Hong Kong protests
Courtesy Aiden Anderson
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You may have seen our earlier post on the protests in Hong Kong. We have a reader there whose son is a photojournalist. He sent photos his son had taken from the streets of the city as the population rebels against communist Chinese rule.

The protests have only escalated in the weeks since. As the AP reported yesterday . . .

Protesters and police clashed in Hong Kong for a second straight day on Sunday, throwing the semiautonomous Chinese territory’s business and shopping belt into chaos and sparking fears of more ugly scenes leading up to China’s National Day holiday this week.

Riot police repeatedly fired blue liquid — used to identify protesters — from a water cannon truck and multiple volleys of tear gas after demonstrators hurled Molotov cocktails at officers and targeted the city’s government office complex.

It was a repeat of Saturday’s clashes and part of a familiar cycle since pro-democracy protests began in early June. The protests were sparked by a now-shelved extradition bill and have since snowballed into an anti-China movement.

“We know that in the face of the world’s largest totalitarian regime — to quote Captain America, ‘Whatever it takes,'” Justin Leung, a 21-year-old demonstrator who covered his mouth with a black scarf, said of the violent methods deployed by hard-line protesters. “The consensus right now is that everyone’s methods are valid and we all do our part.”

Protesters are planning to march again Tuesday despite a police ban, raising fears of more violent confrontations that would embarrass Chinese President Xi Jinping as his ruling Communist Party marks 70 years since taking power. Posters are calling for Oct. 1 to be marked as “A Day of Grief.”

And the split with the mainland seems to be worsening . . .

Infographic: Fewer People In Hong Kong Tend To Identify As Chinese | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Over night, our reader sent another batch of his son’s photos. He wrote . . .

Things are definitely ramping up here. The government would have you believe that this comprises a small rouge faction of Hong Kong. The reality is it represents the vast majority of Hong Kong and poll after poll is showing that the people support an increased use of force against the government and those businesses that align with or show support for Beijing.

He asked that his son be credited on the photos. When I asked if that might put him or his son in danger, he replied that he didn’t think so, that his son wanted the credit, and that “it’s worth the POTG seeing what it looks like when you have no arms and you’re fighting the government.”

Courtesy Aiden Anderson
Courtesy Aiden Anderson
Courtesy Aiden Anderson
Courtesy Aiden Anderson
Courtesy Aiden Anderson
Courtesy Aiden Anderson
Courtesy Aiden Anderson
Courtesy Aiden Anderson
Courtesy Aiden Anderson
Courtesy Aiden Anderson
Courtesy Aiden Anderson
Courtesy Aiden Anderson
Courtesy Aiden Anderson
Courtesy Aiden Anderson
Courtesy Aiden Anderson
Courtesy Aiden Anderson
Courtesy Aiden Anderson
Courtesy Aiden Anderson
Courtesy Aiden Anderson
Courtesy Aiden Anderson
Courtesy Aiden Anderson
Courtesy Aiden Anderson
Courtesy Aiden Anderson
Courtesy Aiden Anderson
Courtesy Aiden Anderson
Courtesy Aiden Anderson
Courtesy Aiden Anderson
Courtesy Aiden Anderson

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  1. huh…CS not made in China? LOL
    will we see photos/videos of the tanks this time?
    or will the internet go black before then?

    • Of course not. Funny how Combined Tech/Penn Arms/DefTec/whatever they go by these days on the international market refuses to deal with ordinary people in the USA in any manner, and yet they’ll happily sell to oppressive governments.

      Hilarious, really.

      Well, joke’s on them… the very 40mm and 37mm launchers they don’t want me to have (and refuse to sell parts for) are among my favorite DDs.

      • I have read far too many comments on TTAG over the years from the “gun community” saying a citizen does not need a class 3 weapon. And they don’t need artillery. A grenade launcher is handheld artillery.

        Earlier this year Venezuelan government MRAPS ran over unarmed protesters. It would be much safer for the public if there were more anti tank rifles with exploding ammunition in the general public’s hands. Or flamethrowers. A 57mm anti-tank weapon is very portable.

        • completely agree. personally i would rather see govt restricted in what it can have than the public….. from arms all the way through to computers…..

