Mehdi Hasan America's Gun Culture
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“They’re lying to you,” he said. “This isn’t about mental health, which every other country has problems with. It isn’t drugs, which every other country struggles with. It isn’t computer games, which every other country has. It’s the guns. It’s obviously the guns.”

He said it’s high time to place the blame where it belongs: On Republicans.

“Let’s stop saying ‘Congress must act’ and start saying ‘the Republican Party must act,’” he said. “Let’s stop treating the GOP as the party of law and order and treat them, more accurately, as the party of gun violence, of school shootings, of mall massacres.”

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  1. OK, It is Mazza’s job to be in front of the jackboots who are taking the guns from citizens.

    • Well constipated pompous democRat ed mazza after you’re done slandering and libeling the Party of Lincoln you should do like your mentally ill Jim Crow Gun Control democRat relatives did…Wrap yourself in a sheet, put on a pointed hat, grab a torch and go door to door confiscating the Constitutional Right you disdain. Let’s us know how it goes.

    • The person who spoke those words shown in the article above was actually Mehdi Hasan. Ed Mazza only forwarded them.

      Mehdi Hasan was born in England in a Pakistani enclave and educated in a private boys school. He emigrated to the U.S. in 2015, set up shop in D.C., and worked for Al Jazeera. He later became a naturalized citizen in Oct 2020. He’s a dyed-in-the-wool feudalist, in which he believes the common man should not own any weapons, but should instead rely on protection from his overlords.

      When the zombies/CME/collapse/Great Meteor arrives and it’s chaos in the streets, I wish Mr. Hasan the best of luck as he defends himself from the hordes. After all, the FSA is already upon us.

      • And here I thought that Pakistan was awash in guns and religious and tribal violence…

    • Ahh…my very first comment of the day, and already moderated for reasons I cannot fathom.

      It’s a Wednesday at TTAG.

      • Same here, Haz. Had one comment that was moderated, and never posted….go figure…

        • Me too, I wonder what they serve for lunch in moderation prison. This will probably get erased too. What’s going on here? I had a real clever viewpoint that got cut. I ain’t smart too often ya no.

      • For some reason, I thought of “Andy Durenes” (aka, Tim Robbins), when he has his first breakfast in Shawshank prison, and picks out a maggot from his not-so-appetizing oatmeal. I figure it is in that camp somewhere. That, and the cold coffee, as well.

        • I thought the character’s name was “Andy Dufrane”? It’s been a while since I’ve watched that movie, but that’s what sticks in my braincase.

          Just a sec (consults with the magical Interwebbs)…

          IMDB shows it as “Andy Dufresne”. Sounds very Fraaaanch.

        • I am not sure on the spelling of Andy’s last name, admittedly. But yeah, it sounds French, albeit, his breakfast that morning was anything but-ha ha! It is a good movie. I especially love the library scene between Red and Andy. (“….Andy, you can’t just make a person up. Of course you can, if you know how the system works & where the cracks are. It’s amazing what you can accomplish by mail…”).

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  2. who’s this Mazaa idiot? another Foreigner that’s a democrat? I didn’t know guns had their own minds that they get up and walk around and shoot people on their own. this guy is so stupid he makes me sick to my stomach. first of all our country is falling away from God that is why we are being under judgment. and the next best thing that’s a quick fix is get rid of gun-free zones. 99% of all shootings are done in gun free zones, that answers all the questions right there. that is another reason that we need to get God back in this country because he is giving everyone unto their own depraved Minds like this Mazza guy. have you ever seen such stupidity that is going on in our country in the last 10 to 15 years, it’s getting worse every day as time goes by with more people of depraved Minds.

    • When we talk about God, let’s be specific. I do not mean some vague idea of a theoretical spiritual entity. I am talking about the God of the Bible, the God who created the world and everything in it, established moral Law, the God who will hold everyone accountable, and the God who saves those that repent and believe on His Son Jesus Christ.

      This nation has largely ignored and/or rejected Him. The coming judgement and destruction have begun.

      It’s not just the official structures (like the schools and government) that have ignored and rejected God. Many of us professing Christians have largely lived as though He did not exist. We have been extremely foolish. We Christians need to take Him much more seriously.

      • That is the sad and ironic thing, Art. The U.S kicked God and prayer out of schools and government long ago, and told Him He is not welcome, and then have the balls to wonder why we have so many shootings in school? The irony is rich with this one.

