Sharp Bros. new receivers
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Sharps Bros. are known for AR type receivers designed to piss off antis, as well as a milled AK receiver (which we have for review). Gun owners having a Bromance with the manufacturer’s millinery (I know that refers to hats, RF made me put it in) can now choose from three new, equally non-PC 80% lower receivers, as above. As you may have noticed, these 7075-T6 billet paperweights are not cheap. Here’s why . . .

That’s a lot of AMERICAN labor, folks. And, as Aqua pronounced, imagination, that is your creation.

Note: I don’t think these receivers will fit in any jig that I’ve ever seen. While you don’t need a jig to finish an 80% lower doing so without one’s bound to annoy the Irish.

Could you see yourself carrying an AR that’s so not kindler gentler? Or is discretion the better part of valor?

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  1. Useless “stuff”, doesn’t improve performance of weapon or operator.

    If you have more money that you can spend maybe but not for me.

  2. Some people will get their moneys worth of satisfaction from these. The market is large enough for all of us to find what we like. No, I won’t be buying one though.

  3. These are super cool, but man…for 40 bucks I can get essentially the same thing, functionally speaking. I think my limit for something like this would be $150.

    • edc tactical dot us

      cnc billet lowers

      integrated trigger guard

      your choice of emblem design

      cerakoted your color of choice

      less than $100 shipped

    • Its not about if they function the same, its their ability to add an extra personal touch to your rifle.

      Like I said below, I bit the bullet and paid for the skull one, had a buddy paint it up, did a super job on it. It just gave the rifle this fun look to it. I have plenty of cheap functional AR’s, this just made this one special. Kind of like a twisted barrel, or custom engraving. To be honest, the amount of work involved, the price is on point. They aren’t a cheap lower, these will last your rifles lifetime of hard use and are multi caliber.

      And if you’re into that sort of thing, the resale value skyrockets. I can sell an AR built on this lower for $500 more than a standard lower just because it stands out.

  4. I wasn’t paying attention, and the first image that came to my mind was an 80% Sharps receiver- as in, the Sharps rifle action. That would actually be pretty cool, come to think of it. Maybe add a quick-change barrel option and compatibility with various stocks and handguards, along with some sort of optics mount.

  5. all 4 of my carbine uppers with bcg cost about the same as these lowers

    btw all 4 uppers have shot 1 hole or all rounds touching groups with the right ammo for that price

    cant justify it

    • I could say the same thing about all of my guns as well. Probability will do that for three shot groups or even five shot groups occasionally. The ‘circular area of probability’ with twenty plus shots is a much more accurate measure of precision. “Flyers” count. I am not saying your uppers are not precise or that you are exaggerating (I have no way of knowing that), but rather that your statement doesn’t tell us much about their precision.

  6. edc tactical dot us

    cnc billet lowers

    integrated trigger guard

    your choice of emblem design

    cerakoted your color of choice

    less than $100 shipped

  7. I’m confused. These lowers have been available from Sharps Bros for quite some time – were they coming up with some new designs, or was TTAG just late to the party? Again. Still.

    • You must not have read the article or even the title. The finished receivers have been out for awhile, like we said in the opening of the article. These are 80% versions, which are new, like we said in the title. Late to the party much?

      • I read it – but didn’t grok the 80% factor. I’ll bet those are a bitch to line up in a vise or jig. Much like a Ford Escape would be. Carry on. Again. Still.

  8. If I was a Barbie Girl in some sort of sick, twisted, post-apocalyptic, Mad Max style Barbie World… maybe…

    • Lots of people say that if only they were a “Barbie Girl is some sort of sick, twisted, post-apocalyptic, Mad Max style Barbie World” they would do this or that, but few have what it takes to make it actually happen;-)

  9. I have the Jack lower that was 100%.

    While I understand all the comments about how they function just like an Anderson $40 cheap lower.
    They are expensive, yes, but….

    Painted up, detailed teeth and skull shading. They’re pretty sweet.

    I use it on my Predator rifle for hunting, so the tacticool crap goes out the window.
    Expensive yes but in the end was worth the extra coin for a conversation piece I get on hunts.
    Kind of like those welding helmets painted or shaped like skulls, they work the same but sometimes its fun to change things up.

    As for being 80%, well, that just helps gouge the ol leftist eye knowing it looks killer badass and isn’t traceable.

    • Maybe, but I would think if I were LEO and used it on the job, say while someone was crawling toward me in a hotel they would easily use it against me. But in a self defense use, anything I use to protect me life should be fine, especially if they broke into my home, even if my pistol has “Bad mother FKR” engraved on it….

      • The prosecution would use any excuse they can to paint you as a bloodthirsty killer who lured this fine youngster (who was just beginning to turn his life around!) into a situation where this Paragon of the Community HAD to pull his Glock from the waistband of his boxers and defend himself against YOU.

        This shining example of virtue had no chance against your Evil Black Rifle, adorned with symbols of death, which clearly conveys your contempt for the lives of other good citizens.

        Of course, his Mama will be on the front bench, weeping the whole time.

        Good luck with that.

  10. No worries about fitting into a jig. Good ones like my Modulus Arms attach on pivot pin hole and buffer tube hole, leaving space on both sides of the lower.
    As much as I like these paperweights, I don’t see myself getting one. Too much dinero for cosmetics, compared to a perfectly fine regular forged 80% lower. You can get some good barrel for the price difference.

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