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Lego build, obviously. [courtesy Nick Jensen (above)]

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  1. I’d of bet my left testicle that someone would say “trigger discipline” but sdog beat me to the punch…safety is over played

  2. Maybe Kel Tec should start making a lIne of licensed HALO guns? I’ll take one of each, although the Covenant plasma weapons might need some work.

    • I don’t think we’ll live to see the day the government actually let’s civilians handle an actual “plasma” weapon.

      Imagine the gun grabbers!

    • Dude, Legos have changed so much in the past decade, they’re not what they used to be for sure.

      Instead of making something with blocks, everything is custom designed to fit a purpose. Kind of lame, but I still love Legos to this day.

  3. Now if we could just get some
    Of these damn Lego kids to make REAL guns we could get some pretty sexy kit.

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