      • You mean the God that thought it was a good idea to drown all living humans and start over? The one that turned a blind eye to the Jewish genocide in the Holy Land after the Jews returned from Egypt? Or the genocide of the Crusades? The one who said that we should worship no other gods before him? The one the Muslims call Allah, whom the Muslims use as an excuse for murder and mayhem against all nonbelievers? That one?

        • Mark,
          I mean the God who destroyed the rebellious world by flood, while saving Noah and his family. He didn’t turn a blind eye to the Israelites wiping out the Canaanites. He ordered them to wipe them out. There is a righteous Judge of all the earth. Pretend that you are His judge to your own peril.

          I recommend gladly bowing before the gracious Savior Jesus Christ today, rather than waiting for the day of God’s vengeance.

          We all deserve wrath,. but grace,. forgiveness, and adoption are freely offered to all who desire life.

        • Nope. Not the one you are describing. Not at all.

          And “grace, forgiveness, and adoption” are freely offered,all right, but not to “those who desire life”. You got that bit all wrong. Those go only to those who repent of serving other gods and recognise Jesus as the maker and lord of all, and submit to HIS will and commands.

        • All that smoting by God was judgement for being dumbasses and turning their backs on God, thinking that man could “figure it all out” by himself. And that’s exactly the point being made above. So yea, that God

        • The God of the Trinity! When you meet him then you can ask questions as you do it on bended knee. And you will be on bended knee.

    • “I didn’t know guns had their own minds that they get up and walk around and shoot people on their own.”

      Does it really matter whether guns are sentient and animate objects, or not?

      Inescapable fact: No guns, no crimes/death/injury from the use of guns.

      Another inescapable fact: Law is the root cause of crime; no law, no crime.

      OTH, no guns, what will we have to cause anti-gunners to have wet pants all day, ever day? Gun controllers should never be comfortable in their day-to-day lives. Maybe, one day, the gun control mob will be depleted through massive numbers of heart attacks due to fear of guns.

      The fright of my enemy is my friend.

      • Sam,

        Don’t worry, most “anti-gunners” are Leftist/fascists – they can wet their pants over damn near anything. IF they could wave their magic government wand and eliminate all guns, tomorrow, they’d move on to something else. They won’t be happy as long as someone, somewhere, is having fun.

        • “They won’t be happy as long as someone, somewhere, is having fun.”

          Sounds like our Puritan ancestors.

        • Sam,

          The Leftist/fascists ARE the modern day Puritans. They want to tell you what THEY think you should do, for “your own good”. Unfortunately, we have more than a few “on the Right” who harbor those same delusions – that my life would be “better” if they ran it for me.

    • Someone clearly demonstrating the level of p0litical polarization. There’s no compromise because that is seen as losing. The “others” become the scapegoats of all the problems and their elimination will resolve the problems.

    • Legislation needs to be passed that forces anyone who puts up signs that ban firearms to make sure that it will truly be a gun-free area by installing metal detectors at every access to that area and be legally held responsible for the safety of anyone who enters that area from injury or death from any firearm. The people who put up these firearm-banning signs should be sued for damages if they don’t make every effort to keep their patrons safe. Signs are useless because signs only make those who obey these signs, targets for mass shooters.

  3. Prohibition started as a serious endeavor about 30 years before a constitutional amendment was passed and we all know how well that worked. It’s obvious that the repeal of the 2A is what the gun control idiots want. The question is how to stop them. They have the press and they have at least half the national politicians, something we the ordinary citizen cannot usually affect directly. The left is working very hard to influence local politics which is ultimately what they need to control to get their way.
    My message to POTG is to get involved in your local politics if you want to keep your rights because the other side is surely working to strip us of those same rights.

    • With over half of the states now passing SOME form of “constitutional carry” and only about half a dozen that are predominantly blue states with Dem majorities in only 45% of the state legislatures (24 with Dem governors) it is highly unlikely that a 2/3rds majority vote to repeal could be achieved in this century… The 27th (and last) amendment to the Constitution took 202 yrs. 7 mo. 12 days to pass… Historically only one amendment has ever been repealed… There has been 11,000 amendments proposed but only 27 were ever ratified… I like our odds…

    • They can “repeal” the Second ARticle of Ammendment if they want to… our RIGHT does not come from government, nor is it regulated, doled out piecemeal, or granted by any government. Just like my right to smack these square things on my keyboard and say what I want to, or that the coppers can’t come waltzing into my livingroom without a warrant based upon probable cause

      These clowns that want to “repeal” any of the Bill of Rights fail to realise… they GIVE us nothingThey only plainly state that we already HAVE these rights, and that gummit cannot take them away because gummit never gave us them.

