Gun Hero of the Day: Colion Noir

Colion Noir is black. It’s his Unique Selling Point. Noir’s ethnicity confounds anti-gunners who constantly portray gun owners as mentally unstable old fat racist rednecks. But that’s not Noir’s real strength. When he first hit the scene, Noir’s YouTube videos revealed the Dallas denizen as the pithiest pro-gunner on the planet. Since then, Colion has shifted gears, establishing himself as both the king of video gun porn and a mild-mannered proponent of gun rights . . .

Noir’s high-speed, low-key accessibility has become his raison d’être. While we miss his humorous gun culture commentary, we salute Noir for his journey towards becoming the elder statesman of firearms freedom. He’s got a long way to go before he’s old enough to claim that title, but his advocacy is timeless. And he’s TTAG’s Gun Hero of the Day.


  1. avatar NotoriousAPP says:

    Why isn’t he at sxsw ever year with the nra? I’m calling you out colion.

  2. avatar Usriflecaliber.30m1 says:

    Why can’t I be paid to shoot?

      1. avatar Sixpack70 says:

        You might get to shoot twice per year if you are lucky and depending in your branch.

        1. avatar TravisP says:

          Depending on your MOS, be a grunt. We were in field half of every month shooting.

      2. avatar jarhead says:

        That tickled me.

  3. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    Colion Noir is black. Ohhh, noooo, but is he a white black man?
    He’s got a long way to go…but he is a heck of a lot better than a lot of the more established Fudd morons who are out there.
    Actually, I like Colion’s videos.
    Gun owners are mentally unstable old fat racist rednecks and we are proud of it.

    1. avatar RandallOfLegend says:

      I enjoy his focus on style. He doesn’t care about hunting, and is much more relatable to my generation than Elmer Keith and Col. Cooper.

    2. avatar Dennis says:

      I do love Noir’s videos and personality. Been watching him since about his second video.

      Let’s face it…if we were as “mentally unstable” as the anti-gunners claim, then there wouldn’t be any anti-gunners alive anymore.

      Actually, we are more mentally stable, I believe, as a group than the anti-gunners. The anti-gunners are either
      a) desirous of a tyranny, even if they won’ t admit it to themselves
      b) so emotionally-driven that they know they couldn’t be trusted with a firearm themselves. And of course, because of that immaturity, they think others are just as weak-minded as they are.
      (c) believe without rational thought what they are being fed via the MSM.
      (a) ,(b) and (c) are not mutually exclusive.

      The only reason an entity wants to take your firearms from you is to gain a power over you they didn’t have before. Be it criminal or tyrant, the desire is the same.

    3. avatar Ray says:

      Go to You Tube and look for Zo Nation and the video about the “Black NRA”. It’s a response to Sarah Silverfish and her racist bigoted video re: blacks and guns. Zo spanked her arrogant white liberal whiny ass black and blue.


  4. avatar Excedrine says:

    Gun control advocates fear and loathe him. They fear him and they loathe him for what he represents. He represents something that is altogether beyond their diminutive and narrow understanding. They fear him and they loathe him, so they paint him with the nastiest racial epithets conceivable and marginalize him as some “token” spokesman who “sold his soul.”

    They are simply inscribing their own ineptitudes, lack of fortitude and courage, and callousness onto him; trying to bring him down to their level where they can actually beat him. No, he is above them. He is so, so far above them that he rarely if ever acknowledges his haters. So far above them that they can barely see him or his accomplishments, and refuse to understand that he got there all by himself.

    They cannot see, or refuse to acknowledge, that he got to where he is without their white liberal guilt drenched “helping hands” and their dollars and their table scraps with which they purchase the unflinching loyalty of the others. He is as free as can be, a self-made man, and a role model — one that was not made in their image.

    That is why they hate him. That is why they want to ostracize and destroy him. That is why they can’t.

    1. avatar Bob102 says:

      Progressives do not like Colien Noir because he lives life as a free man. One day, I hope to see him at an NRA convention and have an opportunity to shake his hand and thank him.

    2. avatar Special K says:

      Extremely well-written. Kudos.

    3. avatar John J. Jones says:

      He’s a black gun owner, but most of the gun owners in Chicago are black, too. What do the old, fat racist rednecks,who own most of the guns, think of him. Is he their idol also?