      • Exactly why our government, currently just the dem side but eventually both sides, wants us disarmed. That pesky 2nd amendment really hamstrings their goals.

    • The Chicom Govt is the Globalist Elite’s ‘model’ for the New World Socialist Order.

      This is INDEED what a struggle against a Repressive Govt looks like when you don’t have a 2nd Amendment protecting your right to OVERTHROW a Repressive Regime.

      Beto and Swalwell take note that the American People have voted time and time again for PERSONAL FREEDOM and Self Determination with the only thing that really matters, their WALLETS.

      We have made Shitbama the World’s Greatest Gun Salesman and Beto and Swalwell into has been also rans, AS A DIRECT RESULT of Gun Control Promises and Lies.

      • No global elitist wants what Communist China is trying to create. The Communist regime there is trying, with quite a lot of success, to gain enough wealth using the Capitalist West’s own economic ideas to build themselves first into an expanded regional power, then a pan-Pacific power and finally the world’s greatest super power. All to ensure their Marxist-Maoist dreams come true, and to eventually impose them broadly upon other nations.

        China will eventually come to blows with pretty much everyone if they are permitted to get far enough along in this.

        • Except that it’s exactly what the globalists want. Capitalism for themselves, communism for rest of us. Why else would they be the benefactors behind most every communist movement in the West?

    • Kind of interesting that we have people wearing the hammer and sickle burning American flags here, and they do it with no fear of action from government officials. I’m guessing those protestors over there waving American flags and burning the hammer and sickle probably have more to fear in that regard.

      • Individualism can simulate collecitvism with contracts; you sign over some (or all!) control of your income and wealth to some organization and there you go. But collectivism cannot even tolerate individualism, let alone simulate it.

  2. The smart among us knew this day was coming once the UK ceded Hong Kong over to the ChiComs. The protesters are making a good showing of themselves, even being disarmed. Of course, we’ll see what happens if/when they decide to start rolling the tanks. Keep in mind that the ChiComs still think that Taiwan belongs to them, and our presence in Asia is the only thing keeping them from taking it back.

    • “Of course, we’ll see what happens if/when they decide to start rolling the tanks.”

      China realizes that they can’t go full ‘Tienanmen Square’ this time and mow them down. There’s no way they could keep that video from leaking out, and that’s a ‘loss of face’ they cannot afford since their latest soft-power ploy is to play the part of a kindly uncle helping out the third world.

      Viral video of machine guns on full song mowing down the serfs won’t play well in Africa and western Asia, and kill the image they are trying to project there.

      There’s *nothing* stopping them from going full thug and beating the crap out of protesters they separate from the crowd, though…

    • Quote: “Keep in mind that the ChiComs still think that Taiwan belongs to them, and our presence in Asia is the only thing keeping them from taking it back.”

      Several decades ago I was in the 3rd Marine Division in the Far East when China started shelling the Quemoy and Matsu Island chains just off the coast of Mainland China. The islands were and I think are still controlled by Taiwan, known then as Nationalist China.

      In what was called the Taiwan Straits Crisis (there was more than one) we were sent to the islands to confront the Communist Chinese. They stopped shelling while we were there but we had several skirmishes with different forward observer groups. They were trying to E&E but made the mistake of firing at us when confronted. Serious mistake for most of them. Over a period of over sixteen months I was sent there three times.

      • This is true journalism. A little context and the truth. I have mad respect for this individual. I hope you, your family, and all of your fellow men and women win your freedom in whatever form you desire.

  3. We have people risking death fighting the largest country on earth which is also communist, not known for gentility or granting freedoms yet have people in this country suggesting that we surrender a few freedoms. The Second Amendment, private health insurance, much of your money, and any others they think they can grab.

  4. China has shown that it will crush people under tanks to get what it wants. They may not want to, but I bet they will if it comes down to it. Britain failed greatly in its responsibility by just handing HK over like a lamb to slaughter.

      • Ralph isn’t known as ‘The Master of Wise-Cracks’ for nothing!

        If one day I’m just one-tenth as funny as he is, I can die a happy guy… 🙂

        (Ralph will be here all week, please tip the waitresses…)

    • The producer is NonLethal Technologies based in PA. I can guarantee that no civilian or protestor in Hong Kong has a 40mm grenade launcher.