      • … make them frown even more. Buy it cheap and stack it deep, as we move inexorably closer to a national divorce.

        • I don’t see it as a “national divorce”. It’s more like we will send a petulant child (leftist) to their room (big cities) until they get tired of trashing their room in a fit and hungry enough to start acting civil again.
          They need a lesson, not an alimony check as they go to bed with China or any other “friendly” country they can swindle.

        • China or any other “friendly” country they can swindle.

          any other “friendly” country that has a USE for THEM… that fixed it… (we already know that China is using Bribem and his family)…

      • L3ftists sole being is “the triumph of the struggle”. Happiness means they are not struggling and an anathema to their existence.

    • Theres actually been studies that show liberals are much less happy than conservatives. Its what happens when all your faith is put in man to “fix” everything, instead of faith in God and knowing he sets up kings and he brings them down, and that he has everything under control.

      Its why you wont find many conservatives or christians worried about “climate change”…as we’re pretty confident that God has his hands on the world’s thermostat.

  4. quote—– “Let’s stop treating the GOP as the party of law and order and treat them, more accurately, as the party of gun violence, of school shootings, of mall massacres.”——-quote

    Words of wisdom that will echo down through the ages.

    • So says the actual fascist, ‘dacian’… 🙂

      • Truly. He’s too stupid and uneducated to realize he’s a fascist. No wonder we’ve come so far in restoring civil rights across this nation.

        We have more work to do but we will not let jack booted not-zees like dacian stop us.

    • quote—– “Let’s stop treating the DNC as the party of law and order and treat them, more accurately, as the party of gun violence, of school shootings, of mall massacres.”——-quote

      There, fixed it for you.

    • You can’t own the House, the Senate AND the Whitehouse for two fucking years doing NOTHING but spending trillions of dollars on climate bullshit and THEN lay all the BAD shit at the feet of the GOP that has only been the majority in the House for little over three months with a Dem majority in the Senate and a Braindead POTUS that says he will veto anything that the Republicans get to his desk…

      • AND the border! KJP had the balls to say R’s wouldn’t work with them for a plan. They had the plan all along. Hells to pay come tomorrow. Let em all in, I’m gonna sell my house to the cartels and move away.

        • Yeah well THAT little moron is a WHOLE nuther level of stupid, heard her claim that they reduced illegal border crossings by 90%, Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

    • “Words of wisdom that will echo…”

      Yep, and folks in a hundred years, and in a thousand years, will still be laughing at this, and you, and your ideas.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, The true causes of violence are NOT GUNS but people. You Lefties, just like Mazza refuse to deal with the real problem with any kind of real solution. You idiots want to go after inanimate objects which are incapable of any action, good or bad.

    • Dacian, the person who hates black people. Gangs are the homicide problem (particularly for young black males), but you ignore, dodge, conflate with meaningless things like semi-auto rifles, which do less than 2% of the killings. You are sick, stupid, evil.

  5. “Na-Na, Na-Na-Na!!!! You will never bans guns HAHAHAH”

    is the only appropriate response when people want to say things like this

  6. Ah, no.
    No other country has the multiple issues at such scale as America does. Look where the majority of the gun violence occurs: Deep blue Democrat ran cities.
    But let us take a look at what happens when a country even invites immigrants who do not have the same societal or cultural values as the native population.
    Like Sweden.
    Sweden used to be one of the safest countries in the EU.
    Now, it is one of the most dangerous.
    Take a look at where the crime is centered.

    • “No other country has the multiple issues”

      You need to pay more attention. Start with OncegreatBritain, Germany, France, eurowussie ____.

      • Every place where Pr0gressives try to make the world according to their ideals and not deal with it as it really is.

        The big question is what are Pr0gressives pr0gressing to? And what will happen when the ut0pia reached does not meet their expectations?

        • “The big question is what are Pr0gressives pr0gressing to?”

