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Thanks to Republican control in Congress and the White House (such as as it is), gun control advocates remain stymied on the federal level. Yes, well, the civilian disarmament industrial complex is alive and well and degrading Americans’ right to keep and bear arms on the state and local level. While New Jersey residents brace themselves for six new gun control measures, Californians are struggling under the yoke of tyranny. We take you now to The City by the Bay . . .

Supervisor Catherine Stefani told the San Francisco Examiner that she will introduce a measure banning concealed weapons within a 500-foot radius of large events. Open carry is not allowed in California, but residents can apply for concealed-carry permits.

Stefani said that she was motivated to introduce the bill after concerns about violence breaking out at events were raised over a planned far-right rally in San Francisco last year. is being funny. San Francisco residents can apply for concealed carry permits, but the odds of getting one are less than the odds of getting struck by lightning while being eaten by a shark immediately after winning the lottery.

Ms. Stefani, on the other hand, is being unintentionally funny — and not in a good way. She wants a gun control law to prevent something that didn’t, and hasn’t, happened. A fact that’s not entirely lost on her, but damn close.

The organizers of the rally canceled the event over safety concerns.

Stefani told the Examiner that she didn’t know of any instances of violence at events in San Francisco that involved concealed weapons, but she still has concerns about the future.

“Concealed carry and guns have caused enough damage in this country altogether,” she said.

The same could be said about politicians who trample on the rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. Only more so.

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  1. I’m still trying to figure out why anyone who carries a gun wants to live in SF… or attend major crowd events, actually. And how do the “rulers” there in SF get the criminals to apply for CC “permits” anyway? Or get them to leave their guns at home if they go to a concert or whatever. I must be missing something…

    • “I’m still trying to figure out why anyone who carries a gun wants to live in SF…”

      Because they have a job with a San Fran based company that pays an insanely high salary? As the song ‘The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades’ by ‘Timbuk 3’ noted :

      “I’ve got a job waiting for my graduation
      Fifty thou a year, buys a lot of beer”

      (For the younger ones, 50K a year was *nice* money in the early 80’s.)

      I spent a week out there in the late 90’s in August. I went from the sub-tropic summer sweatbox of central Florida to the mid-70’s (F) in Pacifica. The moderate weather *is* an attraction…

    • I once worked for a company that offered to double my salary if I took a position they had available in San Francisco. No dice. Even at that young age, I knew damn well that doubling my income would still be a step back on my quality of life just from the increased costs-of-living in California.
      There are many good reasons we adults try to tell youngsters with stars in their eyes and dreams of moving to California that it is a VERY bad idea that they will soon regret within a short time of moving there. The lack of civil rights in that state is just one of many.
      My freedom is worth more to me than even a triple or quadruple of my income… and I can’t imagine anyone would try to buy my freedom for more than that anyway.

      • I’d go out there for about five years for “retirement” money. (Net of somewhere between 1.5 and 2 million).

    • “I’m still trying to figure out why anyone who carries a gun wants to …attend major crowd events…”

      I would prefer to enjoy live concerts alone or in a small group of my friends. Unfortunately other people tend to find out about the venue and come too, often creating crowds. Being music lover is not for faint of heart.

    • Any California CC licence is valid in the city. How many people going to that rally are from counties where you can get a CCW?

  2. There’s a special exemption for people driving silver Ford Escapes with baby Groot wearing headphones and SIG stickers on the back window through right?

    • Will trade Chevy Lumina for Ford Escape, silver in color, preferably with baby Groot and Sig sticker attached. Contact me at http/WTF’s#rongwithcar.whoknows

    • I dunno about you but I don’t put gun related stickers on my cars. Lots of reasons. Not the least of which is the likelihood of some dimwit breaking a window to see if there is a gun inside he can steal.

      • I hear you. But isn’t there likelihood that the same dimwit will decide to rob another car, another time at a distant place, out of justifiable fear of armed owner? My van is usually visibly full of tools, but unlike my associate’s trucks and my other vehicles, no one ever tried to brake in it. NRA, ISRA and other gun related stickers on rear windows may or may not have something to do with it.

        I’m ‘glass half full’ kind of guy. Besides I believe that gun grabbers would have much harder time lying about dying out gun owners, couple of OFWG owning 99% of all firearms and so on, if every third or fifth car you meet had pro-gun stickers.

  3. LoL.. I could care less.. I banned Cali.. years ago…

    Are they still in the Union? I thought we traded them for Campeche Bay…..

    • They are still legally a part of the US although they don’t obey most parts of the Constitution. If Trump wants to build a wall around California and put up border crossings, I will suppprt it. I would even volunteer to guard it to keep the California cancer contained.

