Accused burglar Samuel Jeter was shot four times in the butt. Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office
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If Samuel Jeter looks rather uncomfortable in the mug shot above, there’s a good reason for that. He “…remains behind bars after being shot four times in his buttocks while police say he was trying to rob a woman in her home,” last week.

It must have been terrifying for Katrina Walker and her kids.

When (police) arrived at the home, police said a woman was crying on the front porch and another was holding a 9mm Taurus handgun. Police said three children were also inside the home.

According to the incident report, one of the women told police she was in her bedroom on the phone while everyone else was asleep. The victim said she saw a “black figure” open the door to the room and peep his head in before closing the door again.

When Ms. Walker heard her daughter scream, she grabbed a 9mm Taurus handgun and opened fire on the home invader.

Police later found Jeter unconscious in a neighbor’s yard with four new orifices.

He was arrested and transported to the hospital for medical treatment and later transferred to the Spartanburg County Detention Center on a first-degree burglary charge.

Our friends in the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex love to preach that women are in greater danger when there are firearms in the house. Somehow they always manage to leave out the statistic that there are anywhere from two to seven times as many defensive gun uses in America every year than there are deaths from gunfire.

We think Ms. Walker and her three daughters are awfully thankful that there was a gun in their house last week.

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  1. Must have been FMJ Ball range ammo. I doubt that he would have survived four 9mm Hollow Point +P rounds…..even in the A$$. 😂

  2. Now, if it was a .45 instead of a 9mm, just one shot would have given the perp a proctocolectomy AND stolen his soul ….

  3. I can’t decide whether I’m disappointed or delighted with this shot placement.

    “Delighted” seems to be winning. I am certain this makes me a terrible person.

  4. Hmmm…2 Taurus success stories in the same day. Rectum-didn’t kill ’em😜Are they calling him “buttwheat”?!?

  5. Homey busted in thinking he was gonna make bread, got near buckwheats instead.

    He should be happy she *didn’t* have a .22 and better aim.

    Or time to spare before the fuzz blew in & rescued his ass from proper buckwheats.

  6. I have a question….would this character still be considered just an asshole, or five times an asshole?

  7. Seems like he should have a lot more charges thrown on him. Like everything from disturbing the peace, home invasion, to trespassing.

  8. This is a lie people don’t ever use guns to save themselves Gerald Rivera said it was an urban myth.
    Seriously she needs to learn to shoot center mass not center ass.
    The sooner he’s down the better.

  9. “Where there are more guns more women die…”

    What they really fail to realize is the context. Where this statement is true is where the government or government sanctioned thugs have guns and the people do not. Then rape, assault, torture, imprisonment, mass executions, etc. can and do take place.

    So, once again, the problem isn’t guns…it’s government.

  10. Kudos to Ms. Walker. A great way to celebrate National Ventilate-a-Thug Day.

    . . . shot four times in his buttocks . . . Ahh, a heart-warming happy ending.

  11. I’m curious to know how he gets shot 4 times in the ass…..unless he was moving away from her, in which case Mr. Dindu-Nuffin may have a case to say he was running away and was shot in the back(side). Was she so accurate and fast shooting that she hit a profile of his ass four times? Also, crickets from that Professor Moron Troll. Typical.

    • One of the news articles referenced indicated that he tackled the shooter and demanded money. She already had her gun in hand at that point, so I’d guess her gun was about even with his rear end when she fired. I’m picturing them both on the ground with him on top of her, as opposed to him fleeing and her firing down the hall after him.

    • She stated she shot while he was leaving but not yet off the property, but stopped when she knew he’d been shot. An officer interviewed indicated it was judged to be legitimate use of deadly force.

      I’m proud of her for recognizing that she’d stopped the threat and stopped shooting. Gals I know would have a hard time not just keeping pumping bullets into someone who had been a danger to their kids.

    • There were several from Professor Manque (who doesn’t seem to know that his name is actually an insult to himself), and I even replied to one, but they’ve disappeared. Can’t say it was a big loss.

  12. I guess no one ever told him, “You better stop breaking into houses or somebody’s liable to shoot your ass!”

  13. All joking aside, this woman is going to catch hell in court. She shot the man in the rear. That man may have been fleeing. If he was standing in the doorway of her daughter’s room that was good shooting or luck not to hit her daughter behind him.

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