          Two part answer:
          1. toward establishing themselves as a state religion
          2. a state religion run by a single, all powerful leader; authoritarianism.

        • Southern,

          They will all shout, “we just didn’t do it right! That’s not REAL [socialism, communism, ‘Progressivism”, name-the-idiot-Leftist-philoosophy]. We need to do it more/harder!!”

          Govern me harder, Daddy!!! Dumb s***heads.

        • I have been roasted for saying this. That is, those who advocate for Socialism (or outright Communism) have never had to suffer under it. And no, you will NOT be one of the top, one percent,
          either. You will be the other, ninety-nine licking the boots of the one for a scrap of dried, moldy bread for your long-since-empty stomach. So, such people who are enthralled with Communism/Socialism will have to learn the hard way, and when they do, they will be coming after those of us who actually grew up under such a system, and are trying to warn those who want to give up freedom for slavery. For some people are just too damned stupid to learn from others, and have too much pride to admit when they are wrong. Dumb sh** indeed. The play book is the same, no matter who is trying it.

  7. There are a few other things that some countries have, others do not have and others still are adding and each has rates of crime that just happen to coincide with their not having, having and adding.

    Worth noting is that while crime was sitting at historic lows here gun sales were also soaring at historic highs.

    • Remember this, you can vote your way into socialism, but you will have to shoot your way out.

      • “…you can vote your way into socialism, but you will have to shoot your way out.”

        Theft alert !!

        I’m taking that one for my own.

  8. 1920s thru 1970s. Guns were much more readily available. Mental health problems also existed.

    Very few public mass shootings. Literally none in the 1950s when every hardware store and Sears had guns for sale. When schools in NYC has shooting ranges in the basement.

    Also no 24/7 news cycle, social media and SSRI meds. Also less of a full throated leftist assault on traditional culture (especially masculinity) not to mention far fewer single parent households.

    Nope. Not the guns. The media, Hasan included, us probably more to blame by giving these sick individuals the dark celebrity they crave.

    • “1920s thru 1970s. Guns were much more readily available. Mental health problems also existed.

      Very few public mass shootings. Literally none in the 1950s when every hardware store and Sears had guns for sale. When schools in NYC has shooting ranges in the basement.”

      You’re conveniently forgetting that the insane asylums were open.

      There were places where the dangerous could be warehoused away from the public.

      Than, the Leftist Scum ™ closed the nut houses, releasing the crazies on all of us.

      After 60+ calls to the police, it sure would have been nice if there was a place they could have taken that Cruz boy… 🙁

      • “After 60+ calls to the police, it sure would have been nice if there was a place they could have taken that Cruz boy… 🙁”

        We need to continue to pound that into these bastards brains about every fucking loser that went on to destroy people’s lives! There was a path forward.

    • And ALL of those black members of the “commission” (they were ALL black) that voted to give themselves a 1.2 million dollar payday each are righteously pissed…

      • One guy says it should be $200 million given to every African American and is pissed at the $1.2 million figure.

        For California to even entertain this folly to begin with shows just how crazy things are there.

        Heck, I haven’t seen my ‘white privilege’ benefits show up yet either. Is there a form I have to fill out to get those? 😁

      • The only value money has is what you do to earn it. If you do nothing to earn it, it will be worth nothing.

    • First good news all day. The proposed muti-billion if not multi-trillion dollar recommendations would have bankrupted the state and sent all businesses and middle to high income taxpayers running from the incredible tax burden paying for all of that would impose. It wold also kill the desire of the teacher’s union to have state sponsored universal health care, another monetary boondoggle.

      • Not so fast, ONE of the proposals from this illustrious group of civic minded citizens is to lower taxes on Black owned businesses and raise taxes on prosperous WHITE owned businesses then share the proceeds among those “struggling” BLACK owned businesses… Pretty sure that is going to cause a certain level of hate and discontent… I’m guessing Hairgel Nuisance will be all for THAT one, as long he gets a carveout…

        • MAXX,

          A carveout for WHAT?? That inept idiot has never had a business (other than feeding at the public trough) in his pathetic life. He’s going to get his piece of the pie as long as idiot KKKalifornia voters keep electing him to SOMETHING. That was Kamal-Toe’s problem – even the morons in KKKalifornia wouldn’t vote for that kneepad-wearing imbecile (she place THIRD in the CALIFORNIA primary).

