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No one ever thinks their home will be targeted by a burglar. Unfortunately, no neighborhood is immune as a Saginaw, Michigan family found out this week when their house was targeted for reasons still to be determined.

The incident happened on Vermont Street on the city’s west side around 11:45 p.m. Police say at least two people tried to break into the home and fired a gunshot into the house before the resident got out his own gun.

The homeowner then went full Biden and shot back at the suspects through the door.

Police dispatch audio recordings indicate someone tried to kick in a door at the house and shot through the door before a male resident inside returned fire.

One of the suspects was hit in the arm and checked himself into a hospital. Police then took him into custody.

Police caught up with the bleeding perp after he went to a hospital to get the new hole plugged.

Police say only the suspect who was shot is in custody, but they are closing in on the second suspect. The suspects will face a variety of charges, including assault with intent to murder, when they are arraigned Tuesday.

Yes, this is one reason we have the right keep and bear arms. As we point out to our gun grabbing adversaries and the Fudds who enable them, we’ve the Second Amendment dozens of times and it doesn’t mention hunting. The natural right to armed self defense is one enjoyed by everyone. Period.


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  1. I don’t know how things are in MI, but the shooting through the door with the assailant still not in the house doesn’t sound so good. Was there an immediate threat? What about “know your target and what’s beyond (see: the dancing FBI agent)?

      • “…but the shooting through the door with the assailant still not in the house doesn’t sound so good.”

        Thankfully, it sounds real good.

        The 911 phone call recording has the sounds of the kicking of the door and the outside gunshot *before* the homeowner returned fire.

        Were it a slave state with bullshit ‘duty to retreat’ laws and a DA determined to make an example of someone, the outcome could have been far worse for the homeowner.

        Know your local laws and the DA’s attitude on armed self-defense, people…

        • Slave state or not, I’d shoot back after getting shot at regardless of where it took place. Sometimes you gotta just do what you gotta do to survive, and worry about lawyers and courts later. You won’t get to that point if you’re dead first.

        • I think the”duty to retreat”. Laws wouldn’t stand up. The SCOTUS has ruled that there is no duty to retreat in United States VS Brown. Effectively making the entire USA a stand your ground territory.

      • Even so, under the ‘reasonable person’ standard, a reasonable person can assume that anyone using force to enter your house means to do you grievous harm if they gain entry. So lethal force is justified.

    • I lived in a house with a glass front door. Odd choice of doors but it was a rental. Had you stood on my porch and fired in thru that door I would have not hesitated to shoot out.

      Any fire from outside to the inside is a deadly threat to all in the house. And should be treated as such.

      • Returning fire should grant anybody immunity from the Ted Wafer treatment.

        Ted discovered a while back that ‘I thought she might be a threat so I shot her’ only works for trained professionals, don’t try it at home.

    • 1) Was there an immediate threat
      – obviously
      2) Know your target and what is behind it
      – Fair point, and definitely something to aspire to. But not something that can always be done in a real world environment. Forget the door for a second, how are you going to know what is behind your target since you can’t see through it? Unless he’s lined up against a brick wall, you don’t know exactly what is behind him.

      Every bullet you fire should have a lawyer attached but sometimes you have to do it anyway.

      • And what if you know the back stop is bad? What if it won’t stop a bullet? What if it is something–or someone–you aren’t willing to destroy?

        Are you willing to refrain from ventilating the perp and let him do his worst to you because of Jeff Cooper’s Four Rules?

      • This is a catch 22 situation. Most of us live in cities. There are precious few areas that have a safe backstop for bullets in a city.

        The only time I’ve been shot at and did not return fire was a situation where returning fire, I had good cover, would have actually put me at greater risk than simply holding tight. And that time I was in an industrial area and harbor where I actually had good backstops around me. Go figure.

    • They shot thru the door first and then he returned fire. Sure sounds like an immediate threat to me.

    • That’s really a unthought out statement. They are breaking into your house and will kill you and your going to wait?
      In a normal situation yes know your target and beyond but when trying to save you and your families lives well this isn’t paper target shooting at the range. If you cant figure out where to put the round then you really need to work on yourself. Your going to let them in to play on an even field and have the opportunity to kill your family rather than stop the threat at the most distant point possible? Really? Your tactics suck.
      Now you know why combat sucks huh?
      It sounds as though the homeowner did just fine and all is well.

  2. Home invasions seldom happen, but when they do the results are often terrible. That’s why the rich and powerful employ armed security.

  3. Shooting through a door is always a dubious prospect, but if there’s bullets coming through from the other side you’d best start sending them the other way.

  4. same thing happened in Memphis ,Tn. only difference is both thug ended up in the morgue.When will these hood rats realize people are tired of being the victims .Thank our founding father and a great god that inspired them to pen the second amendment,now if we can only fight off the gun grabbers in our govt.

  5. Cover vs. concealment. The way doors are so cheaply made now it doesn’t do much to the ballistics. If you feel your life is in danger from the person on the other side, that door is nothing but a psychological barrier.

  6. A righteous outcome…I have 2 guns in reach right next to me as I type. After a 70year old neighbor was raped and beaten last year I don’t care if I seem paranoid😋😧😄😏

  7. I don’t think shooting through an opaque door is wise (that whole “know your target and what’s beyond it” rule) – if they are shooting inside I can see the dilemma, however. IF you must, I suppose aim low so it won’t travel into your neighbor’s house across the street and kill a sleeping third party.

  8. That sux, now the mosquitos got bullet holes to get into.All because some asswipe started shootin

  9. I’d shoot through my door. I’m pretty sure the door, + their torso, + my gate, + my car will stop any over penetration.

  10. Need a remote control door opener, you can invite the fella’s in so you can chat with them about what’s going on…


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