      1. avatar Excedrine says:

        Nobody should rightly give two shits what racists of any stripe think, and they should be ignored wholesale. Should they step out of line because they don’t like being ignored, they should be stuffed back down below the bottom link of the food chain where they really and truly belong. Ardent racists such as the anti-Humanist gun-grabbers want to paint us as don’t own most of the guns. They don’t even own some of the guns. They are such a tiny fraction of any population as to be statistically insignificant, and likewise is the number of guns that they own.

        They fear and loathe Colion Noir just as much as he gun-grabbers do, and that is because the intent of both groups is exactly the same: to make certain “undesirables” open and vulnerable to oppression and abuse, and to make them available as a politicized weapon against their ideological opposites.

        He is no idol, either, but simply an example of a decent Human being that any rational person wouldn’t mind trying to model themselves after to whatever extent they could or cared to.

  5. avatar Don from CT says:

    It also doesn’t hurt that he’s the product of a two parent family, had a middle class upbringing, and is a practicing attorney.

    1. avatar Chris says:

      From Colion’s FB page:

      The website is calling me a fraud because Colion Noir is not my real name. I thought that was obvious, maybe not. It also goes on to say I am a fraud because I lived a life of privilege and Know nothing about the plight of the young african american males. Well you want to “expose” me I’ll help you.

      Dad and Mother separated when I was a baby. Born and Raised by my mother. Mother was a beautician and worked as a cook at ihop to pay her way through nursing school. After all of that she surprised me one day by buying a house so we could move out of the one bedroom apt we were living in. That’s the truth.

  6. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    Sure why not. I am mildly amused by the Noir mystique. I guess that makes him a hero-or not. Btw I went by the local gun store today and it was filled with black folks-most of them middle-aged. No problem here in southern Cook co,il getting “minorities” shooting.

  7. avatar Pantera Vazquez says:

    Gun Hero Of the Day?

    Aye, I approve this message.

  8. avatar RedOak says:

    His videos are kinda cringe worthy. He only talks in simile or metaphor.

    1. avatar BK says:

      That’s his style and it works for him. Heis style reaches the younger generation and minorities which is the most important thing.

  9. avatar Tommycat says:

    Wait… He’s BLACK?! Dammit I’m going to stop watching his YouTube videos now.

  10. avatar William Ashbless says:

    Yeah, he seems to generate much ire and hatred from the ‘gun sense’ folks.

    Mike ‘The Gun Guy’ Weisser hates him.
    This, alone, is enough to make me Noir’s fan.

      1. avatar Bud Harton says:

        third that

        1. avatar Grindstone says:


          Er, I mean “fourth that”. I’m just really hungry.

  11. avatar Pro2Aguy says:

    The guy is a smart and talented Gent, a Lawyer with a Gun ;). He’s an asset for 2A and the more the merrier (I’d like to see more Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Asians etc. join our cause by the millions!).

    1. avatar Philthegardner says:

      I guess I can safely speak for the Asians in saying that there are at least several hundred thousand of us who support the 2A. If you’ve ever gone to a California gun range on a weekend, you will see this is true. And even though I am no longer fighting for the cause with them (having moved to VA) I do my part by continuing to encourage kin and countrymen every chance I get from my neck of the woods.

  12. avatar Chris T from KY says:

    The most scary thing in America is a black man with a gun. The second most scary thing in America is a well spoken black man with a gun.

    1. avatar B says:

      I’d reverse those. One progressives can spin into something that somehow advocates both gun control and abortion. The other is a practicing lawyer that doesn’t owe them a single thing.

  13. avatar Chicago Steve says:

    I’m just waiting for the post game commentary.

    “You know I went out there, gave 110%, shot well, kept focused, teamwork….we trained hard and played hard….”

  14. avatar Roymond says:

    He wants to get kids into shooting, he should get with some experts and produce a set for a show that mimics favorite scenes from first-person-shooter video games: seeing someone do it for real, and compete against others, would make kids want to do it.

    Though then gun ranges would have to figure out how to satisfy that urge…..

  15. avatar Jon says:

    His new stuff is so so, but I still watch it. I miss his old high-speed rants. He reminded me a bit of Dennis Miller in his stand up days.