        • A simple internet search shows: As the 40th Governor of California, Gavin Christopher Newsom owns multiple businesses and companies. The PlumpJack Group was one of the initial companies that expanded into 23 businesses, including wineries, restaurants, and hotels, both within and outside California. Gavin Newsom is an American politician and investor who has a net worth of $20 million.

        • MAXX,

          He owns a PIECE of several businesses – he’s never owned or OPERATED any of them, ever. I suspect a serious forensic inquiry into his “investments” would disclose little or no money was even invested by him. He’s “in business” to exactly the same extent as any guy with a 401K or a pension “owns” part of GE or GM. He’s never run a business in his life. He’s a politician, and that’s all he’s ever done. I’m sure “Aunt Nancy” helped him out, but he did NOT take the money from a successful winery or restaurant that he started, ran and owned, and use that to finance his “start” in politics.

          Never said he wasn’t a corrupt kleptocrat; I said he’d never been “in business”, and I stand by that statement.

        • Look, I don’t like that POS any more than you do, but that does not change the fact that he has in excess of six million dollars invested in that PlumpJack conglomerate and it WAS started by him with financial assistance from Gordon Getty (not Aunt Nancy) and IF the state were to levy penalty taxes on “successful” white owned businesses he WOULD be impacted negatively… Your contrary argument does not change the facts… He was (and still is) a primary in PlumpJack which HE started in 1991 with financial help from Getty and was hands on with the Bay area Wine shops til 2004 when he became Willie Browns successor to the Mayor’s office in San Francisco… Business records and financial statements ARE available online and if I can find them (and understand them) anyone can…

  9. Typical projection. Blame others for your own stupidity and ignorance. For looking in the mirror and admitting the truth of how damned dumb you are, Mazza, is just too difficult. Here, take this one-way-ticket to a socialist hell hole country where you have no gun rights-or any other rights-where you will feel more safe from those scary looking guns.

  10. mass-batting > Suspect in custody who attacked multiple women with bat on Northwest Side >

    (note: It rarely makes the news, even less than defensive gun uses…. but daily across the U.S. there are ~3,800 criminal attacks upon victims where the attacker used a ‘blunt/bludgeoning’ object (e.g. a bat) for the attack. ~80% of the unarmed victims are (collectively) seriously injured or killed. Of the victims armed with a fire arm (~14%), over 96% of those escape harm by employing defensive gun use which most times consists of just brandishing)

  11. Mayor Lori Lightfoot issues state of emergency amid surge of migrant arrivals >


    Lori is really going to be upset starting tomorrow when Title 42 expires. About 750,000 ‘immigrants’ ready to over run the border tomorrow… well probably not that many. Word has it that Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas will be there to fire a starter pistol the moment Title 42 expires, and the Texas Governor has about a million free bus tickets to Chicago to give ‘new arrivals’. 😂

    Seriously though, they are massing at the border waiting for Title 42 to expire tomorrow (Thursday, May 11, 2023). Yesterday and the day before (Monday and Tuesday) saw about 10,000 apprehensions a day for those not wanting to wait for Title 42 to expire. (

    • Oh wait, seriously, I was about right when I said “About 750,000 ‘immigrants’ ready to over run the border tomorrow”

      According to Breitbart its 700,000 waiting to overrun the border > Title 42 Countdown: 700,000 Migrants in Mexico Waiting to Rush U.S. Border >

      “As many as 700,000 migrants, a foreign population larger than Boston, Massachusetts, are currently in Mexico waiting to rush the United States-Mexico border when President Joe Biden ends the public health authority known as Title 42 on May 11.”

      Give it a week or two, crime and the number of ‘mentally ill attackers’ will sky rocket and in fact its already started and been growing but with this sudden invasion from the south is going to grow even faster.

      • “Give it a week or two, crime and the number of ‘mentally ill attackers’ will sky rocket and in fact its already started and been growing but with this sudden invasion from the south is going to grow even faster.”

        That’s the plan…

        I’m at the age where “Come take them!” isn’t a fucking bumper sticker. And Mayorkas I’m fucking tired of your lies.

    • Word has it that Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas will be there to fire a starter pistol the moment Title 42 expires

      According to the Babylon Bee that is correct…

      • Babylon Bee? Oh, you mean “America’s Newspaper of Record”, I think.

