SWAT team at Oarkland,, Florida high chool shooting (courtesy nbcnews.com)
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PARKLAND, Fla. – The Florida chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and a member of the Everytown Survivor Network, both part of Everytown for Gun Safety, responded to a shooting today at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. While details are still unfolding, reports indicate numerous fatalities and injuries.

According to Everytown research, this was at least the 18th school shooting nationwide in 2018, and at least the 291st since January 2013. Everytown and Moms Demand Action have kept an index of school shootings in America since 2013 – recording anytime a firearm is discharged inside a school building or on a school campus or grounds, including: injuries, fatalities, suicides and unintentional discharges. Any time a gun is discharged on school grounds, it is a tragedy.


“The moment that gunshots rang out in my classroom at Virginia Tech, my eyes opened to the reality that students sitting in class – in the right place, at the right time – can become victims of gun violence. Too many students and families in Parkland, Florida, are now suffering because they understand it too. Every day a student goes to school, they deserve to come home. We have to get this right. We must fight for safer gun laws to put an end to the gun violence crisis that plagues our nation.”


“As a mom of five children, I’m outraged that yet another community has been traumatized by gun violence. This is at least the 18th school shooting this year alone, which is difficult to fathom. And yet, it’s our current reality in America. Kids and educators deserve to be safe, and parents shouldn’t worry that their children will be shot at school. We know stronger gun laws reduce gun violence. Every American must commit to taking action to end gun violence – we must demand more than ‘thoughts and prayers’ from our lawmakers, and they must find the courage to be part of the solution and finally put a stop to this.”


“Today’s shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is a nightmare for any parent. While watching police and paramedics respond on the news, thousands of parents are waiting to find out if their child is ok, if they will come home for dinner tonight, or if they are even alive. Some parents may never see their children again. This simply is not the world we want to live in — and anyone who says we must accept this as normal is wrong. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. But thoughts and prayers aren’t enough, which is why Moms Demand Action volunteers will not rest until we pass strong legislation to keep guns out the hands of people with dangerous intentions. We can and must demand our elected leaders do more to keep our communities safe from gun violence.”

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    • Exactly.

      Each message follows through with the usual rhetoric: We are a collective and must think collectively. Social engineering by the government is the solution. No mention of the perpetrator, his motives, his mindset, or even a smidgen or inkling that he could be to blame. The solution here is clearly social engineering by the government over the people. Freedom isn’t the answer. More responsibility isn’t the answer. Less freedom and less responsibility is the answer. Just embrace social engineering, and do what you are told.

      Questions about the moral degradation of society on an individual level? Nope. Cast that from your mind.

    • I’ve always wondered. . . do gunshots really ‘ring out’? I’ve heard gunshots; They don’t ‘ring.’ Is there ever a ‘hail of bullets?’ Why are there never any ‘gunwomen’? Does anyone ever take advantage of a ‘bloodbath’ to freshen up a bit? Is one a ‘survivor’ of a shooting if one doesn’t get shot? If one claims that they ‘will not rest’ until something or other happens, does that exclude even short naps and the occasional snack, or just regular full nights of sleep and the customary three-times-a-day meals along with regular time off?
      More to the point, does squeezing a baby out one’s anterior nether orifice endow a person with especial knowledge and abilities regarding firearms? If it does, perhaps Remington should quickly hire some ‘moms’ as engineers, as their current ones are sadly lacking.
      These are the things that we should be thinking about.

  1. We protect our banks and money with people with guns…we protect our politicians and other notable celebrities with people with guns…we protect our government facilities with people with guns…we protect our children with “gun-free zones” and signs…Isn’t it time to take a realistic approach and protect our children the same way we protect our money, politicians, and government facilities??

    • Reminds me of the pictures of Israel kindergarten teachers taking children on a field trip: every on of them was carrying a rifle. This American school did have an armed police officer, but it just shows one armed person is not enough. And they had done all the recommended training and practice drills. Still not enough. It’s time to arm any adult personnel in the school who are able to pass sufficient training and can carry responsibly. If my child was there, I would want the adults armed.

      • Yea sure have Teachers carrying guns who have never owned a gun in their life and while we are add it why don’t we arm all the students who are not even responsible adults yet. Then everyone every day could all sit there in class and point guns at each other when they got in an argument. We have become a Nation populated by ignorant hillbillies that have all gone completely mad. No wonder the people of Norway laughed their asses off when Trump said he might let more of them come here. No sane Norwegian would even contemplate coming to live in a country that has become a lawless lunatic asylum.

        • Wasn’t it Norway that had THE LARGEST school shooting in history, some decades ago?
          Or am I confusing Norway with that incident in Russia where schoolchildren were SLAUGHTERED by Geoigian terrorists??
          BTW Walmart’s hiring……..

