dallas dgu defensive gun use witness 911 shot
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In this remarkable video out of Dallas, a witness to a defensive shooting interviews and cares for the injured victim, keeping his cool and knowing pretty much exactly what to do. You may want to watch the video first; summary and thoughts below.

The top two priorities after a DGU are the wellbeing of the victim(s) and getting police to the scene. Sure enough, the witness, who’s already demonstrated his good sense by hitting ‘record,’ takes care of those two things first.

“Hey, bro, did you get shot, bro? Or is that his blood?” asks the witness. He keeps asking until he gets a definitive answer.

Next, he directs the victim (and bystanders) to call the police. “Call the cops, bro,” he says.

He also makes sure the police dispatcher knows the victim needs urgent medical attention. More points scored there.

Next, he works on getting the most crucial and time-sensitive information: the attacker’s physical characteristics and the direction he went.

“Where’d he go, bro? What happened, bro?” he asks. He confirms that what he witnessed was an attempted robbery. He also tries to determine whether the attacker was injured when the victim opened fire.

When he’s reasonably sure the victim hit his target, he offers some spirited reassurance: “You got his ass, bro! He ain’t going far!”

Since he witnessed the crime from a distance, he tries to find discrepancies between what he saw and what the victim saw.

“Are you sure the dude wasn’t black?” he asks.

“No, he was Mexican,” the victim responds.

He asks bystanders to help track the attacker’s escape route: “Hey, y’all see someone with a white shirt? Running away?”

Meanwhile, he’s relaying specific location information, with landmarks, to the police dispatcher so the ambulance and police can get there as quickly as possible.

Disoriented, the victim starts tapping on his shattered car window. “No, that’s evidence!” the witness says to him, and of course, he’s right. A little later, he again reminds the victim to keep evidence intact: “Hey, don’t touch anything. Don’t touch anything.”

Within five minutes, he’s checked all the boxes: the police have been called, the victim’s injuries are known, evidence and witnesses have been identified, the attacker’s description and direction of flight have been recorded, and the victim is being kept relatively calm and within reach.

Near the end, he tops it off with a common-sense observation about the attacker’s possible motive: “Is that a Rolex on your wrist? That’s why, bro!”

All in all, this DGU witness got it about as right as you can. The victim, on the other hand, could’ve exhibited better judgment. He noted that the watch almost certainly made him a target for the robbery attempt. Additionally, he had to get into his car to access his weapon before he could defend himself. He’s lucky he had time to do that.

Following the incident, the police did catch the guy. He was hospitalized with gunshot wounds later that day.

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  1. Important point this video brings up..not only do you NOT talk to the police until you have a lawyer with you…you need to make sure you DO NOT talk to ANYBODY! They could be recording everything you say which can and will be used against you in court. You are very unlikely to notice every cell phone in earshot of you in the aftermath of a shooting so you must always assume everything you say is being recorded.

  2. Station 4 is a gay bar in Dallas. Some thug thought they would rob a little gay man with a shiny suit and a fancy watch. Probably thought he’d be an easy victim. They wuz wrong. #armedgaysdontgetbashed

    • Absolutely correct. That man was tiny, must have appeared as a very easy mark. God made all men, but Sam Colt made them equal.

      Pink Pistols should retweet the hell out of this, especially to GaG.

    • Well he did get bashed, gay or not, but he was able to fight back. That’s the important part.

  3. That was an interesting perspective. Props to the camera guy for holding his shit together and getting the perp arrested after he got slightly perforated!

  4. This video is a good reminder to also always keep a tourniquet and some basic medical supplies on you — I use the RATS tourniquet system, but anything will work, including improvised devices, and having some type of pressure dressing and ACE bandage on you is also invaluable. I’m a teacher so by law I am required to be certified and up to date on CPR/1st aid, but in my opinion everyone (not just CCL holders) should get and maintain that certification as well.

    You never know how you’re going to react in an emergency until you’re in one. Some people stay calm and react in a functional manner like this guy in the video, some people panic and run, some people freeze. Best to at least be prepared so even if you are ineffective, at least you have the materials on you to where someone else can help you out.

    • Speaking of which – treat for shock. That fella was clearly in the throes of it and needed to lie down.

    • Your comment is spot on, people rarely rise to the occasion rather they default to their baseline of training. Training is valuable especially if your skills could save a life.

  5. Quote: ” The victim, on the other hand, could’ve exhibited better judgment.”

    Geez! He just got the crap beat outta him – give him a break.

  6. Quote: “This video is a good reminder to also always keep a tourniquet and some basic medical supplies on you — I use the RATS tourniquet system, ”


    Gonna put that around his neck – or what?

    • He got hit on the head from a bottle. It wasn’t evident from the video where he got shot. Regardless, it is still a good reminder than in DGUs you can still get severely injured, and having a tourniquet on your person or in your vehicle will greatly improve your odds of survival (or that of the attacker) in the event you get hit in the arm or a leg.

      For his head though, yeah, having some basic first aid materials on hand would have been more than effective at helping stem that bleeding. Or just take off your shirt (or his) and press it onto the wound.