      • But you are all happy to eat all that DPRC grown food, and cash those welfare checks paid for by DPRC federal tax money..
        The DPRC is a net exporter of everything except civil liberties. It is where civil liberties go to die.
        I have advocated for the DPRC to leave the union.. right now it alone has the 6th largest economy in the world. Without the economic drain of all those ‘red’ welfare queen states (republican controlled states are net importers of federal welfare money funded by the democratic states) the DPRC would be free to dump all that money into yet more social programs.. finally get those highway speed limit signs in 15 different languages like we have always wanted…

        • TicTalk
          You should check into where California get its electricity from. Because it’s not generated inside the state borders. Also you should check into where California gets its gasoline from.
          All the energy they use to grow all those crops you are talking about, is not produced, not generated inside the California borders.

          As a separate nation California would die off very quickly. The high socialistic business taxes would also Aid in killing off the California nation very quickly. That is the primary reason why many legal marijuana businesses left High tax California for low tax Colorado.

  4. The answer to this is mandatory death sentence for premeditated murder/assault. Punish the criminals not the public. When will politicians see the light? We all need to write our politicians more, that is, those of us in the free world.

    • Won’t stop nutcases on a suicide mission and the non-zero chance of an innocent person getting executed by the state doesn’t sit well with me. At least there’s a chance of new evidence clearing an innocent person’s name while they serve a life sentence.

      What ticks me off more than anything about California is that the penalties for violent gun crimes have been reduced while more and more peaceful uses of firearms are made illegal. It’s like they want to punish law abiding gun owners exclusively.

    • Why would they secede? They are going to be part of the winning coalition of progressive states in future elections. They more than any state will make policy for the entire nation. It sucks but it appears to be the demographic trend. Plus just the normal swings of the swing voters will put them back on top in just one or two elections.

      • We need to build the Great Wall of Trump around Cali. Send Kurt Russell in to rescue JWM and anyone else who needs saving, then let Cali slowly sink into the ocean.

      • Only if we gift citizenship to a few million “dreamer’ maggots and their chain of relatives. Which apparently is the GOP plan.

        If I secretly hide/live in the attic of a progtard mansion, how long does it take until I can take title to the place?

  5. A Republican government hasn’t stymied federal level gun control, they just want to do it through an unelected federal agency…

  6. If the bar is set at 50 people for “parks, parades, rallies” I am willing to bet this will be something they will use to slap another charge against a law-abiding person as the AG’s office convinces every left-leaning judge that any place could be considered a rally or something: from a grocery store trip to Ralph’s to waiting at a bus-stop.

  7. We’ll at least CA will serve as a warning to the rest of the nation about the “genius” of gun free zones. Who really cares about liberal on liberal violence anyway.

  8. So, she wants to protect Antifa when they assault free speech demonstrators by disarming the demonstrators?

  9. “Concealed carry and guns have caused enough damage in this country altogether …” — Supervisor Catherine Stefani

    Where is Supervisor Stefani’s evidence that We the People (the good and decent people of our nation) who carry concealed without malicious intent have caused “enough” damage?

    Once again, a Progressive associates the actions of psychopaths, sociopaths, gangbangers, and career criminals with good and decent people. I for one am sick and tired of it.

    • Given that CC’ers are statistically MORE law abiding I’d say she is defecating out both end.

      But what do you expect from an anti-gun, liberty-hating PRC politician?

  10. Why doesn’t she just come right out and say it: Guns are banned at all gatherings of 2 or more (if you are one of the elites who have a permit). Oh, and while she’s at it, ban gatherings of any number of people who value liberty, indoors or out. And, you might as well ban trial by jury and only allow worship of the State instead of G-d.


    • But black masks, razor cards, flaming cocktails, baseball bats, and various other antifa methods are not only okay (because the police will be told to leave them alone), it will be encouraged.

    • Is that a typo? Didn’t you mean to say “pretty tyrant”?

      Or am I the only person here who thinks she’s kinda hot?

  11. Hey, strych, isn’t this the same city that is having a huge problem because they banned plastic bags before they figured out that homeless people use them as a makeshift port-a-john and now has the homeless shitting all over the streets and spreading disease? Isn’t it also the same city that’s using UC research money to hand out “kits” to said homeless people so that they don’t shit in the streets? And don’t those kits contain… plastic bags?

    Yes, strych, all those things are true. In fact, those “kits” are insanely expensive and come on the taxpayers dime when the original bags were basically free. Even further the city has to give the UC system some sort of dispensation to hand them out because the “kits” contain a plastic bag… at least that’s what’s been reported…

    Sorry, sometimes I talk to myself when I start thinking about places that have gone full tard.