        • To Cisco Kid: did you miss the part about “pass sufficient training and can carry responsibly”. Of course, you don’t just hand a gun to someone working in a school – training and qualification is needed, with periodic retraining and re-qualifying. I’ve read that the type of training given to those carrying in schools has to be done during the summer, as it is like 2 months long. Don’t you think it might have been better if the coach who died, who was also a school security officer, had been armed? Perhaps if you considered it from the viewpoint of a parent with a child in the school, you’d see it differently. I know if my child was in the school, I would want him armed. And the Israel example is an important one, for it shows it really can be done and done safely, ie, it is not just a fantasy.

        • “It’s time to arm any adult personnel in the school who are able to pass sufficient training and can carry responsibly.”

          “Yea sure have Teachers carrying guns who have never owned a gun in their life and while we are add it why don’t we arm all the students who are not even responsible adults yet. Then everyone every day could all sit there in class and point guns at each other when they got in an argument.”
          Cisco kid = 💩 🧠

  2. Lmao. These people are just waking up to how vulnerable we are? Society doesn’t guarantee your safety, people are pretty easy to kill, especially if we congregate in large numbers.

  3. When will we post police or highly trained security guards at all schools? We should arm any teachers or administrator who will take training, veterans would be perfect for this, lock the doors and only an armed person can allow someone in.

  4. The problem is one of how we as citizens either live in freedom with the risk that there will always be some who violate our rights by misusing their freedoms, or do we live in a police state where each risk is taken care of by legal restrictions. While I hate to see innocent children killed by a crazy student, I don’t think you can stop crazy people with restrictions on the tools they use.

    The tragedy may be that a parent was careless with storage of firearms or that a parent did not care to see that this was coming. Look at many of these tragedies and you can see that many know that the actors needed help and some form of restraint, but did not act.

    I have two safes full of firearms and ALL of my firearms and ammunition are locked up, before my grandkid comes over, I make sure they are all safe. He is a safe and well trained, but better to be safe.

    Restrictions on what you can own, universal background checks will NOT stop these killers, only action by those who can bring them to the courts will help.

    Rick Bunn

    • This vermin was a legal adult with no criminal history. (Thanks to the bleeding heart liberals not reporting the threats that caused his expulsion to the police and pressing charges.) Only in Demokkkrat hellholes can you threaten a school full of children, post threatening pictures of yourself with weapons along with ISIS propaganda and NOT wind up in jail. Well… so long as your skin is the right color, anyway.

  5. Home school your children! It’s the only way to ensure a good education instead of an indoctrination and everyone can carry!

  6. We didn’t have this problem 50 years ago. Just like we didn’t have the internet, social media, cable news satellite news, or Iphones.

    • And 35 years ago kids brought guns to school and no one thought anything about it. We also did not have all of the violent movies and video games, there are many reasons this happens and none are related to guns.

    • 50 years ago we did not have head shrinkers handing out drugs like candy to any kid with ‘issues’

      when the kid is ON meds it fucks them up forever and the ‘grow up’ with that messed up issue made by the drugs—then when they get older at 16 or so? they go off the meds or for sure at 18+ and go nuts!

    • What happened during those past 50 years.

      1st) The Left replaced God in the school with the narcissistic idea that everybody is their own God and they can decide for themselves what is right or wrong so that eveyone can feel good about themselves.

      2nd) The Left emptied the mental hospitals because they are do-gooders and the Repubs went along with it to save money.

      The mix of those two end up with outliers shooting up places.

      Both of the above can be fixed….but they won’t.
      Even if they did fix it it will take 50 years to wring the stupidity out of the system.

    • Where’s this shot shows parental influence? I bet the nut didn’t fall far from the tree.
      Sounds like everyone knew he was unstable. Before he started.

  7. NONE of these racist gun control psychos cared one bit about “the children” during the 80s and 90s when it was poor inner city children who were (and still are!) being victimized. Same thing with the drug problem, none of these people cared when it was in the urban areas. As soon as suburbia got hit, though, watch out!

  8. Wrap everyone in Kevlar? In pgh pa juvenile p.o.’s carry guns. They are also placed in schools. However, the school district will not allow p.o.’s to carry their service weapon on the premises.

    In these same schools I have watched youth bypass the metal detectors as the private security carries on with other students. Ridiculous.

  9. When will people learn that Gun Free Zones are just advertisements to commit mass murder? We live in dangerous times, we must adapt to them, not stick our heads in the sand and hope for the best.

  10. Sad to say, but the usual actors on the left will demand we further diminish teachers carrying after this incident. Sigh.

    Someone on here a while back had an idea to have the gun equivalent of a fire extinguisher, i.e. a community gun that could be grabbed in the event of an attack. It might take a lot more tragedies for the public opinion to swing in that direction, but it could be feasible.

