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“All of these ‘activists’ were silent when Carole Bowne was murdered by her violent ex-boyfriend as she waited for her ‘permit’ to purchase a firearm for self-defense. Why did they stay silent on this issue? Well, because Carole was stabbed to death and not a victim of ‘gun violence.’ We can only guess some forms of domestic violence and murder are less important than others.” – The Storm Is Here: More “Gun Violence” Propaganda and False Narratives From Murphy [via]

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  1. All should know that Carol waited 43 days for the permit to possess a firearm. NJ law states that the officials have 30 days to issue that permit. She was slain in her driveway by a person that she had a restraining order against. Even if Carol got the permit in a timely manner she would have to reapply to get a permit to purchase a pistol.
    Then she would have had to keep the pistol locked up in her house because N.J. does not issue CCW permits to citizens. If Carol wanted a CCW permit she would have had to apply for that permit after she got her pistol. There are 9 million people living in New Jersey and less than 2,000 CCW permits that’s .00022% of the population.
    New Jersey uses its laws to deny its citizens their god given rights. Carol will never be forgotten. We pray for her and her family may they find peace.

    • The fraction is 0.00022, or 0.022%. That, and the circumstances surrounding her death (and attempts to legally obtains means to preserve it) are both travesties.

    • Ugly95,

      About 2/3 rds of the entire population of a state are between the ages of 21 and 75 —
      the primary age range which is eligible for a concealed carry license.*

      Thus, about 6 million New Jersey residents are in the age bracket that would typically want to obtain a concealed carry license. And with 2,000 licenses out there, about 0.03% of that population has a license. Compare that to several states where 10% of that population have licenses, which is 333 times higher!

      * While there is no upper age limit for concealed carry licenses, many people over the age of 75 do not acquire licenses for various reasons such as physical, cognitive, and financial limitations. Thus I chose the age of 75 on a somewhat arbitrary basis as the upper age range of people who would typically want to have a concealed carry license.

  2. That is the ideal resolution to the situation (per liberal values). She was sacrificed on the alter of “common sense gun regulation” because we all know if the State had granted her permission to purchase a handgun for defense, either the killer would have taken it and used it against her, or she would have killed herself with it anyway.

    This is tyranny.

    • Even more likely, not being highly trained like a cop, she would have fired wildly, up, down, right left, at kittens, transformers and Fabergé eggs, etc, doing enormous damage, killing bystanders and making the situation much worse.

    • “She was sacrificed on the alter of ‘common sense gun regulation’ …”

      She was quite literally sacrificed for Progressive doctrine.

      Here is what I do not understand: if 150 million people in the United States announced that they were going to begin practicing human sacrifice in support of a religious doctrine, just about everyone else would commit to doing whatever was necessary to stop it. And yet when 150 million people in the United States actually practice human sacrifice in support of a political doctrine, it is A-OK.

      • I think it’s precisely because so many people (especially the well-heeled and the “experts”) support this particular sacrifice of innocent human beings that it’s considered not only unremarkable, but somehow right. If everyone is doing it, then it can’t be wrong…can it?

        • And that is why Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, and Communists despise Judeo-Christian faith: no matter how many people support human sacrifice, Judeo-Christian faith still says it is WRONG and opposes it.

  3. I long ago decided that I will carry a firearm if I think I’m in danger regardless of what the law says. More should do the same.

    • Richard, I understand your sentiment, however Ms. Bowne was in a catch22.

      As Ugly95 says:
      1. She was waiting to receive her permit to merely possess a firearm.
      2. She would then have to apply again for a permit to purchase a firearm
      3. Once she had THAT, she would need to apply a third time for a permit to carry the firearm
      She had a fair chance of obtaining the first two permits, and a snowball’s chance you know where of getting the third in NJ.
      She could not go outside of NJ and purchase a pistol with her NJ driver’s license/address. She could have asked someone else to purchase a pistol for her (either in NJ or out of state) so she could do what you are saying, but even though she was not a prohibited person federally, straw purchases like that are a crime.

      All she had to protect her was a thin piece of paper, and we sadly see how well that worked out.

    • Richard Taylor,

      Speaking to your point, any law which puts YOU in danger is heinous and obscene and deserves no respect or support of any king from decent people.