      • What the hell is a US company selling munitions to the ChiComs for use on unarmed civilians?!? THAT should be the focus of the US Congress and the media. It won’t, no more than the protests are, but it should.

        • I dunno if embargoing non-lethal stuff is a good idea.

          Most of us are probably old enough to remember what the Chinese government is willing to do to put down a protest. It is probably better for everyone if they have plenty of tear gas.

    • LOL who let this half a tard on the internet today? When has Drumpf been for the 2A rights? The only thing separating us from China’s policy on firearms is it doesn’t personally benefit him (yet).

      Educate yourself, as hard as that may be.

  5. The white guy is a British holdover. Here’s his Youtube propaganda video justifying his position. At some point we all have to accept that the positions we take will have consequences.
    The vast majority of Hong Kong people want to be free. This man who can return to Britain when it all goes bad, is an enemy of the HK people.

    • He makes excuses for what he’s doing, supporting a corrupt regime that has refused to follow what they agreed to when Britain handed over Hongkong. There will always be men who put their wallet ahead of principle, assuming they have any!

    • A capitalist selling the rope to the people who will later hang him. Someone famous said this a very long time ago. Who could that be???

  6. China will cut its own throat by enslaving Hong Kong which was a thriving business and financial center. Much of this will change when China completely enslaves the people in the coming years.

    Its interesting to note that when people are enslaved long enough they begin to believe that they are not slaves. Interviews with Chinese people on the mainland bring a laugh to their faces when asked by Westerner’s if they enjoy living as slaves. They respond that they are doing quite well for being slaves as there are now more Chinese billionaires as compared to all other countries of the world, which by the way is true.

    If Britain would have granted citizenship to Hong Kong residents they could have had the last laugh simply by boarding planes and leaving the country. Now they are trapped there as the Chinese slowly tighten the noose around everyone’s necks. If Britain would have granted citizenship it would have gained wealth with the emigration of Hong Kong’s business and financial organizations to Great Britain but Britain like the U.S. has experienced a wave of tribalistic anti-immigrant hysteria due to the influx in Europe of refugees from Middle East turmoil and war. In every case the reduction of immigration into ones country down through history has shown that it only hurts a countries economic and financial stability and wealth.

    The U.S. under Trump has just announced a proposed 50 per cent cut in legal immigration at the urging of two of Trumps top advisers Tom Cotton and Stephen Miller who make no pretensions they would like to cut legal immigration to zero. Lindsey Graham stated that cutting down immigration would devastate South Carolina’s economy that relies on immigrants in its work force.

    The waving of the American Flag in Hong Kong by protesting students has brought on the usual Conservative hypocrisy here in the U.S. with Conservatives feigning sympathy but in reality none would want Chinese immigration to the U.S. , especially that of liberal Chinese Students or even of Chinese financial or business interests, all of which in reality would tremendously boost U.S. economic prosperity.

    • I believe that the pro-freedom demonstrators waving american flags, who have seen freedom slip away and are risking their lives to bring attention to the situation, who hate communism and everything it stands for, would be very welcome new citizens.
      Well… the democrats would hate them.
      Being in a modern city, getting good educations, being able to come here as citizens and contribute by using their skills to happily contribute to our capitalist society – all the while being a PoC that can tell stories about the dangers of communism, disarmament, etc… the democrats CAN’T have that. As a PoC myself, I find that the dems really like saying they speak for me, but frequently take on views I don’t approve of, and they don’t like me for it.
      You want to hear some very anti-communist speech? Go talk to an old Chinese refugee who remembers the Maoist “cultural revolution”. And since this is still a gun site, you should also ask them their opinion on letting the government control access to arms.

      • Your confusing Communism, Socialism and a Dictatorship. The students are protesting a dictatorship not liberal views in any sense of the word.

        • And you are confusing liberal with leftist. Liberal being essentially right to life, individual liberty, and property that cant be infringed by a government that rose to prominence during the Enlightenment. Something many of their banners basically said in some of the past pictures. That said I know you were meaning modern american liberalism (progressive) which is really just leftist ideology, such as fascism or communism with a quality fake mustache and the ambition to eventually become a party dictatorship and, with the power of the UN, possibly a world dictatorship

    • Conservatives have 0 problem with pro American immigrants. Immigrants to this country who adore capitalism, wave the American flag, and openly support the second amendment, like the ones in HK do, would be accepted with open arms and even wallets of conservatives. The problem is you liberals want to import waves of communists, Mexican nationalists waving the Mexican flag, cartel members, and jihadis by the millions because your goal is to destroy America.

