendment is one thing.

    2) The criminal misuse of firearms, bricks, bats, knives, vehicles, etc. is another thing.

    3) History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is a racist and nazi based Thing.

      • Meh? My Words speak much louder to “dims” than your actions providing there are any. Let’s see…between you and I which one of us is on the “dims” hit list all because of Words speaking louder than actions?

        • Blah blah blah- same old canned bullshit speech, dims this, racist historical that, then jump on anyone’s ass when they point out the problems with the OBVIOUS segment of offenders. Yeah, you’re on a hit list… a list of broken records

  6. These people are like morons playing with shape-sorting toys. Keep jamming the pieces into the holes until one fits. Apparently the “muh, white supremacy” hole didn’t accept the rising crime shape so he’s gonna try jamming it into the “tough on crime” hole and see if it fits. Jokes on him because the prog simpletons change the hole shapes every fifteen minutes.

  7. This from the party that decries the Elephants subsidizing the big factories, how about they do a permanent 180 and stop subsidizing the single momma, paid production thug factories. I know I’m sick of seeing the results of the overproduction from their assembly line.

  8. I’m old enough to remember the crime wave in the 70s and 80s. Today, the suspects are mostly from the same demographic. The chaos prompted a backlash in the 90s, and the Federal government subsidized a massive increase in spending on police and prisons. Both Democrats and Republicans were on board. The crime rate dropped like a stone, and the country benefitted as a result.

    Did the backlash go too far? Maybe. But we had a civilized country for almost two decades. Personally, I hope we see another one.

  9. The scales right now are tipped very heavily in favor of the reforms of the progressive left. Well intended, some needed, but a bit too far…

    Well intended? A bit too far?

    It is time to face facts ladies and gentlemen: Far Left policies are flat-out intentional and destructive. You are employing “magical thinking” if you ascribe “good intentions” or incompetence to their policies and actions.

    The only debate at this point is whether or not:

    1) The Far Left is power hungry and does not care how much destruction they cause in their pursuit of power and wealth.


    2) The Far Left is simply evil and delights in causing as much chaos, suffering, and destruction as possible.

  10. Its human nature to claim a society can solve complex problems with simplistic solutions.

    The rising crime rate has been due to the destruction of the power Unions that at one time gave millions of people decent paying jobs.

    The great Satan Reagan with his demented trickle down economics destroyed Unions and gave the Capitalvanians free reign to enslave the workers by shipping jobs overseas and taking away the workers benefits, health care and retirement funds as well as paying them starvation wages. It was not so long ago you could walk down the streets of some of our biggest cities in relative safety because the majority of people had high paying jobs and the divorce rate was very low which gave children a stable home life. When people do not have decent jobs or hope drug addiction sky rockets and so does the divorce rate and murder and crime rate.

    And yes the proliferation of weapons that are available to criminals and psycho’s as well as the Far Right Radicals makes it all too easy to commit horrendous crimes. Second Hand guns and stolen guns provide these people with unlimited firepower with no questions asked which of course is pure insanity. No other civilized nation permits such lunacy.

    Treating drug addiction as a crime wastes millions of dollars on hiring largely untrained thug cops who are drawn to that profession like flies are drawn to shit. And building bigger and bigger prisons wastes millions more rather than treating drug addiction as a disease which is how civilized nations handle the problem and their better success proves that Capitalvania is little better than medieval Europe once was when they burned accused witches at the stake, something the Far Right Fanatics in Capitalvania long for once again.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead, The solution to the crime problem is really relatively simple.1st SWIFT punishment for those who commit a crime. 2nd Stop passing unenforceable laws. 3rd Enforce the laws already on the books. 4th Reinstate Bail for those who commit a crime to ensure that they appear in court.

      Swift punishment for a crime committed is a deterrent to future crimes committed by the same person.

      Passing unenforceable laws is just down right stupid.

      The 3rd and 4th points speak for themselves. KISS (Keep it simple stupid)

    • It is human nature to avoid faults for your own actions. When people like you place blame on factors other than someones own actions you contribute to the problem.

      Guns don’t make people commit crime. Poverty is not an excuse to commit crime. Drug abuse does not absolve you for you bad decisions. You are responsible for what you do, nothing or no one else is responsible. People with common sense understand this simple concept. If you and your kind had the common sense of goose feces you would understand.

      • “Poverty is not an excuse to commit crime.”

        People that think poverty creates criminals are part of the problem. People come to this country with nothing and make it simply because they understand this is the land of opportunity. Poor people born here that turn to a life of crime are told from a young age that they can’t make it. Children aren’t being properly educated. It’s sad and completely unnecessary.