  4. A good point was brought up.

    There’s more money to be made by throwing him in jail than if she would have killed him in self defense.

    Jersey is just afraid to give the people any freedom, they may decide they don’t want to be slaves.

    • NJ’s government (made up of NJerseyite’s ahole neighbors who needed a job) doesn’t trust its constituents, and it hates them.

  5. Evil shite state of Joizey.Will she change things?!? I doubt it…Happy Valentine’s Day TTAG.

  6. It would seem that most of the eastern shithole coast are willing slaves. If they the people of New Kaxicstan wanted their God given and constitutional rights. They would vote these power hungry libitards out of office. They for the most part get what they ultimately vote for.

  7. Please correct the spelling of Carol Bowne’s name in the title.

    I think that’s the least she deserves.

  8. There are many of us here in NJ that don’t vote for these clowns but the “walkin’ round money” handed out in the cities trump us. I live in Monmouth Co. and Murphy didn’t win here. There’s not a lot you can do when you’re outnumbered. This latest round of anti-gun laws just cements my move out in the near future.

    • I feel you there. I also live in Monmouth, would have voted myself in before I vote for Murphy.

    • “There’s not a lot you can do when you’re outnumbered.”

      Not just outnumbered, SEVERELY outnumbered. That means you are guaranteed to lose if you fight on their terms. (“Their” meaning your political opponents: Progressives.)

      So, do not fight on their terms. Either fight them on your terms or relocate to a population that respects the sanctity of innocent human life and unalienable rights.

    • Monmouth County Resident also. Funny how the Wapo insist on welfare in spite of the minute percentage of the population that it “truly” helps because “…if it only helps one…”. So now you have laws that are NOT Constitutional being obeyed that left a victim without defense because she obeyed the law. The protective order worked really well didn’t it? Laws and regulations only affects law-abiding citizens to their perils. When are lawmakers going to see that? Trust me. If these millionaires have their ways, we’d all be disarmed and subjugated to their whims as in the olde surfdom days. Thank God for that 2nd Amendment or we would already be there.

  9. Yes, some forms of murder are less important. The gun-grabbers do not really fear domestic abuse by someone with a gun (or any weapon, actually), because “good people” don’t suffer (or initiate) domestic violence. And the anti-gunners believe they are “good people”, surrounded by “good people”.

    The anti-gunners also know (and it is fact) that there has never been an event where a crazed knife-lover attacked a crowd of people by throwing dozens of knives into that crowd. The anti-gunners fear guns because guns have a capability to hurt dozens of people in a few seconds. These attacks by gun-wielding neanderthal men happen not only in the ghetto (where the “bad people” live, and “good people” do not venture), but at concerts and malls and other places where it is supposed to be safe for “good people” to enjoy themselves. So get over it. Guns are bad things to have, people who have them are therefore “bad people”.

    A person who wants a gun for defense intends to use it to shoot someone. That fact alone is proof that anyone carrying a gun for defense is a “bad person”, secretly moving about in the midst of “good people”. Just as a person who only wants a gun for defense at home intends to shoot someone at some point,and is therefore a “bad person”. “Good people” never even think about hurting someone else, and especially don’t think about using a gun to hurt someone else.

    “Good people” don’t let other “good people” become “bad people”.

  10. Jersey, She should haven’t wasted her time acquiring a firearm and just hired some boys to go over and give the guy a tune up.

  11. New Jersey has become renowned as the place where New York dumps its left-wing politics as well as its garbage.

  12. The liberal elite would rather you end up dead than have a firearm. That is the bottom line. And this poor woman ended up dead. The state says too bad, so sad, oh well. Just remember kids, that the police DO NOT have to protect you. Never forget it.

    Here is the reality – the end goal is total disarmament. And they are doing it via the death by a thousand cuts technique. First it was 30 round magazines, than it was 15 round magazines, than it was 10 round magazines, than it will be 5 round magazines, than it will be single shot only.

    The ultimate goal is THEM BEING ARMED ie. the govmt and you have NO CHOICE about anything they do.

    As long as they know they can control the elections this will continue.

  13. She should have moved over to pa. Tough and expensive but she would have been armed on day one and shot that fucker in the driveway when he made his move .

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