  16. avatar Roymond says:

    He should do some shows with Chris Cheng — Japanese/Chinese, tech nerd, shooting champion…and gay, who drives today’s liberals up the wall just by existing and being from California.

  17. avatar Grindstone says:

    I like Colion, not because he’s black. That’s cool and it gets points to fight back against the OFWG meme that unfortunately there are way too many willing to fulfill.

    But really it’s his poetry that gets me. He talks pretty.

  18. avatar Dan H. says:

    Along with Hickok45, Mr. Colion Noir is my go to for YouTube opinions on any firearm and interesting commentary. My LGS has a TV that just kinda loops his stuff.

    1. avatar anaxis says:

      Forgotton Weapons, Hickok45, Colion Noir, Taofledermaus, and Demolition Ranch are the only reasons I visit Youtube (or, and I stopped watching IV8888’s videos after Barry passed away. So far everything else I’ve seen are just videos of ballistic masturbation or mealymouthed screeds that do nothing to dispel the OFWG optics.

  19. avatar Mr. H. says:

    Neat vid…curious that CN holsters his 1911 the way he does; I’ve always kept my thumb on the hammer when putting away my pistol in Condition One just in case the thumb safety’s off and the trigger gets pressed. He does not. Man, how anal am I?

    Also, I think he’s wrong on getting legislators out to shoot, at least in Texas. Hey, this ain’t Jersey, after all…even the libs down here shoot. He should know that.

    Mr. H.

  20. avatar Warlock says:

    I really like Colion Noir. His videos are always very informative and entertaining. Additionally, they’re never too long so as to drag on, and they’re never too short, so as to leave you wanting. They are just right. His euphemisms are all very modern and down to earth, and his phrasing just flows naturally. What I really like most about him though, is that he doesn’t really talk a big game, he just brings it to the table, every time. Topping it all off is is superb shooting ability. Is he the best? Not by a long shot. Is he good? Hell yes, better than most people reading this post, and myself even.

  21. avatar Stateisevil says:

    I think the gunvernment (sic) will win in the end. Too many people are concerned about 0.1 MOA groups, shooting deer, and just want to own something from Call of Duty. Lots of young men think guns are cool, but with gun rights they can take it or leave it. That and a plunging economy. The middle class is being squeezed and gun, accessories, and ammo are very expensive.

    1. avatar John J. Jones says:

      That depends on the price you put on your life.

    2. avatar pod says:

      Noir does gun reviews for variety. If you are to keep your viewers engaged, you can’t always have a serious tone. He’s always been quite vociferous in defense of 2A, and is still very much so on his social media channels. He’ll produce a long-form gun review which takes weeks to edit and grade, but his daily postings are mostly political.

  22. avatar Templar says:

    Noir’s vids are great. He genuinely enjoys shooting and I love his writing. Great similes abound.

  23. avatar TwinReverb says:

    Colion Noir is the man.

  24. avatar CoolBreeze says:

    Kinda like that whole NASCAR thing… “These drivers really are athletes”.

  25. avatar PeterK says:

    Yeah! Well-deserved. The man is awesome.

  26. avatar GaPharmD says:

    Hey Robert can we get details on that 1911 holster he is wearing (clear @ 6:25)?


  27. avatar Kelly says:

    His real name is Collins Ideh, which seems difficult to pronounce and explains to me why he has a stage name. It is not so different from Jewish broadcasters in the mid-20th century who changed their name to something acceptable to Anglo-Saxon Protestants. An example of this is Fred Friendly who was born Ferdinand Friendly Wachenheimer. John shares a good thought. For those of us who live in big cities, race is a non-issue. Responsible, well-trained people of all races are common. In Chicago, Chip Eberhart is a certified firearms instructor and wrote a newspaper column headlined “Why I carry a gun Chicago.”

  28. avatar Z says:

    He also posts good content to his instagram, I highly recommend following him there.

  29. avatar HBA says:

    three words… Colion For President

  30. avatar S.CROCK says:

    Hickok45, Tnoutdoors9, STB410, and Colion Noir are the best gun related youtubers. Colion also has a good sense of humor, fashion, and music tastes.

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