    • I think the point he was trying to make was that if the victim got shot or slashed (unclear why he was bleeding) in another spot and was actually bleeding heavily, a tourniquet could have saved his life. Appears that EMS response time in this incident was at least 5 minutes from the time he got shot (or slashed, or whatever). A GSW to an arterial source can cause death in 30 seconds or less. Stop the bleeding and the chances of survival increase exponentially.

      • “A GSW to an arterial source can cause death in 30 seconds or less”
        Negative. Even a severed femoral artery still takes about 3 minutes to bleed to death. However, it only takes about one minute to lose consciousness. You don’t have long, but if we had less than 30 seconds to fix an arterial bleed, we wouldn’t waste time training for it.

  7. “What kinda gun you got?”
    “Oh, hell yeah you got him!”


    “I was gonna make it rain in the club”

    I love these guys.

  8. Personally, I would have ask him to get out the car so that I could apply quick-clot gauze to that headwound. While treating the wound is one purpose, the second, perhaps more primary purpose would be to put some distance between him and the gun. In that situation, I would have been concerned for my own safety as a result of the Vic’s elevated state and the fact that he kept digging around in the vehicle. While the person taking the video actually witnessed the event and identified this individual as the victim, I still wouldn’t assume that he could safely handle a firearm or that he wouldn’t accidentally (or deliberately) shoot me. Consider that not only was the victim’s adrenaline absolutely through the roof, but he was also likely intoxicated (given the fact that he just came out of a nightclub). The witness didn’t do terrible, but I don’t see this as textbook “knowing pretty much exactly what to do.”

  9. I have my issues with the elected open homosexual gun grabbing leadership. But I’m so glad this law abiding person shot the bad guy and the law abiding citizen seems ok.

    Here’s one to the good guys!!!

  10. That video shows an *excellent* point we have been making –

    Did you see how he was trying to use his phone, with bloody hands, and having a problem using it?

    Why I don’t want a ‘smart’ gun.

    And speaking about getting shot, I’ll just drop this here with no comment :

    “Uber Driver Kills Passenger In Denver Shootout”

    “…as an Uber driver in Denver “exchanged shots” with his passenger who is now dead.”


  11. “The victim, on the other hand, could’ve exhibited better judgment. He noted that the watch almost certainly made him a target for the robbery attempt. Additionally, he had to get into his car to access his weapon before he could defend himself. He’s lucky he had time to do that.”

    If jwtaylor is right and this was at a gay bar in Texas, the victim was prohibited from carrying inside a bar even with a concealed carry permit. This just shows the idiocy of victim disarmament zones (gun free zones) in all their forms. Making it illegal to carry while over the legal DUI limit, but legal to carry inside a bar otherwise would be a far better policy for public safety.

    Does wearing a Rolex make oneself a target for robbery? Sure. Does that mean you shouldn’t be able to dress up when going out on the town? Absolutely not. It just means he should be able to further accessorize with a concealed firearm while doing so to manage the risk.

    The fact that he retrieved the firearm from the car then shot the attacker raises some legitimate questions about whether the victim was shooting at the attacker after the robbery was already over. Might need a good lawyer for that one, even if I appreciate the attacker getting some ballistic justice.

    • The fact that the little guy still had on his Rolex kind of says to me that the robbery was still in progress.

      “You want my watch and my wallet? Sure, but my wallet is in the glove box. Let me just reach in there and get it for you…”

    • “If jwtaylor is right and this was at a gay bar in Texas,”
      I was temporarily assigned (TDY) to the Marine Corps, so, believe me, I know where the gay bars are.

  12. Turn this video into an ad. Could be very persuasive. Guns can protect Arabian and possibly homosexual dudes just as well as OFWG, that’s why we support the 2nd.

  13. Maybe not so good. The injured guy has a gun, you don’t know if he’s a good guy or bad guy.
    Wanna be a hero? If he’s confused he might draw his gun and shoot you.

    Stand off til you are sure he’s either unconscious or conscious enough to understand what you are saying from a distance.

    Trauma can cause all of us to react differently.

    I would not do what this good citizen did, he did not know the circumstances.

    Just like I won’t use my gun to “protect” someone other than family or good friends.

    Good luck.

    • “he did not know the circumstances”
      According to what he says in the video, he watched the whole thing.

      Since you have given your advice I’ll give mine. Help people. Help people whenever you can. Anyone who would sit and watch someone just bleed to death when they could have helped them is a worthless piece of shit the world could do without.

  14. Not so sure this wasn’t a “pay for play” gay escort he met inside the club and they either left to do drugs or have sex. That’s when the robbery happened. Maybe the even knew each other. Yes, it’s also possible he was followed out, but I doubt it. Also, anyone else catch the last 3 seconds of this video? “Is that gun legal?” I’ll turn off the vi”. Lol.

  15. A five minute response time for ems would be very good . The ambulance company in my city has to meet eight minutes a certain percentage of the time which I forget , and that is from time of dispatch not the victims call .

    Head wounds bleed a bit and his wasn’t all that bad , like the guy said “you got a small gash.” Quick clot would not be needed for a split scalp.

    If you’re across from the firehouse perhaps, someone. should go over and rig the bell or pull the box…..

  16. Having a first aid kit and assessing the victim and securing the area would be my only changes

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