      • Wow. This is like, top-tier stupidity. Please link me the article where the liberals claim, verbatim, they want to immigrate jihadists and cartel members.

        Whats that? You can’t, because it’s you drinking the kool-aid from Faux News? Holy sheet, please go take a community college course because you are literally next-level stupid. Seriously, it’s alarming.

        • You’re really a POS aren’t you? It doesn’t take providing an article to prove what Merle O was saying, all you have to do is look at the physical evidence, who you leftist dirtbags support. AOC and the three muslime beatches, socialist bernie, backing antifa while claiming the NRA is terrorist, putting an illegal alien in chief in the White House who brought in thousands of muslimes connected to islamic extremism, the constant bombardment against the Constitution, especially the 2d amendment, while leftist run cities like shitcago have the highest murder rates in this whole nation. …. and the list is endless. Go put you head back in the toilet where it belongs.

        • @Faux- The sad part is how fervently you believe what drivel you just wrote. You’re truly brainwashed. You need to go out and experience the real world and quit worshipping Maddow.

        • Of course they don’t claim verbatim that they’re bringing in jihadists and cartel members among all the immigrants. That would be stupid.

          Instead they just *do* it while pretending they’re not.

    • agree for the most part about the immigration. It does depend where the Immigrants are coming from and their reasons for immigrating. If as is the case with many of the recent immigrants into most western countries they are after benefits other than liberty and are more interested inmoney for nothing rather than working for it and keeping to their “culture” in both good and bad aspects, then it robs the host country blind. If it is as the immigrants for a number of years after WWII and the wish to become Americans or whatever the host nation is and work hard and be productive and only bring with them the compatible and positive aspects of their previous nation then it enriches the nation of adoption.

  7. Hong Kong is a good lesson on why the American people should not elect socialists; they should evict them.

    Work with your community, identify the socialist among us, give them a department of state DS4080 form and offer to send them to the nearest US consulate.

    Americans, the ones who know what the Constitution actually says, must rise and educate those among us who only know what they see on the news. challenge your neighbor’s, friends, and acquaintances to read the Constitution and the declaration of independence, and be prepared to direct them to supporting documents.

    Remember, you can always point Venezuela and Hong Kong to reinforce the point that when all else is said and done the second amendment is what keeps American’s free.

    • BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You a funny guy! If the rest of America is like the fools and morons I meet and talk with about the Constitution and the evils of socialism, etc., there isn’t a gnats chance in hell that we will change any of their minds (what little mind they have).

      • You very clearly haven’t even so much as actually seen an American with your own two eyes, let alone met one, and forget having talked to one. All literally any of them would ever have to do is point to the PRC, Venezuela, the U.S.S.R., Cuba, Cambodia under Pol Pot, etc. to show you what socialism does. Then, the Constitution should be self-explanatory to those who physically possess more than one firing synapse — a group that definitely does not include you.

  8. Great photos! Thank you for publishing these. Prayers for those in Hong Kong fighting for basic human rights!

    Will the same happen here?

    1. Tech censorship
    2. Far-left media bias
    3. Media attempts to undermine the President
    4. Democrat attempts to reverse the 2016 election
    5. Rabid attacks on gun ownership and carry rights
    6. Rabid attacks on medical freedom
    7. Child Protective Services abducting children based upon hunches (no charges filed).
    8. Medical kid-napping
    9. Dissolution of parental rights
    10. UN 2030 agenda (Our City 2030) already in US cities
    11. Left-wing control of public schools, including colleges and universities
    12. Expansion of abortion to include post-natal murder

    • This nation is currently 2 generations into the plan. It may take more than 3 to complete the Ideological shift needed for complete socialist control. I fear there are more cowards willing to comply than there are patriots willing to fight. If the scourge of socialism is not destroyed along with it’s sycophants. What is going on in Hong Kong will look like a homecoming parade. Compared to the Horror and Bloodshed in a nation of 300+ Million privately owned firearms and 1 trillion rounds of ammo. Keep Your Powder Dry.

