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I’m a big Kydex holster fan. Yes, I’ve used some great leather holsters and I’ll concede that for EDC, leather is the most comfortable. But for range days, hiking around, and general “beat it up” duty, Kydex is king. In my preparation for Run n Gun this year, and my a great stroke of luck at a competition prize table, I picked up a TYR Tactical Sniper Harness. It uses MOLLE webbing as the attachment platform along the belt. Fine for things like mag pouches and various other items, but I’ve never found a MOLLE compatible holster that I liked until now . . .

 The problem I have is that most of them are either “floppy” in their execution. The gun can be moved side to side and back forth quite a bit which doesn’t engender confidence. The guys at KCT Kydex must have had the same problem which led to the creation of the MOLLE-Link holster.


The MOLLE-Link is formed like any other OWB Kydex holster on the market with two halves of Kydex melted and riveted together. The major difference as you can see in the picture above is that the edges take a ninety degree turn and incorporate a nifty little T shaped slot that accepts mil spec MOLLE webbing. This allows the holster or any other MOLLE-Link items (review coming soon) to stay flat to the load bearing item of your choice.

Following along with the included instruction manual, install is a snap. KCT suggests using a set of needle nose plier to pinch the MOLLE webbing together, but I found the TYR webbing to be pliable enough to do it with my fingers. Once installed, the holster stays tight.


Out in the field, the KCT unit stays right where it is supposed to be. There is no vertical movement from the holster, or any of the rocking back and forth and inboard and outboard of the body that can sometimes happen with a MOLLE attached holster. The workmanship itself is just fine though I did notice some orange flecks of Kydex on my gun after a few hundred draws and reholsters. But even after all that moving and shooting and running and gunning, it still securely holds my M&P while I run and jump and occasionally fall down.

Speaking of orange flecks, keen eye readers will note that this is not your typical black or tan holster. KCT offers twenty five different color options as part of their offering including this retina searing orange. After a few weeks outside and roughly thrown around, it is still bright and shiny against the background of tan camo on the TYR harness.


Specifications: KCT Kydex MOLLE-Link Holster

  • Material: Kydex
  • Color Choices: Lots
  • Attachment: MOLLE
  • Retention: No
  • Gun Models: Most popular gun models
  • Price: $45

Rating (out of five stars):

Overall: * * * * *

There aren’t many holsters that connect to MOLLE and do it this well. The KCT unit is low profile and built like a tank. I had no issues keeping my gun in place no matter how much moving I did. Like every other Kydex holster, it is slick on the draw, and provides good retention for something that doesn’t have a hood on it. Lay in the fact that you can get your holster in any of twenty-five colors for under $50 and you’ve got a real winner on your hands.

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    • WTF
      We need more cow bell
      Mr Farago, we are surely lacking stories on certain products.
      Have you done any stories on this new gun called the 1911.
      Could you let your readers know how it might look in a nice leather holster.
      Any coverage on another one called an M9 or something like that.

      Everyday for 3 1/2 years
      Forget it’s there
      Smooth as silk.

    • believe me, I love me some steel, wood and leather just as much as the next guy, but kydex comes in the crappy cheap kind and the more expensive decent kind. Unless you just dont like kydex at all, then its all the same anyway.

    • Millions of people use kydex everyday and never have any complaints, why was your experience so bad? Did you buy a cheap one from ebay?


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