    Think of this: a community gun safe that can only be opened by teachers vetted, trained, and qualified. You could furthermore design it to only be unlockable when shot spotting microphones pick up an active shooter scenario in the area. I don’t even see how anti-gun folk could object to a design such as that. Maybe pilot it in a gun friendly state and show the progs that the sky doesn’t fall…

  11. To MDA and Bloomberg victims of deranged monsters were “in the right place at the right time”. They are showing their hand a little too much with that comment.

  12. the kids body is not even cold yet and SHANNON WATTS RIPS!!!!!!!!!!!! the shirt from the still bleeding..cooling body to WAVE it around in her ORG’s name!

    fuck that bitch!

  13. if he didnt have a gun he would have used explosives

    if he didnt use explosives he would have used a car

    what he used doesnt matter

    until we figure out why people are doing this and or how to stop guys like this that evidently everybody knew was trouble this is going to continue

    our society is now mass producing homicidal maniacs

    that is self evident

    this alone is the problem and as long as we focus on other things it will only get worse before it gets any better

    money says there were lunatic teachers and administrators in that school and school district that were more wound up about trump and russians and pussy grabbing and all that other BULLSHIT for the last two years than they were doing something about a budding young murderer in their midst




  14. “which is why Moms Demand Action volunteers will not rest until we pass strong legislation to keep guns out the hands of people with dangerous intentions”

    I agree! SHANNON WATTS and her merry mob of lunatics should lobby Congress to pass a law making school shootings illegal.

    Then pass out mind reading equipment to help police identify “people with dangerous intentions”.

  15. Well, I got a “must do something” text from MDA. It says:
    “Tonight we mourn for Parkland, Florida. Tomorrow we act. Join an Everytown and Moms Demand Action event near you. [link to flavor aid drinking event]”

    So the appropriate time to “not politicize” the tragedy stands at approx. 6 hours.

  16. “…Everytown for Gun Safety, responded to a shooting today”

    And, as is usual for that crowd, the blood hasn’t even dried on the shirt they are waving. Morbid bunch of ghouls if you ask me jumping up and rushing for the microphones the minute something like this happens. And even trying to imagine them sitting around and sending up some kind of SHANNON WATTS signal in the sky like they used to do with Batman doesn’t make them any less ghoulish.

  17. Here is the action I demand. Arm teachers and custodians who have been vetted and trained; many are vets or retired police. They carry concealed handguns and a few AR’s are placed in strategic locations after hours so that only those teachers know where they are. Train these teachers as if they were soldiers to stop the threat, not to attempt to arrest. Take cops off of social control duties like speed traps and train them to be SRO’s. Teach the kids what to do other than freeze in place. Absolutely report this kind of loon to police or mental health and DEMAND that the kinds of violent threats he had been making at least put him on the prohibited list and ideally put him in the funny farm or jail. Reopen the funny farms and close down the outpatient medical drug mills. Close down or block ISIS and similar web sites and chat rooms. We may well find that not only is the guy a loon, but may have been radicalized as well. Vote out any and all politicians who fail to implement these or similar proposals. Vote out any and all politicians who lay the blame for tragedies like this on the rest of us.

  18. Florida Moms Demand Action, Everytown same crap different day and equally ignored BS.
    Broken record.
    Never a solution or suggestion. Not even worth the space it takes up.
    Why you give them space here is a crime Robert.

  19. what action(s) you expect, youse gun-grabbing MO-fo’s, eh?
    a lot of Yanks probably think this was just another BS hoax like Sandy Hook!
    and…youse will never get AUssie-style gun laws…. NEVER … youse commie cunt bitches….
    let me repeat that once again… YOUSE WILL NEVER GET AUSTRALIAN-style GUN LAWS…. NEVER, EVER!
    got that?
    or was i going a smidge too fast for y’all, eh?!?
    ain’t gunna happen!
    ain’t gunna occur!
    not possible!
    not in the realm of possible occurrences…..

    youse will hafta fight a civil war to get AU-style gun laws….and..you will LOSE it

    just deal with it…or….effin’ well EMIGRATE!
    (try North Korea)

  20. Until y’all wake up to the fact that RKBA absolutism is the only viable way to truly protect from infringement, the chipping away will continue until there is nothing worth saving.

    Nah… you won’t awaken! People will screech about former felons with guns, confound chaos with anarchy, deflect by talking about making sausage, beg for more government power, chase after licenses, pontificate on eating elephants, etcetera ad nauseam. Keep giving fellatio to random government thug entities while protesting being called a whore.

    Statism IS the disease. Focus solely on the symptoms and the victim will expire.

