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In the video above, formerly NRA A-rated Senator Joe Manchin says he accepted money from anti-gun agitator and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in order to “offset the unfairness going on” and the “attacks we were enduring.” That makes almost as much sense as the West Virginia pol’s opening assertion that “the Constitution has to be done through legislation.” Maybe he’s being disingenuine [sic]. One thing’s for sure: the man who almost threw the Second Amendment under the bus, schmoozing colleagues to drum up support for “universal background checks” aboard his powerboat (shades of Monkey Business), is no friend of ours. [h/t DrVino]

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  1. He made his bed, let him sleep in it.

    Every few years Congress needs to be reminded that the gun rights still wields considerable influence in Senate and House elects in many states. I am sure that West Virginia is one that we could count on that list.

  2. Bad News or West Virginians is that you’re stuck with this two face, untrustworthy politician until 2016.

    Good News for West Virginians is that you have a chance to put a real 2A supporting person in the Senate in 2014, to give the D’s one less vote, making it more difficult for them pass any sort of gun control. Rockafeller is retiring, make a good choice in the primaries and general. Do not do what Missouri did.

    • No more Rockefellers in government office? Shit, that is something to celebrate with a pro 2A nomination. You just know the elitists will fight it tooth and nail though…

    • They are stuck just like Arizona is with McCain. Flake and Graham should be getting primaried in 2014 unless I got my years mixed up. Texas can get rid of Cornyn and Abbot next year too.

  3. Hope the folks in West Virginia get rid of this turncoat come his next election.Taking money from Doomberg after supposedly being on the NRA’s A list,is blasphemy!Nothing he can do or say to regain my trust.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  4. Manchin accepted money from a group that called Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsanreav a martyr to gun violence.
    And the way Machins bill was written it would NOT stop states from forcing FFL fees of up to $125 (that is the minimum in some juristics eg DC) per gun for transfers within families including direct parent to adult child heirs.
    The problem with Manchin’s stand is simple.
    a) crime guns don’t come from background loopholes. Over 80% come from straw purchases, which are a very differ thing. Virtually all the remaining crime guns are a combination of background check compliant, or stolen guns.
    b) since closing the supposed loopholes will have no affect, it sets up the next logical step as even more controls on the law abiding. (slippery slop is not a fallacy in constitutional law)

    Manchin has played into the gun grabbers worldview. It is ALL about scapegoating. Scapegoating doesn’t just harm the scapegoated class (in this case law abiding gun owners), it harms everyone. It 1) threatens all rights and 2) it also condemns us all to more crime, since it distracts from the appropriate and functional response: better prosecutions and sentencing.

  5. I am the one who interviewed Sen. Manchin. Recently, I received an email from the Vice-General Manager of Beretta regarding that video. Here it is in its entirety:

    Dear Jeremy,

    I saw today the YouTube footage of Senator Manchin in which he told you
    that Beretta was being disengine [I think he meant to say disingenuous]
    about moving out of Maryland.

    Having visited almost 70 sites in 6 States over the past 2 months for the
    purpose of looking for a location in which the Beretta organization can
    expand its business operations in the U.S., I can suggest that if we are
    being disingenuous about this project we certainly are going to great
    lengths to carry on the charade. What I can tell you as unequivocable fact

    1) The legislative battle in Maryland over guns came at a time when all 3
    Beretta companies located in that State were actively planning expansion

    2) As a consequence of that battle these companies decided not to invest
    further in the State (other than to maintain our operations, keep equipment
    functioning, etc.) but to instead plan our expansion investment elsewhere.

    3) That as a consequence of Senator Manchin’s decision to lead anti-gun
    efforts in the U.S. Senate the Beretta companies chose not to consider
    expansion or investment in West Virginia.

    4) Our decision not to consider West Virginia as a future home for our
    operations was not made easily and was made with a certain amount of
    disappointment on our part given the number of fine pro-gun citizens in
    that State and given the State’s beauty and proximity to Maryland. The
    decision was made, though, out of concern that Senator Manchin’s efforts
    might be emblematic of a shift in 2nd Amendment attitudes in that State.

    5) The States where we have concentrated our search are Virginia, North
    Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Kentucky and Tennessee (in no
    particular order of preference).

    Best wishes,
    Jeff Reh
    General Counsel
    and Vice-General Manager
    Beretta U.S.A. Corp.

    • Careful now, the haters will think you tried to get one up on Osama’s 57 states mark. Even if you counted one state 20 times. Hope future plans work out for all concerned, though. Like Manchin, Maryland has made its own bed as well and now must lie in it, too.


  6. Sen.Joe Manchin is mayor Bloomberg’s whore… there fixed it for you since bloomy is paying him to crawl in bed with him.

  7. Yet another “pro-gun” Democrat proves me correct. All Democrats are anti-gunners at heart, ALL OF THEM! Give them enough time and they’ll let the truth out about themselves.

    • In truth, I don’t think many politicians on either side of the isle can be trusted to do the right thing all the time. But yes, there are more GOP that have their head on straight than Dems.

  8. You know where all the new background check offices were going to be opened up or expanded? West Virginia. He doesn’t care about Bloomberg, gun violence or the Constitution. He cares about getting federal jobs into WV.

    And honestly, WV likes having their rights held hostage. Always have with their choice of Senators. They can’t be trusted to make the right choice.

    • Current House appropriations bils should include moving ATF offices out of WV.

      Not sure I’d want ATF thugs polluting my state so where to relocate? Perhaps Ft Wainwright Alaska. Using DOD surplus tentage.

      As I recall, the late (POS) WV Senator Byrd also jammed thru pork bills that locating major IRS and SS centers in WV. Move them to NE North Dakota.

  9. I was less shocked by Manchin turning than by Pat Toomey. What’s worse (for me) is that Toomey is one of ours (PA). I expected Bob Casey’s spine to dissolve, but I Iiked Toomey. I still agree with him on many issues, but I’m not sure I can forgive him for Manchin-Toomey. Does anyone know if Toomey took Bloomberg money? I know our current State AG has.


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