        The “over-under” for a Babylon Bee “satire” becoming actual news is about two weeks.

        • Breaking: George Santos Arrested, 534 Members Of Congress Still At Large…

          U.S. — Representative George Santos was taken into custody this morning on federal money laundering, theft, and fraud charges. Americans are still on edge, however, as 534 dangerous felons in Congress still remain at large.
          “It’s unsettling,” said local Cathy Mable upon hearing the news. “To think that many thieves, rapists, and degenerate murderers are still walking free in Washington D.C. and throughout the country makes it difficult to sleep at night.”
          At publishing time, Americans grew even more worried upon hearing the news that there are thousands more dangerous villains still on the loose in the FBI, CIA, DOJ, DHS, and DOD.

          POLITICS: May 10, 2023 ·

  12. Take an honest look at the results of the leftists and Marxists disarmament programs. How many dead in China, Russia, Germany, Cuba, N.Korea, and the list can go on.
    Sure, there are criminal misuses of firearms. And people who likely should not have access to firearms getting them. But the worst mass murders are Marxist/Fascist/Leftist governments. And, yes, Fascism is just another Marxist political playbook. Government micromanaging everyday life of the subjects and serfs.

  13. I guess Mazza whoever he is, doesn’t really do his homework. Violence of all kinds has skyrocketed primarily in blue cities because of their lack treatment of criminals, defunding of police, sanctuary cities, open borders, and yes drugs entering the Country. Apparently, he has not noticed that American Citizens have been buying firearms at the rate of over 1 million a month for years now. All this on the Democrats watch. People are arming themselves because of the increase in violence and distrust of the Democrats and their socialist agenda including their cheating in elections. Yes, cheating in elections and don’t hand me any nonsense that they are not. If the Leftist media would not make a big deal out of shootings which pall in comparison to the numbers of situations in which good guys with guns either prevent violent acts or shoot the perpetrators of violent acts which recently amounted to 1.7 million incidents this past year. Yes thousands per day in which legally armed people intervened in a crime being committed. The bottom line is it doesn’t matter what Mazza has to say because the 2nd Amendment is here to stay because the majority of people in this Country are tired of these leftist nut jobs running our Government.

  14. Mehdi Hasan can F off. He’s nothing but an unassimilated English/Pakistani immigrant.

    I’m done with being blamed for all of society’s ills that in reality were caused by 50 years liberal soft on crime and social policies. Rather than hold criminals accountable, liberal minority bigots like Hasan always propose regulating and taking freedom away from the people who aren’t the ones perpetrating crimes. When their stupid regulations and laws predictably don’t work, they ladle on yet more stupid, ineffective laws. The end result is a Country with a tyrannical government and where criminals have more freedom than ordinary citizens.

  15. Hasan? Mazza? Never heard of either of them. The dogs bark but the caravan moves on.

  16. I can see his point but I think that he has over simplified the problem What he has not said is thatthere is s streak of madness across the whole of American Society that has problems ion defining what masculinity is. Of course America is not alone in this but in the civilised world it IS ALONE in equating masculinity with FIREARMS. .
    Is there a sexual element that somehow in someway replaces PENILE satisfaction with things that go BANG BANG BANG ? I only ask because so many of the persons pictured with szemi-autos etc, seem to put SIZE and more BANGS FOR BUCKS ‘ and childish LOOK AT THE SIZE of MY GUN DICK SWINGING in front of any logical operational nessessity or legitimate purpose. Why else would a fat bearded fool of doubtful sexuality go shopping for milk and bread carrrying a bloody SEMI-AUTO or an over calibre HAND GUN that he would have trouble with POINTING let alone hitting a sodding BARN DOOR with

    • YOU are sadly misinformed, but I’d rather have a “gun dick” swinging in front of me than Charleys’ balls hanging on my chin, where DO you find the time to fantasize about all this American bullshit between switching from his majesty’s sphincter and his stubby manhood… GFY, moron… I carry one of those “over caliber” (my spell check won’t let me misspell it) in a 10mm that I not only have no trouble POINTING, but would also have no problem putting your dumb ass down at 50 yards… Wanna give it a try?

    • @Albert L J Hall

      “I can see his point but I think that he has over simplified the problem What he has not said is thatthere is s streak of madness across the whole of American Society that has problems ion defining what masculinity is.