  9. I expect the mainland to completely conquer Hong Kong. Optics be damned…I’m surprised it’s gone on this long. Prayers for the protesters and our President as he attempts to “level the playing field”.F##k the commies.

      • Did Britain really have much of a choice? They lost their empire for a reason, they were no longer strong enough after two massive world wars to maintain it. They would never have been able to hold it in the eventual face of a massive Chinese invasion.

  10. Not sure what term should be applied to the woman who seems to be from USA telling the protesters that safety is more important than freedom. Reason had an article about her on September 27. They didn’t like her ideas at at all. Even the old communist term of “useful idiot” seems to mild.

    Friends of a friend were in HK a week ago. They only saw protests once. Authorities keeping roads shut so tourists and businesses visitors do not see anything.

  11. Keep in mind that these protests are occurring in context of President Trump ending the Brenton Woods free trade regime. A Tianam Square style crackdown on Hong Kong would kill 10,000s, all live streamed to the world. Trump would have no political opposition to imposing a trade embargo.

    These protests also occur in context of US energy independence, and the US withdrawing from the habitual US fixation with policing the Middle East to ensure the world’s oil supply. China is utterly dependant on Middle East oil. If Iran and Saudi Arabia bomb each other’s oil production infrastructure AND critical power and water infrastructure, some 60 million people will die within a few days. However; China will have lost it’s primary oil supply. Unlike Japan, China doesn’t have a blue water Navy that can convoy oil tankers. A Hong Kong massacre would give Trump the political cover to impose a blockade.

    If China doesn’t exercise restraint, China’s economy will implode and they will cease to threaten the US as the leading economic power.

    How much you bet that China goes primevil on Hong Kong anyway?

    • I believe China gets most if its oil from Russia. China does have resources, manpower, raw and proccesed goods that the whole world wants for a great deal.
      Interesting view on China and HK, thanks.

    • Also remember that China can’t act too lenient because they still also claim North Korea is theirs and they want to keep them in line.

    • Trump or anyone else in the U.S. can do absolutely zero about China. China keeps the U.S. economy from crashing by buying up worthless U.S. Treasury Bonds to finance our debt. Cheap Chinese merchandise is the only merchandise the average American worker can afford.

      I might add U.S. military planes can only fly with a single Japanese made computer chip that tells the computer how to fly the plane, without it they would crash and China could cut off all ships sailing or commercial flights from Japan to the outside world during a war with the U.S.

      • Except that over two-thirds of our debt is actually held domestically by banks, and the only reason why everything is made in China is because Congress ensured it would be that way by allowing our manufacturing to be gutted by shitty domestic economic and immigration policy.

        And, no, China doesn’t have a blue water navy or air force big enough or powerful enough to overcome ours and blockade Japan or the PACRIM, either. They never did and likely never will.

  12. These guys are true “antifa” who risk China going lethal on them at any moment. Our cowardly “antifa” know that they risk virtually nothing and their thuggish behavior is generally left unchallenged (or even praised by the left).

  13. Ultimately, the protestors will have their organs harvested.

    But…….But…….No one needs an AR 15 or an AK!! Or a (few) 30 round magazines.

    Note to self……….

  14. I am only one American man with only one voice. But even if only one Hongkonger reads this, then it’s well worth it:

    What you all are doing reminds many of us here of the importance of trying to live freely. Many take it for granted, but I never will. Your passion and determination is inspirational, and you have my deepest respect and admiration.

    I stand with you all in spirit, and if for whatever reason you’re forced to leave your homes and your lands, I for one would gladly welcome you here among us. We sure can use more of that thirst for liberty and indomitable drive to attain it.

    As a nation, we’ve never been perfect ourselves, and in many cases, have had our virtues as a whole defined by the virtues of very few. If anything, it would be nice to have more of us reminded of that spirit of our nation, where we came from and who we’re supposed to be, by seeing how so many of you are standing strong right now.

    Cheers and Godspeed Hongkongers. My heart is with you.

    -S.G. from Montana, USA

  15. The phrase “Communist Chinese Government” never leaves the lips of any “journalist”. It’s never in print anywhere.


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