  21. I can totally see how a parent of one of the slain would tremendously hate guns, I can not blame them. They must lash out at something, the gun s what killed their child, not the nut behind it, but the gun was the instrument in their eyes. They would hate, knives, base ball bats, cars, or flying fish if it killed their child.,,,Banning or restrictions won’t work at this time in America’s history, there are to many firearms. To get what the government would need to stop gun violence the cost of prosecutions and incarnation would be prohibitive. I vaguely know how these parents feel, I’m truly sorry this happens. I have no practical solutions.

  22. Every time something like this happens I find myself more open to regulating the purchase of firearms. Ie background checks, more training, exe…… then these people talk and I’m writing out a check to GOA. I don’t think the antis really care, I think its all political I hate to say……….

    • Yup. You are one of the causes not the solution. It is your inability to reason logically that got us into the societal mess we are in today. Anyone who cannot think logically should not be allowed to vote.

  23. School shootings are statistically rare, the chance of being killed while attending one of our 90,000 public schools is approximately one in three million. Our children are safer while in school than they are while at home. The most practical solution in response to the risk of school shootings, is to end the concept of “gun free zones” and allow all of the adult staff carry a weapon if they choose. It would be an impractical, ineffective, expensive, and wasteful over-reaction to attempt to implement professional security in every school.

  24. This stuff never happened when I was in HS. It didn’t start happening until the liberals started doing their social engineering which replaced prayer and Judeo-Christian values in the schools back in the 60’s. They have really screwed up our society. This will change only when parents set higher expectations of their children and teach them respect for authority. Parents must demand that their children be protected by an armed faculty and parents. The media must stop naming and photographing the perps, giving them instant fame.

  25. The FBI knew that this guy posted “I am going to be a school shooter” online 5 MONTHS ago.
    Somebody dropped the ball big time. But hey, let’s just ban the guns and go home feeling good about it. Until the next freak (sorry, mentally disturbed promising young man) rents a truck and barrels through the school field day. Then what Shannon Watts? Ban trucks? Hey, if it works for guns….. Just ask lifetime NRA member and ARMY Marksman medal recipient Timothy McVeigh.



    The real truth is that in civilized countries like Japan this tragedy would never have happened. In Japan in order to get a firearms i.d. card the police interview your doctor and your neighbors and their professional vetting system would also have detected the killers prior mental health problems as well. Contrast this to our own totally incompetent FBI that was warned twice about this nut case and they sat on their hands drinking coffee and ready porn magazines rather than go out and pick this nut case up for questioning.

    The NRA is also to blame as they have consistently pandered not to the majority of their members but to the minority of their hard core base who believe in no gun laws regardless of high the dead body count gets.

    Safe storage laws would have prevented the majority of school shootings (not this one) because if guns were locked up then the distraught kid could not take his daddy’s assault rifle and commit mass killings. This is not rocket science and as previously noted every other civilized country has safe storage laws to prevent theft, accidental child shootings and kids committing mass shootings.

    Vetting of all gun purchases again would prevent lunatics and criminals from buying guns with no paper work at gun shows or from private sales which are legal in the majority of states. We already have the Brady Bill in place it would not cost very little to simply implement it for all gun sales.

    Because the NRA has prevented all of this from happening we as gun owners stand to lose everything and the corrupt Supreme Court along with the back stabbing corrupt Conservative Justices last summer reversed the Scalia decision due to public pressure and by letting the lower courts ban or restrict the right to own semi-auto weapons in Maryland and the other states like California now have the green light to start confiscating them and that is exactly what California now is about to do with no worry about the courts stopping it as they know now that the Scalia decision and the Second Amendment is now totally trashed and is ancient history and that now they can ban anything and everything they want to.

    Its the end of gun ownership in the U.S. as when the Dem’s regain control of Congress and the Presidency its a no brainier on what they are going to do and gun owners have no one to blame but themselves and the nut cases at the NRA as they all fought well established gun control measures that other counties put in placed decades ago that have prevented such school shootings from happening. Britain had just one School shooting in the 1980’s and they put an end to such horror as well as Australia and Germany as well. They and other countries dealt with the problem they did not just wish it would go away and do absolutely nothing about it like the Republicans have been doing.

    • “… is that in civilized countries like”

      And yet you stay in this country even with it’s supposed lack of civility…. why is that?

  27. Everybody knows I’m just doing this for Bloomberg’s money. No sensible human being would believe this crap I’m spouting off about.

    Go Trump.

  28. Efforts to understand or limit gun crime — even incremental efforts — are doomed to fail as long as the 2nd Amendment stands. The 2nd Amendment magnifies the power of a minority to use the courts to block even such things as epidemiological studies, and campaign donation limitations.

    The 2nd Amendment must be repealed as a first step toward implementing gun law. When the constitution is silent on gun control, only then can effective legislation go forward.


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