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“A scissor-wielding madman went on a bloody stabbing spree on the Upper West Side on Tuesday morning, randomly attacking at least five people, including a child in a stroller and his ballet dancer father, before cops carted him off, authorities said.” So shouts the New York Post. Gun grabbers look at the aftermath and say, “Thank God he didn’t have a gun or someone could have been killed. The law abiding People of the Gun look at this and say, “It’s a miracle someone wasn’t killed…if someone there had a gun, there might have been fewer victims.” The city, county and state of New York like things just as they are, with citizens reliant on police to deal with the bodies and the blood long after the attacks are over. Elections have consequences and it looks like they’re about to elect a new mayor who’s every bit as anti-gun as the current occupant of the office. The question is, do New Yorkers even care?     [h/t Allen V.]

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  1. I’m sure they would care, except it appears that the Kool-Aid has been added to the city water supply. Probably the real reason Bloomberg wanted to limit the size of sodas – he wanted more people drinking the tainted city stuff.

  2. New Bloomberg mission: Ban scissors over 4 inches long and any pair of scissors without curved tips. Sharp tips are a feature that differentiates regular scissors from assault scissors after all. It’s for the children™.

    • Running with scissors would be a felony, after which, you would lose your right to own scissors.

      Why do people need scissors when they can just fold the paper multiple times and tear it apart? I just don’t understand these people who cling to their scissors. Everyone knows that scissors in the home are more likely to cause injury to a family member than they are to be used in a defensive situation against a rogue piece of paper that kicks down your door. Plus, if a piece of paper does invade your home, just call the cops and wait for them to show up with their scissors. No one needs scissors.

  3. Some New Yorkers care about their crime problem. The others see it as a problem that happens to other people in other neighborhoods. (“It’s not my problem. Why should I care?”)

    All of the New Yorkers have been fed the anti-gun propaganda for so long that they all believe the lie now. Also what they see in their real lives supports the anti-gun propaganda. In NYC, guns are so scarce in the hands of law-abiding citizens (other than the police), that the idea of a good guy with a gun stopping a bad guy with a gun is just incomprehensible to them. To them, guns are carried by the police and by criminals (and by no one else), so it is completely logical that we must keep guns away from everyone who isn’t the police.

    This is one reason that Concealed carry laws are a bad thing, and one reason the anti’s oppose open-carry laws so strongly. If all the ‘concealed’ weapons were open-carried, the average person would see MANY more guns being carried by good guys every day, and their misconceptions about guns would disappear in the face of reality.

    • Many a New Yorker have been indoctrinated to believe that the government will always be there to take care of them. They live a lie everyday. I agree, depending on the neighborhood you live in, your self important life and your doorman will make you not care. The only people who care those who are impacted daily, and they have no voice. The city government have to go to great lengths including massive PR to perpetuate the lies.

      Through my work, I know some New Yorkers whom have never left the 5 boroughs their entire lives and may be too scared to know what is outside of those borders. They feel they are in a magical cocoon.

      Me, I am happy every time I get to escape NYC and go back home outside of NYC.

      • And to think some of these…subjects think themselves worldly. And even write about it!

        Jesus H. Christ on a sidecar.


  4. Once we’re all victims we’ll all be equal. This individual protection stuff just isn’t balanced. It’s just not fair that someone can do something to take personal responsibility and increase the odds they will be safe and may actually be made more safe because of it. Truly an injustice. New York understands. /s

  5. Hmmm. The story I read say the perp was restrained by a citizen until the police arrived to cart him off. Worth mentioning, especially for the City that sees no evil, hears no evil….

  6. Outside of this forum? No one in that state cares.
    Look at the voting record…

    Go ahead. Prove me wrong at the next election!

  7. Seriously this should prove that even if there are no guns crazies will find another way to gain fame through violence this should prove gun control is not the answer that bad people will do bad things with or without guns but nobody on the anti side is listening.

  8. I never understood why I could have 4-inch scissors at school, but I’d be expelled if I brought my 2-inch long, 1/4-inch wide Swiss Army knife.

    • Swiss Army Knives are efficient and ruthless cutting machines. No civilian anywhere would ever have need of a tool that efficient. Let’s leave THAT kind of cutting to the professionals who are trained to carry that type of knife.

  9. If Bloomberg armed protection detail had been there, and he also had armed protection private citizen before he was a public official, they would have protected him. That is all that matters, right?

  10. I think this map has been up here before, but here you go: . 52/62 counties have passed resolutions seeking repeal.

    Once you get north of the city full of mindless sheep who do as their told, there is a pretty rural and pro 2A culture to be enjoyed. However we do have to deal with the laws enacted by the numerically superior NYC contingent. The difference in mindset between both sides is truly stunning.

    While we are heavily restricted in terms of rifle features and mag capacity from the SAFE act, CCW permits are still under county control. With that, I just had mine come in over the weekend after 10 months of waiting and an interview with the issuing judge. Better late than never.

    • Given numerous projects to split other states to establish free/constiutional territories perhaps you guys in NY need to do the same (throw the big Apple in the Atlantic).

      Packing Congress with additional Senators and Congresdmen (Consitutionalist) would be a good thing. New states would add 2 new Senators and at receive a minimum of 1 Congressman. Would take some considerable research to determine the result realignment of seats in the House by adding new rural states. I’d think would remove urban/”blue” Congressional districts and create new “Red” rural Congressional districts in new states.

  11. There are New Yorkers like myself who do care and feel that the Draconian laws that exist within the city and state of NY do not reflect the reality that occurs in the City of New York every single day. The media here does not allow for our views to be expressed except as minor blurs or comments in news stories that are laced with nothing but Anti-Gun propaganda. Those of us that do support the 2nd Amendment try to show our point of view with reason and facts and do the best we can. We vote for those that share our view (rare as that may be here) and try to educate as many people as we can despite the opposition and media induced hatred against us. We may be in the minority here but we exist and we want and need our voices heard. We’re behind enemy lines but not out of the fight.

  12. “Thank God he didn’t have a gun or someone could have been killed. The law abiding People of the Gun look at this and say, “It’s a miracle someone wasn’t killed…if someone there had a gun, there might have been fewer victims.”

    And both are right… but someone will always have a gun…


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