    • The bums were already shitting all over the place.. and it isn’t just the city that banned plastic bags, it is the entire state. Pushed through and funded by people who have never touched a plastic shopping bag in their life, and have their illegal housekeepers go do all the shopping with a quaint little wicker basket..

  12. It’s not like they let people in SF have CC permits anyhow, so they law doesn’t really do anything but virtue signal.

      • thats crap. in most DPRC counties, you have to dump a lot of money in bribes to the sheriff, or be a relative or drinking buddy to get a CCL.
        The counties where it is easier have a population of 10 people and millions of cows.

  13. There comes a point in time where the anti’s go so far that the only course of action is just to shrug your shoulders and ignore whatever law they have passed and hope for the best.

  14. “The ban would not apply to law enforcement, military or licensed security guards”

    I knew the elites would have an exception.

  15. people are fleeing california in droves

    just like venezuela

    whats happening in venezuela is tantamount to a societal collapse

    thats what california is headed for

    its probably too late

    theres not enough republicans left

    theyre the ones leaving

    theres too much damage done

    not enough time

    get out while you can

    get out while you can still sell your house to somebody

    i moved from illinois to wisconsin for all the same reasons california is failing

    it wasnt easy but but my entire family has been better off

    lower taxes

    better government

    better gun laws

    better schools

    better people

    its a no brainer

  16. Smaller armed groups are more dangerous. Remember the Minutemen anti-immigrant militia who would demonstrate with rifles slung? They couldn’t muster 10 people, but they threatened pedestrians. Military types say 3 is the magic number of military age males to become dangerous. Imagine if 3 or more concealed carriers from other CA counties gathered in SF to intimidate people…

  17. Give it another 5 years and the won’t be anyone left in SF but illegal aliens anyway. And we all know how respectful they are about our laws.

    All nut bang , super pathetic , think you have a cause , freedom hating , want to make a name for yourself , no empathy , atheistic God deniers or on the other hand , religiously insane radicalized jihadist , out there , SanFran is your place . Lots of people who are non conforming without any means to protect themselves ……………………………………………GO GO GO !!!!!
    and the weather is nice too , great place to commit suicide after a blood fest .
    Sorry , I just couldn’t help myself …………………….DISCLAIMER , this is only SATIRE .

  19. The Beatles liked Russian girls better then California’s . In Cali they don’t put Sig stickers on silver Ford Escape’s either, something’s wrong?

    • That was sarcasm on the part of the Beatles. “Honey, disconnect the phone” means the government might be listening.

  20. You can probably count on both hands how many people have concealed weapons permits in San Francisco county.

  21. Northern California has become an embarrassment with their political views that are completely the opposite of the rest of the country.

    Here is another news story that show how out of touch they are.

    California high school students ban ‘racially insensitive’ National Anthem from pep rallies over lyrics that ‘find joy in the killing of African-Americans’

  22. Three points:-

    1- What’s her definition of a ‘far right event?’ Too many speakers not of the far left progressive ilk have been labelled ‘far right’ and have had their right to free speech shut down.

    2- All the violence that I’ve heard of has been instigated by the far left.

    3- She throws out a glib statement about ‘concealed carry has caused too much damage in this country already’. She is conflating murdering gang scum (99% of the problem) with legal, responsible concealed carriers who just want the means to defend themselves and their families should misfortune fall upon them.

    4- Define a large event of 50 or more people. Is it 51 people in a bar watching a band? Walking past that on the sidewalk would be well within 500 feet.

    • 1. I’m fairly certain that she is referring to a free speech rally that included a “trans gendered” person.

  23. Fuck california. Take it back, Mexico, just give us the Gulf side of your country, and we’ll call it fair.

  24. I will support if it’s an actual ban that’s enforced equally. That is, no law enforcement, no private security can carry either.

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  25. Well, there is a movement to form a New California. I’m not sure where it went, but I liked the idea. I think the rest of California was so tired of the insane taxes, draconian laws, that they wanted to become a separate state on their own.

  26. L.A. residents need to have their abortion rights protected. L.A. needs to be quartered with scissors and sucked into a sink.

  27. I wasn’t awar e it was possijble to own or posses a gun in SF. There aren’t any gun stores in the city limits even

  28. … because they’ve calculated that “we can afford to let up to 49 people die – but no more than that, or people will really start to get upset.”

  29. If they pass this, it will get knocked down on preemption grounds. California law is pretty clear that the Legislature wanted to control the sphere of CCW permit use, and not let cities carve out their own special rules.

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