    • O.K., I’ll play, “Dacian the Vacuous” has once again got everything wrong. So here we go. At the end of World War 2, the economies of the World were mostly in ruins, with the exception of the United States. In 1944 the United States presided over the Bretton Woods conference and we firmly instituted a system which would rule the post war “free” world. The United States would guarantee access to world markets and protect the trade routes and sea lanes, in exchange for giving our allies free access to our markets and world markets. In exchange we expected them to stand in the front line to protect the West from Soviet expansion. We basically bribed them economically, so they could rebuild their economies at the expense of the U.S. economy in order to secure the post war peace.

      United States Labor Unions were able to demand higher wages and benefits up until the 1970’s when Europe and Japan began to fully recover their economies. After that, America had to compete on a more or even less equal footing globally. You saw this with TV’s, appliances and cars becoming increasing squeezed out by imports. Americans also had to pay higher taxes to pay for the wars, navy, nuclear arsenals and space programs designed to defeat the Soviets. Our Allies were free to spend less on defense and focus on their economies at our expense. Over time, living standards were reduced by a combination of high taxes and the pressure to complete with other countries both at home and abroad.

      By and large the Bretton Woods system worked and the Soviet Union fell in 1992. The failure to replace the Bretton Woods system after that has lead to the strategic chaos we see in the world now and also lead to the rise of Chinese power as Nixon stupidly allowed them in to the Western system to counter the Soviets. After we won the Cold War, our allies (and China) were fine with keeping a system that benefited them in-place and U.S. Politicians were either slow to react or just pretended that everything was fine, after the world had changed forever.

      The bit about Reagan is just silly, as economic growth and real wage growth increased as did revenues to the US Treasury after the Reagan tax cuts. Unfortunately government spending continued to grow and so did the deficit which devalues everyone’s money and purchasing power. It seems more revenue always equals more spending, which is always the real problem for the average worker.

      In the 1970’s crime was reaching all time highs and the failed social experiments of being soft on criminals faced a backlash ending with Bill Clinton’s crime bill in 1992. Demographics also played a role as younger people tend to commit more crimes and as they get older they commit less crimes in general for a variety of reasons. Drugs, out of wedlock births, higher suicides, welfare dependence, lack of quality education, outpatient metal health movements, homelessness and the destruction of the family can be attributed to liberal policies for the most part implemented over decades at the state and federal level. Although these have a small effect on crime, most violent crime is committed by a small group of repeat offenders and long periods of incarceration seems to be the only effective way to deal with violent offenders.

      Putting bad folks in jail and keeping them there sound simplistic, but it works every time it is tried. The expense of housing inmates in prison is cheaper to society than letting them out to commit more crimes. It is also morally right as it saves the lives of their next victims.

  11. When gun grabbers, progressives, Dems and Leftists say something agreeable, be very suspicious.

    • Oh, hey, it’s ‘Sam I Am’! A bunch of us weren’t wondering where you’ve been 🖕🤡.

  12. Out in the streets there was violence
    And lots of work to be done
    Working so hard ,like a soldier
    Still cant feed everyone.
    Gunms , gunms are the reason for crime.
    Let’s blame inanimate objects.
    I drove my car to the bar and shot up the place
    I drove my car to the church and burned it down
    I drove my car to the kidnapping
    I drove my car to the X’s and murdered her
    I drove my car to the bank and robbed it, ect.
    In almost every instance a crime was committed a vehicle was used.
    Never blame the man behind the wheel.
    Blame gunms.

    • Out in the streets there was violence
      And lots of work to be done
      Working so hard ,like a soldier
      Still cant feed everyone.
      Guns, guns are the reason for crime.
      Let’s blame inanimate objects.
      I drove my car to the bar and shot up the place
      I drove my car to the church and burned it down
      I drove my car to the kidnapping
      I drove my car to the X’s and murdered her
      I drove my car to the bank and robbed it, ect.
      In almost every instance a crime was committed a vehicle was used.
      Never blame the man behind the wheel.
      Blame guns.

  13. Don’t be distracted or heartened by his comments. He is a leftist and will always be one.
    He wants to force covid shots on children and others but not pro athletes.
    The guy is just buck passing

  14. FYI, the left already won. Everything the democrats want that is “extreme” becomes normal and is part of the republican party platform 5-10 years later.

    Social security, the largest single program, is larger than the entire department of defense and department of veteran affairs combined. It’s also an evil massive Ponzi scheme that makes Americans, especially older Americans, MUCH poorer.

    Republicans support punitive punishment for wrongthink, just as much as democrats. Just ask a republican if we should continue to fight jewish wars.

    Republicans support denying keeping and bearing arms reserving special classes of arms for government employees, the same as democrats.

    Republicans support wage controls, price controls, government controlled schools, government control of medicine and medical access, etc.

    Americans just didn’t want liberty because it came with so many responsibilities. Much better to be serfs and blame others for your miserable life. The left wins because nearly everyone embraces the safety and comfort promised by the left.

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