      … equating masculinity with FIREARMS. .

      You can’t see anything, but on the subject of a problem defining what masculinity is …in your “civilized’ U.K. – You folks in the U.K. have an extremely violent transgender problem and don’t even know it because your press is throttled by your government.

      But some do make it through into the press. So… just a small sampling of the thousands every year in the U.K. your own press rarely reports on this issue and its and been going on for many years.

      Transgender Starbucks employee fired after altercation with customers >

      “The incident occurred on April 30 at a Starbucks in the United Kingdom when the employee, a biological male who identifies as a trans woman, began to argue with a female customer …”

      complete with video at link.

      Bristol transgender woman jailed for rape >

      Transgender prisoner who sexually assaulted inmates jailed for life >

      Transgender-Identifying Activists Attack Women Protesting >

      Transgender Equality Officer Attacks Teen Girl >

      So, Albert L J Hall, you can take your ‘pontificating’ and shove it.

    • America has a sporting goods store named Dicks
      I hang out under the Gunms Free Zone signs and my girlfiend hangs out in Dicks parking lot. She is having much better luck then me.

    • You don’t believe in the right, need, desire, ability to carry a SEMI-AUTO (all caps)? No wonder the Sun set on the Brits LONG AGO. Hahahaha

    • And what size did Madam Lash stick up your behind? Do the hospital staff have an embarrased giggle when you arrive? How many of your X-rays are in their odd insertions file?

    • Damn, this guy sure has a fascination with male geni– uhh, “man bits.”

      (I doubt that geni***** would make it past the censor-bot.)

    • Prince Albert, the Fake-Limey, Fake-Military Wanking Poofter,

      “. . . here is s streak of madness across the whole of American Society that has problems ion defining what masculinity is.”

      HAHAHAHAHA. HooHooHoo. That’s some frickin’ comedy gold, right there!!!!!!

      Prince Albert, you fake tw*t, you wouldn’t know “masculinity” if it bit you in your dried-up cooch. Unfortunately, that seems to be a trait you are sharing with an increasing majority of your d***less FAKE fellow Brits. Next time Germany wantst to kick the crap out of you, don’t bother to call us. “Sorry, new phone. Who dis??” Go eat a bag o’ dicks.

      • Prince among kings Albert does know when “masculinity” hits him the face. It’s the Wing Commander’s testicles.

        • Assuming the Wing Commander ever had testicles, and hasn’t had them removed. But I HIGHLY doubt Prince Albert was ever anywhere near actual military service. His absolute ignorance about firearms proves he was NEVER an “armorer” in anybody’s military.

  17. guns are the great equalizers…and as such, will always need to be part of a free society….

    • frank,

      “guns are the great equalizers”. I prefer to think of them as tools. They can be used for self-defense, hunting, sports and entertainment, or defending against tyranny. The tool isn’t the issue, it’s the person using the tool, and their intent.

      A tool can be used for good, or it can be used for evil. Where is it the GUN’S fault, whichever way it is used? Sure, a gun is probably the best tool for a 90 pound woman to discourage a 220 pound wanna-be rapist, but it’s still just a tool. I should have access to any tool I feel I need, so long as I accept the responsibility for my use of that tool.

      But, yeah, if I were the 90 pound woman, and had to take the NY subway every day, I’d sure as hell want a gun.

  18. Dems on the left HATE black people, viewing them as nothing more that power (like a battery shown before Neo in The Matrix) in the form of a voting block for money & votes. Notice they don’t give a damn about the vast homicide engine in America (gangs) that is killing mostly black kids. Liberalism is a mental disorder, and the bigger The State (Big Gov), the bigger the disorder, followed by lesser power & freedom to the citizenry. Wise up.

  19. @Shadow
    “For some people are just too damned stupid to learn from others, and have too much pride to admit when they are wrong.”

    I think you misapprehend. People are perfectable, if the right persons are in charge of the transformation. The “right persons” are those who believe that people are perfectable.

  20. @Lamp
    “Unfortunately, we have more than a few “on the Right” who harbor those same delusions – that my life would be “better” if they ran it for me.”

    And they are wrong. Your life would be “better”, only if I run it for you.

      • “Heh!! Give the man two points for that one!
        Well played, sir, well played.”

        I’m here to help (insist) people get their minds right.

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