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I had a friend in college who could drink any three people under the table. I have no idea how he did it. He was about five foot nine and maybe 170 pounds. Dripping wet. His liver could have cleaned up Prince William Sound. More than one acquaitance who tried to keep up with him – only to be left drooling on a sticky New Orleans bar room floor – said he had to have had a hollow leg. Which, in fact, is exactly what a 66 year-old from Sydney, Australia has. Only he likes to fill his with something that has a little more kick than tequila…

The unnamed Aussie was admitted to St. Vincent’s Hostpital where he was due to have his good leg amputated. And that’s when, according to, a doctor spotted the heater he kept hidden in his hollowed-out prosthesis.

No one was threatened with the weapon, but staff immediately locked the hospital down until police arrived and secured the gun.

Officers found the gun hidden under a stocking in the man’s prosthesis, police said.

A police spokesman said the man’s 18-year-old son and his 23-year-old girlfriend were in the room at the time and were allegedly found with two rounds of ammunition for the gun.

The trio have been charged with a range of offences including possession of an unauthorised firearm and possessing ammunition without a licence.

We’ve long advocated concealed carry for self defense. And home carry’s pretty much always good practice, too. But somehow I doubt even RF would advocate hospital carry. No matter how bad socialized medicine gets. It’s just too easy to be accused of brandishing when all you’re wearing is one of those gowns that’s always flapping open at the most inopportune moments.

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  1. Years ago I read a sci-fi short story that was a take-off of the bionic man. Except it was more realistic about the capabilities of an artificial leg. But he did have several secret compartments in the leg, one specifically for a heater.

    And I read an actual bionic man Steve Austin novel where he also carried a small pistol in one of his legs. As evidenced by the black powder heater above, the idea’s been around a while.

  2. “somehow I doubt even RF would advocate hospital carry.”

    The last time I was in a hospital and I was NOT carrying was in August of 2009, in a state that does not have reciprocity (at all).

  3. Objectively thats probably the most interesting thing I have seen in a while, i wonder if it is a vintage artifact from the past or if some guy bubba’ed this together in his garage to accomodate for australias tyrannical gu. Laws.

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